tagLoving WivesSanta's Little Helpers

Santa's Little Helpers

byparts guy©

"Ho ho fucking ho." grumbled Elf 1. "This Christmas shit is getting old!"

"Quit complaining! You knew this would be your future when you signed up!" said Elf 2.

"And what's with these stupid numbers? Why can't we use our given names?" complained Elf 3.

"The old man can't remember all our names, so he assigned us numbers."

"Oh but he can keep track of all those little brats! What's up with that?"

"I should have read the fine print before I signed up!"

"Why? You get to live for five hundred years!"

"Yeah, but according to the clause at the bottom of the contract, four hundred of them have to be spent here!"

"I guess you could call it the 'Santa clause'!"

"You know how old that joke is?"

"It will be over before you know it!"

"And why aren't there any female elves up here? Like the one in that Tim Allen movie?"

"Yeah! She's a babe!"

"You're too old for her!"

"Bite me!"

Meanwhile, upstairs...

"I think you're driving those poor elves too hard dear."

"You know I have to have enough toys for all the kids! Besides, if they didn't screw off all year long, they wouldn't be rushed during the last few days."

"And what about me? You never spend any time with me anymore."

"I have to see who's naughty and who's nice, remember?"

"That's just the children, not those college girls you always watch!"

"Hey, I have to watch them all."

"You're a peeping Santa! And why don't you have any female elves?"

"Because then they would never get anything done, but if it makes you happy, I saw a few elfettes I could put to work."

"I bet! And I suppose they're blond too!"

"Er...well...now that you mention it..."

"You do, and I'll kick your jolly ass! I hate being all alone on Christmas eve."

"What do you mean? We have a house full of elves."

"But they can't replace you, if you know what I mean."

"What if I have them make you some special toys?"

"You are twisted, old man."

"OK, I'll take care of you myself when this is all over."

"But you'll be gone for two days, then you'll sleep for the next month!"

"Just be patient! I'll see you soon!"

"Yeah, right!"

* * * *

The elves finished loading Santa's sleigh, and soon he was off.

"Ah look what those damn reindeer did!" groaned Elf 2.

"I'd like to shove a toy train up Prancer's ass!"

"What's all the commotion down here?"

"Uh...sorry Mrs. Claus, the reindeer made a mess down here."

"Again? Shit, I'm sorry! Let me come down and help you clean up."

"Mrs. Claus, I don't mean to be rude, but why are you so cool, and Mr. Claus is...well, you know..."

"A pain in the ass?"

"Well...yeah! But at least he treats you right. Doesn't he?"

"I don't know...the passion is gone...sometimes I think I'm too old for him."

"Bullsh....er...nonsense! You're still young and beautiful!"

"Oh thank you, Tiborne, you're a darling!"

"You actually remembered my name? That's cool!"

"Of course! I know all of your names."

"Well, Mrs. Claus, thanks for the company, but we have to go to bed. There's lots of work ahead of us, and we need to start tomorrow."

"OK, goodnight all!"


* * * *

"Boy, she sure is nice!"

"And she has a nice rack, too!"

"Hey, don't talk about her like that, besides, she might hear you!"

"Yeah but it's true!"

"I know."

* * * *

"I sure like those guys." Mrs. Claus said to herself as she stripped out of her clothes. Standing in front of the mirror, she studied her reflection. Her large breasts were still fairly firm, and she had almost no body fat. Even at two hundred years of age, she could pass for thirty. Her husband made her dye her blonde hair gray, to make her look more his age, but the trim bush between her legs told the truth.

"Oh, I almost forgot to tell the elves they could sleep in tomorrow! Santa's big gift. Ha." she sighed, as she slipped a robe over her supple nude form and headed down to their room.

"Knock knock!" she said as she turned the gold knob. "Are you guys still up?" she asked as she peeked her head in. They were in various stages of dress, and she spied Elf 8 with his pants down. "Oops! sorry!" she giggled as she turned her head away. She blushed at the thought of the man's little buns.

"That's OK!, come on in!" one of them shouted. They were all covered up this time, as she stepped into the room.

"I forgot to...Jesus! It's freezing down here! Don't you guys have any heat?" she asked, shivering.

"No, ma'am. It's always like this." Clouds blew from their mouths as they spoke.

"This won't do! You guys come upstairs where it's warm." She motioned them out the door. Soon all nine elves were standing in the big bedroom, rubbing their tiny hands together in front of the fire.

"Wow! Your bedroom is bigger than our entire space downstairs!" said Elf 5. Until tonight, no one else had ever been up here, other than Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

"And get a load of the size of this bed!" exclaimed Elf 7.

"I bet you all could fit in that bed!" Mrs. Claus laughed.

"Yeah, but Mr. Claus would have our butts!" Elf 1 chortled.

"You know what?" Mrs. Claus pondered, "Screw Mr. Claus! Everybody climb in!" They didn't hesitate to scramble up on to the huge feather bed.

"What about you, Mrs. Claus?" Elf 3 asked as they snuggled under the warm covers. "I'll just sleep on the couch downstairs." she answered as she walked around blowing out the candles.

"No way! we're not going to kick you out of your own bed!" Elf 6 said, as the others nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm not going to allow you to go back to that cold dungeon, either!" responded

Mrs. Claus.

"There's still enough room in here for you!" came a voice from the tangle of arms and legs that covered the bed.

"Oh, you young men don't want an old hag like me flopping around under the covers!" she teased.

"You forget, Elf 9 is the youngest at one hundred and fifty years old! Which probably makes you the youngest one here!"

She said, "I'm flattered!" but she thought, "I'm horny!" She walked to the edge of the bed, where nine handsome men lay smiling at her. She could almost detect the little tents popping up under the thick comforter as her cleavage peeked out from her robe.

"Oh, what the hell!" she yelled, as she dropped her robe to the floor. Nine gasps followed, as eighteen eyes roved over her form. She could feel the moisture form between her legs as she peered over the mountain range that formed under the covers before her. As she climbed in, her tits rubbed across the faces of several little men.

"If I am going to be naked, them you guys are going to be naked!" she said, as the clothes started flying in different directions. Reaching down, she grasped the cock of Elf 7.

"Oh my lord! Is this real?" she gasped in disbelief. Diving under the covers, she found his cock to be bigger than Santa's. Without hesitation, she wrapped her lips around it, and proceeded to give him his first blow job. As she licked and sucked, she could feel tiny fingers exploring her body. She jumped as one of them found her clit. Of course when she jumped, they all jumped, thinking they did something wrong.

"Ooh, don't stop! That was nice!" she cooed, as the hands returned to her body. She heard one of them whisper, "Lick it!" and immediately felt a warm tongue explore her pussy. She began a slow tremble. The kind she hasn't felt in a long time as the orgasm quickly caught up to her. As her body quivered, she sucked hard on the throbbing member in her mouth. His little form shook, then suddenly erupted in her mouth. It tasted like peppermint, as the warm cum slid down her throat.

"Wow! Do all you guys taste this good?" she asked as she emerged from under the blankets. "I don't know." was their combined response.

"Then I guess I'll just have to find out!" She dove back under, searching for another candy cane to slurp.

By midnight, she had sucked down nine sweet loads of cum, all with slightly different tastes, but all candy flavored.

"My! I can't believe you're all still hard!" she gasped as she surveyed the bed.

"Well, considering the fact that we have been saving this stuff for hundreds of years, we'll probably be like this for a while!" explained Elf 1. This was all Mrs. Claus had to hear as she spread her legs apart and grabbed the closest elf.

"Then fuck me!" she cried, as the he took his place at her entrance. She still couldn't believe that they were all hung so nicely.

No one slept a wink as they fucked themselves silly all night long. Mrs. Claus came more times that night than in the last one hundred years combined. They seemed to be insatiable as they pumped quarts of candy flavored cum down her throat, in her pussy, and even up her tight ass.

"Oh...oh...oh!" she would moan as she was double teamed by Elf 3 and Elf 7.

"Sounds like Santa, only backwards!" one of them chuckled. (Get it? Ho...ho...ho!)

* * * *

Santa arrived home totally exhausted. "What a night!" he said as he sank down in his over stuffed chair.

"No kidding!" moaned Mrs. Claus. "Did all go well? You seemed to be gone a little longer than usual."

"Yeah, I ripped my pants and had to get them fixed."

"What was her name?"

"Cindy...hey! What makes you think it was a girl?"

"Come on Santa, I've been married to you for how many decades? You think I don't know these things?" He was too tired to argue.


"That's OK, you go rest. I'll wake you up February 1st."

"Thanks dear, hope you and the elves will be OK 'til then."

"Oh, don't worry, we'll manage!" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

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