tagGroup SexSanta's Little Helpers

Santa's Little Helpers


It is Christmas Eve and Santa's workshop in finally settling down from the frenzy that had taken place in order to make sure the big guy was going to leave on time. In fact the craziness of it all put him ahead of schedule. Santa decides to make a final check on his sleigh himself.

As he comes upon the sleigh there are two elves sitting on it. It is at this point Santa notices both are sitting naked. For being over two hundred years old each, they looked very damn good. Santa looks their firm, round and unobstructed breasts as his cock strains at his pants, trying to burst free.

"You like what you see big boy?" Tabitha asks him seductively.

"Ho, ho, ho," Santa laughs. "I think Mrs. Claus would think otherwise."

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her," Cindy says leaning closer and grabbing hold of his cock.

She puts her hand under his waistband and wraps her soft fingers around his shaft. Slowly she begins to slide her hand up and down causing him to moan on pleasure. She moves closer and pushes her lips against his through the fluffy white beard. She probes with her tongue, desperately trying to get him to open his mouth and accept it inside.

Santa wants to try and fight it but his body just wouldn't. He reaches up and takes a breast in each hand. Cindy lets out a small gasp as her tongue finally passes between his lips and her nipples come under the attention of Santa's thumbs as he rolls them around in gentle circles.

Cindy breaks off the kiss and stands up in front of Santa, coming face to face with him only because she was standing on the sleigh. Slowly she turns around and teasingly bends forward sticking her ass in his face. Santa's hands reach up to grab the soft flesh of her ass, squeezing gently and causing a moan to escape her lips. He moves his thumbs again and pulls her puffy lips apart, opening up her pussy.

Cindy stands up and turns, leaning forward to kiss Santa once more. "Not quite yet Santa," she says smiling. She grabs his hands so she can make him squeeze her breasts. After a few minutes she pulls his down his pants freeing his raging, hard cock.

"Oh Santa!" Tabitha exclaims. "It's so big!" She drives two of her fingers into her wet pussy while rubbing her breasts and teasing her own nipples.

Cindy smiles and throws his pants to the floor. She drops to her knees and takes his massive cock into her mouth. No teasing licks and fondling, just straight down until it hits the back of her tiny throat.

Tabitha is getting wetter and she can feel her cum seeping out around her fingers, down her thighs and trickling down her legs. She sits watching Cindy's head bob up and down on Santa's thick cock, surprised at how much of it can fit into her mouth.

Cindy suddenly stops sucking and while stroking his cock, she looks into Santa's eyes and he seems to know just what she wants. He helps her bend over the seat then kneels behind her, getting a perfect view of her slick pussy. Cindy lifts her ass up and Santa slips in, flicking his tongue against her clit, causing a squeal of delight to escape her lips. She twists and teases her nipples as he drives his tongue into her pussy, mashing his face between her pussy lips. He sucks on her clit and nibbling it softly until she tenses up and starts shuddering.

Tabitha drives her fingers in faster while playing with her own clit with the other hand and right after Cindy's orgasm she has one. She wants to join in, but she waits as she is enjoying the show far too much.

"Fuck me Santa," Cindy cries.

Tabitha's hand remains on her clit in circles on it while she uses her other hand to tease her nipples in anticipation of what is to come. Santa moves in closer to Cindy and lines up his cock with her tiny pussy. He rubs his cock against her clit a few times then up and down her pussy lips that is still slick with a mixture of saliva and cum. He teases her for a few moments before sliding it inward.

Santa's cock throbs inside the super tight and soaked pussy. She feels like a virgin, but he knows it is because she is tiny and his cock is a lot bigger than any elf in his employment. He pushes until he meets too much resistance then slams his cock in hard until she takes the entire length of it. Cindy screams out with a combination of pain and pleasure.

Tabitha rubs her clit furiously, moaning loudly as another orgasm hits. Once it subsides she slides over to Cindy's face and brings her lips to the other elf. Their mouths lock together and they slip their tongues into each other's mouth. Reaching under Cindy, she finds her clit and starts rubbing it causing Cindy to moan extra loud. Santa reaches around to grab one of Cindy's breasts and one of Tabitha's. Soon all three are enjoying themselves and Cindy starts to have another orgasm.

She drives her hips back into Santa's groin and then squirts all over his cock. Santa pulls out and sits down between the two elf women and Tabitha wastes no time in climbing on the big man to impale herself on his cock. She drives her slick, wet pussy on him so fast she barely feels the pain as he stretches her to the limit. She starts furiously bouncing up and down while rubbing her clit until she too has an orgasm. Screaming and thrashing, she finally calms down and gets up.

Tabitha pulls Cindy back up and bends her over the seat once more and proceeds to lick her swollen pussy then she lifts Cindy's ass into the air and signals Santa to fuck her. He doesn't wait for another gesture and he gets behind her, burying his cock once more into her little pussy. Tabitha slides in front of Cindy's face, implanting her pussy into it. Soon Cindy is reaching another orgasm and starts moaning into Tabitha's tight pussy. The vibrations of Cindy's moans push Tabitha over the edge and both elves orgasm together. Tabitha sprays Cindy's face with cum and Cindy coats Santa's cock in her own.

Santa stops pounding Cindy's tight pussy and rolls her over to her back. With her legs up in the air he slides back in, feeling her velvety wall consume his cock. Tabitha lowers herself over Cindy's face. Cindy moves her arms up under Tabitha's legs and grabs her ass, pulling her down further onto her face, pushing her tongue into her tasty pussy lips. Santa drives his thick cock in and out, pulling nearly all the way out before pushing it back in until his balls bang against her ass cheeks.

Cindy is taken back to the point of another orgasm and squirts all over his balls and legs. Tabitha squeezes her breasts and plays with her nipples as Cindy's tongue continues flicking around inside her until finally she bursts. Santa continues driving his aching cock into Cindy's throbbing pussy and without warning he shoots his hot cum deep into Cindy so hard she feels it hit the back of her pussy, triggering another miniature orgasm.

Santa leans back against the sleigh and huffs. Tabitha crosses her arms and says, "I wanted some of Santa's cum too."

Santa smiles and says, "Ho, ho, ho. When I get back from my trip, you two better be waiting and I'll have a special present for you too."

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