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Santa's Present


This is my entry in the Winter Holidays Story Contest. This is the first time I've entered a Literotica contest so I hope you enjoy.


As Santa Claus flew along with one hand lightly guiding his way, he again looked over the letter he held in his other hand. It was unlike any letter he had ever seen. And it made him a little nervous. He slowed down to reduce the wind tugging at the paper so he could read it again.

Dear Santa,

This may sound a little strange but I'm 21 years old. I'm sure you don't usually get letters from girls my age, but then most girls my age don't believe in your existence. I'm different. I've always believed that you were real and have never lost hope or faith in you, so I know you'll get this letter.

... He paused for a quick glance towards Rudolph. Sensing his master gazing his way, Rudolph turned around and almost gave a little nod at Santa telling him everything was OK. Santa nodded and returned to reading the letter - for probably the hundredth time since he had seen it a couple weeks earlier....

So why haven't I written you in the last few years, you may ask. Well, I've always been living at home with my parents and once I reached 10 years old, they didn't think it was right that I write to you any more. They told me you didn't exist and you were made-up to keep children excited about Christmas. But this year after finishing university, I moved out on my own and I think I can damn well write you if I want to. So here it is.

... He could remember the first time he had read this letter. To this point, it was nothing more than a curiousity. It was true. He didn't see letters like this very often, and usually they were just a joke, but this girl seemed sincere. And here's where things got a little more interesting...

The usual routine at this point is to tell you what I want for Christmas. Let me change that a little if I may. As I said, I'm 21 and have only recently discovered my sexuality. I was a virgin until only 10 months ago, mainly because of the strict upbringing of my parents. I'm not complaining about that though. I had a wonderful childhood. It's just that once I moved out, I started realizing that my life was full of sexual tension and having sex released all the pent-up frustrations in my life - and I loved it. So, here's my offer. After you're finished delivering on Christmas Eve, stop at my place and I'll be waiting for you - ready to release some more of that tension in my life, if you know what I mean, and ready to help you recover from your long night.

Hugs and Kisses, Maria

P.S. Actually I would like one other present from you if that's OK. It's about 7 inches long, about an inch and a half across, tapered at the end, and vibrates when you turn it on. I hope you know what I mean!!!

.... And he did. Santa looked over at the package on the seat beside him. It was wrapped in some nice green and red paper with a silver bow on top.

And finally he arrived at the end of his journey. Nervously, he took a deep breath, picked up the package and climbed out. He headed to the address he had picked up from the letter. Surprisingly, even though Maria must have only recently graduated from college, she lived in a very nice upscale condominium complex. Quickly and quietly, he entered her abode and headed to the living room where he could see the Christmas tree lights blinking out their red and green light mixed in with the yellow light coming from a fire that was slowly dieing in the fireplace.

As he entered the room, he stopped in shock at the first site of Maria stretched out on the couch. She was laid out with her eyes closed breathing deeply as she slept. He had never seen anything like what he saw before him. Her deep breathing caused her chest to rise pushing her lush breasts against the red fabric of her bra. A hint of a nipple poked through each bra cup. His eyes travelled up to her face. Beautiful, almost angelic. Light brown hair tumbled across her face framing it in the multicolored light. He took in her beauty and continued admiring her body - back over those luscious breasts down over her tight stomach past her belly button to her red panties.

He stood there trying to decide what to do. 'What am I thinking?' he asked himself. 'This is crazy. I can't go through with this,' he admonished himself. 'What would she want with me?' Shaking his head at his stupidity, Santa turned to place her present under the tree. 'I'll just leave this here and get the hell back home before ....'

"Hello Santa. I knew you'd come."

The voice stopped his train of thought right there. Turning around, he saw that Maria had awakened and was now starting to sit up on the couch. He looked at her eyes and faltered a moment. All he could see were beautiful blue eyes staring back at him. He didn't know what to say.

"Did you bring me something?" she asked looking around him at the present he had placed under her tree.

"Uh, huh," he mumbled unintelligibly and reached down to get it and hold it out to her. His hands shook noticeably as she reached out to take it from him. "Thank you Santa." He didn't hear her though as his attention was now firmly locked on the ample cleavage that she was showing him.

She sat up on the couch and crossed her legs Indian style before her. With a huge smile on her face, she was shaking the present and laughing. "Gee, I wonder what this is?" But again he didn't hear a word she said as her position now stretched the red fabric of her panties tight against her pussy. It was almost more than he could stand. He was starting to sweat under his bright red outfit.

"Can I open it?" she asked. He nodded, still unable to speak. All he could do was watch as she tore into the box and pulled out the vibrator that he had brought for her. "Oh, Santa," she squealed, "it's just what I wanted." She jumped up and gave him a hug and a kiss. He could feel her breasts pushing hard against his chest. And this wasn't just a little peck on the cheek. No, she pushed her mouth against his and kissed him hard. Unable to control himself, Santa could feel his penis start to throb.

Slowly Maria pulled back from him and sat back down on the couch. "Would you like to watch me try out my new toy Santa?" He could only nod. "Great. Why don't you sit down over there," and she motioned to a chair facing her couch, "while I rub this nice vibrator over my body and fuck myself with it." She was smiling sexily as she sensed his shock.

Stunned at her language, he could only sit down on the chair as she suggested. He watched her as she licked the vibrator until it was covered in her saliva.

"So, Santa, do you want to see my tits? Do you want to watch me rub this hard long vibrator against my nipples until they're hard?" She proceeded to pull her bra down revealing her dark brown nipples. They were perfectly formed topping the cone of her breasts. She brought the tip of the vibrator against her nipples and he could hear the sound of its vibrations.

"Santa, can you see them getting hard? This feels so good. I can't wait to feel your hard cock rubbing against my tits."

With eyes as big as saucers, Santa watched the saliva-covered vibrator rubbing her tits. As Maria had said, he could see her nipples hardening. He watched as she used one hand to massage one breast while she rotated the vibrator around and around the other nipple.

"Santa, I can't wait to feel your whiskers rubbing against my skin as you suck on my tits." She continued. "And your cock. I can't wait to feel it pushing into my body." As she spoke, she ran the vibrator down her body to between her legs and rubbed it up and down over her panties. She pulled them aside revealing her wet pussy.

His eyes were glued to the sight before him. Her bra was pulled down pushing her tits out over them. Her nipples pushed out toward him. His eyes were drawn down her body over her stomach to where she was now slowly pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy. With each withdrawal, he could see her pussy juice covering it more and more. Unconsciously, he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting her.

Maria noticed him. "So, Santa, do you want to taste my pussy juice? If you do, well why don't you come over here and eat me?"

Without hesitation, he was down on his knees before her pussy. Slowly she pulled the hard vibrating plastic from her vagina. He watched closely as her pussy lips reluctantly let it out. She held it out to him. Hungry for her taste, he grabbed her hand and pulled the vibrator to his mouth. Not even realizing what he was doing, he licked the end of the vibrator reveling in the taste.

Now it was her turn to be shocked. "Santa, that's pretty wild.... but I like it. Suck on that cock. Lick it clean."

What he was doing seeped into his brain through the fog she had caused. But what the hell, it tasted so good. And so he continued licking the vibrator that she was holding until every drop of her was gone.

He pushed her hand aside and moved in on her pussy instead. Time for the real thing. Snaking his tongue out, he licked up the length of her pussy. She was wet and juicy. And tasted so good.

As he licked and sucked her pussy, he could hear her alternating between moans and the occasional giggle. "Ooooo... that tickles," she exclaimed. "But don't stop. God it feels so good."

Glancing upwards as he nibbled, Santa watched as Maria sucked on the vibrator. He could just imagine the feeling of his cock between those lips getting the same treatment.

Between his own legs, he could feel his cock straining to be free. He had to stop and relieve the pressure before he hurt himself. And so with a final tug of her pussy lips with his own lips, he stood before her.

Understanding his need, Maria reached up and starting removing his clothes. As she did so, she discovered one of his secrets. "Santa, I don't think this stomach will shake like a bowl full of jello." For as she removed his jacket, she discovered not a fat man, but a pillow covering a lean body.

Smiling, he explained. "No, you're right. I would have had a heart attack years ago if I didn't keep myself in shape. The stuffing is for the kids. You know, I have to keep up appearances," he finished with a smile.

"And I like this appearance," Maria replied with a grin as she slipped his pants down revealing a throbbing cock poking out from his lean body.

"Good," he replied and then let the pleasure take any other thoughts from his mind. Her mouth was wrapping itself around his cock. He watched as her head bobbed up and down. Nothing felt or looked better than what he was feeling and seeing before him. Maria's young beautiful body was sitting on the edge of the couch, one of her hands grasping his cock guiding it in and out of her mouth, while the other had hold of his ass cheeks, massaging and grasping them.

He threw his head back with a groan, "Fuck, that feels so good."

Maria stopped for a moment and Santa glanced down at her. "So, Santa, are you ready?" She was leaning back on the couch spreading her legs farther apart, opening herself to him. "Are you ready to put that big hard cock to work? Are you ready to fuck my tight pussy? I want to feel you slide that cock into my body."

As she spoke telling him what she wanted, he quickly got into position and threw the remnants of his clothing aside. "Yes, Santa, fuck me," she moaned reaching out for his body. He watched as she reached down to grasp his cock and guide it into her body. Slowly, so slowly it was almost too much, he pushed forward. The two of them watched closely as her pussy swallowed his cock until he was completely inside.

"Fuck me Santa. Fuck me hard," she ordered.

"No problem," Santa replied. This was more than he could have ever hoped for - though it was what he had dreamed about. The feeling of a tight wet pussy wrapped around his cock. As he withdrew, he watched her pussy slowly relinquish its hold, until he pushed in once again.

"Faster. Faster. Fuck me harder."

Second gear, third gear. Santa pushed himself to the limit, pounding harder and harder. To change the angle, he reached out and pulled her up towards him. Their mouths met and there was no hesitation on his part now. Their tongues battled as his cock throbbed inside her body.

He let her lay back again and looked down to continue watching his cock going in and out of her body. She was starting to push back - her excitement growing. Grabbing the forgotten vibrator, she pushed it against her clitoris. Its vibrations were more than she could handle. Deep inside her vagina, he could feel her throbbing as her orgasm approached. And if that wasn't enough of a sign, he couldn't help but hear her chanting how she was feeling.

"Yes, yes, fuck me. I'm almost there. Fuck me. God, I'm cumming. Yes, yes ... Fuck me Santa! Yes!" she screamed out as the muscles in her body tensed and she came.

Pounding hard, he could feel her getting wetter and wetter, lubricating his cock so he could go even faster. It was more than he could stand. He was only seconds away from his own orgasm.

"Cum on my face Santa. I want to taste your cum," Maria panted out at him.

There was still some thought left in his head and when he heard what she said, he quickly pulled out of her pussy. His cock throbbed, its head was ready to explode. He was so close. As Maria slid downward, he jumped up on the couch to place his cock near her face.

A couple strokes was all it took and he knew he was too far gone. And when he felt the touch of the vibrator against his balls, he exploded. The cum flew from his cock - first over her face onto the couch, then with slightly better aim, onto her face where it slipped down into her mouth. The final vestiges of his seed she milked from his cock into her mouth. As she took his cock into her mouth for a final suck, all he could was moan in pleasure.

Exhausted, he collapsed onto the couch beside her. His cock was still throbbing as his body slowly returned to normal. Maria's hand was still wrapped tightly around his cock getting the last drops from him. He watched as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked his semen from her fingers.

"Thank you Maria. That was a great present."

"No Santa, I knew you'd come. ... And boy did you," she added with a smile.

He smiled at her. "Yes, I did. I'm glad you sent that letter."

She returned his smile, "Me too."

Unfortunately he glanced at the clock and saw what time it was. "Maria, I have to go."

"Oh. Yes, I guess I understand," she sadly agreed.

Reluctantly he stood and slipped back into his clothes. Maria continued reclining on the couch, slowly rubbing her new vibrator over her skin. He could see her nipples again harden at the touch. He shook his head. Too bad he had to go. But he couldn't stay any longer. There was someone waiting for him.

"One final kiss?" he requested.

"You bet."

Maria stood and he bent over to kiss her and give her a last hug. She took his hand and led him down the hallway. Opening the door, she stood aside so he could pass. "See you again next year?" she asked with a smile.

That brought a smile to his face as well, "Of course."

As the door closed behind him, he walked down the sidewalk to where he had parked his car around the corner. Getting in, he glanced at Rudolph. "Well, boy, I guess it's time to go home." Hearing the word 'home', Rudolph's tail starting wagging. Laughing, he gave Rudolph a scratch behind his ears and pulled away from the curb. When he had volunteered to help answer kids' letters to Santa, he had had no idea that this would be his reward!

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Makes me want to play Santa

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Pretty Good!

Very hot and sexy story and I really enjoyed that little twist at the end.

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