Santa's Secret

byDr. Bull©

I've been an amateur photographer for years and with the purchase of a digital camera I got serious taking photos of everything from scenic shots to folks in their everyday lives. So when the local merchants club asked if I would do photos for Santa and they would pay for the supplies and a bit towards my time, I jumped at the chance. They allowed me to hand out my card and offer packages as long as the first photo was free. It was a great way to break into the "Professional" world of photography and with Santa as a draw it was sure to get my name out there.

The merchants had set up in one of the open store fronts "Santa's Workshop" decorated with presents, toys and a big chair, roped lines and advertising for all the merchants helping to bring Santa to the kids.

"Santa", aka Steve, is a great guy who volunteered every year to play Santa, barrel chested and jolly his formerly red beard had turned white about the time he turned 50, so the last couple of years and he no longer had to wear the fake one, he just started growing it out the first of August and by the end of November he had a respectable Santa beard. The other plus with brining in Steve was that Laura came with him, "Mrs. Clause" was 10 years his junior and every bit as much into Christmas as her husband, her red dress trimmed in white fur and green needle point was perfect for the part, even if it did cover her curves. Along with Steve's 20 year old daughter, from a previous marriage, dressed in an elf suit that might have fit a couple of years ago, but her bust was "busting" out at the seams.

I've been friends with the "Clauses" for a number of years, not close, but we know each other since our daughters had graduated High School together. Ginger was perfect as an elf; with her fathers red hair and a bubbly attitude the kids just loved being near her as she kept them in line and not mobbing Santa & Mrs. Clause. Her job was to keep them in line than bring them to Santa one at a time or as a family, when it was their turn, help them onto his lap while I took photos. Then when the big guy was done talking with them, Mrs. Clause would help them down give them a candy cane and bring them back to "Mommy". Pretty standard, bored to tears, Santa's workshop stuff. After two hours I was doing anything to keep from being board to death, I had started with tripod shots them gave that up so I could be a bit more artistic.

At eleven thirty we took a break, the four of us headed towards the backroom of the store we were in for a bite of lunch and to relax a bit. As soon as we were out of sight Santa's Jacket came off, his undershirt was soaked with sweat, working under the photo lights is hot work and the felt of their suits was just a bit on the warm side. "Great Dad!" his daughter Ginger moaned, "at least you get to cool off."

"Hey you volunteered," Santa Steve smiled at her, "besides we are all adults; remove what you want to cool off."

Mrs. Clause was already ahead of him the costume buttoned down her left side and she opened it up for air flow down about to the middle of her chest as it opened it exposed the strap of her white bra and the top of her breasts. "I hope you don't mind it Mitch, it is hot in here," she smiled at me as she grabbed a drink from the fridge.

"Don't mind me," I laughed, "I'm just the camera guy and I know it is hot under that many lights and wrangling that many kids."

Ginger undid the top couple of buttons of the green felt jacket, it parted as her lil' red bra and trapped breasts tried to escape. "If I do this next year I'll need a new top." Her green tights were just as tight but it showed her cute little ass off.

We opened up the back door and let the cold air blow across us cooling the Clauses down for the next session. A quick bite and we readied for the lunch rush, bathroom trip a couple of quick cigarettes, suits back on and we were back into Santa's world. I give them credit the Clause family kept smiles on their faces and the kids loved them. It is amazing how many kids there are in a small town, with a population of 5000, it felt like 4000 were kids, all wanting to see Santa. By three o'clock we were all ready for a break, I had filled two cards and sent them next door were the print shop was printing them as 8x10s and handing them out to the parents, along with my card and a package price list to order more.

This time there was no question, as soon as we hit the door Santa's Jacket was off, Laura pealed her dress down around her shoulders exposing both bra cups and a trim figure for a woman in her age group. Ginger opened the jacket all the way and flapped the tails to move air; her pale freckled skin was flush and glistening with sweat like her step-mother. I walked to the backdoor with my camera in hand, changing out the card, the afternoon had cooled but air was the main thing we all needed. I walked the card over to the print shop and cam back down the alley. As I stepped back into site I brought my camera up and push the auto shutter button, 3 photos a second. There sat Santa, big boots, red pants and hat in his white wife beater tee shirt, Mrs. Clause her red dress down around her waist her white hair and white bra shown like the snow at their feet, cigarette dangling from her lip. To their left a cute red headed elf talked on her cell phone, her jacket over her arm and her red bra bright against her pale skin, it was the photo op if the year. Steve looked up at the sound the looked around at the girls and laughed "That is quite a photo I'll bet."

The girls quickly covered up, and I apologized, "Sorry, it was just a fantastic shot, but no one but you gets to see it, I promise." I showed them what I had taken and even offered to delete them right then.

Santa Steve chuckled, "No, we have a couple of friends that those would make fun Christmas Cards for."

Laura gave me a warm pat on the back, "But please be careful with them." And Ginger just gave me the funniest little smile.

I traded cards again in the Camera, "Don't want these to end up at the print shop," I joked and we headed back to finish the night's work.

Two hours later we called it a night, next Saturday night we would do it again. Three Saturdays in a row was the agreement. I was sure there could not be that many kids in the county. Steve confirmed that it would slow down each week and that by the third weekend we would wonder why we even came. "Happens every year, but they want us here to keep a couple people from leaving town to go shopping." Big Steve shook my hand as we headed out the door, "See you next week!" both girls squeezed my hand and off they went.

I gathered my equipment and collected the cards from the print shop, then headed home to download the cards and set up my web site for viewing and orders. When work was done I sat back grabbed a beer and pulled the "special disk" out and downloaded it to my personal computer, the shots were incredible. Sexy and funny, they would make an incredible Christmas Card.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -

By the time Saturday rolled around I was real excited to get back to work, I had over $3000 in orders processed and another $1000 worth to finish. Plus I had taken a couple of the "Santa's Secret" photos as I started calling them and turned them into a half dozen Christmas Cards for the Clause family.

"These are perfect!" Steve announced as I showed the cards to him and the girls, "can I order a dozen more?"

"They are pretty funny," Laura agreed "if I didn't know it was me I'd send them to everyone we know," her cheeks did have a bit of a pink shade to them, but she seemed to like them.

Ginger studied them and declared "Much better than any we've had done in the past, they capture the real family behind the suits." She giggled and handed them back to me.

"So" Santa Steve asked, "how much for a dozen cards?"

"For you guys, nothing." It was the least I could do, they were making me money already on the regular photos.

Our second Saturday was busy but nothing like the first, we actually had time to take more breaks when the line would run out, the upside was that we had more time to get to know one another, the down side was that less time under the lights meant less clothing removed during the breaks. They were much more comfortable around me and I took quite a few photos backstage if you will, a bra strap showing, perhaps a cup. Ginger still had the tight top on but wore a cute little skirt trimmed in red, green panties and her shapely legs flowed into a pair of elf shoes that curled back and had bells hanging from the toes. Every time she bent over to help one of the children she gave her photographer a nice view. Topped off with a cute green Santa style hat, she had it all. I took about half the photos I took the week before, but that was still a huge number, some of the kids were repeats, Grandmothers not happy with Mom's choice were back for more.

Every time I could put it in the conversation I moved it towards the "Santa's Secret" photos, how terrific they were. Joked about distributing them nation wide, the more I joked about it the more I saw the wheels in Steve's head working. By the time we were done for the day, he asked "So you really think you could make some money with that photo?"

"If you three will sign modeling releases, I can see if there is an interest," I answered cautiously. "I know a couple guys I could run them by for next year, but I told you I wouldn't show them to anyone but you."

"Check into it" he said, "we'll talk about it next week." They headed out the back door as I went to lockup and gather my equipment.

"Mitch?" I was turning the lights off when I heard Gingers voice from the back room.

"In here Hon' just finishing up, what do you need?"

"My boyfriend is in Iraq and won't be home for Christmas" she had a sad look in her eyes; our local National Guard Unit was deployed so everyone knew someone over there. "I want to send him something special, what do you charge for taking pictures of people?"

"Ginger Honey, I'm making more off the Santa photos than I expected, so for you, if you help me clean up, I will take them for free."

As I spoke her eyes lit up and she smiled, "Really!"

We cleaned up the Santa's workshop from all the trash the kids had left behind and turned the main lights off in the storefront, luckily the photo set was off to one side out of site of the front windows. We started light and easy with our favorite redheaded elf moving packages around and showing off her legs and the outfit she was wearing. I encouraged her to pose, looking over her shoulder and standard cutesy shots.

"Can we get a bit more... nasty?" she blushed ever so slightly as she asked, "he will love the one from the other day and that is what I had in mind."

"Do you trust me?"

"Well Daddy... uh... Santa said I could," she winked, "so what do you want me to do?"

"Well I don't want to make Santa mad, so when ever you feel uncomfortable tell me and we stop. Deal?" My heart was beating and my crotch was stirring, just how far would she go?


"Go to the backroom and take your bra off, then put your suit back on, then we will get started."

When she returned I had her open the top couple of buttons on her top and it did just what I expected. Her large bosoms created spectacular cleavage and we played with her holding packages and dancing around Santa's chair. Two more buttons and they were about to fall out, her pink areolas shown along the edge of her shirt, with the promise of the nipple that would soon be there. Dancing like one of the sugar plumb fairies her hands over her head in a pirouette her nipples would escape first one than the other, the felt of her top rubbing them had the standing hard and long. They stood out from her breast half an inch or so and she loved showing them off.

I had burned through the first card and loaded the Camera. "Are you ready?" I breathed heavily "Loose the last button."

As her top fell open exposing both breasts, I continued to snap the shutter, her freckles dipped down her chest onto her breast, thinning out to just a few nearing the top of her areolas. She let arms down by her sides allowing the top to slide off her shoulders down her arms and onto the floor. Now topless she seemed to go into a trance, her hands exploring her breasts slowly working down o her skirt, she lifted it up showing me her soaked panties. Her hand brushed over her camel toe making her shutter; sitting in Santa's huge chair she slipped her panties down her legs and over the elf shoes throwing them next to the top with a giggle. Her hand holding her short skirt down just covering her pussy, my camera was clicking like no ones business, my rock hard cock was screaming to be released.

Ginger picked up one of the packages we used as a prop, just moving them from one location to another bending over flashing that magnificent ass towards me as she arranged the presents in a line. This nearly naked elf was driving me crazy when she turned towards me, Yawned and stretched, her skirt raising up giving me the first real glimpse of her love box. Lucky Bastard! I thought of the boy friend that not only gets the photos, but gets to hit that when he gets home. Her pussy was nearly completely shaved, with just a small trimmed heart shaped patch of red hair, a few more photos and she reached around behind and dropped the skirt on her pile of clothing. Now wearing nothing more than elf shoes, a hat and a smile a natural model she went right back to work posing with presents and about the time she started getting nasty with a candy cane I ran out of room on the photo cards and in my pants. My jeans were tented and my balls ached from watching this girl show off for her boy friend, three hours had passed since I closed the storefront.

"Uh... Ginger... That was fantastic and I hate to tell you I'm out of pictures," I really wanted this session to go on.

God bless her she walked over and squeezed my tented jeans, "Thank you Mitch" she rubbed her nude body against me, "I hope you didn't mind working for free." Her fingers fumbled with the zipper of my pants, "I want to give you a little appreciation," she cooed as she pulled my throbbing member out of my pants, stroking it with her long finger nails sending my nerves into orbit.

Adding a little pressure she led me to Santa's big chair unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my knees, "Sit back and let me give you what I can," Ginger's mouth enveloped my cock as she pushed on my hips causing me to sit in the big padded chair, the felt cover tickled my ass while her tongue tickled the underside, her teeth lightly scratching the top of my aching member. I came hard, filling her mouth as she swallowed every drop. Even after I quite ejaculating she sucked on swirling her tongue around sending me into orbit and draining my very essence in to her mouth.

Letting my now very limp dick fall from her mouth, she crawled up into my lap placing her head on my chest, "I hope that was OK, I promised my boyfriend I wouldn't fuck anyone while he was gone, so a blowjob is all I can offer." She cooed into my heaving chest my heart still pounding in my ears, I could scarcely move.

I assured her it was a terrific blowjob; in fact it was the best I'd had in a long time, my ex-wife quite giving me blow jobs after 3 years. We dressed, "Anytime you want more photos, let me know" I'm a letch you know but hey if I could get a repeat performance...

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -

The next week went a bit slower than the first, a couple grand in orders were easily turned out, so I worked over the "Santa's Secret" photos of Ginger. The camera loved her, her lean young body with full breasts trimmed as an elf was incredible. I would to have her pose in the woods dressed in the same outfit, but that was my mind getting ahead of its self. I called her and let her know she could pick up a set to get in the mail to Iraq, 100 of the hottest photos I had ever taken.

She stopped by my office the next day, both of us blushing a bit since our real lives were both pretty conservative to the outside world. My office deals with a lot of local, state & Federal employees and politicians and Ginger explained that she had recently gone to work as a teller in a local bank. She took the manila envelope without even looking and said, "See You Saturday" and off she went.

I sent a couple of the original photos and a couple of the early Ginger photos with watermarks to a friend who had a specialty card company on the east coast. His territory was no where near us so I figured he could give me an Idea on if they would make good novelty cards and if so what they would be worth.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -

Saturday came quickly and I showed up early to make sure Ginger and I had not left any evidence, I like Steve and Laura and no one wants to piss off Santa.

"Mitch!" Santa Steve's voice echoed out of the backroom, he really was the perfect Santa, even with his big voice he always sounded friendly and the little kids flocked to him year round. "Mitch! We're here!" He led the girls into the store front as they giggled behind him. "What do you think of the girls new costumes?" I let out a low whistle hardly able to speak. "Yeah that's what I thought when I saw them." Laura's Mrs. Clause looked incredible she had found a traditional German/Bolivarian dress complete with bodice that lifted her large breasts up offering them to the world. The blouse was a white nearly see through top, the bottom green with incredible hand needle point work with reindeer and Christmas trees. It screamed Christmas or perhaps Xmas because it showed all of Mrs. Clause's curves; her bra was the only thing keeping her modesty in place. Ginger was wearing a low cut long sleeve clinging pullover, white with a wreath print, the satin red skirt was almost too short and her pale legs ran down to a pair of red vinyl "hooker" boots. They were both sexy as hell but still just on the edge of conservative. My eyes just kept going from one to the other, but nothing was coming out of my mouth... "I told you girls they might be over the top, go change into the old stuff" I could hear the disappointment in Mitch's voice.

"Wait!" I finally found my voice as the girls turned to leave "Wow, I love them! Their perfect!" Since neither were in the photos directly it shouldn't make a difference and the outfits should pass the parent inspection.

"We figured it would be slow today, so the girls thought they would try the new outfits" Santa Steve smiled that smile that made you know that Santa was a jolly old elf who loved everyone. He was right, there was little reason for being there a couple of photos in the morning, a couple more during lunch and then nothing.

I mentioned the card company my friend had and his interest in the photos, I explained that his regional area would keep them away from our area, but there was always a chance someone might receive one or see them somewhere else. I gave them the up and down sides Steve seemed interested and the girls were whispering about something. The last kid came in at 3:15 and we closed at 4.

"We usually ask the photographer to take some family shots for us every year in costume and in our street clothes," Steve was asking, "would you be willing Mitch? The Girls were hoping you would." The girls had gone into the back and were returning to the backdrop area.

"No Problem, how can I turn down Santa?" I dropped a fresh card in the camera, after three weeks the Clauses were getting to be closer friends and I hoped we could get together after the holidays. "Shall we start around the chair?"

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