tagErotic HorrorSanta's Work Shop of Horrors

Santa's Work Shop of Horrors


I met the sweetest guy on a social media site, handsome, sweet. We had been talking for several months before I agreed to meet him. He sent me round trip plane tickets and since I was single and had no ties on me I agreed to fly out to his home state. The holidays were lonely for me with no family and the idea of spending a week in a cozy cabin in the mountains during the winter was very appealing. There would be lots of snow, I imagined making love in front of a warm fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and just being able to get away from the drudgery of my daily life.

I was nervous as I bordered the plane but the memory of the pictures he had sent me of his snow-bound cabin and the thought of being with him all alone in the middle of nowhere motivated me to take the chance. When the plane landed I saw him waiting for me after I had collected my luggage. The same sweet smile was on his face as he rushed up to meet me. He looked into my eyes as his lips slowly lowered to meet mine. The kiss sent an electrical shiver down my spine as he hugged me briefly and picked up my bags.

I was excited as we got into his four-wheel drive truck and headed out of the city. I love the mountains and forests covered with snow. The whole beautiful panorama would be mine to enjoy for the several weeks I planned to stay with him. It took over two hours of driving on treacherous roads before I saw a well built large cabin come into view. It was beautiful standing in a forest of pine trees covered with snow. We parked, and he unlocked the door, so I could go inside out of the cold. He carried in firewood as I looked around at the interior, checking out all the rooms except the one that was locked. I supposed it was some type of storage area and thought nothing more of it.

He soon had a fire going and we were lying on a fluffy fur rug in front of the fireplace. Wine and appetizers on a tray sat between us. As I laid on the fur throw feeling cozy and warm, drinking the wine, and enjoying the succulent appetizers he had pushed closer to me. I was surprised that I felt so sleepy, I guess I was exhausted from my trip as I laid beside him and yawned. He curled his body around me as I drifted off to sleep warm and cozy.

I needed to wake up. Something was very wrong with me. My head felt heavy and my senses dulled. The more I struggled the more something tightened around my throat. I lay still trying to figure out what way wrong. My eyes were covered, a gag in my mouth. I couldn't see where I was. I felt the hard edge of the table I was lying on beneath my upper back, my head hanging off the edge. Each ankle was tied high, my legs spread wide. Each wrist was tied to the table legs, the rope looped about my neck. I was completely naked. Oh God, what had I gotten myself into?

I heard footsteps entering the room, I tried to scream but it came out in a muffled gurgle of sound. The blindfold was gently removed. No, it couldn't be! This was crazy! One stood in a Santa suit, the others dressed as elves! What the Hell was going on? I couldn't tell if they were female or male. Santa's face was covered in a white beard, the other's faces covered with green paint. There costumes were the same as I had seen In Christmas animated shows I had watched as a child. Was this for real?

Santa bent to kiss my lips, his beard tickling as his tongue slid into my mouth. I felt hands gently touching my breasts, sliding down my stomach. I tried to get loose but the rope around my throat tightened painfully. More hands caressed my thighs as Santa started biting my nipples hard. I screamed as the pain shot through my breasts. This had to be a nightmare but the pain and the erotic sensations of so many hands caressing me was very real.

I watched one of the elves light a bright red holiday candle. The elf held it over my now throbbing pussy letting the hot wax drip between my wet pussy lips. I surged upward as it burned me making me cry out in agony. He dripped the hot wax down my thighs as another elf massaged the wax on my clit. I couldn't believe how much pleasure and pain I felt as the elf bent and started to lick my burned clit.

Santa took off the pants of his suit revealing the hairy cunt of a woman! She stood over my face, shoving her hot wet cunt against my lips as I felt the leather straps slapping my breasts. Afraid of what would happen if I didn't cooperate I started licking her clit, shoving my tongue into her hot vagina. I felt the elf who had been licking my burned clit now shoving its tongue into my tight little pussy, licking and sucking as my body arched against it mouth.

I felt the hot cum gush over my face as Santa groaned and pushed down hard on my lips making my neck and shoulders ache from hanging off the edge of the table. I raised upward to see each elf had removed their costumes, large breasts, hot wet pussies, and huge throbbing cocks all around me. The elf who had been licking my pussy stood, grabbing my breasts painfully hard as I felt its huge throbbing cock slam into my tight little asshole. Another elf grabbed my head shoving his hard dick between my lips. I sucked him hard, feeling the pain and intense pleasure of the huge penis stabbing my ass. As my pussy gushed with my intense orgasm I felt the cum slide down the back of my throat as the elf groaned.

My asshole felt hot as fire as he fucked me harder and faster, exploding cum into my ass. My body spasmed and arched as I felt my own cum explode from my pussy repeatedly. The painful hot pleasure so intense I thought I would die. Another elf bent down, and I felt a warm tongue licking the cum from my pussy and ass as two elves, one on each side of my head took turns shoving the throbbing dicks in my mouth. I sucked and licked at each as they rapidly took turns. When their dicks were hard and pulsating, they climbed on the table above my body, one burying his face between my thighs as the other started to shove his dick in the other's ass. I saw the tight muscular cheeks of his ass flexing tight as he fucked his companion finally groaning as he pulled out and shot his cum all over his companion's ass.

He pushed his ass back on my face. I licked his asshole as I felt the leather straps slapping my pussy, my breasts, and thighs. He moved his ass slowly against my wet tongue. He massaged his throbbing cock with his hand as his cum squirted on to my stomach seeming to burn my flesh. Another elf grabbed my head, rubbing her tits against my lips. I sucked and licked her nipples as I felt the straps slapping me, the pinching of my clit. Tongues licked my hot throbbing pussy and tight ass. She stood above me as I licked her ass her pussy juices dripping on my face.

Another elf entered the room handing huge icicles to his companions I felt the hard icicle being shoved into my wet pussy. It was incredibly cold and painful. Another icicle was shoved in my ass. I screamed at the icy burning sensation as the icicle was rammed repeatedly inside me. I watched them climb onto the huge table, shoving the icicles into each other's pussies and asses while the melting ice dripped on dripped on my body.

An enormous hot cock was shoved into my aching pussy as the leather strap slapped my ass. I arched as their frenzied fucking continued. Hands in pussies, hard cocks stabbing into tight assholes, tongues licking cum, mouths sucking pussies and dicks. I screamed as cum seemed to burst from me, arching hard against my tormentor. They moaned and screamed as cum shot from them covering my body and the table as their frenzied fucking ended in a bursting climax of collapsing bodies.

Not a word was spoken as they got off the table and started gently licking the cum from my body. At last I thought it was over. The torture was finished but they had another surprise in store for me when I saw Santa between my thighs. I screamed when the others started slapping and pinching my painfully battered body repeatedly. Santa held a long thorny pine cone in her hand. She started to rub it painfully between my thighs, pushing it into my aching vagina when finally, the room darkened around me as consciousness faded from my mind.

I came to, lying on the furry rug before the fire, my sweet handsome guy holding me tight against his body. When he realized I was awake he kissed me gently, his arms still holding me close. It was all a nightmare I told myself, none of it had really happened. My mind was still in a daze as I looked at him, seeing the smudges of green paint on his face. I struggled to get free, but he held me tighter refusing to let me go.

I thought I was losing my mind as his hand moved gently on my throbbing painful breasts, his other arm still hold me immobile. Slowly he stripped my clothes from my body, licking and kissing me gently. As his lips caressed my belly I felt the pain turning to a pleasure so intense I thought I could not bear it. My body hurt as unbelievably I arched against his thrusting tongue, unable to deny the building pulsating heat of desire he created. He lowered his hips between my thighs pushing his hard-throbbing cock into my pussy gently, taking his time until I moaned as the cum gushed from me soaking his balls. He quickened his thrusts as my pussy spasmed repeatedly, my cum dripping down the crack of my ass on to the rug. His cum burned as it shot into my aching vagina.

As he collapsed beside me, molding himself to my naked body I felt his arms holding me tightly to him. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what was a nightmare and what was reality. I was no longer sure I wanted to know. I just wanted to lose myself in sleep. I wished with all my heart that I would awaken in my cozy warm bed in my own bedroom at home and that all of this had been nothing but a horrible nightmare.

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