tagIncest/TabooSapphic Serenity Ch. 07

Sapphic Serenity Ch. 07


Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older. This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them. They know who they are and I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome, flames will be laughed at, I promise.

Chapter 7- Dating My Mother?

I'm a very outdoorsy kind of girl, to be honest, but since my mother and I had become lovers, I seemed to be spending a great deal more time in the house, usually glued to her. Now granted, we often made our way into the back yard and fucked one another silly out there too, but I guess I could clarify by saying that I was spending more time on our property that I habitually had in times past.

Through high school I'd been both studious and popular, it was never a dichotomy for me. Sexually active with the boys, I was somehow rarely the target of scorn from jealous girls. It seems strange now, but it was usually the loudly-lesbian girls who tended to hate on me; I was unabashedly and unapologetically hetero and not interested in them. I'm not condemning their lifestyle or sense of self, of course, I think everyone should be their best and happiest selves. Remaining above high school drama was reasonably easy for me.

So it was with tired amusement that I snickered as I lay naked on my back next to my mother in her bed, both of us glistening with sweat, covered in red marks from gripping one another hard and breathing heavily.

"What's given you the giggles?" she asked, turning her head to look at me.

"I just think it's funny that I'm so not a lesbian or even the least bit bi, but here I am, rutting endlessly with my mother, of all people."

She gave me a quirky smile and nodded before looking back at the ceiling. You could almost see the steam coming off our bodies from the lovemaking we had just finished.

"That is funny, isn't it?" she agreed, giving my hand a squeeze. "I'm not the least bit attracted to girls sexually, except for you. And I haven't wanted anyone the way I want you since your father. And now that I'm over the hump-"

"Pun intended." I interjected.

She smiled and rolled her eyes. "Now that I'm over the psychological hump of you being my daughter, I must admit, this is complete and utter bliss."

"Word." I agreed. "Kinda makes me feel bad for anyone who isn't the two of us, y'know?"

Mom turned on her side and I did likewise, cuddling into her. Our breasts squashed together and she slung a leg over my hip so our sticky pussies pressed gently. She smiled and kissed me lovingly. I felt so complete right now.

"Do you think we should date?" she asked, looking into my eyes. "One another, I mean."

I considered, noting the tingle her suggestion gave me. "Secretly but formally dating my mom? Sounds pretty damned amazing. Going out and doing things to impress one another, letting down our guards, hoping to reach the next base... I love it."

"The benefit is that we can always been seen together in public, as long as we're not too overt with one another," she added. "People will just assume we're mom and daughter who are friends and out for the night. So, if we don't get caught swallowing one another's tongues, it should be easy."

"I dunno, swallowing your tongue is one of my favourite pastimes," I purred, leaning in and pressing my mouth to hers. Our tongues met and lapped wetly at one another. Earlier we'd gone online together and checked out several sources of lesbian porn- it was amusing how diverse the subject could be, since there was clearly lesbian porn meant for lesbians and then male fantasy lesbian porn. It didn't really matter which was more accurate, we were just looking for ideas to exercise on one another.

Some Japanese lesbian sites featured lots of schoolgirls tongue-kissing and we watched many of these intently. It certainly seemed up our alley and we would no doubt be indulging religiously from now on.

We kissed one another's mouths and faces sloppily, enjoying the raw sexuality of our desires. It felt to me like our bodies were made to pleasure one another. Somewhere, in our genetic code, she and I were mated this way. Sounds weird, I know, but it's not like you have a better explanation.

A few minutes of passionate, wet kissing passed before mom gazed into my eyes, a note of query in hers. "When was the last time we left the house?"

"Y'mean aside from to fuck in the backyard?" I replied before giving it some thought. "Three days ago, when Claudio left."

She bumped her forehead to mine and giggled before sighing. "So we've done nothing but fuck and eat and surf lesbian porn for three days. But we're not lesbian sluts."

"Nope." I agreed. "Go figure."

"I may not necessarily want to, but maybe we should actually go out somewhere?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Nothing says we can't fuck somewhere out in the wide world if the mood takes us, which it no doubt will. We're not constrained to keep our carnal activities here in our den of iniquity."

"Fair enough," she concluded. "We'll shower so we don't smell like sex to everyone within four city blocks and then go do, well, something."

I nodded and we kissed again, drawing one another close. Getting up to head to the shower was apparently more difficult than it sounded, because we wrapped our arms around one another and continued making out. I rolled on top of mom and her legs wrapped around my waist as we kissed rapturously. My gooey pussy snaked against hers while our tongues dueled slowly between our mouths. My body grew warm again and my breath came in sultry pants as I pressed my forehead to hers while we concentrated on fucking.

"God, Bron," mom whispered to me, her lips almost touching mine. "It's heaven, fucking you like this."

"I love you, mom," I breathed, enthralled by the wet, slippery tingling of our pussylips sliding and mingling, clits kissing. I could hear the slick noises we made, unlike anything else on earth and was enthralled. "God, I love you so much."

Mom kissed me again and we whimpered in pleasure into one another's mouths. Tongues wrestled eagerly as we fucked, my sticky slit squirming into hers. Our already warm bodies grew hot, slick with sweat, undulating together in wet, rhythmic bliss. Whimpering became panting and we ground into one another harder and harder, desperate to climax together.

Backs arched and hips strained as we pressed together fiercely, teeth clenched. Then I cried out as the orgasm broke my resolve, shaking and melting in pleasure as I came. My pussy slathered my mother's and hers mushed into mine while she groaned in ecstasy. We ground and pumped shamelessly, with mom grabbing my breasts and squeezing them, sure to leave more red marks. My fingernails dug into her shoulders as I rode and bucked furiously against her.

I collapsed, panting heavily and exhausted. The world spun around me and my body felt like jelly. I could feel mom embracing me and we kissed, deeply and with love. The kiss didn't last long, though, because both of us needed to breathe, and our hot, steaming bodies made the air around us feel thick and cloying. We'd fucked so hard we'd become mouth-breathers.

I slowly puddled off to the side of her and lay still, unable to even think of moving, forget actually do it. I was dimly aware of mom next to me, unable to move. We had fucked and cum at least five times already that morning. It seems as if the sexual demons within were finally sated, at least for now.

"Holy shit," she murmured, echoing my own feelings. "We've finally fucked ourselves out and now we're too tired to move."

"We've gotta shower," I moaned. "I'll... I'll go get the water started, you open the windows to air this place out..."

Mom giggled tiredly and patted my hand before slowly crawling off the bed. We both snickered as we heard her pussy slushing while she walked to the windows. Without looking at her, in case I got turned on again, I somehow got off the bed and staggered to the bathroom, where I started the shower and then waited for her.

A few seconds later, mom came in, pulled me to her and kissed me lovingly as she leaned back against the marble basin of the sink. We were too tired yet to fuck, but God, how I craved her intimacy. We wrapped our arms around one another and swallowed each other's tongues, kissing sloppily and leaving one another's faces glistening. My breasts squashed to hers and our nipples poked into tender flesh.

Mom then moved over and plunked herself down tiredly on the toilet, needing to pee. She pulled my hips to her face and pressed her lips to my gooey pussy, kissing it and using her tongue to taste our mingled cum. I moaned and held her head, flexing my fingers in her hair. Finally, she stood and we entered the shower together. We held one another, dancing slowly and kissing lovingly.

We finally broke the kiss long enough to begin cleaning one another, drizzling gel on our bodies and then slithering together to lather ourselves up. Hands and gentle sponges got the hard-to-reach areas while pussies and asses were gently fingered.

We shampoo'd one another's hair and then rinsed off, finally clean. We sunk to our knees in the middle of the shower floor, fingers knotted, breasts pressed together and kissing slowly. Slowly we went down on our sides, bodies entwined as we made out under the deluge. We didn't stop kissing until the water finally began to cool. With a giggle, we rose and turned off the water. We stepped out to towel one another off and then began discussing our plans for going out.

"So we could do lunch," she suggested as she massaged a leave-in conditioner into my hair. "There's that tapas place we both like."

"Mom, I think we're way beyond tapas," I replied, smirking. "With as much as we fuck, we could eat like bodybuilders and still not gain an ounce. Let's be naughty and eat somewhere bad. Somewhere really greasy and wonderful."

"Sounds perfect, baby," she said sweetly as she turned around to let me put conditioner in her hair. "Did you have a raunchy place in mind?"

"Well, there's that hole-in-the-wall burger bar not far from the mall," I suggested. "They serve these huge fucking burgers with cheese, bacon and fried eggs on them and then there a side of fries with gravy and a cement shake... I think they call it the Colossal Colon Clogger Combo."

"Ouch, that's the most apt name I've ever heard for anything," she giggled. "Let's go there, shall we?"

We somehow managed to avoid making out long enough to go and get dressed. It was another glorious day out and we agreed on sundresses again, specifically so we had easy access to one another on a moment's notice. We put on thongs, but were reasonably certain they would be stuffed into our purses before long. Each of us carried a spare pair as well.

Once we decided we were ready, we got into the Rogue, with me sliding into the driver's seat this time. We leaned across the gear console and pressed our lips together, kissing lovingly, our tongues tangling. There was no doubt in either of our minds that we would once again be fucking in the back before this day was out.

I took us downtown to the little hole-in-the-wall diner we meant to eat at. We kissed again briefly after I pulled into a parking spot and we got out, holding hands as we walked in. Several heads turned to look at us, since we were clearly dressed much differently than any of the local denizens. Most of them were wearing jeans, construction boots, tshirts and baseball or John Deer caps. We breezed on by to a clean table and sat down, making sure our skirts were pooled around our hips rather than sitting on them.

The cook came around and took our order, getting us each a can of Coke before returning to the open to begin our meals. We each ordered the Combo I'd mentioned, although we somehow doubted either of us would come anywhere close to finishing them.

I giggled. "He was having a great time looking down the front of your dress, mom. Think he wants a little somethin' from you."

"He's more than welcome to look, but no touchy," she replied in a low voice, winking. "Today, this chassis belongs to my darling baby girl."

"What a lucky girl she must be," I purred, reaching across the table and stroking my fingernail along the back of her hand. "We're gonna have to fuck a lot to work off all these calories."

"Challenge accepted," mom said cheerfully. "I think we've got it in us."

We made small talk until two enormous burgers, almost falling apart because of all the stuff that was on them, were presented to us. Accompanied, as promised, by huge wedge fries covered in cheese and gravy, along with two cement shakes, our meal took up most of the table. Our eyes went wide and we looked at one another in dismay.

"I don't think even we can fuck this much, mom." I murmured, eyeing all the food.

Mom drew a deep breath. "One way to find out, baby..."

Strategic eating turned out to be the key. Since the focus of the meal was the hulking burgers, we agreed to not fill up on fries but tackle the beef monstrosity. We took only sips of the shakes and within twenty minutes both burgers were gone, along with some fries and the shakes, but mom and I looked like we were smuggling basketballs under our sundresses.

Or at least, that's how we both felt.

I was leaning back in my chair, wheezing and looking at the ceiling behind mom's head. I'd never felt so full in my life, even though my mother had recently double-penetrated me and fucked me with a titan cucumber. I couldn't get over the sensation.

"Holy shit..." mom moaned in a low voice. "I haven't had this much meat in me since your father last fucked me..."

In spite of my swollen discomfort, I giggled. "We'll need to wait here until we adjust or all those horny rednecks leave, because there's no way I'm waddling my ass past them and letting them laugh."

Mom nodded and yawned. "Let's not wait too long or I'm gonna fall asleep. I don't remember the last time I ate that much."

We tiredly kept one another awake with conversation until the patrons who kept staring at us finally left. Once we were sure they were gone, we slowly got up, paid out bill and headed back to the Rogue. We drove to a nearby park, where mom pulled under the shade of a large oak tree. She tinted the windows as dark as they would go and without another word, we both clambered into the back and laid it down. We pulled off our sundresses and stretched out, cuddling into one another, naked. We kissed lovingly, caressing one another's bodies.

"Nnnnn, I feel like such a cow..." mom murmured. "But it was soooooooo good."

I giggled and slung my leg over her hip. "Let's just nap and let it settle. After that, we'll go find some mischief to create."

She nodded and we pressed our lips together and hugged, kissing lovingly until we both just lapsed into our inevitable food comas. I couldn't really blame us...


I awoke to the splendid sensation of my mother's fingers between my legs, stroking my pussylips gently. I hummed in pleasure and reached down to return the favour. It was pleasantly warm in the back of our vehicle.

"Hey, beautiful," she purred, gazing into my eyes, her face barely an inch from mine. "Nap well?"

"Mmmm, yes, mommy," I replied, stretching languidly and reveling in the feel of her fingers dipping inside my warm, wet slit. "This is a great casual date so far."

"Glad you think so, because I'm loving it," she replied, smiling warmly as she fingered me. "My baby girl deserves the best dates, after all."

I laid back and let her tease me until I was squirming and then gasped as she leaned down and began sucking on one of my nipples. I writhed beneath her touch for some minutes until I shuddered and sighed loudly, cumming on her hand. I relaxed and watched through heavily-lidded eyes as she smiled at me and sucked my cream off her fingers. It was so erotic to watch.

"Do I get to return the favour somehow?" I asked, still floating on gentle waves of pleasure. "I really want to."

"Well, would you like it if mommy sat on your mouth, baby?" she asked, smiling slyly. "Mommy would love to look down and see you lapping at her until she cums."

"That sounds prefect," I agreed, waiting for her to kneel and then straddle my chest. I giggled as she made a show of squirming her sticky pussy against my tits and then she wiggled forward until she was at my mouth. I took firm hold of her thighs and began kissing her netherlips, just like we'd seen in the lesbian videos.

"Mmmmm, yes, Bron," she cooed, squirming gently against my mouth. "You sure know what mommy likes."

I kissed her clit and slowly probed my tongue into her slit, shivering in delight at how she tasted. It reminded me of me, but somehow more mature, earthier somewhat. It thrilled me to think that I'd taste this good when I was finally a milf.

Mom shuddered and clasped my head with her hands, eyes closed as she undulated her pussy against my lips. My fingers squeezed her thighs and my nose was pressed to her clit. I didn't let up, snaking my tongue deeper inside her, probing and driving her wild.

"Uh... Bron..." she gasped. "Yes, baby, right there... fuck..."

Her pressure on my head was increasing and I could feel her thighs tightening in on either side of me, but I didn't relent. Ignoring any need for air, I drove forward and inward, lashing her with my tongue. Mom churned and ground lustily, doing nothing to prolong the oral pleasure but careening toward her orgasm. Her breath was ragged and her body shaking mere seconds later.

"Oh... Jesus, Bron... make mommy cum! Make me cum on your face, baby! Fuck!"

Her back twisted and then arched and she gripped my head so hard I thought she'd crush my skull. But she gritted her teeth and screamed through them as she came, her body rigid. She bathed my face in her ecstasy, almost drowning me before collapsing off to the side, holding herself and shaking. I nearly sputtered and choked, gasping for air. Jesus fucking fuck, my whole face was glazed like a sour cream donut.

"Ohmygod..." she breathed in a voice barely above a whisper. "How the Hell did you get that good from watching lesbian porn for three days?"

I chuckled tiredly, still trying to catch my breath. "It helps that you love the same things I do, so I just went for it they way I'd like it."

"Clever slut," she sighed, finally relaxing, her body glistening with sweat. "I am never gonna get tired of sitting on that face."

I giggled and snuggled into her, the two of us kissing lovingly. Finally, we sat up and mom reached into her purse, producing dozens of unscented wet-naps.

"Looks like you're a clever slut too," I giggled, taking half of the naps offered. "We'll need to air out the Rogue, it probably smells like a lesbian brothel in here."

"There are worse things it could smell like," she said as we tried to clean the aroma of Sapphic lust from ourselves, probably to not much avail. "And let's face it, this is only gonna get worse."

"It's the heroic effort to cover our shame that counts," was my reply. "This isn't gonna work, mom, we need a shower. But I really don't wanna schlep all the way home, it'll just prevent us from going out again."

"True, we'll just attack one another, stay in and fuck all night," she mused, nodding at the dilemma. "I suppose we could just hit the showers in the Y down the road. If they're not busy, we might even get a quick and daring make-out session in."

I laughed at the notion of violating the local YWCA, but I also patently didn't say no. We slipped our dresses back on and mom drove us to the location while I tried to make myself look somewhat normal. "Do we even have memberships there?" I queried.

She nodded. "We never use it because we've got the exercise room in the basement, but we could always start utilizing the pool."

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