tagLesbian SexSapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 1

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 1

byTawny T©

The weather was warm and wonderful. I put on shorts and a halter and stepped out into the backyard to tend to my flowers. I had just moved into the house. The previous owners had kept the house and yards in excellent shape. I love to garden, and the backyard would be my hobby. I could grow all kinds of exotic and beautiful flowers. I had been out for about half an hour when I saw Amanda, my neighbor cross her yard and move to the other side of our mutual fence.

“Hi, Amanda, it’s a lovely day to be out isn’t it?” I said as I walked to the fence.

She looked up at me from a kneeling position. She is a dark hared beautiful woman, small in statue, but with a beautiful body to match her face. Today she had on a short-sleeved loose scoop necked blouse, and shorts. “Lori! It sure is. I love weather like this. My soil seems to really like weeds more than it likes the roses.” She said smiling, as she continued to pull the weeds up.

Her loose top bowed outward as she moved, and gave me a splendid view of her full breasts swaying and bobbing as she pulled, and tugged. I watched fascinated, for I have always enjoyed an intimate relationship with other women, many sexual in nature.

My late husband knew of it, and had no trouble with it. He said he had much rather have me having affairs with women then men. I never cheated with a man. He kept my heterosexual desires well filled. He loved for me to tell him about my Sapphic relationships in great detail while we made love. It really spiced up our sex life.

Twice we had one of my lady friends over for a wonderful threesome. I had no problem with him having sex with my friends while I was there to watch and participate. My favorite was to engage in a 69 with my ladyloves while he fucked them or me. I loved licking their wet pussies while his cock slid in and out in front of my face. It was equally exciting to have his long thick cock slide in and out of my pussy while they tongued and sucked my swollen clit. The double stimulation was so erotic and satisfying.

He died in a private plane accident when his corporate pilot tried to land in heavy fog, killing all aboard. He left me more than amply cared for financially. I had moved after he was killed, and now was starting a new life. Money was no concern now. My needs have never been extravagant so the money, well invested, would last me in a style that was what is usually called ‘affluent’.

I watched Amanda as she pulled weeds. I could clearly see her erect brown nipples and the large pink aureoles surrounding them. She looked up at me, a playful smile on her face. “You’re peeping.”

Her breasts were beautiful. “Not peeping, admiring! You have very lovely breasts. Besides, with that low cut top, and you bending over, it’s more like you’re advertising. Girl to girl, you do have a spectacular body.” I said laughing.

“I guess I deserved that! But put that way, all is forgiven. If you had been a man, I probably wouldn’t have leaned over quite like that. I guess you could see all the way to my belly button. In the body department, you are quite spectacular also.” She said standing up. Her top fell so that it showed the inviting swell of her bosom. Her nipples were erect and showed through the fabric. I looked at her beautiful face. She could have been a model. She wore her dark hair in a feather bob. Her brown eyes seemed to sparkle as we talked. Standing close, I caught her faint perfume smell, along with the faint odor of her natural sweat, an enticing aphrodisiac. Her eyes went to my halter covered breasts and lingered, then down to my long legs that are still shapely, I’ve been told.

“Why don’t you come over later for cocktails. A friend is dropping over, and you are welcome to join us. I’ll give you a tour of the house. You haven’t seen it yet. Please say you will?” Her smile became radiant. I couldn’t refuse.

I worked for a while then went into the house. I had just seen her enter her own house. I fixed a glass of ice water and picked up the cordless phone to call my sister and chat with her. I heard Amanda talking on the line and recognized her rich voice at once.

What most people don’t remember, or know, is that a cordless phone is a receiver and transmitter. Every word of a conversation, both ways, is sent and received from the base unit to the handset and vice versa. Someone on the same frequency will hear all of the conversation. I started to put the phone back on its cradle when I heard an interesting tidbit that stopped me cold.

“---and Lori is gorgeous, and she seemed to have taken a real interest in watching my breasts. I caught her and she told me she wasn’t ‘peeping’ but was ‘admiring’. Does that sound interesting?” Amanda asked her telephone partner.

There was a throaty laugh on the other end. “You devil. I’ll bet you put that particular top on just to give her a good look at your delicious breasts.”

“Sue, Darling, you know I did! I’ve had my eye on her since she moved in. That’s a sure way to get a woman’s attention. I’d like to slip my tongue into her wet, and I’m sure, tasty pussy. She has gorgeous long legs and from what I can see, very beautiful breasts. She had on a halter-top that showed them off very well. She wasn’t flustered in the least when I caught her looking at my breasts. Either she’s a very cool lady, or she’s interested in me. Incidentally, she’s coming over, so expect a visual treat when you get here.” Amanda said.

“ I sure will. Those lovely breasts of yours probably melted her heart. They always make me drool. Wish I could kiss them right now.” The voice said breathlessly.

“You shall, Darling. Slide your finger into your sweet pussy and stroke that hot little clit with me in mind. I have to take a shower. I’ll think about you while I shower, and will slip my finger down and pretend it’s your sweet pussy. That always brings on a wonderful climax. See you later, Love.”

“God, you know how to get a girl hot over the phone. Later, Oh, that feels so good. My clit says tell you it misses you. Gotta go, now! Ohhhh!” The last a long sensual sigh, and then there was a click.

I laughed out loud. If those two knew that their little intimate conversation was being literally broadcast for a radius of several hundred feet they would be mortified, or would they? I imagined they didn’t know. I went up and took a shower. I let my fingers slip into my wet slit and ran a soapy finger up and down my slit, rubbing my own clit playfully. I imagined Amanda, naked in her shower, doing the same thing, rubbed harder and faster, and brought myself to a quick, and very satisfying climax.

I dressed casually, but sexy for the cocktails. I put on a thin bra that let my nipples show through, and a thin white blouse over it that just lightly veiled the bra, but when I moved just right, let my nipples show through. My pants were white and under them I slipped into my thigh high panties that just covered my pussy, and was cut very thin in the back. I knew that when I moved the lines of the panties showed through. Medium high white pumps and a simple strand of pearls, matching earrings, set off the outfit. Casual, but enticing. “Slip your tongue into that, Amanda Darling”, I said as I looked at my thinly veiled crotch in the mirror. The slight bulge of my mount of Venus clearly showed through.

Sue was already there when I arrived. A lovely woman in her mid forties, like Amanda and me. She had a cute ski-jump nose. She was dressed casually also, as well as sexy. She had on a denim skirt with a thin blouse on and no bra. Her small but perfect breasts were barely concealed, her large aureoles and brown nipples showing through. I made myself not stare at them. She was baiting me, but I was forewarned. Let them think I was a very cool lady.

Amanda wore a long pants outfit that must have cost a fortune. It fit her like a glove and revealed, yet concealed her magnificent figure. Her blouse was thin, and low cut, and showed off her breasts well. Her breasts were held by a half bra that didn’t cover her nipples. It was low cut and stunning. She dark hair shone and she wore a simple solitaire diamond pendant that had to be at least a full caret.

“Amanda, you look stunning. That outfit makes your lovely body almost too sinful to look at.” I commented truthfully

“Well, Neighbor, you look stunning yourself.” She said giving me a peck on the cheek. Her perfume was faint, exotic, and sensual. “This is Sue, my good friend. Sue, this is Lori, my new next door neighbor, and someone I hope will become a friend also.”

“Lori, I’m glad to finally meet you. Amanda has told me about you.” Sue said also giving me a peck on the cheek. Her perfume was equally enticing, yet subtle.

‘I’m sure she has!’ I thought as Sue’s eyes ran over my body. You could see the lust in both their eyes. I decided to play it coy and see what happened.

Amanda made me a drink and we sat and talked for a while. They asked about my life before I moved next door, and I related the pertinent details. They both expressed sympathy at my loss of my husband. Both of them were divorced, Sue twice and Amanda three times. They talked of ex’s. Both had come out of the divorces very well off, and shed no tears for past husbands.

Amanda took me on a tour of the house and it was stunning. She had used a top-notch interior decorator, and it showed. The whole house was done in impeccable taste. The bedroom was done in white with subtle color accents that really made it all come together. One whole wall was mirrored, making the large bedroom look even larger. That the mirror was along the side of the huge canopied bed was not lost on me. It was not tawdry at all. The well-executed room brought it off, and the mirror accented the bed and decor. To one side sat a large screen TV.

The bedroom faced the back yard and had a balcony. Amanda pushed a button and the drapes slid back exposing a glass wall that looked out on trees, her garden and a large swimming pool. The pool was hidden from neighbors by a tall wall, and tastefully done shrubbery. As it was dusk, her outside lights were on. The effect was spectacular. She had soft classical music piped throughout the house, and it set a mood that I found delightful, and I told my gracious hostess so.

She showed me her office and computer room. It seemed to have an unusual amount of computer gear. There were two computer terminals. I am not really computer literate, but knew she had some sophisticated peripherals, as they are called. Several machines I could not even guess their purpose. I noted there were at least five high-resolution monitors, which was very unusual.

The rest of her house was equally spectacular and beautiful. I decided that I should have her decorator come to my house, as I had not really done anything with it in the decorating part. My furniture was in but it needed a touch that I frankly knew I did not have, to make it as lovely as this house. When I told Amanda and Sue this, Amanda was flattered.

“Amanda, I know my limitations. Your house is so spectacular and well done, I know that I don’t have the skills or knowledge to do what your decorator has done. I just hope my new house can be half as lovely as yours.” I said sincerely.

“Thank you. I don’t have the decorator skills either. I realized that too. This woman is fabulous and I’ll gladly have her call you. She is a jewel. I think you’ll like her.” Amanda said laying her warm hand on my arm. I stroked it lightly.

We finished our tour and sat for a while talking and sipping our drinks. Sue said she had to leave, and excused herself. It seemed a little early to me. Were these two set me up? I wondered. Sue was very warm and friendly. She said she was glad to meet me and hoped to see me again. I assured her she would. Amanda escorted her to the door and returned several minutes later.

“Sue was taken with you. She was impressed with your beauty and charm. She’s a very dear friend of mine.” Amanda said

‘And a very intimate one!’ I thought.

We talked for a while. Her eyes kept going to my breasts. I knew the nipples showed, and I could feel her eyes go to my crotch. The pants fit well, and when I slid down slightly in the chair, tended to creep up pressing up in the line of my pussy. I slid down a fraction of an inch more, to see her reaction. She couldn’t keep her eyes away. I let her stew for a while.

She wiggled in her chair and crossed her legs a lot. I was sure she was excited. I decided to play her game.

“You’re peeping”, I said catching her eyes on my crotch. It caught her totally off guard.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.” She said rather flustered. I enjoyed her discomfiture. She’d teased me with her breasts earlier.

“No problem. I stared at your lovely breasts earlier today. Turn about is fair play, as they say.” I smiled and scooted down just a fraction of an inch more. Without looking, I could feel the pants slide deeper into the crevice of my pussy. The pants were thin and the panties almost non-existent. I imagined she could almost see my pussy lips. Her eyes went back to my pussy, then to my face when she realized she was staring again. This flustered her still more.

I waited for the right moment. “It’s all right Amanda. After all you did say you wanted to slip your tongue between my pussy lips. I think that would be delightful.” I said in an even tone. It took a moment for this to sink in and when it did, the effect was comical. She went red as a beet.

The timing was perfect, she had just taken a sip of her drink and choked and sprayed it out. It was like something out of a comic movie. She was truly shaken by what I’d said. I moved over to her and took a napkin and helped wipe the drink off of her and the chair. Her eyes were wide with amazement.

I leaned over and kissed her lips very lightly. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. But the effect was worth it. You did put on that revealing, low cut top today just to tease me, and see what my reaction was, and I just had to get you back. I really didn’t mean for you to spray your drink all over the room.” I kissed her again a little longer and just as softly. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. Her kiss was delicious. It felt so wonderful to kiss a woman’s soft lips again.

She pulled back after several long and enjoyable moments. There was a puzzled look on her face. “How in the world did you know about my wanting to lick your pussy?”

I laughed and kissed her lightly. “Lets see. If I can remember this, quote -‘I’d like to slip my tongue into her wet, and I’m sure, tasty pussy’. Did I get that right? I wouldn’t want to put words in your mouth, maybe my tongue, though.” I kissed her again and did just that, slid my tongue out. She let it into her mouth and hers played expertly over mine. I could taste her drink and her tongue was skilled and lightly probed my mouth. I reached out and pulled her close. Her breasts pressed against mine. Her subtle perfume was wonderful and we both sighed, as we broke apart. She looked into my eyes questioningly.

“Well, lovely, and lustful lady. You broadcast that message about my pussy all over the neighborhood, and any other intimate details when you use your cordless phone. Just moving in, I, by very fortunate accident, just happened to have the same frequency on my cordless that you have. You would have found that out if you’d picked up the phone while I was talking.” She looked still puzzled so I explained in detail about the cordless phones.

She was appalled. “You mean that for as long as I have been using that cordless phone, someone else could hear my conversations? “ I nodded. “Oh, my God! Sue and I carry on some long, and very intimate, conversations over that phone. She uses hers too, so she can roam around the house, like I do. I didn’t know.”

“You’re probably lucky and no one around has the same frequency as you do. My husband was an electronics engineer and would never use it for any conversation he didn’t want overheard, like credit card calls, or business, or intimate phone calls to me. He would call me from out of town, and we’d have phone sex, always with me on a regular phone, but never cordless. We lived in a condo, and sometimes overheard other peoples phone conversations. I’ll show you how to change the frequency, or I can change mine, so we won’t be on the same one.”

“Enough technical talk. From your reaction to the phone conversation and your kisses, I take it you too like women.” She said pulling me close. I slid my hand out and stroked her firm breast. We kissed, deeply and hotly. Her hands stroked my back.

“Enough talk, period. I want to make love to you. It’s been too long since I’ve made love to a woman, much less a very sexy and a very, very desirable woman like you.” I said as I reached over and began to unbutton her blouse. There wasn’t much to it to remove. I leaned over and kissed her exposed breasts. Her skin was smooth and hot. I lightly licked her nipples. I wanted her breasts free. I slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and found the catch to her bra in front. I unfasten the half bra and slid it off. Her full breasts settled only slightly as I removed her bra.

“God, you have beautiful breasts. They are just as lovely nude as I thought they would be. You gave me a good view of them today.” I bent and kissed her firm round breasts. Her skin tasted so good. Her hands stroked my hair. I caught a nipple and sucked it. I ran my tongue around and around it. She moaned. I pulled back a little and looked up at her. “Seeing you and your lovely breasts got my juices running. While I was in the shower, just after your conversation, I brought myself off thinking about you taking a shower and what you said about playing with your pussy.”

“I did stroke it, but I was thinking about you, not Sue. I stood there in the shower and shamelessly rubbed my pussy till I came. It was a very satisfying climax too. God, I’m burning! Let me take your clothes off. I want to see that fantastic body completely naked.” She said her voice husky with desire.

I was burning up too. I wanted to see her naked also. We stood up and slowly took each other’s clothes off. We were both hot, and prolonging the moment always makes me hotter. She slipped my bra and blouse off. I slid my pants off and kicked my shoes off as she took hers off.

We pulled each other close, clad only in our panties. Hers were lovely lace and expensive looking. Our hips thrust together, hips grinding. We kissed and our hands stroked each other’s back and buttocks. I don’t remember being so hot in a long time. It had been too long since I had made love to a woman, and I was enflamed by her beautiful body. I consciously made myself slow down. My earlier climax had not cooled my ardor for her. I slid a hand under her panties and felt her firm butt. The skin was so soft. She did the same to me.

“God, you have a great ass.” She said.

“So do you, you lovely woman. And a great body to go with it.” I said pulling back a little. I slid her panties down, and she stepped out of them. I looked at her pussy and was surprised to see that there was not a trace of hair at all. I have known a few women who shaved their pussies completely and I loved it. “Ohhh, I like that. I really do. It makes my mouth water just looking at it.”

“I’m glad you do. I want your tongue down there as much as I want mine in your sweet pussy. Let me take your panties off.” She said. She reached down and slid them down. I keep my pussy hair cropped close and shaved in a bikini cut.

“Nice. Lets go to the bedroom. I want you on my big bed with lots of room to play.” She said pulling me after her.

“Just one quick moment, then I’ll go.” I said slipping down to my knees. I bent and pulled her hips to me. She spread her legs a little, tilting her hips upward, guessing what was coming. I leaned close and placed a kiss on her beautiful pussy, and quickly slid my tongue into the beautiful round opening at the top of her pussy, like the hole at the top of a keyhole. I slid it down and as far back as I could. She gasped. I tasted her salty and sweet juices before I pulled back, and stood up.

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