Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 1

byTawny T©

“I just had to do that. I couldn’t stand it another moment.” I said kissing her quickly.

“God, woman, I love your style. My knees are weak. Help me up the stairs.” She said laughing. We went up the wide elegant stairs, arms around each other.

We went into her bedroom. “Lie down on the bed, I have a surprise for you. I think you’ll like this.” She picked up the TV remote and punched several buttons. She moved to the bed.

She lay down by me and we slid together, her legs moving between mine, our breasts pressed together. We kissed and our hands began an exploration of new and wonderful soft flesh. Her body was superb and my hands, lips, tongue, and eyes wanted to explore every square inch if it. Her skin was velvet smooth. Her tongue fenced with mine, her lips sucked my tongue. I stroked her firm breasts, kneading them, and pulling and rolling her nipples to harder points. Her hands worked their magic on mine, till they ached and swelled with passion..

“God, you’ve got me hot. I can feel my pussy lubricate and my clit swell. It’s been too long.” I moaned against her.

“Lie back and let me make love to your beautiful body. You’ve got me so hot too. I want to make this night special for you. Look over to your left.” She said as she slid down and began to kiss my breasts. I closed my eyes for a moment it felt so good to have her lips sucking my nipples, and her hands kneading my swollen breasts. She moved down and kissed and stroked my stomach.

I opened my eyes and looked to the left of the bed. There the large screen TV was on, the screen split four ways. On each section was a different view of us on the bed. I looked around for the cameras but they were well hidden.

There was an overhead view of us, one from the head looking down and one from either side. Our images were clear and sharp, and erotic. Then the view changed and the overhead view filled the screen. Amanda moved down and I spread my legs as she moved between them. The camera followed her head and I watched fascinated at it zoomed onto my pussy and her head.

She licked my pussy and her tongue caused me to gasp out. I spread my thighs wide, giving her my whole pussy. I wanted her tongue inside me. She didn’t disappoint me. Her knowing tongue slid into my liquid center and I heard her little sucking sounds as she sucked my pussy. Her hands slid under my ass. I cried out and came almost at once.

Her lips and tongue stayed with my heaving hips and her hands under me held on as I bucked and writhed on the bed. I came three times in raid succession, going from one climax to the other. The next one came as she licked my pussy slowly and softly like a cat. There was a final shudder and I came again in a softer but satisfying mini climax. She continued to lick me slowly for a while.

“You taste delicious. I love your smell and taste. You have a very juicy pussy.” She said looking up at me, her face wet and shiny from my juices. I looked over at the TV and the image was of her face, looking up at me. My pussy was framed in the bottom of the screen.

“I’ve been told that before. I tend to get excited and my juices do flow. Several times the juices have actually spurted out. Come up here, and let me kiss your lips.” I said. She moved up and we cuddled. I glanced over to the TV and the image was of both of us full length. I kissed her and licked my pussy juices from her face. They were tasty. I’d tasted them many times on other women’s faces, and on my husband’s long hard cock. We kissed and I fondled her firm breasts. I moved a hand down to her pussy and slid a finger into her. She was very wet. “Now, it’s my turn. That bare pussy beckons my lips and tongue. I love a totally bare pussy, one of my weaknesses.” I said looking up at her. I kissed her breasts, going from one to the other. They tasted delicious. I nipped her nipples lightly and she moaned. I kissed my way down her superb body taking my time, while I fondled her spread pussy. The skin was soft and smooth as could be. As I kissed her firm pubic mound I saw no evidence that she shaved it.

Her hair is dark and her pubic hair would have to be dark. I kissed my way down to her spread pussy. I could ask her about it later. I kissed her velvet thighs, licking the hollow of the junction, which is always sensitive in women. She sighed and moaned. I teased her by rubbing my face against her pussy, lightly touching it. My hands stroked her smooth skin, and lightly touched the small circle of her perfectly shaped light brown anus. She moaned again.

I couldn’t resist, or tease her any longer. I slid my tongue out and ran it from the bottom of her beautiful pussy to the top barely penetrating her slit. She trembled and her hips rotated upward toward my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down, slipping it a little deeper into her lovely slit.

“God, you have a beautiful pussy.” I said looking up at her momentarily. It was truly lovely. Her inner lips didn’t protrude at all, and they were pink and small as a virgins. My wet tongue split and opened them. I placed my fingers on each side and spread them more, revealing her deep pink core. It was like looking at a lovely pink rose. I made my tongue into a spear and slowly slid it down into her core. She cried out and her hands pressed my head against her. My lips covered her pussy and I sucked lightly. I was not disappointed and tasted her sweet salty juices.

I moaned, as I tasted her. I truly love to taste a woman’s juices. I reached up with a finger slippery with her juices and found her clit, swollen and firm. I lightly rolled it around and around, as my tongue slid in and out of her hot wet core. She rewarded me by thrusting her hips upward and climaxing. The muscles of her pussy contracted tightly forcing my tongue out of her pussy; at the same time her juices seemed to flow from her. I sucked and my fingers were a blur as they played over her hard clit. She cried out her ecstasy over and over. I didn’t stop until she cried out for me to stop and pushed my head away from her pussy. I moved up and pulled her to me and kissed her cheek and lips until she calmed down.

“God, that was wonderful. You really know your way around a woman’s body.” She said finally.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had to give as good as I got. I really am glad you decided to give me a good show this afternoon, and that your phone just happened to have the same frequency as mine. I really like to get to know my close neighbors intimately. Think how boring it might have been if that hadn’t happened.” I laughed hugging her lovely body to mine.

“God, yes. I haven’t had such an intimate and beautiful neighbor in years. I really love modern technology. “ She laughed back, kissing me softly.

I looked over at the TV; our images were sharp and clear on it, four views. “Speaking of technology, just how does that TV monitor work? Is there someone controlling it?” I asked.

“No, there’s no one else in the house.” She said then went on to explain that there was a second camera directly over the bed that fed digitized images to a computer that controlled the view switching, focus, and zoom control. It had been programmed to take in the scene and using the shape of the head and body, and then decide where to zoom. It followed movement and shape.

“Who programmed it?” I asked. “They must be a whiz at computers.”

“She is! In all modesty, I did it. One of my husbands was a computer genius and he taught me how to master some of the intricacies of it. I went to computer school and it’s a natural for me. I’ve taught it to recognize the V of the thighs, the shape of the head, and how to differentiate when there is a 69. It not only does what I program it to do, but it actually learns. Does a pretty good job too. A skilled human operator could outdo it, but that’s always true. There is no perfect program that will exactly duplicate a human’s touch. This does come close. It learns from its program and my input to it. When I edit it, it learns what I like and dislike. Besides it doesn’t talk about its work when it’s through for the day.” Amanda said. I was impressed. “It keeps getting smarter all the time.”

“Well, lets give it a 69 to work on. I dearly love to give and receive pleasure at the same time. There’s nothing quite so intimate as a 69 with a skilled lover, and you are really that.” I said as we moved together and kissed, bodies seeking closer intimacy.

“I agree totally. It’s one of my favorites too. Kissing a sweet pussy and having yours kissed at the same time is one of life’s most pleasurable sensations.” She murmured as we kissed. We fell silent as our hands lips and bodies worked together.

She turned in the bed and we spent a long time kissing each other’s breasts. Mine are very sensitive and she knew how to kiss and caress them till I was almost panting. I truly enjoyed kissing hers and kneading them till they were swollen and hard. Her nipples received a lot of attention too. I found she liked a little pain, and I nipped and pulled at them making them harder, till they stood out beautifully.

Unless both partners are in rush, and are really on fire sexually, there is usually no rush when women make love. Amanda and I took our time and just enjoyed the intimacy and sensual pleasure from making love to a new partner, and finding out all their subtle likes and dislikes. We both liked having our breasts kissed and kneaded. She liked a little pain applied to her nipples, whereas I don’t particularly like it. We moved slowly downward, kissing and licking soft, smooth, feminine skin. Her body, I found was firm and hard under her smooth skin. I keep myself in shape also. I guessed, correctly, she swam quite a bit. She had the long smooth muscles of a swimmer

We moved down to soft spread thighs, and both sighed and gasped from time to time as our partner hit a particular erotic cord in us. I nuzzled her soft pubic mound then let my tongue open up her delicious pussy. I found her clit with my tongue and stroked it softly eliciting a long sigh from her. Her tongue played naughty games with my own spread pussy. She slipped a finger up inside me, exploring my depths.

I pulled her pussy lips upward to let her clit slip out. It was rather large, and well defined. I sucked it between my lips and tongued it slowly. She moaned against my own pussy and I gasped as her knowing fingers, two now, slid in to find my ‘G’ spot, and rub it lightly. My hips rotated toward her fingers almost of its own accord. She followed with her lips sucking on my clit, and her tongue flicked it rapidly. I came almost at once.

I buried my lips against her pussy and my head went from side to side as I climaxed. She was a very skilled lover and brought me to several climaxes before she held back and let me bring her to a moaning, gasping climax also. We slowed down and then had a mutual climax almost at the same time. We finally lay gasping for breath, spent. We turned and cuddled, and kissed slowly. Her body felt so nice close to mine.

“That was really wonderful. It’s been so long since I’ve had such a knowing, sensitive lover. I’ve missed it. Thank you, Amanda.” I said softly in her ear as I nuzzled it.

“Thank you, you are a very good lover too. You are really skilled. I always enjoy a women who takes her time and knows how to give pleasure.” She said turning and kissing me softly. We lay for a while just stroking each other and kissing softly.

“Would you like to see what the cameras picked up?” She finally asked.

“I’d love to, I have only taped one love session with a woman, and it was just with a fixed video camera on a tripod. Not too well done either. Rather dull.”

She picked up a TV remote. She pushed a series of buttons. The large monitor went blank then soft music came on and the pictures began to play. It used the split screen, then four picture and as we moved down on each other, went from one camera to another dissolving smoothly from one viewpoint to another. It was almost as if a skilled editor had put the show together. It was well done, and very erotic. We both looked very beautiful on the screen. There were close ups of tongues licking gleaming wet pussy flesh. We could see each other’s clits peeping out, and a pink tongue flicking it or a red pair of lips sucking on it. Our moans of passion came through in stereo as we climaxed. We lay watching, and both of us began to stroke the others clits, until we climaxed again, watching the erotic show on the large TV.

“Fantastic. I can’t believe that the computer did all that by itself. You are really good at programming it. Thank you for the wonderful show. Can I buy a copy at the local video store?” I laughed.

“Fraid not. I have a very secure vault that the videos I take are stored in. The CIA might even have a little trouble getting into it. It’s a security system I devised. Your secret is safe with me. If you feel uncomfortable about the tape, I’ll erase it in a heartbeat. My friends are valuable, and I would never do anything to hurt them.” She said very seriously.

I had wondered about the tape she had taken earlier. I felt better. She had no reason to let it get out. It would be as damaging to her as to me. “No, I’m comfortable with it. It would not be in your best interests either for it to get out.” I said.

We got out of bed and took a leisurely shower. Her shower was large, and at one end had a light airy atrium. There were several showerheads at different heights. It was very nice to be in the shower with her. We washed each other and let our fingers stray and slip into delightful crevices. We took turns drying each other off with many kisses and gentle caresses.

We had to go back downstairs to retrieve our clothes and dressed, laughing as we picked up our clothes that had been discarded across the spacious and lovely living room. We had one more drink and kissed goodbye slowly and softly like lovers on their first date, which I commented on. It was our first date, and we were lovers, not in the usual sense, but lovers nonetheless. I walked back to my house smiling and totally relaxed after a wonderful evening of feminine love, something I really thoroughly enjoyed and had missed more than I’d care to remember.

To Be Continued...

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