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Sapphic Surrender


My best friend had always been Brooke. We met early on in school and always felt comfortable with each other. We did most everything together. We spent endless hours at the mall and even more time talking about the boys we liked. I was always the hotter girl. She was stuck in that awkward stage, before a girl becomes a woman, far too long it seemed. Then when we turned 18 things changed. She became the desirable, beautiful girl and bested me. I was still hot, but all of a sudden I had the beginnings of a double chin, and my body was becoming very soft. I was actually worrying about my breasts drooping when I was 18. They were 36 C's that had always managed to project themselves as elevated and ready for playful activity. I was constantly wondering if my looks had peaked while I was still in school. I spent many a sleepless night torturing myself with just that thought.

Towards the end of our final year of school, a few guys commented on how all of a sudden she looked so much better than me. They said it loud enough so that I could hear. How could they be so heartless? Didn't they think about the damage their remarks might cause a person? I felt betrayed by them, and by me. How could I let my best friend surpass me? I cared about Brooke, but I had been the pretty girl for so long, that I could not handle it. I was used to all the attention.

To me, the differences between beautiful and pretty were subtle. Start with feet. I looked great in flip flops, but next to hers my feet looked wide and the toes did not seem symmetrical. Her feet were smooth and every toe was just in the right place. Her lower half was shapely, with the skin being taut. My legs seemed out of shaped even though there was very little cellulite on them. Her breasts, though smaller at 36 B, were perfect: identical sisters standing guard. Her face appeared buoyant and full of both confidence and promise. I felt soft and embarrassed by the beginnings of a double chin. Her dark brown hair flowed imperiously across her back. My dull hair was also brown, but seemed in need of an infusion of life. Her skin shone tanned, energetic and youthful. My skin was also tanned, but was seemingly in need of vitamins. I have possibly diminished my level of attractiveness in the way I have described myself, but actually, when not around Brooke, I was looked at with awe by most guys and with jealousy by girls. I made friends with a few girls who were homely looking just so I would feel superior when we went out. I kept them away from Brooke. I had a sense of dread that if we were to all hang out together, I would be relegated to second tier status amongst girls I did the same to.

When we would meet guys, I would get the second rate friend who tagged along. She got the cool one to talk to her. That was the hardest adjustment to make. I had always gotten the number 1 before. To her credit, she never made a big deal about overtaking me, and I never complained. We just switched roles and continued being best friends.

"We are best friends forever and ever." We would say.

Brooke, of course, got the hottest guy in school to ask her to the prom. I went with some oversized football player that had a hard time remembering my name. She had every guy in school asking her for a dance before the night was over. I looked on and wondered if that might have been me if not for her. She laughed as the music played and as guys acted grateful just to share a spot on the dance floor with her. They were lined up as if waiting to dance with a super model.

"She's amazing isn't she?" Her date for the prom said to me as we watched her switch one boy for another.

"Yes. She is that." I forced myself to say.

The other girls didn't seem to mind that their dates would rather dance with Brooke than with them. I don't think I minded, but it hurt me to know that I was once on track to being the center of attention. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw flaws and felt undeserving of any boy. I wanted to cry. The music had an ominous beat as I stood there contemplating life after the prom. The night did not seem joyful to me. It seemed mediocre.


Brooke called me the following morning to rave about how much of a stud her date had been. She asked me about my date and I told her things went well. I didn't feel like talking much. I was going to tell her later about his small penis and tiny balls. I knew she would find that funny.

"He lived up to all the hype. That's for sure." Brooke said.

"Did you expect anything less?"

"You never know. It's a fine line between dud and stud."

"I am glad you are happy." I said.

High School was coming to an end. We were both going to go to different colleges. I knew we would stay in touch, even if just by electronic means. We still had our summer to look forward to. As a continuation of prom night, we were going to have her sister Gina's wedding. Gina was marrying some big shot real estate investor. Brooke was going to be a bridesmaid. I was expecting to be asked to also be part of the wedding party, but Gina never did ask. It felt disappointing not to be a formal part of the wedding. I was going to find something sexy to wear while trying to attract a guy for the night.

I wondered how Gina felt, knowing her sister was more attractive than she was. Did the fiancée look on his future sister in law with a lecherous eye? If I was Gina, I would have been worried of the competition from my younger sister. Who knew, if one day, hubby was bored and found himself alone in the company of his wife's sister, he might give in to the temptation.

"Are you going to ask Randall to your sister's wedding?" I asked.

"I don't know. The guy I am partnered with is way hot. Plus he's older. He's like 25. That could be a lot of fun." Brooke said.

"Wow. You're done with Randall?"

"Maybe, I don't know yet."

I was jealous of her now. Not only had she gotten the high school stud, she now had a choice for more summer adventure. There was no way any guy could not give her his attention. I really cared for Brooke, but felt it unfair she had so many choices when it came to guys. I didn't want to see my prom date again and really didn't have anyone lined up for the summer.

"Don't forget. You're giving me a ride later to go pick up my dress." She said.

"Sure." I said.


As I drove Brooke to pick up her dress, I sensed she did not want to talk. The radio was on as she sat in her seat and stared out of the window. She was pensive. I wondered if she was remembering her night with Randall, or if she was thinking of some new guy to twirl around her fingers and train to be on call for any wish she might have.

"Jackie, I hope you aren't upset my sister didn't ask you to be part of the wedding." She said.

"No. I'm not upset at all." I said.

"Good." She said.

Her casual manner made me think that there was some underlying reason for me being excluded. I was almost dizzy with panic at the thought that I had been looked over because I was not pretty enough. I tried my best to get that thought out of my head, but I could not. I pictured the other bridesmaids, and the maid of honor, and realized that I would have been the least attractive one of that group. I wanted to shout something in anger at no one in particular, but decided to restrain myself.

Brooke walked into the dress shop as though it served to cater to her and only her. She was very brief with the staff.

I went into the fitting room with her. I had seen all her body parts naked at one time or another over the years, and here she was topless and in panties trying on a light blue dress. The dress was not overdone with frills, but was basic and streamlined. I held the dress before she tried it on. She was actually admiring herself with me in the fitting room. She seemed to be concentrating on her breasts. They looked amazing. The nipples were kept pink and inviting among the tanned rest of her. She kept her nipples covered while she went topless in the sun. She was such a beauty. I felt that I was admiring her for the first time like a guy might do. I was looking at her as something to posses and explore if not devour.

"Here, try it on." I said as I offered her the dress.

I helped her slide the dress on. She immediately started to curse. Brooke felt the top was too uncomfortable. It did look a little tight.

"Go get the seamstress." She barked at me.

I was taken aback when she ordered me to fetch the seamstress.

When I came back into the room with a middle aged woman, Brooke was just in her panties again. It seemed she was posing for us.

"This is unacceptable. This fits too tightly on top. This was altered for someone with smaller breasts." She fumed.

The seamstress was calm. She had obviously seen her fill of diva behavior so this was not nothing new to her.

"I understand." The seamstress said.

"Do you?" Brooke said.

"Please put the dress back on so I can measure." The lady said.

Brooke looked to me with her hands on her hips as if prompting me to help her get the dress back on. I felt disappointed in myself for allowing myself to play a supporting role in one of her tantrums, but helped her anyway.

I excused myself and waited for Brooke outside the dressing room as they finished up. When the seamstress came out first, I looked at her and sort of half- smiled, almost apologizing for the crude behavior of my friend.

"It's O.K. I get... that type of girl in here all the time. I think your friend likes attention. When she was here for her prom dress she made sure I saw her completely naked." She said.

"She is... a good person." I said.

"Don't worry about it. It was a nice view."

I was taken aback as she said that. Had Brooke also remembered her from before?

The ride home was again silent. She barely said goodbye to me after I dropped her off. In the past, she usually invited me in, but not this day. Half way home she called me and told met at she needed a ride to the wedding rehearsal later, and asked me if I wanted to go to the dinner after. I said yes. I didn't have anything better to do.


The rehearsal was a simple affair. I could see that there was no way I would have ranked very high with the other women. I could see being close competition to one of them, but just barely. Brooke was in a foul mood the whole time. The guy she was standing up with brought his girlfriend. She was a chatty little blonde that made sure the other women knew he belonged to her. The rest of the men were average looking and older. Brooke was disappointed.

We arrived late for the dinner. We both had on light summer dresses and tried our best to get the attention of the room, but no one seemed to notice either of us. Most of the seating was already taken, so we ended up in a corner. The main table was full. It was at this point that I could tell she felt like the little sister. Most everyone else was in their 20's or early 30's.

The waitress brought us plates of preordered food, but since we were not big eaters we just grazed and acted disinterested for the benefit of no one. We felt isolated.

"That sucks. I wanted to do something fun with him." She said.

"Any chance you can still call Randall?"

"I don't know. He bores me. He's got a nice big one, but other than that there is not much to him. How was your prom date? I never asked."

"Small. Believe it or not that hunk of meat was small."

Brooke started laughing.

"I didn't want to say anything." She said. "Randall told me he is famous for being so big and having a small penis." She said.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"When I found out, it was really too late to start over. The prom was days away. I was worried you would hold it against him and cancel." She said.

"I didn't have anyone else line. I wouldn't have canceled." I said.

We watched as her sister smiled and chatted with her friends. She did not look overwhelmed by anything that was going on.

"Why were you being such a prima-donna with the fitting lady?" I asked.

"I don't know. Was it obvious?" Brooke said.

"She remembered seeing you completely naked when you got fitted for your prom dress."

"She said that?"


"I guess I wanted some attention."

I just smiled at her.

"Do you think I am prettier than that guy's girlfriend, that bitty blonde over there?" She said.

I paused before answering. I looked into her green eyes and wanted to have a clue as to how to proceed. I sensed we had total friendship. I could proceed any way I wanted to.

"You are the most beautiful thing in the wedding." I said.

Brooke blushed. I took that as a good sign. I was not sure at what point I had crossed over into wanting to be more than just friends with Brooke. I reasoned that in the future that moment might reveal itself, but for now I was going to let it flow.

She placed her left hand on my right thigh from under the table. Her hand on my bare thigh caused my heart to beat faster I placed my hand on top of her hand and caressed her. We stared at each and only slightly did we giggle. I used a bare foot to reach out to one of her legs. Skin on skin and we were now in the midst of something sacred.

"Maybe we should go." She said.

"That's probably a good idea."

"They won't miss us here."

"Let's leave now." I said.

Being that we were younger than the others, no one seemed to notice us as we made our way out of the restaurant. Everyone seemed busy trying to talk about something pertinent.

We headed straight for my car and were gone rather quickly. We drove in silence. The radio was on, but behind our silence and behind the music was a pulsating force that did not need words. That force was going to take us to her house. With everyone at the rehearsal dinner, we had her parent's home to ourselves. We got out of the car and practically ran inside. I followed her up the stairs to her room. I marveled at the way her lower body moved under her dress. I thought of her as being perfect. The seamstress enjoyed the view, but I was going to get a lot more than that. I was going to sample from something wonderful and unequalled by anything I had ever known.

"What are we doing?" She said.

"Let's just do it." I said.

We smiled at each and stood unsure of what to do next. I knew that whatever happened next, it was going to feel good for both of us.

I leaned in for a kiss, and at first her lips did not move, but when she realized I was going forward with this, she relented and started to kiss me. My hand went to her hip then deftly moved to her ass. She felt so amazing. I regretted not having pursued this long before.

We undressed ourselves as we tried to hold the kiss. The only piece of clothing left on her was her bra. We were now standing crotch to crotch, melding our desires. It felt electric to stand on common ground with her.

We gently moved over to the bed and continued our embrace. I was uncertain what to do next, but decided to pursue the need to hump her leg. My pussy throbbed and needed her leg. With my pussy wet now, I started to use her leg to scratch an itch. Her eyes widened, but she also moved her leg in rhythm with me.

Her breasts jiggled a little in their bra. I looked at them with a hunger. She mercifully unclasped the bra and let them join our Sapphic coming out party. Her nipples were poised and seemingly introduced themselves to me. I said hello to the twins and took one in my mouth. I nibbled as though I was reaching back for something I had missed along my life's path. She gave a low moan of approval. She tasted like a delicacy. I was at a loss to wish for anything more incredible.

My hands were all over her back, as the softness of her skin was in itself a body part to be fondled. We were both gentle with each other so far. She finally gave some attention to me. She reached out a hand and touched my nipples. She weighed one breast in her hand and smiled. Brooke opened her mouth and took in a good portion of my right breast. She sounded as though she was feasting from a plate of one of her favorite dishes. I could tell that she was happy. I wanted her to be happy. I was relieved she found me worthy of her attention.

We were not rushed as we explored each other. Our hands were gliding over skin, trying to find a place to settle, but we could not find just one spot yet. I never knew how much better it was to smell a girl than a boy, or how much better touching something feminine was. I hugged her and she did the same. I felt thrilled to be there with her. We were now more than familiar with each other's landscapes.

"I was... when you blossomed and became prettier than me..." I started to say.

"Don't say that." She said, putting a finger to my mouth.

I started to suck on her finger.

She had a neatly trimmed bush. The hair looked more like a piece of clothing than anything natural. I quietly found her opening and started to enter her with an ambitious finger. She welcomed me instantly. Her clitoris seemed shy at first as it remained reserved, but slowly it came to the fore. She was tight but also very pliable. I was easily able to get two fingers in and then moved to get a little more in. I switched fingers to see how much of my hand I could get in there. I don't know why I was trying to get my whole hand inside of her, but I felt there was going to be a cathartic reward for both of us in doing so.

Brooke was very wet now. She leaned back and let me continue my left-handed assault on the center of her being. The joy my hand was bringing to her was frightening. I had never heard such language. Hers was a language of grunts and moans and words of encouragement.

Most of my hand was in now. I didn't want to force too much in too quickly. She lathered my fingers up with her juices. I didn't think I needed to pinpoint any particular spot, since I had such a large area covered. I was looking at her face then had to look at her boobs which started to shake. Her moans were now screams.

"Don't you dare stop...there it is... Jackie! Get it all in." She admonished.

My whole hand glided in now. Her voice deepened as she urged me on.

"Please!" She shouted.

The most beautiful girl I had ever known was now in ecstatic. Her release point flowed beyond anything I had done. She raged as if on her own.

I was scared. What had just happened?

She lay back in silence, and just as a loving partner would, I positioned myself at her side to let her filter through her emotions. I could feel heat transferring itself throughout her body. She looked satisfied and peaceful enough for the both of us.

"Are you O.K?" I said.

"I don't know what that was. That was beyond an orgasm." She said.

"Wow!" I said.

"Did we discover... I think we might be able to be with girls now, not just guys. Twice the fun."

"Or maybe be just with girls."

"Yeah, that to." She said.

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