tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSapphira's Sin Ch. 02

Sapphira's Sin Ch. 02


Sapphira sat at her desk staring sightlessly at her monitor as her thoughts again returned to the time in Colorado. She couldn't seem to get past her suddenly daring nature, the amazing sex, the handsome stranger, the list went on. Sapphira had taken to masturbating regularly and had purchased a variety of sex toys, but nothing helped to ease the ever present ache.

Sapphira's fingers itched to open her bottom drawer and draw out her latest purchase -- a dual stimulating vibrator. It would only be the second time she had used it at work. Sapphira tried hard to control herself until lunch breaks or until after work, not liking the necessity of having to be quiet.

Sapphira turned her head in acknowledgement of a soft knock on the door, irritated by the interruption of her silent reverie.

Sapphira sat back in her chair and started flipping through her Financial Times in order to look busy before issuing a command to enter. Sapphira's secretary stood poised in the doorway, as though unsure of whether she wanted to come in or not. Sapphira fixed an easy smile on her face, aware that she had been behaving out of character recently, moody and restless.

Kya hovered in Sapphira's doorway before deciding to enter halfway. She stopped a few feet from Sapphira's desk with a muttered apology and some mumbled words about a visitor. Sapphira looked sharply at Kya. She had expressly said no visitors today, and if anyone called or stopped by to say that she wasn't in.

"If it is not the CEO, COO, or CPSO, then get rid of them," Sapphira instructed coldly.

Kya darted out the door as quickly as she could with another mumbled apology.

Sapphira put the newspaper she had been clutching down. She wasn't in the mood for company, and neither was she in the mood for work, she admitted reluctantly. Only one thing could help improve her disposition and it would hardly be prudent to take off in the middle of the work week without any advance notice that she needed a vacation. Besides, part of her duties as the CFO was to ensure that everything was in perfect financial order for the upcoming audit, and Sapphira never shirked her duties.

Sapphira turned determinedly back to her computer screen, and began running through files to check that all was as it should be. Another knock on the door had Sapphira sighing in pure frustration and stomping over to the door and throwing it open forcefully.

Of course Kya stood there, cowering. "I am really sorry to bother you a second time, but the young man indicated that it was impolite to ---."

Sapphira took a deep breath to curb her annoyance. Kya was too young and too shy by far, and even as she stood there mumbling only God knows what she was blushing. Sapphira cursed the day her previous secretary had gotten married and left her with only Kya for support. "I can't understand you when you mumble," Sapphira informed Kya.

"He said," Kya began again, "that it was impolite to keep one's lover waiting."

Sapphira felt her blood boil just thinking of anyone saying such a thing to her secretary. She had a reputation for being dependable, sensible, and reliable, not some modern day vamp who thought she could do it all and have it all. Now this man, whoever he was, had her secretary thinking she slept around every spare moment she had.

Sapphira could tell by the look on Kya's face that she was embarrassed, but worse than that, Kya's eyes were glittering with the knowledge that she had a juicy piece of gossip.

Sapphira could not let such a slur on her character go unpunished and quickly determined in her mind what steps to take to minimize the negative impact this could have. The silence between Kya and Sapphira held for another few moments, and finally Sapphira broke the strained silence.

"I see," Sapphira silkily replied. "My lover," she repeated, paying the last word special attention, as though she couldn't resist lingering over the syllables. "Why didn't you just say so," Sapphira smiled like a poisonous snake. "Bring him in."

Sapphira sat back at her desk, waiting to see who would dare.

Kya returned a few moments later, and was present to see the blood drain from Sapphira's face as her mystery "lover" was revealed. Kya quickly excused herself and shut the two of them in together.

"Sin," Sapphira bit out on a shocked gasp.

"None other," he agreed wryly.

Sapphira could not believe her eyes. Here she was fantasizing about him, and he just turned up in her office looking good enough to eat. And then reality returned.

Sapphira hadn't told Sin her name or anything about herself and yet here he stood. What did that say about him?

"How did you find me." Sapphira asked warily.

"The usual way," Sin answered with a grin, "I asked your parents where you lived and worked. Your mother was only too happy to tell me, as she thinks you need to settle down, and sees me as the perfect candidate."

Sapphira rolled her eyes. How like her mother to sell her out to a stranger. A stranger who had sex with anything on legs apparently.

"Did you know who I was when you had sex with me," Sapphira asked.

"No, I didn't," Sin replied, "But it really didn't matter who you were, I was going to taste that pussy before letting you leave."

Sapphira felt a fire start between her legs at his words, and tried to still her excitement. Sin had the look of a sexual predator and just one wrong move, one revealed look of excitement, and he would take advantage.

"Well it's nice to know I'm still wanted," Sapphira rejoined saucily.

Sapphira sat tensely in her chair waiting for Sin to make the next move, to say something, but she waited in vain. Sin was born of patience and stood quietly, although he was visually stripping her of her clothes, Sapphira noted. Sapphira eyed him back, noticing he looked even better in the warm light of day. His dark hair and cool gray eyes were wildly erotic, while his hard body and gold skin gave him an air of the exotic. Sapphira was hard pressed not to get up and ask to run her tongue all over his torso.

Sin watched Sapphira's eyes darken, knowing what she was thinking, what she was wanting. He preferred her naked in front of a fire, but her bronze hair and pale skin was an excellent compliment with her mauve suit. Her midnight blue eyes continued to spark with fire as her thought reached a new level. Sin knew she was as ready as he, and that he could have her at that very moment.

Sapphira broke the silence with her husky voice, "Sin, this has all been riveting, but if you came for no other reason than to let me know you had a great time and to make sure I survived the ordeal, then consider your mission complete. I'm really very busy and I must ask you to leave." Sapphira rose from her seat to walk over to the door, but Sin grabbed her arm before she could step past him.

Sapphira whirled around in panic and excitement. Panic won out as the reality of her environment sunk in, and the fact that her secretary was still outside her door, probably calling everyone she knew with this breaking news.

"Just who the hell do you think you are? Get our hands off of me," Sapphira demanded.

"I would," Sin baited, "But I know how frustrating you would find that."

Sin backed Sapphira up against her desk and tipped her over onto it, so her bottom was resting on the edge.

"Stop," Sapphira issued as she began to struggle against Sin's hold on her arm.

Sin easily subdued Sapphira's struggles through the expediency of taking hold of both her wrists and lowering them to her sides. He held them there as he pressed his body into hers, ensuring he made an impression. Sapphira immediately stilled her struggles as she realized it only served to further his purpose. The tips of her breasts were pressing against his chest every time she moved, and he had insinuated himself between her legs to the point where her skirt was riding almost to her waist.

Sin looked down at the top of Sapphira's thighs. She was wearing thigh highs, and a thin pair of wispy panties. Sin could see the light hairs between her thighs as though she were wearing nothing and he hardened at the thought of her tender flesh so near and vulnerable. Sin looked up into Sapphira's eyes and laughed.

"What is so funny," she demanded.

"You," Sin replied. "Everything about you. You are so sensible and stalwart. Even the sweet little curly hairs down here," he paused, letting his hand slide under her panties, "Are neat and in order. If I didn't know any better I would think you had these lines measured as acute angles before you allowed the waxing."

Sapphira bristled under his lightly stroking fingers, at once aroused and angry in the same breath. Sin ran his thumb along the crease closer to her entrance, smoothing her juices over her pouting lips. He used his other fingers to lightly brush against the hood of her clit to expose it for his purposes.

Sapphira's eyes drifted closed as she relaxed into his caress, and Sin took advantage of her momentary pliancy and gave a firm tug against her panties, ripping them off of her. Sapphira's eyes flew open and she immediately began to fight against him. Sin restrained her wrists again, and lay with his mouth very near hers. Sapphira moved to lift her knee in retribution, which Sin quickly sidestepped, and then moved in closer to restrain the amount of damage she could do with her legs and feet.

"Don't do this," Sapphira beseeched, trying to make Sin see reason. Sin moved his left leg back and forth, deriving great pleasure knowing that each time he moved his leg, his slacks rubbed against Sapphira's swelled pussy lips and her clit.

Sapphira lay underneath Sin struggling to control the waves of pleasure that were gently running through her each time he brushed against her. This was what she had wanted. Why was she fighting it, she questioned herself. And as quickly refuted those thoughts with more rational ones. The door was unlocked, her skirt around her waist, her panties on the floor, and a stranger between her legs. What would happen if Kya walked in?

Sapphira's thoughts quickly switched back to Sin as his voice broke her reverie. "Sapphira, why are you fighting this? Why are you fighting me? I know you want this. I can tell by how wet you are that you were thinking of me before I came in. Or do you mean to tell me that this is for someone else," Sin chided, releasing Sapphira's wrists to run his hands between her legs, one parting her lips, the other running between her lush folds to come back drenching wet.

Sapphira said nothing, only looking in mute fascination as he brought his finger to his mouth. "I love the taste of you," Sin whispered, "But you must know that by now."

Sin brought his wet finger back between her legs and swirled it around her clit, before burying it inside of her. Sapphira arched off the edge of the desk in an effort to get closer to the source of pleasure. Sin withdrew his finger, before thrusting it back in, this time joined by two of its mates. When Sapphira moaned in response and continued to lift towards his hand, Sin added a fourth finger.

Sapphira thrashed wildly under Sin, moaning her pleasure. She circled one of her hands around his forearm to keep him close, and perched on the other one for balance as she leaned back towards her desk. Sin stared down at her in pleasure, loving her decadent nature that she couldn't hope to hide or deny.

"How would you like me to make you cum this first time," Sin asked in mild interest, knowing he could do just about anything to her and she would still have a screaming orgasm all over her desk.

Sapphira remained mute except for her repeated murmurs of encouragement, breathless sighs, and sultry moans.

"Answer me, or I'll use my imagination," Sin mildly threatened.

Sapphira tried to still her racing thoughts to latch on to any one thought long enough to answer his question. After a few seconds, her mind lighted on a possibility. An erotic self-indulgent proposition.

Sapphira leaned further over on her desk as Sin continued to pleasure her with his rough finger fucking. She opened a small decorative box on her desk and pulled out a diminutive key, which she used to unlock her desk drawers. Sin stared at her with passion glazed eyes as she opened the drawer and revealed her choice.

Sin laughed down at Sapphira as he saw what she pulled out. "An Impulse Vibrator, huh," Sin mocked.

"Well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do," Sapphira defended, handing him the toy.

Sin was no stranger to girls and their toys and he quickly turned the rotating head to full power and the vibrator on high, and replaced his fingers with the device. Sapphira's moans grew dramatically louder as he thrust it deeper and harder into her sopping channel. Sapphira grabbed the edge of her desk and leaned all the way on her back as a shuttering orgasm ripped through her. Sin gave her no mercy as he pushed the vibrator all the way in and held it there as Sapphira continued to fall apart before him.

Sin gradually removed the stimulation from Sapphira after a time, and smoothed soft kisses on her neck and ears. When Sapphira finally had the strength return to her limbs she tried to push Sin away. "How could you," she yelled. "Do you have any idea what you've done?"

"Oh, I have every idea," Sin answered calmly, with erotic undertones, restraining Sapphira. "And don't even think of getting up. I'm going to fuck your brains out, and then we'll go for lunch."

"Are you crazy," Sapphira shrieked, a mere decibel from yelling again.

"I shouldn't' think so," Sin replied sardonically, "But watching you cum all over this desk has made me harder than I can remember and I intend to do something about it." Sin put pressure on Sapphira's shoulders to return her to an indolent position on the desk. Sapphira tried to refuse him, but Sin quickly made the situation clear.

"Either lay back and accept what I'm about to do to you, or I'll hold you down and make you endure what I'm about to do, but either way you will not get up from this desk."

"How you can even say that when my secretary probably just heard me screaming the place down? I'm sure she won't keep a secret like that to herself, and now you expect me to just lie back while you complete round two," Sapphira snapped.

"Your secretary isn't out there," Sin returned.

"Do you think I'm stupid," Sapphira asked.

"Not necessarily. In fact I'm sure you're not, but you are making some pretty foolish decisions right now denying us both an orgasm."

Sapphira glared daggers into his eyes, but refused to comment.

"I sent your secretary away. No one knows what just went on here, but you and I," Sin placated, before busying his hands unbuttoning Sapphira's jacket.

"You sent her away," Sapphira retorted, all smart mouth and attitude. "You expect me to believe you told her to go and she just went. Tell me, Mr. Big Shout Sin, why would she leave just because you told her to?"

"Who is the CEO of this organization, Sapphira," Sin questioned.

"Mr. Anthony Rockefeller. He had a heart attack last week. So what," Sapphira insolently answered.

"So, he called me in as acting CEO, and the board approved the motion this past Friday. If I'm not mistaken you were at that meeting."

Sapphira's eyes widened in dismay. It couldn't be. "The board didn't vote you in. We voted in Mr. Rockefeller's son."

"I am that son," Sin argued. "No, you're not. You can't be," Sapphira denied. "Anthony's son's name is Vincent," she finished with her best So There face.

"I was christened Vincent Anthony Rockefeller," Sin informed. "I picked up the nickname at college, and I have been called such ever since. I really can't see it making any difference as to what is about to happen right now. I'm only telling you so that you can relax. Kya's gone."

Sapphira tried again to push Sin off. "I will not sleep with my boss," Sapphira denied hotly.

"I'm not your boss right now, I'm you lover," Sin emphasized by pulling her suit jacket off of her shoulders and pulling her blouse from her skirt.

"If you are who you say you are, then why didn't Kya say as much the first time," Sapphira asked, not willing to be seduced or subdued by Sin's efforts.

"Because she didn't know until I told her when she came back with her tepid excuse about your busy schedule. I told her to issue that crack about your lover because I knew it would get to you. She has orders to keep anything she may have learned here today to herself or to find herself another job" Sin responded while unzipping his pants.

Sapphira subsided underneath him, deciding to allow this one session, and then to tell him where he could go in the aftermath.

Sin ran his hands up the back of Sapphira's thighs before cupping her ass and drawing her infinitely closer to where he wanted her. Sin rested the tip of his penis at Sapphira's entrance, watching her shift restlessly under him.

"What are you waiting for," Sapphira demanded after an instant or two of waiting. "If you're going to do this, then do it. I still have work to do," she tacked on saucily.

Sin needed no further encouragement. Her invitation, no matter how ungraciously phrased, was all the incentive he needed. Sin pushed into Sapphira's depths and withdrew almost as quickly, causing the breath to catch in the back of Sapphira's throat as the pleasure washed over her. "More," she moaned, raising herself to meet his thrusts.

Sapphira tightened her inner muscles as Sin slid out, knowing it would push her faster towards orgasm. Sin could feel Sapphira's muscles tightening around him giving him the most exquisite pleasure, but also denying him his innate desire to be in control. Sin hooked Sapphira's knees over his arms lifting her pelvis higher in the air and immediately catapulting her to a world of concentrated pleasure that he controlled.

Sin leaned over Sapphira's sweat slicked body and nuzzled her neck, whispering erotic words to her as he continued to thrust. Promising her another shattering orgasm, whispering the various ways he wanted to possess her, licking her tender spots. Sapphira found herself hanging on the edge of a climax with no way free. She reached out and forced her hands under Sin's shirt so she could scratch him to make her demands and restlessness known.

Sin looked into Sapphira's glazed eyes and felt himself harden further as he took in her elusive sensuality and her willingness to revel in her enjoyment. One of Sin's hands traveled to Sapphira's clit as he continued to thrust so he could touch her slick folds. "I love how wet you are; I love the taste of your pussy. It would almost be worth it to pull out of you to taste the heat of your passion again" Sin commented, punctuating each word with a hard thrust.

Sapphira shuddered underneath him in the beginning stages of an orgasm, and as the wave took her over, her convulsing muscles took him with her. They lay together for a moment trying to catch their breath.

Sapphira was the first to regain her composure and pushed Sin off of her. It didn't improve her mood any to realize that she had only succeeded in pushing him off because he let her.

Sapphira moved away from Sin as she straightened out her clothes, and put her jacket back on. She picked her panties up off the floor and wiped the residual cum from between her legs. Sin had straightened his clothes out by this time and recomposed himself. He moved over to Sapphira and took the panties from her before she could dispose of them, tucking them into the front pocket on his shirt behind his handkerchief.

Sapphira didn't even waste the effort to try and retrieve them. She had bigger points to argue. "I will not be your sex toy or private entertainment at work, nor do I ever wish to see you again outside of work," she finished.

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