tagRomanceSara and Tom

Sara and Tom


Pulling her shirt off as she walked through the house, Sara had a horrible day at work, all she wanted to do was change clothes, have a drink and relax before Tom got home. She knew he was going to be late, so the thought of a few minutes to her self was a welcomed thought.

She poured a glass of wine and ran water in the tub using the last of the bubbles. She lit the candle, turned her favorite cd on, and made sure the doors were locked. She did a little strip tease dance as she undressed, watching herself in the mirror, she was very proud of her weight lose but thinking she really needed to tone up. Admiring her perky breast in the mirror she gave them a little pinch which caused her nipples to get hard. She moved to the tub, testing the temp with her toe ahhh just perfect. She slid into the bubbles, as she took a sip of wine; this is exactly what she needed.

Lying there feeling the warm water fill the tub, her thoughts drifted to Tom. He was a handsome man and Sara was madly in love with him.

Just thinking of him with his nice tan, broad shoulders, and the way he made love to her was on her mind.

She laid there thinking of the time he surprised her with her first adult toy. They had fun together experimenting with it, which led to laughs but deep satisfaction later.

Remembering that it could be used in the water, Sara got out of the tub, ran naked to their bedroom, opened that bottom drawer and grabbed the finger size vibrator.

She thought that she could play a little bit before Tom got home.

Excited she hopped back into the tub, the water was a little cool, she let some out and ran some more. Feeling the force of the water with her toe, she slid down towards the faucet, placing her feet on the shower wall, lying back, and positioned herself so that the water was hitting her between the legs. She took her fingers and spread herself apart so that the warm water was hitting her clit. This felt very good! Sara moved her hips around so that the walls of her pussy felt the water as well. She took the finger vibrator, turning it on she began to use it to play with her nipples, with one hand and using the other to hold her pussy apart, so the water would hit her clit. This feeling was causing Sara to get excited. She closed her eyes and her thoughts drifted to Tom, what would he think if he saw her?? Smiling to herself she moved the toy between her legs, into the wet pussy. Letting out a moan, she threw her head back, and enjoyed the moment. The water on her clit, the movement inside her body, the thoughts of Tom, she allowed her she to cum. As she opened her eyes she saw Tom standing there watching with a smile on his face. She noticed that his bulge in his jeans and she knew he liked what he saw.

Without saying anything Tom began to remove his clothes, he was a well built man and Sara loved to watch him undress. He moved to the tub, stepped in facing Sara, she knew what he wanted and she didn't mind; in fact she loved sucking on his cock. Moving to her knees, she took his hard cock, caressing with her hands first watching Tom smiling down at her. She moved in taking it into her mouth just a bit moving her tongue around the head, sucking as she did this, while stroking his shaft with the other hand Sensing his pleasure, she took his cock all the way in sucking and stroking with her tongue. She took it in as far as her throat would let her. Tom pushed the back of Sara's head into himself wanting her take it all in, she began pumping his dick with her mouth, She moved her hand down and began to play with his balls tenderly at first, and then a little harder. Tracing her fingers down from his balls to find his ass, she began to play there, first just outlining his asshole, moving her fingers across it, this drove Tom wild. The small finger she would push into his ass just a little and the back out matching the motion she was doing with her lips on his cock. She stopped sucking on the dick and moved her mouth to his balls. Sucking, and kissing, them as she continued the movement on Toms ass.

She could hear him moaning and could feel the way his body was tensing up, she knew he was almost to cum.

She stopped, lying back against the tub, she pulled Tom towards her. Tom placed his hands on the tub wall, while facing Sara. She moved him in and positioned them so that Toms dick was right in front of her lips. She took his cock with her mouth and began the movement Tom loved so well, sucking and nibbling as she went all the way down taking him all in.

Reaching for the "toy" she placed it on her finger and began to move about Tom's body. Up and down one thigh across his balls to the other thigh, using the other hand she stroked his shaft as she sucked the head of his cock. Moving his legs apart with her knees, Tom sensing she wanted more room, he moved his foot up on to the tub. Now she had all the room she wanted. She moved the toy back behind, finding his ass she began to play back there. Tom pushed his cock into her all the harder, moaning and going crazy with the thought of Cumming. He could feel the vibration on his ass and in his body as she pushed it into his ass little. Sara knew this was driving him crazy, she sucked and stroked him all the harder, matching the pumping motion; Sara was moving the vibrator into the ass a little more each time. This was too much for Tom. He could feel the orgasm coming on. He moved his hand to help Sara stroke his shaft harder and faster, she tasted the cum and moved her head back. Tom shot cum all over Sara's face; she could taste the salt and feel the warm on her lips. She lay there, licking whatever he shot onto her lips, helping him stroke until he was done. She laid back, looking up at him; Tom smiled and said "OH GOD SARA, THAT WAS GOOD!"

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