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Sara at the Nudist Beach



Hi my name is Sara. I'm 22 years old and bisexual. I am permanently horny 24/7, which is a curse because I have trouble focusing on anything other than sex. I have been reading the stories here at Literotica for a couple of years now because they help to get me off, especially the 'Loving Wives' stories for some strange reason. I'm very broad minded and in to most things except scat (eeuww!).

I've been sexually active for a while now, I was definitely an early starter although obviously we can't discuss underage sex here. I've decided to start writing about my sexual exploits here as a creative way to try and deal with my obsession. I hope you will like my efforts.

Sara at the Nudist Beach

My grandparents live in beautiful sunny Tenerife and I usually visit at least twice a year for a cheap holiday in the sun.

On one of my earliest visits to the island they introduced me to their good friend Sue. Sue is in her mid thirties and widowed. Sue and her husband were naturists and swingers I discovered gradually.

Sue was really nice and drove me around the island, showing me the tourist sites etc and introducing me to some of her younger friends, which was nice as my grandparent's friends were mostly older people that had retired to the sun.

Sue rang early one morning and asked if I would like to go to the beach with her. I said yes and she picked me up around 11 just as the heat of the day was beginning to build.

As we were driving she explained that the beach we were going to was popular with naturists and it was one of her favourites that she used to visit often with her husband. She said that clothing was optional but that there was no pressure to be naked and that there was usually a mix of naturists and non naturists.

Well I've always been broad minded and certainly not embarrassed to be seen naked. Truth be told I've always been an exhibitionist and enjoy people ogling at me. So I was really looking forward to our day.

The 'beach' such as it was turned out to be a rocky promontory that extended out into the Atlantic Ocean. Amirilla (Yellow) Mountain they call it.

Sue led me too the very far end of the outcropping, a difficult walk over some rough terrain, and we passed a few people who, as Sue had promised, were in various states of undress, all very laid back and casual.

There wasn't any sand at the 'beach' but rather many areas where the rock had been worn very smooth and was ideal for getting comfortable.

We found a small secluded spot, got naked and spread ourselves out to catch some of the gorgeous sunny rays.

As the day progressed the area got busier and busier and was filling up quickly. It was a beautiful day and Sue informed me it was a bank holiday in Spain therefore there were more locals than usual.

About 2 O'clock a couple of very tanned local guys approached asking did we mind if they shared our bit of rock as there were very few decent spots left.

We made room for them and chatted casually whilst they got themselves comfortable. Kiko did most of the talking as his English was the best. They began to disrobe and I pretended to be staring out to sea. However, I couldn't help but sneak a few crafty glances at their emerging bodies.

These guys definitely worked out, a lot, they were in great shape and almost black from their time living in the hot tropical sun.

I was just wondering to myself would they be getting totally naked, when Kiko whipped off his tight speedos just a few feet from my face. I feigned disinterest and continued looking out to sea for any passing ships.

Then it was Paco's turn. He was wearing baggie surfer shorts which he slowly pulled down his thighs. As he did so the largest penis I've ever seen popped out to say hello, it reached most of the way to his knees and was very fat. I continued to stare nonchalantly out to sea but I'm sure everyone must have noticed that my eyes nearly popped out of my head. If they didn't notice that then they must surely have heard my huge intake of breath.

Sue continued the conversation with them whilst they got comfortable on their towels. They pulled out some suntan oil and began to cover their bodies. Neither of them were shy and they were very careful about making sure their cocks were well covered in the oil.

They then asked would we mind doing their backs for them. Well this was obviously a terrible chore for us, not! We gently applied the oil to their backs, I did Paco.

We then got into a conversation about suntan oils and how to get rich deep tans such as theirs. They insisted that the oil they used was their secret weapon and that we should try it. So that's how we came to have two hot guys massaging oil into our backs.

I was laid face down and Paco was gently applying the lotion to my back. He was very gentle and the massaging rhythm was making me feel pretty good. I'm sure that my back was well protected by now but he continued to stroke my skin and I was in no mood to stop him.

I glanced over at Sue who was laid on her back with Kiko massaging oil into her legs. I don't know why that was necessary but from the look on Sue's face who cares.

Paco was now massaging oil into my bare ass. His gentle caresses were making me so horny I thought I would come just from this simple pleasure. I felt a finger gently running down the crease of my ass and begin to nudge at my ass-hole.

I looked round at Paco and our eyes met. He inquired with his eyes 'do you want me to stop?'. I closed my eyes and laid my head down on the towel. He took this as a green light and his finger slipped gently into my ass.

I sighed audibly, not caring if anyone heard. Paco's finger began to wiggle in my ass. He pushed harder and I knew it was all the way in. I felt him adjusting his position beside me and when I opened my eyes his huge cock was inches from my face.

I closed my eyes again and he began working his finger in and out of my ass quickly building up a rapid tempo. I was squirming hard now bucking against his firm hands, I'd never cum from anal sex before but this was quickly getting me to the point of no return.

I had to look around to see if anyone had noticed what was going on. I glanced at Sue who was on her back with Kiko's fingers working in and out of her pussy, she was totally oblivious to anything and clearly at the point of cumming herself.

I looked down the cliffs and everyone seemed to be going about their own business. Then Paco directed my gaze up the cliffs to where a single guy was sat wanking his hard cock not 10ft away with his eyes glued to the action.

That was enough for me, the sight of guys wanking is one of my biggest turn ons. I ground my ass hard into Paco's hand and had a huge orgasm. My sphincter muscle was pulsating around his finger clenching and unclenching wildly.

As I relaxed I looked around at Sue who was sat looking at me with the biggest most satisfied grin I'd ever seen. 'Wow!' she said, 'how amazing was that?' Pretty god-damned amazing I admitted.

'So what are you going to do for us?' asked Kiko.

I looked around and there was Paco with his giant manhood stood at full attention. It had to be well over 10 inches long and fat as fuck. Obviously we had to return the favours but we were in the middle of a public beach.

I looked to Sue for guidance and she was already pushing Kiko onto his back. She swung a leg over and quickly mounted his solid shaft. I looked around to see who might be watching and still everyone appeared to be busy with their own lives.

I glanced up at our voyeuristic friend who was still wanking his own hard member and was gesticulating for me to follow Sue's example.

'Oh fuck it' I thought 'what the hell', I pushed Paco down and straddled him. 'Fuck' I thought 'I'm never going to get all that cock in my tight little pussy'.

I didn't have to worry long though, as soon as I was in position Paco grabbed my hips and speared himself into my cunt. I gasped with shock and pain but quickly stretched to accommodate him. He held my hips tight and held me firm on his huge cock. I began to squirm, rotating and grinding my hips into his pelvis, he held me firmly in place impaled on his engorged cock.

I could feel another orgasm quickly mounting, my hips began to squirm and rotate faster and faster, I wanted to buck and slide up and down but he held me firmly down on his cock, I could feel the tip of him way up inside, his massive girth was stretching my pussy lips wide.

Then the waves broke, I could feel myself gushing all over his cock, his whole body went rigid and he forced himself even further up inside of me, I thought he would puncture my lungs, and then the delicious spurt as his hot spunk splashed against my inner walls.

I collapsed on top of him, drained and shaking, I looked up to see our friend shooting a stream of spunk all over his belly. I looked around at Sue, at some point they had switched positions and Kiko was now on top, he pulled out of Sue and sent a stream of spunk shooting up her belly towards her tits.

Sue looked at me and smiled contentedly, Paco and Kiko exchanged an exaggerated high five and then we all collapsed in a fit of hysterical giggles.

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