Sara Gets Caught


I reached out to fondle Sara's beautiful breasts once again and began to play with her hard nipples. The beautiful brunette moaned as her body responded to my caresses. I pinched her nipple and then pulled on her tit until I lifted it away from her body. Sara felt the strain of her massive tit on her nipple. Dropping her tit, my hands came to rest on the tops of her open thighs. I began to rub and tease her thighs with my hands and then looking up at her said, "Open your labia." Sara turned white as her eyes opened wide. She knew she was caught and she knew that I was only trying to humiliate her even more.

"Either you do it or I will." I taunted her and then slowly she brought her hands down between her open thighs and reluctantly slid one finger between the swollen labia. As her finger moved between her lips, she gasped and then felt the movement inside. As her finger completed its journey, a small metal chain dangled out from between her pussy lips. Sara couldn't tell if I'd seen the chain and she hoped I hadn't.

"I was watching you workout in the gym the other day and was quite impressed by how beautiful and how flexible your body is." I complimented her. "Place your hands on the table in front of you." I said. Sara moved her hands down onto the tabletop between her feet and as her huge breasts swayed forward her upper arms pressed her massive tits together showing her deep cleavage. She was magnificent and mine to enjoy. Her naked body glistened with perspiration and excitement.

"You don't look very comfortable. Why don't you stretch your legs all the way out." I said. Slowly Sara shifted her weight onto her hands bringing her breasts even further forward and then slid her feet out to the sides as she lowered her knees and spread her beautiful thighs before me. Her feet were at the very edge of the table and her thighs spread about as wide as they could be before me. Susan was busy taking more pictures.

"Lean forward." I said softly and the young beauty leaned her body forward. Her huge breasts hung beautifully below her body. "Further." I instructed and Sara bent forward until her elbows touched the tabletop. As I stepped back to enjoy the view and let Susan get an unobstructed shot of my captive in this provocative position. I watched as Sara's huge breasts dangled below her chest and her taut nipples almost touched the tabletop.

"You seemed so anxious to undress me before, now's your chance." I said as I stepped up to the table and stood between her spread thighs once again. Reluctantly Sara reached out as I peeled my jacket off of my shoulders. She unbottoned my shirt and then reached down to the buckle of my pants as I slid the shirt off my shoulders. Releasing the belt and then opening the zipper, Sara let my pants fall to the floor. I stepped off of the bench and kicked off my docksiders and stepped out of my pants. Stepping up to the edge of the table, my crotch was just above the tabletop inches from her beautiful face.

"Now I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock." I said as I stepped forward to the edge of the table. The naked beauty could see the bar of steel that stood up, sheathed inside my briefs. Sara's hands reached out and rubbed the front of my shorts. She felt the hardness of my ramrod and a shudder ran through her luscious, young body. It had actually been some time since she'd been with a man. Her boyfriend had dumped her a few months ago and she hadn't been with anyone since. Now the need for sexual contact overwhelmed her and she plunged her hands down into the front of my briefs. She bent her body all the way forward and pulled my briefs down until they passed the thickness of my thighs and then fell to the floor. She cupped my heavy balls with one hand, feeling their weight and then wrapped her slender fingers around my rigid shaft.

Pressing her huge tits firmly against the table top, Sara lowered her mouth to my shaft. She licked her lips and her mouth opened as she swallowed the head of my cock. I felt her hand pump my rod as her luscious lips began to suck on my ramrod. As I looked down at her spread body, she looked magnificent. Her thighs were split wide to the side as her upper body was bent all the way forward and her head moved up and down as she pleasured my cock. Susan looked down on the action and continued to take pictures. We both watched in fascination as Sara's head bobbed up and down the length of my cock. She was a superb cocksucker.

My cock began to spasm as Sara's tongue teased and pleasured my manhood. Her long fingernails tickled and scratched at my balls as she lost herself in the passion of the moment. I could hear her slurping as she sucked on my cock. The combination of her talents made the cum in my balls begin to churn. I felt the heat building as Sara sucked and fondled my cock. Reaching down, I wrapped my fingers in her beautiful hair and guided her head along the length of my shaft. Sara followed my lead as she continued to flick her tongue over the length of my cock. I felt her fingers slide further between my legs and then she pressed her finger deep into my tight asshole. Immediately she was rewarded with a mouthful of hot cum. I held her head firmly as my load exploded into her mouth and she sucked hard to swallow it all.

Once spent, I eased my grip on her head and she continued to lick and suck on my cock as her fingers teased my balls. Then slowly she let go of my balls and lifted her body up until she was able to place her palms on the table edge and support her upper body. Her tits still hung forward and she smiled up at me.

"That was excellent," I complimented her. "We must do this again and often." I teased.


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