tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Gets Shaved

Sara Gets Shaved


Well, that had certainly turned out to be a rather weird start to the week, didn't it? We remained in Eric's bedroom for hours and continued our initial sexual foray. I switched between Erica and Eric the entire time. And no you perv, we didn't do any threesomes of me and the brother and sister act. Although personally, I would have been up for it. Hell, she ain't my sister. Mwahaha! You know what they say about that particular family situation, so I'm not gonna repeat it for you. First Christa had to go home at supper time, and then Krista had to go home in the early evening. I stayed all night, because Erica called my house and spoke to my mother and acted, as though she was Eric's mom and said that they just adored me so much. She asked if I could be allowed to stay there all night; she would make sure I got off to class in the morning. Of course my mother gave her permission.

I think I could be abducted by a molester and he could call my house and say, hey I'm keeping Sara overnight and they'd said alright. Mwahaha. I think my mom was just burned out about me and had let go emotionally, which of course is horrible parenting skills, but I loved it! It fit all my schemes exactly. By the way, speaking of molesters and I was, I personally don't think there is anything childlike about me any longer, but to a middle-aged child molester I might look like hot lunch to go. Haha! I'll tell you what – he or she, whatever the case may be, had better be one hundred percent super vigilant, because if they aren't and they let down for one second, I won't be cringing and crying. Nope, I will attack fully and attempt to cut out their genitals and stuff them in their mouths. Mwahaha! There is absolutely no earthly excuse for such human filth, as these pedophiliac exploiters of children. I personally know a number of young women, who were sexually molested while growing up and I'm here to tell you, they ended up plenty fucked up, emotionally and physically and will stay that way, unless they make a decision to talk about it; and talk about it a lot, and until they are able to work through it and let go of it. As incredible as it might sound to some of you, the young women themselves feel guilty and take responsibility for the behavior that was inflicted upon them. Such is the twisted psyche of the child, who has been abused.

Anyway, I slept all night sandwiched between Erica and Eric on Eric's bed. I felt so safe and secure for a change. In the morning, I woke up first and climbed up on Eric's early morning hard-on that young men are well known for and began to plunge up and down on it. As I was riding him, Eric opened his eyes at last from his deep sleep, smiled when he saw me up on top of him and murmured, "Is this rape, Sara?"

"Mwahaha!" I laughed heartily. "You bet your ass it is!"

Erica woke up from all the noise we were making, smiled when she observed us and wished us good morning. She then turned over on her side, propped her head on her hand and turned our love making into a spectator sport, while she worked her fingers in and out of her labia. As Eric's huge cock continued to be plundered by my descending and ascending pussy, I was experiencing a completely new set of feelings concerning getting up in the morning. As precum moisture formed at the apex of my vagina, I realized I was going to cum very soon, so I whispered to Eric to go for it.

Eric embraced me with his long arms and incredibly pulled himself up, where he was facing me close enough to begin to passionately kiss me. I heard Erica moaning, as she began to experience her orgasm by her own hand, although she was certainly using us as visual stimulation. I wonder which of us she was actually fucking in her mind?

Eric arched his back, threw his head back in ecstasy and literally howled like a werewolf in London, as he shot his hot load of cum into my beautiful young body, which triggered my own orgasm to come or, should I say, cum cascading from me. God, it put a whole different slant on getting up in the morning, believe you me.

Right then his mother knocked on the door and called out, "Eric, have you gotten up yet?"

'Haha,' I thought. 'He certainly has!' I couldn't believe it, when he was able to answer in his normal voice, "Yes, mom. I'm up." My lover was truly incredible.


Eric and I finally did get to class and we were actually on time, which was a first for me in my freshman year. Mwahaha! I was always tardy, but I always caused such hella situations in my classes, often by sitting at my desk in a manner that flashed my pussy everywhere that my professors were actually glad, when I was late and would never say anything about it. Haha!

At lunch time, I ate lunch with Eric and Krista. It was one of the few times that I could eat lunch with Eric, because usually the coaches wanted the team to eat together. Some crap about team unity – you know, the team that eats together, shits together or something like that. Mwahaha! I think the coaches were away until later in the afternoon on some recruiting assignments.

Whatever it was, Eric and I certainly took advantage of the opportunity being offered to us. We sat on the far side of a table in the middle part of the row with our backs facing a cafeteria wall, while Krista sat across from us. No one could or would pass behind us. As Eric prompted Krista to talk about how she was doing in her classes, I, very surreptitiously so as to not attract Krista's attention or anybody else's for that matter, slipped my right hand beneath the table and unbuttoned Eric's jeans and, then while he acted as if he was just straightening up and changing his seating arrangement in the chair, I pulled them and his underwear down to the floor, leaving him basically sitting half naked in his chair in the college cafeteria.

He then snaked his left hand down under the table and pulled my short skirt from my waist and then allowed it to drop to the cafeteria floor. I kicked the skirt off my feet, because it was preventing me from sitting with my legs wide open. I then lowered myself just a tiny bit lower in my chair and reached over to Eric with my right hand under the table and began to stroke his prick, which had already begun to grow substantially, since I first pulled his pants down. Eric sat with an idiot's grin pasted on his face, as he stared at Krista. I made a mental note to ask Eric, who he had been thinking of when I was stroking his giant pecker.

My lover now reached under the table to my lap with his left hand and he began to roll my clit between two of his fingers, as though he had just found a marble and was preparing to roll it on the floor. Oh my God! Whatever he was doing to it felt so fucking good that it was all I could do to not cry out in bliss. As it was, it was causing me to move around in the chair in a rather peculiar manner and Krista had begun to immediately look at me with suspicious eyes. I think she knew immediately what was going on, but didn't know how to confront it.

The better I felt from my lover rolling my clit in his hand, the quicker I stroked his penis under the table and visa versa. Both of us were egging the other one on to further heights. When Eric and I began to moan lowly, I'm sure the expressions on our faces were too much for Krista to bear and she ducked her head under the table to confirm her suspicions, just as my stud-bunny and I began to cum.

"Oh my God!" she cried out.

Even though my hips were twitching in my chair, because of the cum that was forcing itself from my body, I still had the wherewithal to caution Krista, "Shh! You wanna get us busted?"

"But this is so wrong," Krista remonstrated with us, "beating each other off in public," although I noticed her head remained hidden beneath the cafeteria table, as she watched every bit of the semen shoot out of my lover's big prick.

When she finally resurfaced, her face was sweaty and quite flushed and she was having difficulty with just sitting in her chair. Mwahaha! We quickly readjusted our clothing, before somebody did see us. Eric was fortunate compared to me. He had jockey shorts he could put on plus long pants. All I had was the short skirt. Right, right, it's my fault I didn't wear any panties. Like I knew in advance in the morning that Eric and I were gonna masturbate each other in the cafeteria during lunch. I pulled up my short skirt and stood up. I swear I heard myself squishing down there and a few drops of cum dripped out. I surely wanted to reach the girls' washroom and get myself cleaned up before my next class.

Just before we left the cafeteria, Krista asked me what I was doing after classes. I answered, "Nothing, why?"

"Oh, I've just got some things I want to talk about," Krista explained, attempting to sound nonchalant.

'Oh, hell!' I thought. 'She really is upset about this masturbation thing.'

As if reading my mind, my beautiful friend laughed and explained, "It's nothing bad, it's just some things I need to talk about with you."

"Ok, sure, I guess so," I agreed.

"Cool!" Krista responded. "I'll meet you out front, as soon as our final class lets out."

Sure enough, my friend was a woman of her word and she was patiently waiting for me outside, when I was finally finished for the day.

"Hey," I greeted my beautiful friend, while walking up to her.

"Hey, yourself," Krista laughed. She had such a wonderful laugh, all full of ringing musical bells and singing canaries.

"Where we going?" I wondered.

"My mom's here to give me a ride home. Do you mind going home with me?" Krista inquired.

"Hell no!" I exclaimed. "Let's ride, Clyde," and I took my friend by the arm and escorted her to her mother's car.

Her mother was real nice and treated us more like fellow human beings instead of small children, unlike my wacky mother, who thought I was a very sexy five year old.

When we reached her home, we went upstairs but not to her room. Instead Krista asked me if I minded joining her in the bathroom. I said, "Sure," but I guess my confusion was reflected on my face.

"You'll understand in a moment," the beautiful young woman assured me.

After we both were in the bathroom and Krista had locked the door with the inside lock, she directed, "Sara, would you be so kind as to remove your skirt?"

'Mwahaha!' I thought. 'Here we go,' and I quickly dropped my skirt on the bathroom rug. I leaned forward to kiss Krista, only to have her point her finger at my pussy and ask seriously, "What's that?"

"Your finger?"

"Very funny – NOT!" Krista retorted. "I'm being serious here, now what's that?"

I suddenly felt an overwhelming need to please my new best friend, so I wracked my brain to understand what she was attempting to show me. "My pussy," I answered.

"No, no!" the young brunette beauty impatiently exclaimed. Krista began to poke me just above my vagina with her finger for emphasis in her frustration. "Now what's that?" she demanded.

"My pussy hair?" I attempted once more to appease her.

Krista's entire body appeared to momentarily relax and she breathed a sigh of relief. "Close enough," she smiled. I swear I could hear birds sweetly singing whenever Krista smiled at me.

"I actually meant your overgrown pubic hair," the young woman explained, while straightening up.

"What about it?" I asked suspiciously.

"You certainly know it doesn't look good," Krista answered.

"I know no such thing," I answered, feeling extremely put out about all this. 'What the fuck is her problem?' I thought. "Lots of guys say they like it all wild like that," I further justified.

"You certainly realize it doesn't look sexy," my good friend persisted.

Oooh! Not sexy! That was hitting me where it hurts. "Ok, truth time," I told Krista, causing her to breath another sigh of relief. I realized at that time she had found this extremely difficult and had been worried about how I would take it. That made me feel good to know that she cared enough about me to confront me about an obviously sensitive subject.

"I tried to shave one time and I cut myself and I vowed that I would never do that again." My words all came out in a rush, due to my embarrassment and anxiety concerning this subject.

I could see the obvious sympathy in Krista's beautiful brown eyes. "Didn't your mother show you the right way to go about it?" she asked.

"My mother! Mwahaha! I don't think she has any pubic hair and she had her vagina sewed up immediately following my birth!"

My beautiful friend giggled and then replied, "I'll show you all you need to know."

I spontaneously offered a hug to Krista and when I straightened back up, I enthused, "I want mine shaved bald like yours."

She arched her eyebrow the way I love. "Are you sure?"

"Yep, yep, I'm positive. Yours' looks so hot!" I answered.

Krista just smiled, but I could tell I had really pleased her. "Okay, just sit down there for a minute."

While I lowered the toilet cover, and sat down, my good friend bustled around the small bathroom gathering up the shaving gel, her woman's safety razor and a pair of small scissors. My pubic hair resembled nothing less than a yard, which had grown unattended for years. Krista realized she surely needed to first prune back most of the growth with the scissors before beginning to shave me. She worked very slowly being extra careful not to pull, pinch, or God forbid, cut me. The pretty young woman understood if she hurt me in any manner that that would be the end of the whole undertaking.

After Krista had cut my overgrown patch of pubic hair with the scissors as short as she could, she applied the gel from the shaving cream can. It was somewhat cold and caused me to squirm around a little. My friend glanced up at me and smiled. "We're almost finished," she explained.

Krista was again as good as her word and, in a very few minutes, the area surrounding my cunt was as bald as a baby's butt. Rubbing it with my hand, I exclaimed, "That's the bomb, dog! It's looks great! Thank you so much," I gushed, as I once again spontaneously offered a hug to Krista.

This time the beautiful young woman returned my embrace, while reaching down with her hand and running her finger along my pussy lips. Since I was still sitting down, I reached up under Krista's skirt and pulled her panties down to her feet. I unfastened her skirt and placed it on the side of the bathtub – remember, neatness always counts – and then buried my face in her lusciously naked cunt hole.

"Oh God, Sara!" the young woman exclaimed, while running her hands wildly through my hair.

Her labia quickly opened completely under the ministrations of my tongue and Krista was beginning to thrust her hips in rhythm with my tonguing, helping me to go even deeper. I was hotter than a firecracker myself with some sexual fluid leaking from my completely distended vagina on to the toilet seat.

I reached around the beautiful young woman with my right hand and pulled her even closer to me. Then I placed my middle finger into her virginally tight rectum and pushed it all the way inside of her and thrusted in and out. "Oh Sara," Krista moaned, "Do me, do me!" Suddenly she arched her back and twitched and quivered as the cum was forced from deep inside of her. "Oh, oh!" Krista cried out. I drank down every drop and did not remove my mouth from her glorious vagina, until she was completely spent.

I then pulled my girlfriend down on my lap and hugged her close to me. That's right, I now considered her my girlfriend. I didn't tell her, I didn't have to – she already knew. We sat like that for a number of minutes, hugging and randomly kissing, until suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Krista, are you all ok? I thought I heard someone moaning," her mother called out.

"No, mom. We're fine, but thanks for asking," answered Krista.

"Ok, dear. Well, let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

We listened quietly until we heard her mother walk away back downstairs. I looked at my new love and exclaimed, "Mwahaha!"

The End

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