tagFetishSara Gets Spanked

Sara Gets Spanked


Sara loved getting new lingerie. And she really loved how much it pleased him to see her in it. She smiled and pulled the garment from the bag, shaking the fabric loose, watching it softly fall into place. The bright red, satin ribbons starkly accent the sheer black lace of the baby doll top. The matching red satin thong falls free, landing on the bed.

She looks at her body in the mirror. Pushing her breasts up a little, she wishes they were just a bit perkier. But, at 42, she figures they're not too bad, besides, he seems to like them and that's all that matters.

She slips her left foot in through the soft fabric of the thong, the right foot follows, and she pulls the garment up over her hips. The feel of the satin between the cheeks of her ass is mildly erotic, providing slight sensations of pleasure to heighten her already sensual mood. She ran her hands down her tummy and over her mound, feeling the heat beginning to rise. She quickly removes her hands, not wanting to moisten the fabric before he even gets to see it. She slipped the negligee over her head, letting it fall gently down her body, the thin straps landing softly on her shoulder. The lace against her nipples causes them to harden immediately, a fact that cannot be hidden behind the sheerness of the fabric. She checks herself in the mirror and smiles, hoping he'll like what he sees.

She peeks into the bedroom where he is on the computer, unaware of her presence. She enters the room, stopping about two feet behind him. She waits for him to sense her nearness. Without turning, he says, "I'm almost done, stay right there." She waits patiently, watching as he finishes. She gently bites her lower lip, nervously awaiting his reaction to her appearance. When he turns, it is easy to see his pleasure. A quick grin crosses his face, but is quickly replaced by a neutral stare. He motions for her to turn around. She slowly turns, allowing him to admire her from all angles. He holds his hand out to her, and when she takes it, he silently guides her to lie across his lap.

Her mind starts racing. She squirmed on his lap, knowing what would come next. She remembered the first time he had spanked her and the reaction that it had caused. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on her left ass check. She jumped and gasped. He brought his hand down hard upon her left cheek again, and then quickly followed with a swat to the right. She cooed in delight at the sting, enjoying the feel of his hand tenderly caressing her cheeks. She felt his finger slip between her legs, pushing the thin fabric aside as it slid over her lips. She moaned softly and spread her legs a little to increase her accessibility to his hand. Suddenly, he moved his hand from between her legs and brought it down hard upon her left, then right ass cheeks. Sara squealed out with pleasure at the warm, sharp pain against her skin. He gently rubbed her cheeks, and slipped his hand quickly between her legs, feeling the warm moisture. He pushed the triangle of fabric out of the way letting his fingers slide between her lips, finding her hardened clit. He flicks it quickly and then without warning, he planted two firm swats onto her ass with a resounding slap that echoed throughout the room. She can feel the heat rising from her skin. His finger found the opening to her pussy and he slid two fingers quickly inside, soaking them with her juices He moved his fingers in and out as his other hand slides up her back and locks into her hair, pulling it back hard and causing her to gasp. At the same time, he pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and brought his hand down fast and hard on both cheeks, two swats on each side. The sting is getting stronger, as she begins to whimper slightly at the pleasurable pain. He quickly reached between her legs and slid three fingers deep inside her pussy. He pumped her hard and fast, as her juices begin to run down her leg. She moaned loudly, afraid she might cum if this continued. "You like that, little one?" he asked.

"Yes, please don't stop." Sara replies.

"Do you want to cum now?" he asks.

"Oh yes," She begs. "Please?"

"Not just yet." he replied and abruptly stopped moving his fingers. He left his fingers buried in her pussy, feeling it throb around them. He knew she was close and liked watching her squirm under his control. He then very slowly slid his fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her mouth. "Taste yourself my love." he said as he brushed his fingers across her lips. He felt her lips part as she sucked his fingers into her warm mouth and felt her tongue swirl around them as she cleaned her own juices from his fingers.

As he removed his fingers from her mouth, he leaned down, close to her ear and asked "What do you want?"

"I want to cum." she said, barely above a whisper.

"What? I didn't hear you. What do you want Sara?"

She turned her head slightly and repeated "I want to cum. I want to cum for you." he slid his hand down her back and swatted her ass one more time before letting his fingers find her still wet pussy again. He quickly slid three fingers deep inside of her, pushing hard. She let out a moan and cried out to him. He again grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up and hissed "Cum for me now!" Her body quivered as she released her tension, cum covering his hand. He could feel her muscled squeezing his hand as her pussy contracted over and over. He slowed his fingers, each movement causing another wave of pleasure.

As her orgasm subsided, he pulled his fingers out slowly and gently released her hair. He slid her off of his lap, and pulled her face against his hard, throbbing cock. Quickly releasing it from his pants, he placed it into her warm awaiting mouth. She closed her lips around him, sucking him deep into her throat. With the excitement of the spanking he just administered combined with her sounds of pleasure, and the feel of her warm mouth, it's long before she feels her mouth filled with his hot cum. She swallows as quickly as she can, not wanting to lose any of his precious seed. She looks up into his eyes, and sees the love and pleasure on his face. She cleans off his cock and then lovingly lays her head on his lap, hugging his legs. His hands gently caresses her hair as she closes her eyes, smiling.

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