tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Goes High-Tech

Sara Goes High-Tech


I am always amazed by just how adventurous Sara can be when it comes to sex. One day at lunch, Sara and I were talking about what turns us on. I, of course, talked about the way Sara kisses me, seeing her naked and well, just being around her when she is really horny.

When it was her turn, Sara blushed a little bit, and said, "No, I can't tell you. You'll think it's weird."

"Seriously, Sara?" I chuckled, "I think we are already way beyond that point now." I reached across the table to hold her hand. "Tell me what really gets you off."

She took a deep breath and looked me square in the eye. "One thing that I love to do is to get onto a chatroulette type of site and have cybersex with anonymous guys."

My mouth fell open. "Seriously? Wow, I've tried to get on to some of those sites, but I never find any women... I always see guys jerking off."

"Yeah," said Sara. "You'd be surprised how eager guys are to have cybersex on those sites, and there's never a shortage of willing participants when they see me topless with my hand down the front of my panties."

I was floored. "I didn't think women liked that kind of thing."

"Well, I discovered it one night while looking for some online porn. It was kind of my own personal truth or dare, and I thought, 'what the heck? I will make some guy's night.' Well, after I watched one guy cum looking at me, I hit the 'next' button and did it a few times more."

"How many more times?" I asked, my curiosity - among other things - aroused.

"I think I got off four or five guys that one night... I must have cum as many times myself. Of course, I buzzed past the creepy looking guys, but there were a few well-built - and very well hung - guys who liked what they saw."

"Have you been back online since?"

"Occasionally. When I really get horny - and I'm feeling in a generous mood - I'll sign on and give a few deserving guys a treat."

The wheels in my brain started spinning. "Sara, the next time we go to a hotel, let's get you signed on and give some guys a show. I am so turned on by this."

Sara smiled. "OK, Ken. But, this doesn't get you off the hook - I still need you to make me cum, too."

"Oh, don't worry... that's not going to be a problem for me!"

So, two weeks later, we coordinated our schedules, and I found a nice hotel with free wi-fi. And high quality sheets - that's a big deal for Sara!

When the day came, I checked in and got the key card. I set up the room for us, and even brought the hotel bathrobe to the computer desk for her, if she wanted to cover up. A few minutes later, Sara knocked on the door, and I let her in.

With both of our hands shaking, Sara brought out her tablet computer and set it on the desk. She went to the bathroom to change. While she was doing that, I stripped down to my boxer-briefs and set the room's lounge-type chair out of view of the computer camera, but where I could see the action.

Sara came out in a beautiful, satin teddy and black panties. "They're crotchless," she said with a wink, then set up at the computer chair. It took her a few minutes to sign into the hotel's wi-fi, but once she was on, she went to her favorite sex video chat site.

The screen sprung to life, and Sara sat, looking at the screen. The first guy she saw was some big, pale overweight dude sitting on his couch. "Ugh," she said, as she hit the 'next' button. The next contestant was obviously a teenage boy, wearing some kind of headphones. His eyes opened wide as he saw Sara, but she hit the 'next' button quickly. "Too young... he's not ready for this!"

The next guy, however, was built. He was sitting in front of his computer, shirtless, wearing only his briefs. His chiseled abs and rock-hard pecs were a dead giveaway that the guy worked out. A lot. His blonde hair was messed up, looking as if he had just gotten back from a workout. And, the bulge in his shorts was a dead giveaway that he was there looking for something stimulating. Sara sat back and cooed, "This one is a keeper." She traced her fingers over her large breasts, paying extra attention to her hard nipples. Eventually, she lifted the teddy over her head, allowing her beautiful tits to spill out in full view of her anonymous lover.

Just as this guy pulled his cock out of his pants, Sara cupped her tits in her hands. She pushed them together, accentuating her gorgeous cleavage. This guy was big, and he started stroking his cock for Sara to see. She moaned gently as she traced her left middle finger around her lips. His movements became faster as she licked that very lucky finger, getting it thoroughly wet. From there, she traced it down her neck, between tits and down her stomach. That's when she lifted her legs, placing her feet on the edge of the desk and traced those last few glorious inches down to her pussy. As she teased her clit with her wet finger, the guy on the other end of the computer let out a loud grunt as he shot jet after jet of hot semen across his stomach.

"Mmmm," said Sara, loud enough for him to hear over the computer microphone. "Too bad you couldn't hold it until the real show began." With that, she waved goodbye and clicked the 'next' button. While this was going on, I couldn't help but rub my own cock through my underwear, a damp spot appearing at the head of my cock where my precum was leaking. I was a coiled spring, ready to take her to the bed. Sara looked at me and said, "Don't you even think about making yourself cum. I'm going to be the one who takes care of that for you. Just keep thinking about me and keep watching..."

The next guy who appeared was a skinny black guy. He was obviously in the living room of his home. He was sitting totally naked in front of his computer, his large cock already standing at attention and in his hand. Sara, still sitting with her legs up, returned her attention to her glistening wet pussy. As she traced her left middle finger over her swollen pink pussy, the guy on the screen stroked his cock faster. Sara played with her hard nipples with her right hand and purred to her new anonymous lover, "You are going to make me cum tonight with that big, black cock of yours."

With that, she rubbed more vigorous circles over her clit, throwing her head back as she lost herself in the bliss of the moment. The guy on the screen stood up, moving the head of his lubed cock closer to the computer screen so Sara could get a better view. She looked back at the screen and moaned, "Please, give me your hot cum. Deep in my wet pussy. NOW!" He made some guttural sounds as his cock began to twitch, shooting streams of hot cum toward his camera. "Oh, god, yes. That hot cum feels so good on me!" screamed Sara as she arched her back in the chair, cumming from the visual and physical stimulation she was experiencing. With that, she collapsed back in her chair, whispered "Thank you" to her new anonymous lover and hit the 'next' button.

I was on edge as this continued for another half an hour. Sara alternated between sexy vixen, playful kitten and - when the moment called for it, cruel mistress - as the parade of nameless men continued in front of her. She must have cum four or five times during this, making another three guys VERY happy in the process. By this time, my balls were aching, seeking release after watching this incredibly sexy show playing out in front of me.

As if she could read my mind, Sara turned to me and, with a big smile on her face, asked, "So, do you want to make someone very jealous?"

I had an idea of what she was thinking, but it wasn't until she got on her knees in front of the computer desk that my suspicions were confirmed. "Come here, Ken, I want to suck you off in front of someone..."

I dropped by underwear and walked over to Sara, my erection a deep crimson as it pulsed with my racing heartbeat. "Oh, I have been very bad," she said, seeing my aroused condition. "I've been so busy taking care of me, I forgot all about you." She hit the 'next' button on the window, and saw a guy sitting in his underwear on a beige couch in his living room. His eyes grew big as he watched Sara take my raging erection into her mouth all the way to the base.

I threw my head back as she greedily sucked me, her hands gently cupping my blue balls. I put my hands on the back of Sara's head, playing with her blonde hair as she sucked me with increasing speed and intensity. As I began thrusting into her mouth, I shot a glance toward the computer screen. The guy was totally naked at this point, stroking his hard cock and looking on with enthusiasm. "I think our partner is really liking the show." I said. Sara could only moan her agreement as she bobbed her hot, wet mouth on my aching cock.

I'm not sure who came first, but I could hear the voyeur moan just as I let loose in Sara's mouth. My orgasm came wave after wave, filling Sara's mouth with my hot cum. I looked down at Sara, my cock still in her mouth and two small rivulets of cum streaming down from the corners of her mouth onto her large tits and hard nipples.

Sara backed off me and hit the off button on the computer. "I think we've given enough of a show for today," said Sara. "Now, we need to get you recovered - quickly. My wet pussy needs to be fucked soon."

Now, that was a great afternoon...

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