tagFirst TimeSara Met Dad's Friend

Sara Met Dad's Friend


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A relentless continuing thin drizzle started in the wee hours of the morning. The freak weather conditions over last couple of days completely curtailed all sport-training schedules for Sara. Being one of the most prominent gymnasts and an athlete in the college, she always made sure to participate in the training schedule. Since she has been grounded due to the disturbing weather, Sara decided to pay more attention to her studies since graduation was right around the corner.

Sara had just turned eighteen a couple of weeks prior, and her still childish body gave her a jail bait appearance. Curves were starting to develop in all the right places giving early hints of feminine beauty to her slim athletic body. At 5'6" tall, Sara had 32B breasts, shapely legs, and a small tight curvaceous ass. Her changes were not going unnoticed and she liked the new attention. She is turning from a pretty child to a breathtakingly stunning woman. Sara noticed older guys and college guys were paying attention to her bubbly personality. But she never dated any of the boys since she didn't see the point in dating with inexperienced naïve boys instead of men that knew what they were doing. She had a natural liking for mature males probably due to confidence she had in her dad, who is the most affectionate and closest male influence in her young life.

For a reason unknown to her, rain always gave her a funny, lonely feeling. She had a sincere intention to concentrate on class notes but the strange feeling was greatly distracting. Yes, indeed it was an obstacle. Especially when she was home alone!

With her awakening body, Sara was getting increasingly restless day by day until all she thought about was sex. Now she needed a cock. Her father loved porn, but he was always very careful to keep Sara away from it. Lately she was able to manage sneaks at it when she was home alone. She was dying to try out all the things seen on porn movies and now that she was legal she knew the time had come. The problem was where to find the right cock. She could date a boy in school. But it's a common understanding among girls that losing your virginity to an inexperienced college boy was a waste.

When she read smut stories, Sara realized that there are all sorts of other stories emerging between lines. Some of them are very horny personal experiences, and encounters. Sara always felt a forming of a wet spot in her little cotton panties. Tonight was no different

"It's going to be another long session of masturbating," Sara thought.

She was just sitting down to read a carefully chosen story when doorbell rang. She wondered who the intruder could be that was going to upset her fantasy session. She sighed heavily and went to answer the door.

"Oh, Good Morning Sara, how are you?" The tall handsome man greeted her.

"Goooood morning Mr. Mark!" Sara cheerfully greeted her Dad's business partner; Mark Thomas.

"Is your Dad in?" Mark asked Sara, though he knew the answer.

"Nope! Both Mom and Dad went to Grandma's since she has to be hospitalized" answered Sara.

She recalled her Dad's phone conversation last night where she overheard Dad informing Mark that he'd not be available for the meeting with the consultants on the new building project. This puzzled her. At the same time she felt the familiar little tingle in her stomach. She wondered if the weather god had sent him to her, knowing her yearning for a cock. As the drizzle continued, she quickly decided to take any opportunity that presented itself.

"What???? So how long will it take them to return?" he asked in a surprised tone, while gazing at Sara firmly standing there, tiny breasts that were outlined from her white T-shirt. Mark couldn't keep his eyes off her tiny nipples, trying to jet out from the thin fabric. The white mini skirt that she was wearing didn't conceal but a quarter of her thighs.

About a week ago, as arranged by her father, Mark gave a lift to Sara from gymnastics, home. On the way Sara noticed that Mark was looking at her body that was tightly covered with the leotard that she wears for practices. With the thin material of the leotard that hugged her body, Sara unintentionally gave a nearly naked appearance. She was experienced enough to notice the lust in Mark's eyes, but pretended as she has not noticed anything. But, today she is having different thoughts!

Since the drizzle turned to a pouring rain, Sara invited him to the house.

"They won't be back till late in the evening. Why don't you come in for a tea or coffee?" Sara gave the first hint of her availability to him.

This was sweet music in Mark's ear. Things are happening the exact way that he fantasized. After seeing Sara in her leotard the other day, she was the main character in all of his sex fantasies. This visit was well planned by Mark and going better than he could have dreamt.

"That sounds great! Coffee would be better!" replied Mark as he entered in to the sitting area, passing Sara who closed the main door behind them.

The brightly lit house was very sparsely furnished. A couch, a comfortable easy chair, home entertainment system, stainless steel glass racks filled with various home décor and pictures, some old paintings on the walls rounded out the decor. Within minutes Sara returned with two steaming cups of coffee and sat on the sofa, opposite Mark.

Mark soaked Sara in. She looked gorgeous in the short skirt and white T-shirt that hugged her budding breasts elegantly. Mark was overwhelmed to be alone with this stunning teenager, who is teasing him a little. He couldn't believe his luck.

Sara's tiny nipples traced an outline against the soft fabric of her T-shirt. The short skirt hugged her shapely ass like a second skin barely covering her sweet white cotton panties. Sara uncrossed her legs and Mark stared contemplatively as the hem of the ultra short dress raised enough to reveal a hint of tiny white cotton panties. Mark and Sara were alone in the house and as they talked Sara crossed and uncrossed her legs so that the skirt would briefly rise to display her deliciously sweet heavily moist panties. Mark couldn't keep his eyes off her shapely legs, tiny tits and that tight ass. Sara soon had Mark mesmerized! It's quite evident that Sara is teasing him. This has confirmed by the lust in her youthful eyes.

Mark stood and walked towards her and sat next to her on the sofa. Sara could hardly speak.

"I've seen you in your gymnastic outfit, your tiny tits that were trying to jet out from the tight confines. Now I've just seen that pert ass in the tight skirt. I'd love to see it in the flesh." Sara's lips dried as she listened to him. She knew that she had to tell him something positive to keep things happening. She was searching for words.

"You . . . you can touch me if you wanna." Sara said in a husky voice and wondered how she managed to say that.

"Sure, I'd love too," Mark whispered and leaned forward, kissed her ear and slid his hand between her legs, and began caressing close to her dripping pussy.

"You do want me don't you?" Sara whispered.

"I want whether you like it or not! " Mark cooed.

"I'll let you have me under one condition. I need to know about the horse story," She said playfully. Sara's request has taken Mark by surprises. During his school days he was popular among the girls as 'Horse' because of his thick and long piece of meat that hung like a horse cock.

"Horse story????....How do you know???" Mark exclaimed.

"Auntie Molly. Don't you remember my father's youngest sister?" That explained everything to Mark. Molly was one of the girlfriends that he has dated immensely during his schooldays. In fact she was one of the sexiest women that he laid.

"Yes I do. But how do you suggest I prove it since all ways I have to prove it requires the use my cock?" Mark explained.

"I "Uhm, I... errr... well... I don't know, I don't want you to fuck me, I thought you just want to play with my tits, because I..... Umm, I am a...., I am a Virgin!" Sara stammered in reply.

She wanted more and already decided to maximize on this opportunity. Just the thought makes her pussy soak her panties.

"That's OK. I just want to play with your titties. Can we continue this in your bedroom?" Mark suggested.

Without uttering a sound, Sara turned and started toward her bedroom. As they entered the bedroom, "Will you take your shirt off for me?" Mark requested.

Sara pulled off her T-shirt and he stared at her tiny, firm tits. For several seconds he just stood there in awe, his eyes taking in every inch of her beautiful firm tits, still not touching her.

"Why don't you get naked?" he suggested.

"I thought you only wanted to play with my titties!" Sara exclaimed. But, inside her mind, she was dying to relieve her body from all remaining cloths.

"Yes, yes, I'll only wanna play with your tits, but I'd love to see all of you." Said Mark in a re-assuring voice. Being an experienced deflowerer from his schooldays, he knows exactly where it will end, and how fluid a vulnerable a teen girl's mind is.

Without any further questions, Sara stripped for him. This was the first time in her young life she was fully naked in front of a male stranger. That thought runs a shiver through her young body. Mark, the seasoned campaigner in this game, was enthralled and captivated with the stunning beauty of Sara's tiny structure.

"Are you hard for me Mark??? I am so wet for you," Sara's voice oozed sensuality upon Mark.

He nodded still speechless with disbelief and controlled, experienced lust. Mark removed his shirt, threw it to the side, pulled Sara towards him and placed a wet kiss on her lips. This unexpected sudden move sent shock waves through Sara's little body. Her tiny nipples got rock hard instantly as they pressed against Mark's hairy chest. Mark kissed her passionately, tenderly and with restrained gentleness and urgency.

Mark adjusted to make room between their bodies and moved his hand to touch her breasts as she let him feel her nipples. She moaned as he squeezed her nipple and moved his other hand across her ass.

Mark's cock was already swollen to bursting point and Sara felt his manhood on her midriff. She broke the kiss for a moment and smiled innocently and casually reached for his manhood straining in his jeans. No further explanation required to the horse story. Although, this is her first experience of a live male shaft, with the little knowledge she gained through porn movies, she can grade him above average.

"Do you want to see it?" asked Mark and helped her unfasten and unzip his jeans and they casually fell of his ankles. She caressed his cock as it thickened and pulsed inside his briefs. Then she pushed him away and pulled his shorts down, resulting in his huge thick throbbing cock bobbing eagerly as his shorts fell to the floor.

Sara's eyes were glued to his now exposed hard on and her right hand automatically reached out and touched it. He scooted a little closer giving her better access, she took full advantage and reached lower and wrapped her dainty little hand around the shaft. She felt it fully erect and throbbing with each beat of his heart.

"It's so hard, big and hot." said Sara.

To Mark's surprise she was lightly stroking his dick and looked up at his face. There he detected the look of lust in her eyes and he smiled. As she continued stroking his shaft Mark directed her to the large bed and she sat on the corner without removing her hands. Mark lightly pinched her nipples, casually placed a hand on her inner thigh and stroked lightly. A moan escaped from deep within her throat and she increased the pace of stroking Mark's cock.

Mark moved just in front of her, resulting in his cock head being lined up to her mouth. Her eyes widened as she got a close up view. Mark tilted his hips forward and the head was a mere inch from her closed lips. She immediately knew what was expected of her now.

"Open your mouth Sara, I want you to suck my cock," he whispered.

"You'll have to show me how, I've never done this before," came her reply. "Will you teach me what to do and how?" Sara said in a very sexy voice.

"Take it in your mouth, and suck," He pleaded

She opened her mouth wide and closed her lips around the head and licked with reckless abandon, while slowly stroking his cock with her hand.

"Don't worry, I think you'll be a natural," He uttered, surprised by the skillful manner that she started the blow job.

"Just remember, no teeth."

Sara's moist tongue slithered out, flicked and tasted the purple head of his pulsing male member. Sara knew that he expected her to suck his dick like the girls in the movies do. He appeared to be about 7-8 inches long and several inches around and she knew she could never get it all in her mouth. Bowing to the gentle pressure on the back of her head she opened wide and he took advantage of the opening and pushed forward with his muscular ass and Sara's virgin mouth felt full of cock for the first time in her life.

When Sara started to fondle his balls, Mark felt the familiar tingle developing in his sack. Her tongue began a slow dance around the head of his cock, tickling the head, sliding around to the back, and on to another section while her lips slowly pumped the shaft of his cock deeper into her mouth. It was as if he is getting two different blowjobs at the same time. She was doing her best to apply all her knowledge gained from the movies and that surprised him.

"She is a natural cock sucker," Mark thought.

Mark started breathing slower, holding back his pending eruption. Then just as he felt the swell of orgasm building from his toes, she slowly released her mouth off his cock.

Mark laid Sara back on her bed, pushed her thighs wider and crawled very slowly up Sara's stomach, leaving kisses and saliva traces the whole way. As his lips met her tiny breasts, he started to apply a sucking twirling motion to her nipples. His right hand cupped her left breasts and his mouth came down on her right. This was better than anything Sara could have done herself. She could feel the moisture trickling down from her naked slit into the crack of her ass and she knew that she was going to cum soon.

"Ohh...Myyyy God, Doooont Stooooop....!!!!, Pleaaaaase, I never felt anything like this Mark. It feels sooooooooooooooooooo good." Without warning, under the skilful hands and mouth of Mark, her body arched and had a huge orgasm, her first orgasm at someone else's hands.

Mark gave her time for her orgasm to subside and moved further up on her body and kissed her lips with passion. This position caused his cock to be squeezed by her open thighs. He could feel her wetness. The Head of his cock pressed and slightly parted her pussy lips. He moved up and down rubbing the tip of his cock on her now swollen clit.

"Ah...Ah AAAAhh....it's soooooooooooo good Mark, Please don't stop" cooed Sara as she approached her second orgasm within a few minutes.

When Sara got her consciousness back, He moved down the bed and parted her legs. She used her gymnastic flexibility and spread her legs so wide, that her legs were parallel to the mattress. This made her tight pussy open wide.

"This is the first time that I've seen a girl who can spread like this. It's like offering your pussy on a platter. You're a delight. Now that you've cum once you'll be able to last longer for what's next." Mark complimented.

"Mark, I want you to fuck me now. Pleeeease...! Please... Mark put your cock deep inside my pussy and fuck me as hard as you can. I can't wait any longer, I am wet for you Pleeeeeeeeeese...Mark" pleaded Sara.

Mark touched her clit lightly and Sara shivered, she was just as horny as before she came twice. With his hands on her thighs he reached for her parted pussy lips with his thumbs and stretched them further.

"Oh, you're so beautiful! Your pussy really resembles a red carnation!!" he exclaimed. "Tell me again, are you still a virgin."

"Yes. I am a virgin!" Sara whispered in a very sexy voice.

Sara looked at his hard cock. It was glistening, and monstrous. She knew from the feeling of her fingers in her cunt how tight she is. Sara wondered how she was going to take this monster in. Since she badly needed it, she decided to use her gymnastic skills to take him in completely.

"A delicious tight virgin," he mused and stroked his hard cock.

Mark crawled up between her spread legs and looked down between the thighs and gazed at her swollen tiny wet pussy. He scooted closer and rubbed the tip of his cock between her pussy lips and rubbed the entrance of her vagina.

Sara cooed softly and closed her eyes. Mark took his hard monster in his right hand and pushed the head between her pussy lips to her dripping love hole. Sara involuntarily jerked her hips as his cock pressed and slipped on her clit.

Mark pushed his cock further into Sara's cunt and thrust, slightly penetrating her pussy. She held her breath as her pussy lips surrounded the head of Mark's cock. He pushed a little deeper and was immediately surrounded in hot, moistures. She was dripping wet and accepted his cock with considerable ease.

Mark moved up and down in her pussy within the depth that he gained. He wanted Sara to get accustomed to his cock before starting the big event. She was in seventh heaven and never knew that fucking would be this good.

By gaining more and more depth with each thrust, Mark encountered the barrier to her inner depths. He looked at Sara and she again smiled innocently.

"Sara, you ready? I am going to open up a whole new world to you by breaking your hymen with my cock now"

"Mm hmm, YES I am ready Mark. Be gentle OK, You know I am too small for you" she whispered.

"Relax. It will hurt a little, but you will be OK within couple of minutes, let me know if you want me to slow down."

"Go ahead Mark, make me a woman. I will bear any pain to become a fucking slut" her words inspired marks desires even more.

Mark pulled out until just the head was in and told her, "Hang on Sara I am going to bang now." Mark stimulated her little slippery clit and rolled it around between his fingers.

She moaned as her body trembled with pleasure. Mark took the opportunity and rammed his cock deep inside her pussy, till his base pressed to her mound tearing her cherry.

"Ouch!!! Ah...AAAAAAHHH....!!!" She cried out in pain, as her cherry ripped apart. Sara cried in Mark's arms and she wanted him out of her, but he just kept kissing her and did not move his cock.

Within a minute, surprisingly, pain refrained and Sara became hornier than ever.

"Mark?" Sara panted.

"Yes, little girl?"

"It's not hurting, now."

"That's what I told you little girl, can I fuck your brains out now" He kissed her lips.

"Yes Mark, I feel your horse cock inside me. Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard!!!"

Mark kept a slow rhythm going in deep and shallow withdrawal so as not to cause Sara any more discomfort. Fucking Sara made very easy since her baby channel was lubricating immensely.

Mark started again to withdraw and sink his glistening lubricated cock back and forth in her, at the same time making certain to grind up against her now soaked and swollen clit.

Mark increased the speed realizing he was not hurting her and she met his downward stroke with an upward stroke of her own. Their pubic bones pressed each other in midair. Mark felt his final climax rapidly approaching.

"Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Mark," she panted breathlessly. "I'm going to cum."

"Ohh...Myyyy God, I have never felt anything like this Mark. It feels sooooooooo good."

"Let yourself go, little girl. Cum for me Sara you're so tight and wet that I can't hold out much longer."

He pulled Sara up by her ass and started fucking furiously. All the while his balls slammed hard into her ass and he fucked her cunt fast and hard. Sara could feel his cock covered with her pussy juice, sliding in and out as he did. Sara was on fire. Mark is fucking her better than she could ever have imagined in her wildest fantasies.

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