tagLoving WivesSara Shares Her Charms

Sara Shares Her Charms


My wife Sara has always had a bit of a wild streak but kept it pretty well hidden. I have always suspected some adventures in her youth were kept from me but I choose not to ask specifics and rely on my healthy imagination. There was no doubt she was a beautiful woman - she was a lean 5'7" with amazingly long legs and a well - rounded yet tight ass.

Her most obvious charms were undoubtedly her long chestnut hair and wonderful full breasts. She fluctuated between a 34D and 36C - but preferred to be braless whenever she had the opportunity. She had a sweet and disarming demeanor that cast her as a sweet young lady but something about her always exuded a touch of naughtiness that really caught men's attention. I enjoyed being out with her and watching the reactions she caused on other men. In the summer she preferred to wear sundresses with only tiny g-string panties beneath. It gave her a look of angelic innocence with just a touch of sluttiness.

Things changed forever in our relationship during a week in July when my friend Dave came to visit us from Colorado. Dave has been a friend of mine for years and has become very close to Sara in the 3 years we have been married. I recall our wedding day as she walked down the aisle - looking like something out of a bridal magazine. Dave, my best man leaned over and whispered how lucky I was - from that day on he has always badgered me for details of our sex life. I would give him little hints but never divulge anything substantial - not wanting to tarnish the reputation of my beautiful new bride.

Dave's visit from the Rockies became a yearly event - each summer he would spend 10 days hanging out at our place on Cape Cod. I worked at home as an architect and Sara taught second grade. We were not rich but lived quite comfortably in a large 3-story condominium with direct access to a small semi-private beach. Due to the nature of my work and Sara's summer vacation we were able to take plenty of time off and show Dave a good time. Sara and Dave would typically spend the day on the beach and I would get some work done - usually meeting them later in the day for a few happy hour drinks at the local tiki bar. I felt completely comfortable with Dave spending so much time with my lovely Sara - he always treated her with complete respect and I know he would do anything to protect her. His visits were always filled with many laughs and casual flirting but nothing worth writing about. That all changed this past summer when Sara came out of her shell...

Sara's bikinis left little to the imagination and I was sure Dave spent a great deal of his afternoons peering over his book and admiring her sexy body. She had this way of flaunting her body while looking completely at ease. She would always wear a tiny little sundress over her bikini for the walk to the beach and the afternoon happy hour. On the first Friday of Dave's visit I was particularly busy with work and grumbled good bye as Sara and Dave left for the beach just before noon - with a promise that I would meet them down at the bar around 5.

The day went by quickly and as 5 rolled around I was more than happy to fax out my last proposal and head down to the water for a well deserved cocktail. As usual the place was pretty busy and the sounds of laughter greeted me at the end of my short walk. I found a place at the bar and inquired to Jack the bartender as to Sara and Dave's whereabouts. He smiled a devious smile and pointed to the game room in the back. He told me Sara was putting on a pool clinic.

I laughed as I headed out to the game room, knowing all to well that Sara could kick some ass on the pool table when her game was on. There was a large crowd, mostly men, in the back room cheering and laughing when I entered. I walked up just in time to watch Sara lean over and sink the eight ball for another win. With jubilation she jumped up and down and hugged Dave her partner. I noticed on the table next to Dave there was a line of beers and shots that I was sure the duo had won over the past few hours. When Sara saw me she broke into a huge smile and leaped into my arms with a big open mouthed kissed. She whispered in my ear that she was having so much fun and I could tell from the slight slur in her speech that she was feeling no pain.

As their opponents for the next game racked the balls I said hello to Dave and he gave me the same mischievous smile I had received from Jack the bartender. Not until Sara's lined up to break did I realize why, when she leaned down to take her shot her skimpy little sundress fell open and her magnificent white tits hung down for all to see. She had apparently taken off her bikini top without realizing the view she was offering the world. Now that I had arrived the crowd of men began to thin out, many of them were friends of mine and were probably a bit uncomfortable ogling my wife in my presence. I laughingly punched Dave in the arm and he said sorry but he didn't have the heart to tell her. She appeared oblivious as she circled the table sinking shot after shot - she either didn't care that everyone was getting an eyeful or she was enjoying the attention. Either way, my cock grew rock hard at the thought of all these men fantasizing over my beautiful wife

Sara and Dave finally lost and we sat down to try and put a dent in their bounty of free drinks. Sara was quite drunk and openly flirting with Dave, touching his leg when she spoke and hugging him at every opportunity. He looked at me quizzically and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Finally the clamor in the game room died down as everyone drifted outside for the band on the deck. I asked Sara if she would like to play one more game and she said she was ready for bed.

On the short walk home from the bar Sara was laughing and playing with Dave, at one point she demanded a piggy back ride and I stood behind and watched as her short dress rode up the backs of her thighs and exposed most of her beautiful bikini clad ass. I am sure Dave was enjoying the sensation of her tits pressed into his back. As soon as we walked into the house Sara pulled off her bikini bottoms and tossed them aside explaining they had been driving her crazy all afternoon and she was a beer away from removing them at the bar. The image of her bending over the pool table exposing her sweet little pussy to all those men was too much to bear - I needed to fuck her then and there. I followed her sexy ass right up the stairs and into the bathroom - I whistled my approval and she gave me a slutty shake on the way.

She headed off to the shower and I was close behind. I waited until she was soaped up and wet then I joined her. The warm streams of water and the soap acted as all over lubrication and I longed to fuck her every way possible. As soon as I stepped in she dropped to her knees and swallowed all eight inches of my throbbing cock. She was possessed and sucked and licked with a hunger I had never witnessed. I exploded in her mouth moments later and she greedily swallowed every drop moaning loudly. After I came, with my knees shaking I attempted to lift her gently by the shoulders but she shook her head slightly and continued to suck and lick my quickly diminishing tool. Much to my pleasure and surprise it began to show signs of life, now unlike what guys want you to believe, this is not a common occurrence. But she was horny and was not going to let me wash up and go have a beer with my buddy in the kitchen, and I was not complaining.

I am not sure exactly what caused my reborn erection. It was a strange mixture of the heat of her mouth, the view of her soapy tanned breasts, the amazing small triangles of contrasting whiteness surrounding her rock hard nipples, the little show at the bar all of these images were flashing through my mind bringing me back to life. Once I was fully hard again, which I must confess impressed even me, she stood up, kissed me full on the mouth and whispered "fuck me" in a hoarse and sexy voice I had never heard. Turning around, she put her hands on the wall and leaned forward offering me her magnificent soapy ass. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me, easily sliding into her hot wet pussy.

She let out an audible moan as I withdrew and plunged in again. I kissed her neck, tasting a mixture of sweat and soap and plowed into her fast and hard. My earlier orgasm left me able to keep going despite the amazingly erotic surroundings. She was moaning quite loudly for me to fuck her harder but our precarious position in the wet shower made the task difficult. I pulled out of her and turned off the water, took her by the hand and led her to our king sized bed. The ceiling fan overhead felt wonderful against our wet bodies as I dove back in. She lay on her back and opened her legs wide and I plowed into her again, grasping her ass with both hands I fucked her as hard and fast as I could. She was literally screaming and I could feel her entire body tense up as she reached a fantastic orgasm. I could feel her tight little box squeeze me as her pussy milked my throbbing cock. Her tightness and the gushing wetness of her first orgasm was to much to handle and I told her I was coming to - she screamed yes and we both came together.

As we lay in a pile of flesh and sweat she nuzzled up to me and whispered " I hope you are not mad at me, I just got so horny waiting for you all day. I told her of course I'm not mad and that she was the sexiest woman on earth. She fell asleep in my arms with a very contented smile on her beautiful face. I gently eased out of the bed and returned to the shower to clean up. After throwing on shorts and a t-shirt I ventured downstairs to find Dave. Stopping at the door to admire this magnificent woman sleeping in our big bed. The darkness of her tan and the tiny bikini lines creating an image to treasure. As I stood admiring her peaceful beauty I wondered what she was dreaming in the head of hers - I had a feeling something was changing inside my baby.

I found Dave in the kitchen reading a Playboy and snacking on some chips. He looked up when I walked in and asked if I'd enjoyed myself. That is quite a woman you have there he said - none of these women in this Mag can hold a candle to her. We killed a few hours smoking some killer weed and watching a ballgame on TV - as the pot loosened his tongue Dave began talking about Sara again. He told me point blank that if she wasn't my wife he would try every move he could to fuck her. The pot was effecting me as well and I told him perhaps if he were to stay another week he may get the chance. I had never gave much thought to my lovely wife fucking anyone else but the days' events had made the idea quite appealing. We discussed it for awhile and I explained to him the feelings I had felt throughout the afternoon and how if she were to have another man I would want it to be someone I know and trust. He said he would never want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Sara or our marriage, but he would give anything for a taste of her.

As we sat and discussed my wife she appeared in the doorway clad in a short silky nightgown and asked if we were hungry. She had showered and sobered up a bit and went to the kitchen to make us all a late dinner. From where we sat in the rec room we could watch Sara as she danced around the kitchen - she is a wonderful cook and went about her task with the Rolling Stones blaring. Her little nightie did a poor job containing her curves and we got an eyeful as she reached up and bent down. Dave sat transfixed and oblivious to my attention to his reaction.

Sitting around the dining room table Sara asked what we did all evening as she slept. Dave and I made eye contact and began to laugh. I told her we were discussing her and what a sexy thing she was. She was quiet for the remainder of the meal and later as we sat on our big couch smoking some more weed she asked what exactly we were discussing earlier. I told her she had put on quite a show for everyone at the bar and her constant teasing was going to send our friend Dave home with a terrible case of blue balls.

She said she could call her friend Joan she had been dying to fuck Dave since they met at our wedding. No, I said Dave doesn't want Joan - he wants you. The look on her face was new to me and really got my mind racing.

Sara and I had this little ritual, on Thursday nights she always got together with some of her teacher friends for a wine and book club. They would gather at a local wine bar and discuss a book and sample wines. She always enjoyed this evening greatly and the wine always caused her to be very horny when she got home. One night, early in our marriage I tried something a tad daring to see her reaction. Before she returned home from her Thursday night foray I laid out a very sexy baby-doll teddy and silk thigh high stockings. A thin joint of some wonderful weed a friend had given me. The note read simply, Welcome home beautiful, please hit play on the cd player and slowly smoke this - undress and put on this outfit and when you feel good and relaxed please come upstairs and join me.

The first night I was pleasantly surprised when she appeared at the door of my office with this incredible outfit and a very naughty smile. She walked over to my desk flipped off my computer spun me around in my chair and kissed me full on the mouth. My hands slid up her thighs to that magical place where stocking tops become bare skin - before I could reach her wetness she stepped back and put her finger to her lips - silently telling me not to say a word. At this point I would have obeyed any order she had given. She went to my office cd player and put in a great jazz cd.

Slowly she turned around and started to sway to the music. For the next 45 minutes she provided me with the most incredible erotic dance I've ever witnessed. She would tease me, sit on my lap let me suck her juices from her fingers. This scene was finished off with the most mind blowing blow job she had ever given me. I sat in my office chair and she knelt before me tossing her long raven hair in my lap as she slowly sucked, licked and kissed me to perhaps the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. Looking up at me with those big blue eyes I could both hear and feel the light moans she emitted. It was one of the greatest sexual experiences of my 30 years.

We never talked of these Thursday night rituals - it was as if she would take on this persona of a stripper and run with it. She always did exactly as my notes instructed, usually a nice outfit and lap dance, it was as though I had this incredible sex goddess weekly. Our sex life had always been very active - but this new twist seemed to really spice things up.

On the last Thursday of Dave's visit he and I sat in my office discussing plans to a house he was building in the Rockies - we had the blueprints laid out and we were discussing materials costs. I had left my usual note, outfit and joint on the downstairs table for Sara's return and was anxiously watching the clock anticipating her arrival. I was not sure what her reaction would be with Dave in the house but I was hoping for the best.

As Dave and I were quite engrossed in the blueprints my mind was racing with thoughts of my sexy Sara being double-teamed by me and my oldest friend. The outfit that I had laid out for Sara was new and although I had never seen her in it I was sure she would look nothing short of spectacular - hopefully a few drags of Dave's joint would erase any inhibitions she might harbor. As the evening wore on I could hardly contain my excitement and Dave kept asking me what was up - I could only smile and tell him that he was in for a wonderful surprise.

When I heard her arrival downstairs I told Dave to have a seat on the couch in my office and I topped off his scotch and offered him a joint from my shirt pocket. With a bewildered look he sat and slowly toked away. I dimmed the lights slightly and put some smooth Jazz on my office stereo and sat down to wait for the show to begin. A few minutes later Sara appeared in the doorway and said in her sexiest voice - good evening boys, have you been waiting for me?

Dave's jaw nearly hit the floor when he first caught a glimpse of her outfit, 3 inch black heels, black thigh-high stockings and the sheerest baby-doll black nightie which hid absolutely nothing. She slowly walked over to Dave and bent to kiss him on the forehead offering me a spectacular view of her naked ass and Dave a delicious view of her hanging tits. Standing she took the lit joint from Dave's hand and took a long slow drag - exhaling with an audible moan. I hope that is not the only thing I get to suck this evening she purred. She floated over to me and kissed me full on the mouth providing Dave with that magnificent view of her ass and just a glimpse of her smoothly shaven pussy. She stood and began to slowly dance around the room her heavenly body sensually swaying to the Jazz beat. She ran her hands over her body cupping her breasts and gently stroking her thighs and ass. The image was incredibly sexy.

She was really getting into the music when she reached her hand out to Dave and pulled him up to join her. Not a word was spoken as my best friend joined my beautiful wife in a very erotic dance. He held her tightly as she moved to the music. Becoming bolder by her movements he began lightly tracing his hands over her back gradually moving lower and lower to her ass which was barely peeking out from the high-cut teddy. As he gently cupped her perfect ass she let out a wondrous sigh and kissed him deeply.

She eased him gently back onto the couch and continued her dance above him running her hands up her stockings she lightly rubbed her pussy and offered her fingers for him to taste. He pulled her down on top of him and they kissed and groped, he was now grabbing handfuls of her sexy ass. She slid off the couch to her knees and with a look back at me she began to wrestle with his belt. As she pulled his cock out of his pants she once again looked back at me for encouragement. I winked and nodded my approval while wordlessly stroking my own engorged cock through my pants.

She went at his cock like a wild woman, licking up the entire length and taking the head into her wet mouth using that expert tongue I had learned to love. She had quickly worked herself down on him and was deep-throating his entire member. His hips were bucking as he grabbed handfuls of hair and cupped and pinched her rock hard nipples. The sight was amazing to watch and I focused on her ass as it waved at me from across the room - her dripping pussy out of Dave's reach was begging for some attention.

Dropping my own pants I stood up and came at her from behind. Kneeling down behind her I licked the tops of her stockings and inched closer and closer to her sweet kitty. Her moans were muffled by the cock in her mouth but there was no question that she was enjoying the attention. Putting my hard cock between her cheeks I rubbed all around, unable to contain myself any longer I grabbed her hips and drove my hardness deep into her soaking wet pussy. With a loud popping sound her mouth came off Dave's cock and she yelled yes please fuck me...

I felt the first wave of orgasm spread through her like wildfire and I could feel the tightening of her delicious pussy. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer and started fucking her for all I was worth. The action pushed Dave over the edge as well and he was now fucking her sexy mouth with new-found enthusiasm. I felt the cum boiling from deep within me and I filled her with a tremendous amount of my seed. At the same time Dave was filling her hot mouth and her moans were music to my ears.

Spent for the moment, I withdrew my shrinking cock, lay back against the couch panting and watched as she expertly licked Dave's cock clean. When she was finished she sat up and made an announcement that I knew would change our lives forever - the first one to get hard gets to fuck my tight virgin ass. With that she stood, pulled off her teddy and walked off towards the bedroom. My sweet little wife had now witnessed the pleasure of two men at once and there was no turning back...

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