tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Submits Ch. 04

Sara Submits Ch. 04


Cast of Characters (so far)

Sara - Our heroine. A young wife who submits to an older woman.

Mrs. Anderson - Sara's mistress - aka Mistress A. Accidentally changed by me at the end of chapter one to Robinson (Freudian slip, Benjamin?) and for some reason to an the name Johnson in chapters two and three. I will use the excuse that chapter two was written in an airport, but really both mistakes were the results of poor editing and proofreading on my part.

Mystery Woman - Brought by Mrs. Anderson to Sara's house to aid in her debasement. Due to a blindfold, Sara does not know who this woman is... yet.

Frank - Sara's loving husband. He does not know about Sara's affair with Mrs. Anderson. Frank works for Mrs. Anderson's husband.

Mr. Anderson - So far all we know is that Frank works for him.

Sara's Kids - She has a couple of kids, but they are not directly involved in the story.


When we last saw Sara she had been following Mistress A's instructions to masturbate all afternoon but not to climax. Mistress A was carefully controlling Sara's actions. Mistress A knew that soon Sara's rebellious spirit would be completely broken. Sara was already holding back her orgasms until Mistress A told her she could cum. Mistress A has used mild punishments, mainly in the form of orgasm denial to slowly bring Sara under her power. Mistress A knows that Sara has been exposed to a lifestyle of excitement from which she cannot return. As time goes by, Mistress A's plan is to take Sara further into the lifestyle while increasing the level of punishment for disobedience. She has done this many times. Mistress A can easily spot a woman who will be willing to submit to her. She considers it a gift. Sara, unknowingly, will think it is a curse.

Mistress A's last instruction to Sara was to call a phone number to receive a special task. If she did the task, she would be allowed to orgasm. After playing with herself all afternoon, Sara did not care what the task was, just that she would be allowed the release she badly needed. Sara dialed the number and was greeted by the sound of her mistress' voice.

A: "Hello slut. I knew you would call."

Sara: "Hello Mistress A"

A: "I assume you want permission to cum."

Sara: "Yes Mistress."

Mistress A questioned Sara about her daily activity and the events with Frank the night before. Mistress A already had this information from Sara's emails, but she wanted the young wife to recount her experiences verbally. She also wanted to check for inconsistencies in the story. The more Sara talked, the more turned on she was becoming. Mistress A could hear the lust in Sara's voice.

A: "Your breathing is divine. I love to hear you turn yourself on. Will you do something for me?"

Sara: "Of course mistress. I will do whatever you ask."

A: "Good. I want you to lie on your back. Put the phone on speaker. Continue the story, but I want you to work one hand into that squishy pussy and use the other hand to pinch your nipples."

Sara continued talking about the movies she had watched today. Mistress A could almost feel Sara's yearning for submission over the phone. This conquest was going to be easier than she had imagined. As Sara continued masturbating for her mistress, her voice became quieter and quieter. The sounds of a wet pussy, however, became very pronounced. Soon most of the story was replaced by moans.

A: "Are you ready to cum my sweet slave."

Sara: - "Yes mistress. I will cum when you command."

A: "Go to your bedroom windows and open the blinds. You will then press yourself against the glass. Rub your breasts on the window and finger your clit until you climax."

Sara: "I can't do that. Our bedroom faces the street."

A: "Perhaps you are not the good girl I thought. Perhaps we should skip Saturday. Goodbye."

Sara panicked when Mistress A hung up on her. She needed to cum. That was something she could do within a matter of seconds. But at what cost? After the events of the last few days, Sara was unwilling to give up her mistress. Sara leaped from the bed and pulled open the blinds. She peeked through the window and didn't see anyone walking on the street. Per her mistress' orders, she pressed herself to the glass. Her breasts compressed against the smooth surface, she looked like an actress in a b-movie washing a car. Without the water from a car wash however, Sara found her nipples sticking to the window as she attempted to move back and forth. While not exactly pleasureful, the sensation did add a fire to the heat about a foot below.

Sara's right hand found her clit. It was begging for attention. Sara's left has found its way to her pussy. Sara plunged two fingers into her wetness while she furiously stroked her clit. She exploded less than a minute later. It was if a damn had burst, both in the amount of liquid emanating from the young woman, but also in her mind. Sara realized that every time she followed Mistress A's instructions, she had a massive orgasm. She was out of control and had to learn to keep her desires in check.

Mistress A smiled from her car across the street. She knew Sara would not be able to resist. Of course now Sara would have to beg for forgiveness giving Mistress A even more power. She loved it when a plan came together.

Sara lay back down on her bed as the memories of the last 4 days filled her head. She was worried that Mistress A would not see her any more. She tried calling the phone number again, but there was no answer. Sara didn't want to leave a message. Instead she gathered herself, got dressed and starting making dinner.

Dinner was uneventful and the evening passed quickly. After last night's bedroom romp, Sara knew Frank would not press her for a repeat performance. They usually had sex only twice a week, so he would not be expecting anything tonight. But Sara also remembered her mistress' instructions that she should get a facial from Frank tonight. Sara didn't understand why her mistress, or was it former mistress, specified that ending. Sara was not a fan of giving oral sex, but she certainly had done it before. On the special occasions she blew Frank he either fucked her or came in her mouth. Although swallowing his load was not the end of the world, Sara knew she had to do what her mistress had instructed.

When they went to bed, Sara cuddled up next to Frank. As she rubbed against his back, she reached around a gently started squeezing his cock. As it began to grow hard, she started stroking it more deliberately. Although surprised, Frank was pleased. Last night was the wildest sex they had ever had. Now his wife was grabbing his cock looking for more. Frank rolled over to face his wife. Sara adjusted her arm position and continued stroking his manhood. Frank smiled, but before he could ask what was happening, Sara took her other index finger and pressed it to his lips while shaking her head. Immediately after the gesture of silence, she rolled him on his back, slid her body down his and took his cock in her mouth.

Sara started slurping his cock head while using her right hand to stroke the shaft. This was a technique she learned while watching the movies. Frank appeared to be appreciating her newly acquired skill. With her left hand, Sara reached underneath herself to fondle her clit. Sara was enjoying herself more and more. She felt Frank begin to rub the back of her head and knew that meant Frank would want to come in her mouth. She had to figure a way to have him pull out. Sara thought about getting the collar and leash out and asking Frank to hold it while she kneeled on the floor and blew him. She had seen that in a movie also and it turned her on. But that seemed extreme. She thought it would be better to involve Frank a little slower.

Instead, Sara said, "My knees are getting tired. What if I sit on the floor and you stand while I finish you?"

Frank was hesitant, but not about to give up when she was still willing to further his blowjob. Sara moved to the floor and Frank stood in front of her. Sara's head was the perfect height and he easily slid his cock back into her waiting mouth. Seeing her below him turned him on and instead of waiting for Sara to continue, he began to rock his hips. This surprised Sara, but in a good way. She took her hand off his cock and placed her hands behind her back grabbing her own wrists. She remembered the feeling of Mistress A's cuffs, a while this was not the same, it spurred her imagination and brought back a flood of memories. For his part, Frank was oblivious to her change in position. He was having too much fun fucking her face. Frank grabbed the sides of Sara's head, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Soon Sara could tell Frank was about to cum. She had heard the sounds before and knew he was close. Acting quickly, she moved her hands back in front of herself and pushed Frank back. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, to Frank's dismay, she started quickly stroking it with both hands. "Cum in my face. Shower me in your love," Sara called out.

Much like yesterday, Frank didn't know where this change in attitude was coming from, but at the moment he didn't care either. Volley after volley of jiz shot from his cock, generously coating his wife's face. The heat of Frank's load surprised Sara. When she swallowed his cum or he shot in her pussy, there was not much of a temperature differential. That was not the case on her face. Sara reveled in the feeling as shot after shot hit her. When Frank finally stopped cumming, Sara immediately went down on him again cleaning off his cock. Frank was still curious about Sara's change in demeanor but did not think then was the time to discuss it. Sara went to the bathroom and cleaned up. She returned to the bed finding Frank under the covers and almost asleep. She gave him a quick kiss and said good night.

Sara really wanted to thank him. She enjoyed the feeling of helplessness when she was on her the floor with her hands behind her back. But how could she tell him about Mistress A? Maybe she could get Frank to treat her like Mistress A did. Then she would not need her anymore. But then what would Mistress A do with the videotape of Sara in her wedding dress? Sara analyzed her situation over and over. But her thoughts always came back to eating Mistress A's pussy and cumming harder than she ever had before. Sara finally fell asleep and dreamed of both men and woman commanding her to service them sexually. Sometimes alone. Sometimes in a group. She woke to a wet pussy and wondered if Mistress A would call. She decided to send her an email detailing how she had followed her instructions the night before. She hoped her mistress would answer.

Alas that answer did not come. Sara spent Thursday worrying about why her mistress had not called her. By not agreeing to masturbate in front of the window immediately, did Mrs. Anderson really decide to throw Sara away? Sara tried not to focus on her problems but instead do the daily household chores and errands. But the mundane drudgery of the empty household could not quell the fire inside Sara. Time and time again she went to the computer to check for email. Each time she watched another submission video scene. Sara felt herself going crazy. She tried calling Mistress A's cell phone, but there was no answer. Sara didn't leave a message. She didn't know what to say. After calling several times, Sara finally had the courage to leave a message. "Mistress. I know I failed you by not going to the window immediately. After you hung up on me, I did as you had asked. My orgasm was a great treat. Thank you. Although I don't think anybody saw me, I imagined the entire neighborhood was watching. I hope my email from this morning delighted you. Please do not hold my inexperience against me. I will do better I promise. I need you in my life."

Sara hung up the phone, sat down and started to wait for a response. Was Mistress A out of town and not getting her messages and email? Did she receive the message but not want to see Sara? Would Frank be fired? Why doesn't she call?

Sara tried to put on a brave face when the kids came home. If they noticed anything wrong with her demeanor, they didn't comment. When Frank came home he was wondering if Sara would have any new sexual tricks up her sleeve. But the night was like most others and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Friday morning Sara woke early and immediately checked her email. She was overjoyed to find a message waiting from Mistress A. "So you still want to be my slave, little girl? OK. Today I want you to do some clothes shopping for tomorrow's party. You will be serving as waitress to a group of my friends. I will email you shortly with instructions. Keep your afternoon free."

Sara was ecstatic. Mistress A's definition of shortly grew into several hours, but Sara didn't care. Finally another message arrived. "My dearest slave. There will be approximately 10 women at the party. Although some are sympathetic to our type of relationship, most are not. I need you to dress very professionally. You may know some of the women, so I will be telling them that Frank lost a bet at work and that is why you are present. Do not worry, you will not be required to do anything at the party beyond serving drinks and appetizers." Sara doubted that last statement, but kept reading. "I want you to go to a store called Professional Woman. It is at the mall near entrance four. Ask for Maggie. She is the store's owner and will help you pick an appropriate outfit. She is expecting you at 1pm. Don't be late."

Sara was out the door less than a minute after reading the email.

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If she shaved

If I felt her pajama's and didn't feel the soft furry beaver, and it was shaved smooth, this guy would get very exited and know something was up. but not a word from Frank. WTF.

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