tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara Takes Santa Around the World

Sara Takes Santa Around the World


Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been with Eric or maybe you don't give a fuck – haha, but Eric was out of town with his family until very late Christmas Eve; actually very early Christmas morning. That's another mess, but that's for a couple of chapters from now.

Considering it was actually a holiday being Christmas Eve, we didn't get to sleep very late at all. But you know my mother – actually you probably don't and more the fortunate you are – mwahaha!

She wouldn't actually come into my room and wake us up. Oh no, not my mother – that would be way too straight forward. She'd come into my room, wake me up and ask me if I had called her – what a trip! Or start running the vacuum cleaner right outside of my bedroom door and if that didn't work, then begin banging it into my door until I got up to see what was going on.

Oh, then you should hear her when I would come out to see what all the noise was. Oh, did I wake you? I'm so sorry, well it is 9:30 or whatever. But anyway we were up fairly early. It was just as well. We had a bunch of stuff to do that day and would have to get ourselves ready for the evening.

None of us were really sure what we were going to do or where we would do it, we just knew it would be something massive. I mean, you can hardly plan a Christmas Eve party at somebody's house when their families are there. We were gonna have to find somewhere else to party, we just hadn't decided where yet.

First I made my mother drive us over to Dorothy's house; served her right for waking us up. Talk about a death defying trip! Man, I surely don't know how my mother ever got a driver's license in the first place, much less kept one. She just wouldn't pay attention to what she was doing. She was always so busy talking instead, I guess the reason was in the car was the only place she had me captive.

Her one saving grace was she drove so slowly she avoided accidents. Talk about embarrassing, though if you were riding with her. Cars would be honking behind her and drivers would be shaking their fists at her when they finally drove by. We always slid way down in the seat so people couldn't see us. She always appeared oblivious to all of it.

Socrates said something like the life unexamined wasn't worth living; I think my mother believed the opposite – haha! We finally get to Dorothy's house and then the same thing with her mother – yack, yack, yack. We didn't stay there long, you better believe. The old in and out, so to speak. Dorothy changed her outfit and then we flew out the door.

Thank God, Dorothy had a car. Don't ask me what kind. I had no idea about cars back then. I knew it was blue and sporty. Apparently back before me, her car was her only claim to fame. The only reason her parents even let her purchase a car was she needed one to get back and forth to school.

Man, what a weird pair 'her' parents were. My mother would have been delighted to have Dorothy for a daughter in place of me; instead all her parents would do was bitch and moan about her. I guess parents are never satisfied.

Dorothy drove us to the mall and what a wild scene that was – not wild like my kind of wild, wild like the place was fucking jammed. You remember? It was Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve at the mall – always a large mistake.

We drove around and around for about a half an hour before we found a parking space. I was just getting read to jump out naked and talk to the first guy we saw getting ready to pull into a space, but luckily for Dorothy it didn't come to that. She was just having a fit with me just threatening to do that. I really don't know what was wrong with her – mwahaha!

We were supposed to meet Krista at the mall and sure enough when we finally entered the right door – we had to walk halfway around the huge building – there my wild sweet love was. And she was irked. We were at least half an hour late. Of course her mother had just dropped her at the door.

"Sara! You slut!" she snarled at me.

'Oh ho!' I thought. 'She wants to play.'

Well, mall or not I was up for it, but Dorothy had been around us just enough to know what was going to happen and she put the major kibosh on it. She told us no way, no how, forget it!

Just like good little students we obeyed our teacher. Actually she had the ride, so we had to listen to her. The first shop we visited was the one where we had humiliated Hillary the evening before. Dorothy never had gotten to buy anything. This time Dorothy just went in and tried on some outfits. Oh, how boring.

At least Betty was there and she gave me a big hug for getting Hillary out of her hair. All of Hillary's co-workers were gathered around and congratulating me – it was cool, but I told them to throw money instead. That's when they went back to work, but Betty was cool.

She came up with the most awesome Christmas outfit. It was a Mrs. Santa Claus outfit, but none like I'd even seen. It was red and white trimmed, of course, but it was a one piece of apparel – being a coat which flared out to a tiny skirt. And I mean miniscule – it was de bomb! This thing just covered the top of my thighs it was so short.

Of course, you got these little red fur panties to wear with it, but you know me, I would dispense with them, immediately, if not sooner. I could hardly wait for the evening to wear it. It looked perfect for me on Christmas Eve. I gave Betty a great big hug and kiss and she slipped her tongue in my mouth. This girl surely had changed.

Something else that Betty did that was awesome was when Dorothy came out to pay for several outfits, Betty said they were on the house. Man, that was at least a couple of hundred dollars, probably more! If I'd known she was gonna do that, I would have picked something out too – haha!

That's how grateful she was to be rid of Hillary. Betty told me that much less hire Hillary back if she observed her even attempting to come back into the store, she would eject her. Of course, Krista wanted to know what we were talking about and after we told her – she was really pissed that she had missed it.

Hey, I didn't have any sympathy for her. I asked her if she wanted to come to the mall and she gave me a ration of shit of how boring it was and how she was going to spend the evening with Shawn and then of course he had to do something with his family.

Families suck at Christmas time. They get in our way of having fun – big time! Don't they understand it's one of the few times in the school year that we get out of school for any extended period of time?

Well, then we went to one of those mall eateries – you know, I'm sure you'll eaten in malls before, unless you live in the swamps somewhere. And they probably have one there. You can probably paddle far into the Everglades here in Florida and find the Everglades Mall! Run by a group of alligators, no doubt.

Anyway you know the thing with this mall food is, it's different than your usual fast food but in the long run it's the same old crap and it costs more. But what're you gonna do? Nobody is making me eat.

So after we ate, I disappeared into the women's restroom (I just wanted to be clear which restroom it was – haha!) and changed my clothes and came out wearing the Santa Claus outfit. No, I had the red panties on – like it's any of your business. I was going down to see Derek and I don't want to scandalize all the young chillum.

I had a funny teacher in high school that used to call us that. He'd say I've come to heal all you chillum. Of course you know what happened to him – he quit. All the humane teachers always quit because they can't stand the conditions they have to work under.

I truly think there are a number of qualified caring teachers who graduate from college but the school system just grinds them into the dirt until they're all at the same level of a slug.

I think everyone needs the Sara rehabilitation program like I gave Dorothy, but of course some of them are just too damn old for that. In that case they should retire and get out of the way.

Since I have known her from way back when – it's been five years now, she hasn't said one stupid thing to her students. And she admits that before she met me and Krista, she said stupid things to students all the time.

Of course, she thought they were the things she was supposed to say because they were the things said to her in school and also the things they taught her to say in college, but of course those were the same things her professors were taught in school by their professors and so on forever.

Everybody is always saying how important it is to learn from history; we don't learn a damn thing from history. We just keep doing the same dumb shit over and over. I know – I know, you're saying – where's the smut, Sara? Well, hang on, it's a long chapter.

Well, I went tripping down to visit Derek while Dorothy and Krista went to do some very last minute Christmas shopping. I don't particularly remember who for, I just know it wasn't for me – haha! No, I mean it.

We had an agreement not to give each other presents because of the expense. We'd rather spend our money for more important things – like booze for instance. Anyway what's the big deal with treating each other like shit for most of the year and then assuaging our guilt by spending a lot of money on each other at Christmas time. The only people who win out of that is the shopkeepers.

Let me tell ya, I was attracting some attention wearing this scanty outfit in the mall. I had a gang of college age guys following me everywhere, half of 'em with hardons; but like I said – some of these guys can get hard watching paint dry much less me flashing my red panties at 'em.

Of course, these weren't like real panties. They were red just like the coat-dress was and made out of the same material. You couldn't see anything through them, even if you had one of those x-ray specs they used to sell in the back of comic books – haha! Remember those things?

Every once in a while on my trip down to see Derek, one of these guys would come up and try to chat me up. Ordinarily that would have been an acceptable way to pass time, but I was in a hurry so I would reach out and start rubbing on the guy's crotch.

You know, not one guy tried to stop me, all men are such sluts. Here's some strange girl, they don't even know my name and I might be crazy you know? Well, I am crazy but I mean Kraaazy! I might be preparing myself to stick them in the gizzard with my toad stabber, but they're letting me rub on them anyway.

I would rub on them until they were super hard, which took all of about eight seconds. You have to remember there was people steady passing by us on both sides and sometimes right between us causing me to stop for a second and they're all going about one hundred miles a minute. Oh, the joy of the holiday season!

And most of these guys are trying to act like everything is normal and asking me if I go to school and do I know somebody or other, while I just rub on their crotch harder and harder.

Now another thing about these guys, they don't really stop and think it through. You know like – if this girl here keeps rubbing me, my dick will go off in my pants and then I'll have this huge wet spot there and everybody will notice and I'll be embarrassed.

No, not one guy thought about that until afterwards. That's listed under either being incredibly short sighted or thinking with the wrong head. It is a shame, isn't it that guys only have enough blood in their bodies to fill one head at a time?

One guy even took his prick out so I beat him off to climax – what did I care? We had quite a crowd around us by the time security showed up. I just faded off while they led him away. I never did find out what happened to him; probably went through the rest of his life with a 'showing his wanker in public' charge on his record. What an idiot!

Well, I was really lucky. I get down there and the Elf lady, whose name was Vicki (I'll tell you more about her later) tells me that Derek is on a short break and I should go back into the employee's lounge and visit him.

She says she knows he would be most happy to see me and gives me a big wink. I told her I would be most happy to see 'all' of her! She blushed, but told me anytime. You don't have to hit me with a hammer to get my attention. I made sure I got her phone number right then.

I go back into the employee's lounge – some lounge, you know what it looks like if you've ever worked retail. Just a small dirty room, with some tired looking dirty tiled floor, with a beat up table and some old chairs and green institutional paint on the walls and did I mention that it was dirty?

Derek was naturally ecstatic to see me. I mean, think about it – who wouldn't be? Except maybe for the Pope.

"Sara!" he exclaimed. "And what's that you're wearing?"

I grasped the sides of my coat-skirt and flared it out and did one those put one foot behind the other curtseys holding my skirt straight out showing off my red panties. I guess I was just so proud I was wearing underwear for once.

"My name is Mrs. Claus," I introduced myself.

I'll say one thing for Derek. He was more than just a handsome stud, he could think fast on his feet or on his ass as in this case he was sitting down. "Oh no," he said. "I don't need a Mrs. Claus this afternoon."

I looked him dead in the eye and exclaimed, "Mwahaha!"

You see I had already asked Vicki if she would like a break this afternoon and she jumped at the chance. So there was no way out for my stud Santa.

I threw myself down on his lap and began kissing him wildly, pushing my tongue into his mouth.

"Sara," Derek attempted to complain. "I've only got a few minutes before I have to go back."

"That's all we need with me around, now come on!" I exclaimed.

I jumped up from his lap and pulled him to his feet. I pulled his big red Santa pants and boxer shorts down to the floor. His penis was sticking out from all that stomach padding they made him wear and it resembled a big angry hamster!

I pulled my red panties down to my ankles and then bent over right in front of him offering a wonderful view of my complete sexual interworkings and also a direct path to 'Nirvana.' (And I ain't talking about the group.)

I peered around behind me at Derek who was just standing stunned at the recent turn of events. "Come on, boy!" I exclaimed. "Time's a wasting, hop on board."

"Sara, you are truly one of a kind," the handsome young man spoke sincerely.

"Well, think about it," I retorted. "Two of me would be scary, mwahaha!"

I realized that I needed to get us started before someone came in – not that it would bother me, but it might put Derek off a little. I was figuring to bring him in a little at a time, but by that evening I would have him ready for anything.

I reached behind me and grabbed ahold of his massive sausage and plugged it into my cunt hole. I started riding it back and forth for all my worth but he was basically just standing there stunned.

So I reached back and gave his balls a squeeze and said, "Come on, Goddamn it! Somebody will come in eventually and I ain't quitting 'til I get my ride from Santa."

Man, he started banging me then! He was thwacking into me from behind – bam! bam! thank you m'am. So I just kept squeezing his balls because it appeared to be working alright.

This guy was real good, and knew his way around a pussy once you got him going and he felt super good. His prick was going way up inside of me and my cunt was taking all of him. I had him trapped, I was clutching his prick that hard. He couldn't have pulled out of me in case of fire. Suddenly we both heard a very deep voice say, "Five minutes, Santa. The kids are starting to line up."

Man, this scared Santa, oh, sorry, I mean Derek, so much he immediately went off in me – whoosh! A great big studley load too, let me tell you. I naturally turned my head around to see who was in the doorway and there was no one there! That was weird but I think it made me go off right then too as my orgasm came bubbling up. God, it was all good.

Derek was off of me like a shot and had his pants pulled up and everything tucked in a flat ten seconds. Santa looked at me very frightened. "Who was that?" he asked me.

I didn't see anybody, I tell him. Didn't he recognize the voice? Now it gets weirder. Derek said he didn't work with anybody who had that voice. We go back out into the mall and the kids are all lined up but behaving appropriately and there's no adults around. Strange, huh?

So when Derek, I mean Santa, is up there doing his thing with the kids, I went up and down the line talking to them and asking them who was out there with them before we came out. Remember I was dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus, at least that's what I told them. Some of the older kids were bigger than me and I knew they were looking at me rather strangely.

Anyway I asked them if there had been someone out there before we came out and every one of them gave me the same answer – they said it was the real Santa Claus! Go figure – weird huh, like I said. Real Twilight Zone material, to this very day we never have figured out who it was lined the kids up or told Derek they were waiting and ignored us making love.

The afternoon wore on as afternoons are wont to do except if you're in class. Then they linger forever. Even though the mall would be open until ten o'clock at night, Santa was allowed to return to the North Pole at six o'clock to prepare himself for the nights' adventures of delivering gifts. What a hoot!

But Derek was unhappy. His roommate had promised him if he could use Derek's car for the day while he was at work, he would bring the car back by six o'clock and an outfit for Derek to wear. His roommate's name by the way was Bo. I don't know why – probably short for Bobo. Anyway Bo was a no-show.

I know, you're thinking, well, we were in a mall – why didn't Derek just go down to some store and buy an outfit? Well, one reason was the stores kinda frowned on Santa coming down there to their shops with the little kids around and buying an outfit – duh, huh?

And the other thing was Derek had taken this Santa gig because he needed extra money desperately, so why would he just go and unnecessarily waste a bundle on an outfit from the mall at Christmas prices? Yes, that's right. The answer is – he wouldn't.

So he went with us the way he was. You remember, don't you? I came to the mall with Dorothy, so it turned out she was happy to provide him with a ride to wherever. In fact Dorothy was almost insistent on us driving him home to change his clothes, but he lived twenty miles in the wrong direction from the mall.

And to make it worse there was only one main thoroughfare to the town he lived in and traffic was always terrible to begin with, but on Christmas Eve travel on it would be prohibitive. It would probably take over an hour one way so Derek said no way.

I told him don't worry about it. It was Christmas Eve and he was dressed like Santa Claus. People would just assume he was really in the spirit of things; plus with me wearing that little outfit no one would be watching him anyway.

Derek got a laugh out of that and it seemed to lift his spirits, but it turned out he was mostly upset because Bo (you think he would know not to trust someone named Bo) was supposed to bring the adhesive remover because they didn't want some kid pulling Santa's beard off easily so they had him glue it on every day. If you did pull any of it out you'd probably pull off the first layer of skin with it. Ouch!

I told him not to worry, there was something I could do to help. He looked at me strangely but then I was used to that. Krista and Dorothy had to go home for dinner and whatever else before they could come back out and play later. I certainly wasn't gonna take Santa home with me. For one thing my mother had just barely got used to Eric. I don't think she could have handled me bringing Santa Claus home on Christmas Eve.

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