tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara the Tease Ch. 2

Sara the Tease Ch. 2


Sara just smiled as she slowly moved her fingers away from her pussy. She pulled down her skirt, covering her panties and frustrating me even more.

The power she had over me was incredible. A simple glance could make me do things I had never dreamed of doing. I felt so humiliated, naked before her with my tiny, erect cock, and my chest still covered in my own cum. It was obvious she enjoyed the complete dominance she seemed to have over me.

"I don't think you're good enough to eat this pussy."

I wanted to taste her so badly. At that point I would have done anything for just a single lick. I so desperately wanted to satisfy her. I imagined myself fucking her, making her grunt and groan as I pumped her with my tiny cock. It was only my imagination, but somehow I felt compelled to please her. I ran my fingers across my chest, drawing my own cum into my hand as I went. I brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked them dry. Sara giggled at my desperation.

"Please, just let me see your pussy," I pleaded.

She laughed even louder than before.

"Please, please, just let me see it, that's all I ask."


"Yes, please, please. I'll do anything."

Her smile turned wicked, her tone condescending.

"What a pathetic little man you are. Begging me to see my pussy."

"I'm sorry," I said as I bowed my head.

"Do you think that tiny dick of yours could satisfy me?"

Embarrassed, I couldn't bring myself to speak.

"Do you?"


A whimper was all I could muster. My humiliation was complete.

"Maybe I should let you see a real man fuck me."

Sara picked up her cell phone and quickly dialed a number. My heart sank as she waited for someone to answer.

"Why don't you come on over, I've got something I want to show you."

Sara hung up the phone and gave me a devilish grin. I stayed in my chair as she got up to fix herself another drink. She looked exquisite. My tiny cock was rock hard from watching her, even though I had cum less than twenty minutes before.

Sara sauntered around the room as she waited for her guest. Reveling in her control over me, she circled around me as I sat, her eyes staring down from above.

"Why don't you eat a little more cum for me, little dick."

Without thinking I did as she commanded. A knock on the door interrupted me. Sara immediately answered it and in walked some big stud. He was over six feet tall with sandy brown hair. He was dressed in a dark blue suit and tie, and from the way he carried himself it was obvious his body was toned and muscular. Sara immediately brought him over to meet me.

"Jake, this is Michael, but everybody calls him little dick."

Jake laughed at the introduction and at the bizarre site of me sitting naked, covered in cum, with a tiny, rock hard cock pointing at the ceiling.

"Show Jake how much you love to eat cum, little dick."

Without a word of resistance, my fingers went to chest and then up to my mouth. Both Jake and Sara delighted in my embarrassment.

"Little dick has been begging to eat my pussy."

"Is that so?"

"He thinks he can satisfy me with that tiny dick of his."

Jake chuckled.

"So I thought I'd show him how a real man fucks me."

Sara wasted no time. She immediately moved toward Jake and started removing his clothes. In no time she had him stripped down to his underwear. Before removing his final piece of clothing, she looked toward me one more time to make sure I knew who was in control. Slowly she pulled down his underwear. Out popped a rock hard cock, at least seven inches. All I know was that it dwarfed mine. Sara lightly stroked it.

"This is what a real cock looks like, little dick."

With that, Sara dropped to her knees. She closed her eyes and took Jake's cock deep into her mouth. Jake smiled as he looked toward me, reveling in what I would never have.

Slowly Sara continued to fuck Jake with her mouth, taking in almost his entire shaft with each stroke. Jake put his hands on her head and ran his fingers through her hair as she did. Sara moaned with delight as Jake's shaft slid in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

Suddenly Sara stopped and stood up. With Jake standing before her she began to remove her clothes. Slowly but surely, articles of her clothing fell to the floor. Before long Sara was left in nothing but a bra, panties, and stockings.

Finally, she turned to face me, eager to rub my face in the dirt one last time. Smiling with glee, she removed her underwear directly in front of me. First came the bra, exposing her luscious tits and rock hard nipples. Then came the moment I had begged for, the unveiling of her pussy. It was worth the wait. Dripping with anticipation, it was beautifully trimmed as it stood less than five feet from my mouth.

"Do you like it?" Sara cooed.

"Yes," I muttered.

Sara smiled and turned back toward Jake, who seemed amused by the control Sara had over me.

"Fuck me Jake. Fuck me hard."

Sara sauntered around the couch. Watching her naked body sway as she walked was beyond erotic. It was clear that Sara wanted to be fucked. Now behind the couch and facing me, Sara simply bent over the back of the couch and braced herself. Her hips and her ass were now high in the air, while her tits and face were slumped over the sofa.

"Fuck me Jake."

Jake maneuvered directly behind Sara. He grabbed her hips and jammed his cock inside her. He thrust so hard Sara's body jumped forward unexpectedly. Sara grunted loudly as it did.


Jake pounded her again, even harder than before. Sara looked up and directly across at me.

"Harder!" Sara screamed.

Jake pounded away. Sara grunted loudly with each thrust. Soon Jake was pumping her furiously. Sara's hair and body flailed wildly. Her moans grew louder and her grunts more passionate.

"Fuck me Jake. Come on, fuck me."

Her commands were so loud I was sure the whole building could hear.

It didn't take long. Sara's breathing became erratic and she was gasping for air. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

"Oh God. Oh God Jake. I'm cumming!"

Jake's thrusts kept coming at a furious pace. Sara was going absolutely wild, her sounds uninhibited. Her orgasm seemed to last forever. Slowly her pleasure eased and Sara regained some amount of control.

Still moaning deeply, Sara moved from her position. She immediately grabbed Jake's cock and dropped to her knees. With her body at an angle, I could see everything as she took Jake's cock into her mouth once again.

She now sucked it more furiously than before. Her mouth alternated with her hand moving up and down his shaft.

"Cum for me Jake."

Sara was oblivious to her surroundings. Her entire focus was on Jake's cock and the task at hand. Her pleading had an incredible effect on Jake. You could tell he was going to cum. He was groaning loudly and his breathing grew erratic.

"Come on, cum for me Jake."

Jake groaned with the onset of orgasm. Cum exploded from his cock. Sara's moved quickly to take it into her mouth. Jake watched with delight as Sara milked his cock for all it was worth. She kept on sucking it until his penis was nearly flaccid. As she did, Jake looked at me and smiled, reveling in his conquest.

Finally Sara's mouth eased her grip on his cock. Exhausted, her lips pulled away. She glanced up at Jake and smiled, knowing she had pleased him. She then turned toward me, humiliated and defeated on the couch.

"Now that's a real cock."

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