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Sara Waiting on Me


Readers, this is a fictional account told in the first person. It's not a quick jerking off piece. If that's what you want, I'll save you the time, so you can look elsewhere. There's lots of very good of that kind of writing on this site.

There is some erotica, but it's not the focus of the story. Enjoy the romantic coupling of two good people that endured heartbreaks before they found each other.


After graduating from high school in 1978, I went to junior college. Although I was raised in a good and loving home, my dad's money as a school janitor and mom's income as an elementary cafeteria worker didn't allow them to put much aside for my older brother or myself to continue our education at a four-year university.

My older brother, Jess, went directly to the military. He joined the Marines and began his military service at Camp Pendleton, near San Diego. As a poor Midwest boy raised in Southwest Missouri, that was as far from home as he'd ever traveled.

As for myself, Roger Allison, I was able to get enough hours at a local grocery store to help cover the modest books expenses. My parents did cover tuition for me, but that was the extent of their ability.

I've always had an aptitude for working with numbers. I was excellent at math and always had the ability to pay attention to minor details.

Although it wasn't considered the manly career goal, my high school counselor suggested that I take an accounting class during my 2 semesters as a senior. I aced it. Subsequently, I took business math, advanced accounting, and bookkeeping classes at junior college.

Freshman year. Junior college. Dani Whitney. Life really begins.

Dani was a very attractive brunette that had embraced the no-bra look. She wasn't huge, but there was enough there to appreciate when her nipples pressed against the fabric covering it. Often, that fabric was thin...especially during the warmer months.

I knew her from high school, but never knew much about her. We were in the same business math class together and she knew that I was skating by easily. She began to ask for help and we'd meet at the study hall where I'd spend up to 30 minutes, occasionally more, helping her.

That led to dating. That led to sex. She was my first lover. She had previous experience but was patient with me. She showed me what she liked and how to delay my load to maximize both hers and my pleasure.

By the time I had left school, I had a job for a small company that did the bookwork and payroll for 8 convenience stores, owned by the same franchisee, in the area. They had other clients as well, but I was specifically assigned to the Singer group.

Dani and I also got married immediately after graduation. We were both only 20, but when she realized that she was 6 weeks pregnant, we hurried and arranged a simple wedding ceremony 2 weeks later. Both our parents had strong religious beliefs that made a hurried ceremony a necessity.

Ricky Allison was born in March of 1982. We had our small family and as far as I knew, life was great.

I took advantage of my skills and a fortuitous break when the Singer family, the franchisees, sold their stores. I began my own home business and convinced the new owners, George and Jack Elliot, to negotiate a deal where I'd keep up their books from home.

That began my home business, which has continued to grow since then and still thrives today.

Home life wasn't quite as successful. I bought a small, two-bedroom home in an older, yet family-friendly neighborhood. I had bought this house prior to getting married. I wanted Dani to have a home to call her own before the nuptials.

The marriage, however, was a disaster. By the time Ricky was 4 years old, I had experienced enough of Dani's cheating. Initially, she denied it...then got caught. Then she apologized, promising that it wouldn't happen again...but it did. And again.

She finally admitted that she wasn't the kind to be tied down to only one partner. She honestly felt bad because she knew how painful it was to me, but she selfishly decided to take Ricky and move on her own. She had an excellent job working with the county and wanted nothing out of the marriage settlement but a modest child support payment.

I kept the house, the same home that I still live in, and I got Ricky every Saturday afternoon and took him to school on Mondays.

Dani? She took advantage of her new freedom to entertain the guys. Although it might have been a mistake, I took her up on her offer for booty calls. That happened several times in the next 6 years. We were still very compatible in bed.

That was the beginning of my experiences in looking for one-night stands. I was reluctant to trust another woman to be faithful. Oddly, there were eight different women over the next several years that were more than happy to just be friends with carnal benefits.

They had no desire to settle down but craved the physical intimacy with a man. I craved the sex, but not the kind of intimacy that would lead to meeting her parents or discussing settling down to a monogamous relationship. Anytime a partner would start discussing being monogamous, it was time for me to leave.

The one thing I've always given Dani credit for was that she taught me how to be a good lover. I'm not exceptionally hung, maybe 7 inches when erect and maybe thicker than average. It's the methods and the patience I used in the bedroom that brought me lots of compliments from the ladies. Again, Dani deserves a lot of the credit.

The sex between Dani and I ended when she remarried when Ricky was 10. I wasn't sure why she wanted to remarry unless she had decided to give up her wild ways.

As it turns out, that wasn't so. After being married for 3 weeks, she called me to come over and enjoy another bedroom session. Her husband was out of town, Ricky was at a friend's house, and we were free to have sex in either her bed or mine.

I emphatically decline. This was the same shit that had caused our divorce and I wasn't going to participate with her to cheat on her new husband.

"Hell, Roger. He's in Kansas City right now and I guarantee you he's got some piece of ass in his bed tonight. Why should he have all the fun?"

I wasn't going for that. No, there was no way I'd have sex with her again while she was married. I wasn't sure if I'd ever get married again, but if I did, I would remain faithful. I hadn't been chaste since my divorce, but married women were off-limits for me.

Except for one exception. Janice Davidson.

I met her in a bar. We struck up a conversation and hit it off well. She was an attractive blonde in her early 40s at the time and had the biggest tits I'd seen. All natural as well. Still the biggest I'd ever seen.

We ended up at my house and had sex that night. She woke up next to me the next morning and we repeated the sex.

The next weekend, I was at the same bar and the bartender, Frank, warned me about sleeping with married women. Yes, Janice was married.

She had lied to me and told me that she was divorced. She wasn't wearing a ring, so I had no reason to doubt her.

Although I enjoyed the physical pleasures of many different women, I still longed for the day that I could have a good and faithful wife to share my life. In my pursuit of temporary sexual satisfaction after being betrayed by Dani, I was merely getting older. At my age, I knew that no decent woman would want a guy that had slept around so much.

Other than my high school friends, Jon and Brandon, my social contacts were nothing more than business acquaintances and clients.

Jon and Brandon had been buddies of mine since our freshman year in high school and we've remained friends since then. We also bowl together in a mixed league along with their wives, Betty and Roni, respectively. Yes, I had even hooked up with another bowler, Connie, for some carnal pleasures.

My life had also changed by the summer of 2000 when Ricky enlisted in the US Army. Ricky had been obsessed with joining the Army since he began high school and he joined the school Army ROTC. He had left to Fort Leonard Wood three weeks ago.

That wasn't too far from home, but I knew once basic training was done, he'd probably be shipped somewhere much further from home; even overseas. I always enjoyed having him with me each week and now his absence was being felt.

I had recently begun to go to Slim's Diner located in the older downtown business district. It was within walking distance from the county courthouse, several attorney's offices, the Hall of Records, and other businesses related to the services offered in the county buildings.

I had seen the diner while driving by when leaving the large Methodist church nearby. They were my longest tenured client after the convenience stores owners.

I also took care of the books of a large Baptist church in town. Although I'm not an overly religious person, I respect those places that promote the good things in life. I purposely gave these churches a sizable discount.

The pastors and their church boards met once a month and I would always have a detailed income and expense report ready for them.

I stopped by one afternoon around 1pm to check out this relatively small diner. There was an L-shaped counter with four seats on the left side and eight seats, with an opening in the middle for diner employee traffic, located as a person initially enters through the front door.

The building wasn't remarkable by any means. It was a plain white building with minimal decorations. A sign on the door informed customers that they were open from 10:30 -- 2:30 Monday through Fridays...closed weekends and holidays.

They specifically catered to the workers in the immediate area. I had seen the place several times while driving from the Methodist Church and decided to give it a try.

I wasn't disappointed.

The menu was very simple. Burgers...French dip...Pastrami...Grilled Ham and Cheese. Choice of homemade potato salad or coleslaw. No French fries. In fact, I later learned that there wasn't even a fryer in the kitchen.

My first choice was pastrami with potato salad. The best I'd ever had of either. Amazing flavor, fresh hoagie roll lightly toasted, and garnished with brown mustard and dill pickles.

Although they advertised that their potato salad was homemade, it wasn't necessary. There isn't a prepackaged carton or any kind of other container of potato salad that could ever be that good. I was hooked. I had to go back.

Yes, the food was that good. There was another reason to go back...my waitress. All I knew was that her name was Sara, based on her name tag. Specifically, it was Sara K.

At the very beginning, while watching with no bias, there wasn't anything about her physically that stood out. Maybe 5 feet 6 inches tall. She didn't appear to be too large up top, although with that loose-fitting pink uniform that buttoned up, it was difficult to get a real idea.

Her black skirt also didn't do her figure any favors, but she didn't appear too spectacular there either.

She had light, strawberry blonde hair that was straight and went down about two inches below her shoulder blades. It was pulled back with a black clip.

She did have a pleasant face and her green eyes was probably her best feature. I noticed the sparse freckles on her face and arms.

She wore absolutely no makeup or lipstick. She was plain. That's not an insult, though. It was possible that she was comfortable with her appearance and didn't see a need to enhance it artificially. Strangely enough, Dani was the same way and that was one characteristic about her that I admired.

It wasn't anything physical that created some a lust inside of me that made me want to know more about her.

First, she was a good waitress. Pleasant, but not flirting. Professional. Didn't smile a lot yet had a pleasant voice and made her customers feel wanted and appreciated.

What was it, then? She was the proverbial girl-next-door type. I imagined her being very prudish. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring, so I assumed she was single. Of course, I got burned once before by Janice Davidson. No ring. Claimed to be single. Big liar.

Sara appeared to be in her 30s, maybe mid-30s. Why was I so fixed on this waitress of whom I knew nothing? I didn't see her as a sexual conquest. She did nothing to even hint that she was that kind of woman. Although it was a standard work uniform she wore on the job, I honestly couldn't picture her wearing anything else less modest...yet I knew completely nothing about her except her first name, last initial, and occupation.

I made the assumption that she might be a single mother. Having helped raise a child as a single father, I knew the challenges. At least I had a successful home business and was never in financial straits.

Slim's was only open 4 hours each day. Unless she had a second job somewhere, she had to rely heavily on her tips to get by. I've always been a generous tipper when dining out and with Sara I was going to be more generous than normal.

My check total was 9.29. I had a 10 and a 5 in my wallet. I paid her at the register and told her to keep the extra.

That brought a slight smile and a thank you from her. Although she didn't gush with thanks, I knew that it was appreciated.

I went back the following Monday. I sat at the same seat in the back corner, left side.

Again, Sara was my waitress. No different than before. Polite, professional, and efficient. When I chose to try the French dip, she did comment about that being her favorite meal at the diner.

I watched her closely as she handled other customers. I was able to discern that her territory was the entire counter as well as the two booths directly behind me. The other waitress, whose name I learned was Abby when Sara called out to her, had the remaining tables and booths.

Yes, the French dip was delicious. I was still partial to the pastrami, but I knew I'd have to have the French dip again. Also, the potato salad was the best I'd ever had. Nothing had changed from the previous visit.

My check was the same, 9.29, as the last time. I came prepared to give her the 15 dollars and have her keep the change. I wasn't trying to buy her, but I knew that wait staff remember their good customers, especially the generous tippers. Just like before, she gave me a slight smile and a calm thank you.

I wondered how I could get more of a conversation started with her. I noticed that by 2 o'clock, the crowd really began to thin out. The previous time, there were only about 10 customers left by the time I paid my check.

Two days later, I showed up later. 1:50pm to be exact. There was a much smaller crowd and I was able to secure the same seat at the counter that I'd sat the previous two times.

This time, I knew she had remembered me when she asked if I liked the French dip or the pastrami sandwich better.

"Well, pastrami has always been my favorite sandwich meat, but tell Slim that he makes a heck of a good French dip also...and his potato salad is also the best ever."

"Yeah, he gets that a lot. Actually, his wife Keni makes the potato salad and the cole slaw. She also bakes the cobblers each day. One day it's peach, next day it's apple. Today was peach, but you're too late. It's usually gone by the end of the day."

That was the most I'd heard her speak at any one time. Was she taking a liking to me, or just appreciating a kind and generous customer?

"By the way, sir, his name is Lou. The cook, that is. As you can see, he's quite tall and thin and he thought calling the diner "Slim's" rather than "Lou's" was more catchy...but we all call him Lou around here."

I went back to the pastrami on this visit. I made up my mind that I'd alternate between the two. Other than our initial conversation, everything else was the same. Good food. Good service. I paid the 9.29 and gave her 15 dollars again.

By this time, I already knew what the bill would be and that I'd have my 15 dollars ready. If I ever got to order any cobbler, which was 4 dollars, I'd just give her a 20.

For me, that was a productive visit. Although I didn't learn anything personal about her, she did engage in some light conversation. Of course, I went back on Friday. Again, later so that the place wouldn't be as busy. This time, the place was practically empty. One other male was at the other end of the counter and two people were in a booth that Abby was attending.

"Good news. You're luck if you want some peach cobbler," said Sara. "We still have some. So, dip or pastrami?"

"Dip, please. As much as I love his potato salad, let's try the cole slaw today. I feel like living on the edge."

I smiled as I said that, and she returned it with a slight chuckle. That's the closest I'd heard of a laugh from her. Maybe I was breaking the ice.

Sara was doing some closing chores as I waited on my food.

"Was today a slow day?" I asked.

"Sort of. We had a strong lunch rush, but this is normal for a Friday. Many of the courts don't meet and others get out of town early. That's about the only chance you'll ever get to having cobbler if you keep coming in this late. Usually, it's gone by 1 or so."

I didn't tell her why I was coming in so late. I enjoyed getting to talk to her a little more, even though it was only work-related. I wanted to know more about her, although I seriously doubted that I was the kind of guy she'd go out with...if she didn't already have a boyfriend.

I enjoyed my lunch and took my cobble in a to-go container. That would be my dinner. This time, I gave her the 20 and had her keep the change.

This time, the thanks came back sounding more enthusiastic.

"Thanks so much, sir. That's really appreciated on Fridays."

"I don't expect you to remember it, but the name is Roger Allison. I'm a local accountant-slash-bookkeeper and notary public. You all have excellent food and excellent service. Now that I've been here a few times, you'll definitely be seeing me around at least a couple times a week."

"Thank you, Roger. It's nice to have our efforts noticed. Keep coming back to my counter. I enjoy taking care of you."

That remark made my day. She looked forward to my visits. Maybe it was just for professional reasons. That was possible. This very nice and apparently prudish woman wouldn't be interested in a guy that's been chasing pussy for so long.

The problem that I was creating for myself was I began seeing her as a very beautiful lady to be desired much more than just a waitress. Fat chance of that happening, but at least I had a good fantasy going.

I went back Monday at 2:00. Again, a very thin crowd and I got my customary stool at the counter. This day turned out a little different.

"You know, if you keep showing up later and later, we'll be closed by the time you get here." Sara smiled at me as she said it.

"Yeah, getting away from the desk isn't as easy on some days."

That was partially true. There were days where is was harder to get away than others. However, this was being done intentionally with the purpose of seeing more of my favorite waitress.

"Roger? Right?" Sara asked me.

"Yes, it's Roger. Surprised you remembered."

"Forgive me for being nosy, Roger, but when you told me your name, I looked it up online. I wanted to know about your reputation and whether you really were who you said you were. Lots of phonies out there, you have to admit it"

Professionally, I had nothing to hide. My reputation is solid. The few reviews on Yelp have been exceptional.

"What made you feel the need to look me up? I asked. "I don't mind that you did. I have nothing to hide. I take a lot of pride in my work and in my charitable work for churches and charities as well. Non-profit organizations that help others always get a break. That's one way of giving back."

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