Sarah and Ben Ch. 01


Sarah hadn't been working the closing shift as of yet. June and some of the other girls did and Sarah had mentioned how much more tips they got in the last hours of the bar being open. She also said that June made quite a bit doing private parties too.

Sarah finally came out and asked me if she could do the closing shifts and maybe some private parties. I was a bit unsure about the private parties, because I could remember hearing from June that some of them could get quite wild, but Sarah was very convincing and I wanted her to be happy so I relented.

After a few weeks of her new shifts, we were having sex daily still, but now I was getting woken up in the morning, before I had to go to work. I would drag ass all day long and go home to an empty house, or sometimes we would grab a small bit of time before she had to go to work.

I was missing our time together much more than I would let on to her. All this time I had never been to where she worked. I wasn't even sure as to where the place was.

Slowly things began to change. At first it was little things, like her getting home and being too tired for sex in the morning like we had been having. She would put on her flannel nightgown and just curl up in bed and go to sleep.

Then more things started to go on that I couldn't get an answer for, nor explain. She 'had' to do more private parties suddenly. Then some of the parties were scheduled on weekdays and weekends during the day, and she would still have to work that night. That meant that I wasn't seeing her at all on my days off.

One day I got fed up with it all and we got into an argument. I was tired of being by myself on weekends, and our sex life had gone down the tubes. The quality was still there, but the quantity had dropped until we were hardly having sex more than once or twice a month.

"Sarah, what the hell is going on at your job? Are you having an affair? What? Christ, our sex life is in the tubes and I hardly ever see you anymore. Something has to give here or we are going to be in divorce court real soon. I love you and I don't want to lose you, but enough is enough."

Sarah broke down and started to cry. This was the first Sunday in a long time that she hadn't had to work a party or a shift. We had been out together and she had been standoffish to me as far as sex went.

Frustrated I blew up in the car on the way home from the beach. She had a lost look on her face and even though it tore me up I kept on hammering at her.

"I can't control the shifts at work Ben, and the parties are a large part of them now. I have to work when I am needed. Just like you have to work when your boss needs you. Can't you just forget it? It will be ok. Look, I am feeling horny I'd like to give you a blowjob. Why don't you pull over and I will get you off baby."

"Don't change the subject Sarah. You don't need to work. I make enough so that you don't have to work. Why don't you quit your job and then we can readjust to being a couple again. I feel like we are just dating for Christ's sake. We are definitely not acting like most married couples. We hardly ever see each other. Our sex life is almost non-existent. We are headed for divorce here honey."

" Ben, I can't quit now. They all are depending on me to be there working. I have responsibilities and must fulfill them as best I can."

"Your job means more to you than I do? You are willing to throw our marriage away for your stinking job? I thought I knew you better than that. I guess I was wrong about a lot of things."

"Oh Ben, I love you more than anything honey. I want to stay married. I don't want a divorce. Please give me some time to get this all straightened out. I will get us back to where we were. I just need some time. Bob is short-handed right now and as soon as he gets some more help I will change me shifts. I just have to keep helping out at the parties."

"Would you listen to yourself Sarah? You are living for your job and those parties more than you are for our marriage. I guess I am not important enough for you now. I didn't really like this whole job thing and now I know why. I have lost my wife to a FUCKIN JOB."

Sarah broke down into tears and sobbing and the drive home was her sobbing and I stewing. The rest of the day went much like the drive. I didn't talk to her and actually avoided her as much as possible. I could hear her crying at different times and I was to the point of going to her when June arrived.

June rang the doorbell and as I answered it she swept into the room. She came right up to me and gave me a big hug and kissed me on my cheek. I could feel her breasts crushing into my chest as she hugged me.

She was wearing a one-piece short dress made of a silk type fabric. It was slinky and showed her body off totally. It was almost like she was naked in front of me. I could even tell she was not wearing any underwear either.

"Where is Sarah? She called. I need to talk to her, ok?"

"She is in the bedroom June. It's right in there."

I pointed, but she was already walking in since she really knew where everything was in our home. I was a bit miffed because Sarah had felt she had to call a friend instead of talking it out with me. I had always been her closest friend in the past and suddenly I felt left out in the cold.

I was hanging around trying to listen in on their conversation when June came out and caught me at the door.

"Uh, it is your house and all Ben, but why don't you take a powder. You know, go take a drive or something. Get out of the house for a bit and let us girls talk. OK?"

"Hey, why doesn't Sarah talk to me instead of you. After all I am her husband and this is, or should be, between us only. NO offense."

"None taken. You are right she is your wife and this should be just between you two. She called me though and I came as a friend. She wants to talk to me about all of this since I have been there before."

"Well, I just don't want this to end up in divorce court ok? I love Sarah and I don't think that I could live without her. I just want my wife back. That's all, just my wife back home with me every night and on weekends."

"Ok, I'll tell her that. You just take your walk or drive and come back in a couple of hours ok?"

"Yeah. Fine."

I hoped that Sarah had heard my pleas. I really wanted her to quit her job and be home for me. Not because of some male dominant bullshit thing either. I wanted to be with my partner in life as much as possible. I wanted to see her more than once a week for a couple of hours. Her job was driving us apart rapidly; I felt that she didn't see it for whatever reason.

I drove around for a while then headed home. June was still there and as I walked in she came up to me and told me to sit down in the kitchen. We were all going to have a talk.

"WE are going to talk? Why not just Sarah and I? I don't feel right about you being here. You might gang up on me simply because you are Sarah's friend."

"Ben, please, let June stay, we won't gang up on you. I promise. It's just that I have some things to bring out that you probably will not like to hear."

"All right. FINE. Lets talk now shall we?"

"OK Ben, you love Sarah quite a bit don't you?"

"Yes, I do June. More than you could possibly imagine. She is my life, what I live for."

"Good. She loves you too, at least as much as you love her. Probably more than you will ever know."

"Yeah, well now you know that we love each other a lot."

"Yes, I have always known that Ben. YOU have never let me forget how much you love your wife. I have hit on you and you have ignored me, or flat turned me down because you are in love with your wife, Sarah."

"What the hell are you talking about? You have never hit on me, nor have I ever had to turn you down because you have never made an offer. What the hell is going on here?"

"Ben, I have hit on you and you did ignore me. Numerous times. I also made a move on you last New Years Eve. You turned away from me and went looking for Sarah. Remember?"

"We were drunk, and all you wanted was a kiss under that mistletoe. Of course I turned away. I wanted to kiss my wife."

"Is that true Ben? You have ignored her hitting on you?"

"Ok, all right, yes she hit on me but since she was one of your friends I said nothing to you and I did ignore her. I love you Sarah. You are all I could want in a woman."

"Oh GOD. I have been so wrong all this time."

"Sarah, what in the hell are you talking about now?"

I was getting very confused now. This was not at all what I had been expecting to be talking about and I was at a loss as to what the hell was going on for sure now.

June had a look of sorrow and a certain something else that I couldn't identify. I had seen that look before and it had made me nervous at the time back then. Now, that look combined with our conversation, I was getting deeply afraid of how the rest of this talk was going to go.

"I...thought that...well...I thought that you were having an affair. I am so sorry Ben. I never knew any of this before. June told me but I didn't believe her at the time, now I am sure that she and you were and are telling the truth."

"You thought I was cheating on you? When and most of all, why? Why would I have wanted to cheat on you Sarah? You have been sexually doing things that I have dreamed about for years. Our sex life was getting better and better. Recently it had gone bad, but that was because you were working, right?"

"Well, yes and no. I thought you were cheating on me and so I volunteered to work more parties and the different shifts because I was so mad at you. I acted like a child. I should have come to you and got it out in the open, but I was afraid. Then there was the party on that Wednesday. The bachelor party that I really cut loose. I blew it on that day."

"What do you mean cut loose? What have you done Sarah?"

"Oh GOD Ben, I am so sorry about this. I...well...I performed at the party. I performed and things got way out of hand. Some of the girls dance and...strip..."

"NO. YOU DIDN'T STRIP? Please tell me you didn't strip for a bunch of men at a party. SARAH, oh god. No."

"Yes, I stripped and entertained them. All."

"Entertained? What do you mean entertained?"

"FUCKED. I fucked them all Ben. I thought you had been cheating with Wendy from next door and I decided to get even. I was mad and hurt. I went to the party to dance only. They talked and begged and finally I said that I would give the groom a blowjob. After I got into the blowjob I was so turned on I let them have me however they wanted. They took me two and three at a time. I was there for six hours servicing all fifteen men. They paid me fifteen hundred dollars at the end of the party and I came home and showered and then...then I felt used and cheap. My doing that hadn't changed anything."

"Oh GOD SARAH. Fifteen men? Three at a time? How did you do three at a time?"

"I let them have me anally Ben. They took my anal virginity. I think that all of them had me there and I am sure I had all of them at least three times each. With no protection either. I had cum running out of me all the way home and in the shower. I am so sorry about this Ben."

The wind had been taken out of my sail with this confession. June stood by with her arms around Sarah as she cried into her hands. Her tears were cascading off of her cheeks onto the tabletop making small puddles of water.

I sat there shocked at the news of my wife's infidelity. I could picture in my mind her dancing and even some of what followed without having even seen the men. I was not feeling anything except I noticed that I had a swelling in my pants.

I had gotten turned on thinking about my wife being in a gangbang at a party where she had stripped too. What was wrong with me? How could this turn me on anyway? I didn't say anything at all while Sarah kept crying. June however looked over at me and I saw a slight smile on her face.

"It turned you on."


"Yes it did. It turned you on thinking about Sarah stripping and then fucking all of those men. You liked it."

"NO. I'm's because...Sarah...well...maybe a little bit. But that is just because I haven't had sex with my wife for so long. DAMNIT SARAH, HOW COULD YOU THINK I WOULD CHEAT ON YOU WITH THAT COW NEXT DOOR?"

"She's not a cow Ben. She has a great body. She has made eyes at you before."

"Sarah, even June couldn't get me into her arms, why in the fuck would you think that what's her name could even have had a chance to begin with? Christ, I LOVE YOU."

"I hadn't been home for you, she lived next door, I imagined you in her arms and it went from there. I really thought you had been cheating Ben."

"You thought I had been cheating? Or is it you wanted an excuse to have some strange cock? Your sexuality has gone way up since you took this job and I think you decided to play around a bit. Then you felt guilty for cheating on me. You also knew that I might feel a difference in your pussy as we fucked too. DIDN'T YOU?"


Sarah broke down crying and June glared at me hard. I just glared back. What would you do? You find out that your wife had entertained at a party and fucked fifteen men for money? I was hurt. I was furious. I was also so turned on because of the images in my mind.

I had had a fantasy of sharing Sarah with other men. I had thought about her fucking one or two men as I watched. I had, God help me, desired to have her fuck several men in front of me as I filmed it. Now it had happened, but not how I had thought it would.

She had cheated on me. She had lied to me. She had done this behind my back, under a flimsy excuse of me having cheated on her.

I thought that our marriage had been strong and evenly matched. I thought that with the love we had for each other we would never have a problem especially like this. Now I had found out in the space of a few minutes that not only was I wrong, I was dead wrong about a lot of things in our marriage.

"What do we do now Sarah? Do you want a divorce? Have you hated me so much in the last month or two? How can we, or how do we fix this?"

Sarah jumped up and ran into the bedroom. June stepped around the chair Sarah had been sitting in and put a hand on my chest, forcing me to sit back down where I was.

"Let me go talk to her. YOU SIT. I will come out in a bit and talk to you. You wait right here until then. OK?"

"I guess. June? Tell her...tell Sarah...tell her I love her still. I really do."

June put a hand on my cheek and smiled a sad smile. She had a tear in her eye and as she wiped it away she turned and walked away. I sat numbly in the kitchen, waiting for what turned into three hours. June eventually came out.

"Ben. Did you mean what you said a bit ago? About loving Sarah still? Do you still love her, and most importantly, do you still want her after this?"

"June, I am sure. I still love her and I still want her too."

"Ok. We have to figure out a way for you to get even with her for fucking all those men. Have any ideas?"

"NO. I don't want to get even with her. I just want to love her and her to love me like before. I don't need to get even at all."

"Oh silly, silly Ben. Of course you have to get even with Sarah for fucking all those men. If you don't, every time you two have a disagreement, you will bring that up and then she will feel lower and lower until you are able to walk all over her. That wouldn't be a marriage, that would be slavery, with you being the master."

"What are you talking about? I think you need to re-think that thought for sure. Two wrongs do not make a right June and you know that."

"Fifteen men Ben. She fucked fifteen men. She let them have her anal virginity. YOU HAVE NEVER FUCKED HER THERE. There are fifteen men out there who have though. Fifteen men who got blowjobs, fucked your wife's tight little pussy, and then they fucked your wife's very tight virgin asshole too. She usually had three at a time. Sarah acted like and was a slut. She took on all those men in one afternoon of debauchery."

I was speechless. June had graphically brought to my mind what I had been spending the last hours trying to put out of it. I was thinking about all those men and realized that June's little reminder had gotten me hard again.

"Something else you should know Ben. She not only did it, she was filmed and had still pictures taken while she did it."


"Ben, I was there as support. I filmed it all on videos and took pictures for various men. They paid well for the stills. The movie is in Sarah's possession. I still have some of the pictures too. Here, have a look."

June reached into her purse and brought out a packet of pictures and handed them to me. I sat back and took a deep breath, calming my shot to shit nerves for what was to come next.

I opened the packet and the first picture fell out onto the table. Sarah, naked, in front of a bunch of men. She was on her knees giving a stranger a blowjob. His cock was fully in her mouth and I could see her nose pressing into his belly. The next picture showed her taking his cum into her mouth as she held his cock in front of her mouth. I could see his white seed on her tongue and running down her chin.

The next picture showed her getting two cocks in her at once. One was in her ass and one in her pussy. The fourth picture showed her with two more cocks in her ass and pussy, different ones, and the cock that had been in her ass was now in her mouth. The rest were different variations of what I had already seen.

I was cold. I was numb. I was still hotter than hell, especially seeing it in front of me like this. There was my wife fucking strangers in full color pictures. My wife getting gang-fucked and she looked like she loved every minute of it too.

I sat there alone. June had dumped the pictures in front of me and left to talk to Sarah. I sat there looking and then I realized that I was crying. Why I didn't know for sure, but crying nonetheless.

I sat there for a while quiet and still. I finally stacked the pictures up and neatly put them back into the folder they had come from. I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee. I poured two more and then walked into the bedroom.

Sarah and June were sitting quietly. They had evidently been waiting for me to come to them this time. I sat the coffees down and then went over to Sarah. Kneeling down in front of her I took her hands in mine. She had tears in her eyes. I had some in mine too.

"Sarah. I love you so much. I want you to know that I still love you, and I still want you. Will you stay with me? Will you still be my wife? Please?"

Sarah pulled me up onto the bed and hugged me tightly. Her body shook as she sobbed out loud. Her head buried in my shoulder. Then she clamed down and sat back a bit. Her look was serious but loving.

"Oh thank you Ben. I know I don't deserve it. I don't deserve you for a husband. You have done nothing but loved me all this time and I have been a whore. A slut for many men. I even gave away something that only you should have had the right to take. You love me and still want me, but can you forgive me? What I have done is so nasty and bad. I have been a very bad wife."

"Sarah, I will forgive you. I will need some time. I will forgive you though. I still love you too."

"I will do anything you want me to Ben. I will quit my job tomorrow. I will..."

"You will keep your job. I want you to keep your job Sarah. I want to...I want you to..."

"What? What do you want Ben?"

"I...I want..."


"He wants to watch you getting gangbanged Sarah. Ben wants to watch you getting fucked by different men and he wants to join in too. DON'T YOU BEN?"

June had thrown it out there where I had been tongue-tied. She was right. I did want to watch and then join in.

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