tagNovels and NovellasSarah and Ben Ch. 03

Sarah and Ben Ch. 03


I have been stripping for about six years. In that time I have learned how to make a real good income. I then invested wisely. Now I dance and turn tricks on the side for my pleasure.

I met Sarah one day through a mutual friend. We hit it off real well. Soon I was dropping by her place quite often. Her husband Ben is one hot stud let me tell you. I had the hots for him for about a year before I finally tried to get him to take me.

I discovered that he was a very rare breed of man. I couldn't get him to walk the wild side with me. He was so faithful to Sarah I was flat stunned. It was something I had never experienced before. I had never met a man that could turn me down. Sarah was a friend and because of that I never tried to go there again after that Christmas party.

In my defense, I was drunk on that night and otherwise would have never tried as hard as I did. It wasn't that he didn't notice other women, he did. It was his undying faithfulness that was so strong.

Well, one day Sarah mentioned how bored she had been. I started to talk to her about going to work at the place I worked at. At first she was mildly interested. After I told her what I did she was shocked. She was also still curious too.

"You really strip? You mean totally remove all of your clothes? Really?

"Yes. I like doing it too Sarah. The looks and comments the men make at me just turn me on so much. I live to be the center of attention of all of those men."

"Do you...well...you know...have sex with them too?"

"Yes. I make even more money by having sex with them. It pays well and I have fun at the same time. You haven't lived until you have had several men in one night hon it is to die for."

"Then you are a..."

"Prostitute? Yeah, you could say that I guess. I get paid for great sex, and sometimes not so great sex, but it does pay well."

"I could never do that. I am married and I love my husband. I could never have sex with strange men, and for money too? No way."

"Oh honey, it isn't all that bad to begin with. You wouldn't have to have sex with anyone either. You could just serve topless or even strip. You wouldn't have to do anything you didn't want to though."

"Well, you know I have had a fantasy of stripping in a club. You know, showing off my body to strange men and dancing for them. There is no way I would fuck them though."

"Hey, you could come down to the club and watch me and the other girls tomorrow and then decide from there if you wanted to try this or not Sarah. I think you will like it though. You will want to strip, trust me."

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look and see what it is you do. I could come down tomorrow I guess, just for a little bit mind you."

She dropped by just to look it over. She stayed for about four hours and as she left I saw a wet spot in the crotch of her jeans. I knew she would be back then.

I talked to my employer, and he was very interested in getting Sarah to work for him. His club was one of those borderline places. People of all races came there, and things could be bought for a price.

No great surprise, Sarah came to me and asked me if she could work there. She wasn't sure in her mind she had the body it took to be a stripper. I told her she would do very well and that her body was even better than mine.

A week later, she was after me to set up an appointment with Bob, my boss. I did and things went smoothly from there. At first she just waited tables topless. That lasted about two weeks.

When she started to dance all the men in the club started to come in on her shifts. The whole concept of slow nights went out the window with her dancing. She was the attraction.

When I talked her into doing her first party I thought she was going to never quit. She danced for those fifteen guys and then, when the best man talked her into the lap dance for the groom things blew up and shot past anything I had ever witnessed.

I watched as her dance worked not only the groom up but Sarah as well. When she leaned down with her face close to his exposed cock I knew that things were going to get way out of hand and soon. I was right.

She began to lick her lips and as she did he thrust his cock up towards her mouth. She bent in a bit and then the head of his cock pushed in between her lips. Soon she was taking in his whole cock.

As she was sucking the groom, the best man knelt behind her and began to finger her pussy. Soon he had his sizeable cock at the lips of her pussy and then he shoved it in. Sarah moaned around the cock in her mouth and really started to go all out.

Her blowjob on him was one of wanton lust. She had his entire sizable dick down her throat as the cock in her pussy drove in and out. Her blowjob was getting faster and soon the groom shot off into her mouth. She never slowed down a bit and sucked him until he was soft. After that it really became a full-fledged gangbang.

She wore out all of them and even let them take her anal virginity. I was amazed. I knew that she was not a slut. I knew she was a married and proper woman. She showed me a side that had never even so much as hinted that a slut was just underneath.

I managed to get some great film and pictures of her first gangbang. It was also her first time out of her marriage. She cried on the way home that night and felt so guilty about what she had done.

I comforted her and talked her into not quitting. Her sexuality increased with every party after that. Soon, Bob had her doing special parties in the back room. Even I had not been that brave or slutty. Those parties got very, very wild and some of the things that went on in them were very wicked.

Her first time with Bob was interesting too. He was her first man of color and she became a real slut for him while he was fucking her. She did everything he wanted in a second without a whimper or hesitation.

I watched as he had her lick and tongue his asshole and then clean up his cock after he fucked her ass too. She kept him going and actually wore him out. He had her service a couple of his friends right away, even before she got dressed to go out and find them.

He told her to go get them like she was. One of them was outside cooling off and she just strutted out and took him by the arm and pulled him into the back and proceeded to wear out both of those guys too.

That was the night that Ben started to get a bit suspicious and their first argument started. When she called me the next day I found out that not only she had not told Ben anything about her new job, that she was feeling so guilty about fucking all those men too.

We talked for several hours and then we told Ben. He was so upset I hurt for him too. I could see a pain that I had never seen in a man's eyes before. She had run him through and through with her hurtful admission of guilt.

I came up with the plan to allow Ben to get even and after a lot of careful pushing on my part they went for it. Ben was and is a fantastic lover. I discovered that he really liked and knew how to eat pussy.

Sarah had done something that I would never have done had I been with him. I couldn't understand why she would have tossed him over like this. I found out later her fantasies had been tightly held to her own thoughts because she was too afraid to try anything while she was single.

Once she found out what I did for a living her mind wouldn't let her stop thinking about it and soon her needs overcame her sense. She was like a drug addict looking for a fix. It showed up during that first party.

After the blow-up and our first few days of fucking as a group I could see that Ben had something bothering him constantly. I knew that he was still hurting from her unfaithfulness and trying to hide it. I didn't know why I could see this and Sarah couldn't.

One night at the club Ben took up with Candy. I knew she was a gold digger and wanted Ben badly. She had been talking to the other girls and they had spared no details of his expertise in the sack. She was very good at getting men and I knew it was only a matter of time before Ben would succumb to her charm.

As I watched she took him in like a fishermen reeling in a prize catch. Ben was in her hold before I could get over and break it up. Too late I saw a change come over him. I knew Candy had used a trump card, probably one like telling him how she wouldn't have done to him what Sarah had done.

In the back room I watched as Candy worked them both like fine instruments. Her knowledge and actions were working against Sarah in a real and painful way. I watched as Ben made Sarah Clean his cock up after he had just finished in Candy's ass. As they walked away I saw a beaten Sarah crying on the bed, alone.

I could only watch as he talked to Sarah and devastated her. He walked out with Candy on his arm and I knew the battle to preserve a marriage had just taken a turn for the worse. Sarah quit for the night and I went with her.

I was afraid for her life thinking she might do something stupid. Her pain now had a depth that was not going to be easy to repair. I started to feel a bit guilty about talking them into the 'get even fucking' like I had.

I really felt bad about getting her to make up the 'his cheating on her with the neighbor' story. It hadn't gone well at all, and Sarah in her guilt, didn't do a good enough job to convince Ben of her being so sure about that.

When Ben didn't come home the next day and Candy wasn't at work I had a new worry. Had they left and ran off together? What had she done to turn him so hard against Sarah? I drove past Candy's place and saw her car and Bens car in the driveway.

Sarah was like a zombie when I got back to their place. She only talked in a monotone voice and was very pale. She constantly broke down into tears and cried for hours. I finally took her into a doctor and her referred her to a shrink. She was started on some drugs to help her and they also set up a string of appointments for her.

I took her to my place so she wouldn't be alone and we settled in for the day. The day that turned into a week. Ben stayed with Candy for the whole damn week. She came in to work and danced for her shift and then left. No special dances or anything beyond her stripping routine.

After one long week Ben stopped by the house while I was there with Sarah. That day is indelibly etched in my mind. I saw a side of Ben I had never seen before. I don't think Sarah had seen it either. He came into the house and Sarah was beside herself trying to get him to talk to her.

"Ben, oh God! Please stay home now? Please talk to me. Ben I need you to talk to me please?"

"Got nothing to say to you Sarah. You tore me apart, made a shit load of money fucking all those men. Was it worth it whore? You fucking slut. I can't believe that I ever saw anything in you. You go to work with strippers and become a party whore for strange men. Stay the fuck away from me back alley slut."

Stunned all I could do is watch as he tore her down with his harsh words. Sarah was on the floor where she had collapsed during his attack. Her face was white as a ghost and she was shaking.

"I just came here to get my stuff then I'm gone for good whore. I don't want anything to do with you ever again. Stay the fuck away from me and don't ever call or try to talk to me again. Bitch. SLUT. WHORE."

I felt the need to step in and try to fix things. I should have known better. Ben had gone off the deep end and was very angry with Sarah and me. I should have just kept quiet and let him leave.

"Ben, you can't mean that. Sarah loves you. She hasn't worked since that night at the club. Please stay and talk this all over with her. She needs you so much Ben."

"Fuck you whore. You both can go to hell. You led my wife, the woman of my life into this trashy lifestyle and then try to get me involved like this is normal. Now you are trying to tell me that she loves only me? BULLSHIT."

"You call us whores? How about that whore you have been sleeping with all week? Isn't Candy a whore too Ben?"

"No shit June. Yeah, Candy is a whore too. An honest whore first of all. That doesn't matter anyway since I am leaving her too. Once a whore always a whore I think. I could never trust any of you again. Especially you Sarah."

Ben turned and walked out. I was crying with Sarah as he drove away. I felt bad about this because it was mostly my fault for leading Sarah into this lifestyle.

True, she had jumped in with both feet after that first party, but still would she have gone there and done that without my encouragement? Not likely. She truly loved Ben and now because of her lust and my pushing he had just walked out on her.

Days became weeks, weeks became months. Sarah and I lived together and she went back to work at the club. A very changed woman. She only smiled on stage while dancing. She didn't do any more parties or 'special' dances in the back room.

She did do the three parties for Bob as she promised before all of this happened. She performed extremely well and actually looked like she really enjoyed fucking and sucking at all of them.

One of the parties was a bunch of pro-basketball players. They were mostly black and very large, in all aspects. They put her through some hard and sometimes rough fucking. Usually three or so at a time. I helped out as much as possible and at the end of that night we were both worn out.

Sarah now just stripped and had very little contact with the men in the club. Ben had not been seen for a long time and we had found out that he had moved to another state on the other side of the country.

Sarah would dance, shower, go home eat and sleep. Her appointments with the shrink were about the only time she got out other than work. I tried to get her interested in going out but she would just sit at home and either read or watch TV.

We were coming up on Christmas and Ben had been gone for over six months. She hadn't heard from him since that terrible day he had left her. There had been no contact, not even the expected papers for divorce.

One night, as Sarah was dancing a small group of men came in. None looked familiar to me and they were average type businessmen looking for a good time while in town.

Sarah did her number and as she was leaving they tried to talk to her. She walked by and paid little or no attention to them. She came out and sat at the bar waiting for her next turn at dancing. One of the men came up to her and they started to talk. Soon he motioned to his friends and they all came over around her.

I was a bit curious as to why she would talk to them since she had pretty much avoided men for so long. I slipped in close to them and listened as they tried to charm her.

I soon learned that they worked for the same company that Ben had worked for and they talked to him regularly. He had set up in another office at the same company, just in another state. A transfer in haste in order to keep him working for them.

"Ben came here? Wow. Never would have thought that ol' Ben would come to a joint like this."

"Yeah, well he only came a couple of times you know. Don't think he cared for it or us dancers"

Sarah was talking like just one of the dancers instead of his wife. It dawned on me that she was fishing for information on Ben.

"Prim and proper Ben in a strip joint. Man will wonders never cease. Hey babe, you interested in a little party after you get off?"

"No, I can't. I am married and my husband would not care to have me 'partying' with other men."

"Wow, your married and your husband knows you do this?"

"Yeah. He doesn't care for it, but he knows. I don't fuck around though. I just dance."

"Man, that is too bad. You are so beautiful and sexy looking. I would love to fuck you honey. You have a very fuckable body."

"You can look, you can't touch. Sorry guys. I could set you up with some other dancer if you want. There are some who may want to 'party' with you all."

"Hey, that would be great babe. We would like to have some fun tonight for sure. Won't be too expensive I hope."

"Well, dancing at private parties costs a bit. The entertainment is quite good though."

I listened and soon Sarah had skillfully arranged for a party and entertainment with a couple of the other dancers. She got them a premium price too. Her efforts were rewarded with more information on Ben.

She learned that he had not had anything to do with women in his new state and had thrown himself into his work. He worked and went home. They called him the hermit. They couldn't get him to go out or anything. They knew that he was currently separated from his wife but not anything else. He had become very closed mouth about his personal life.

One of them mentioned how having been at Bens place he had seen that he had pictures of his wife all over the place. He also mentioned how much she looked like Sarah. I could see the fear in her eyes as he talked on and knew that she didn't want them to know that Ben's wife was a stripper.

The only thing that kept them from realizing that Sarah was that woman in those pictures was the fact that she had dyed her hair brown. She had changed her appearance a bit in order to deal with her new image. I think deep down she felt that if she looked different in the mirror she could imagine that it was not her that was standing there. (I had caught her looking in the mirror for long periods of time since she had dyed it)

One of the men mentioned how Ben seemed to still be in love with his soon to be ex. He figured that that was why he had moved away from where they had been. Ben had mentioned once how he missed his wife quite a bit. I saw Sarah's eyes and knew that she had hopes of getting back with him yet.

The next day Sarah began to seem happier than she had in a long time. I thought that she was being unrealistic about being able to get Ben back, but I supported her need to try to get back with him. I found his addrress by using my wares and talking to a gentleman that worked in his old office. He gave me Ben's new address. I'll bet he never had gotten such a good blowjob from his wife as I gave him for those few lines scribled on that scrap paper.

I then flew to Ben's new residence, without letting Sarah know what I ws up to. My plan was just to see if there was any chance at all for them and to see if Ben would be in the frame of mind to try getting back with Sarah. I couldn't have gone at a better time it seems.

I pulled up in the rental car just as he got home from work. His first look at me was one of shock as well as a bit of anger.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you Ben. About Sarah."

"Give me a break. You got her to cheat on me and become nothing but a whore. Now what do you want? Make the knife turn a bit harder in my guts? Drag me into your sordid little world?"

"No Ben. I came here to see if you were able or capable of forgiving Sarah yet. Thats all. She needs you Ben."

"Yeah? Like I think she really would care about me after all of this?"

"Ben, even if you don't want to admit it she loves you very very much. She has paid over and over for what she did to you. What I led her to do. She is deserving of forgivness from you. She needs you Ben. She still loves you. Can you honestly say you don't love her anymore?"

Ben looked at me with haunted eyes. His face gave away what I need to see. I could plainly see that he still loved Sarah. His emotions were right out there and his lost soul was searching for something to say to me that he couldn't quite bring himself to say. I could also see his anger too. I decided to push a bit harder.

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