tagNovels and NovellasSarah and Ben Ch. 04

Sarah and Ben Ch. 04


Bob's story.

You know the story of Sarah and Ben? I can tell you a bit about it. You see, I own the club where Sarah went to work. June, one of my very best dancers, brought her in one day. She was shocked at what June did, but you could see she was very interested in dancing too.

June had been working on her to go to work here at my club. If little Sarah had known then what I knew, she probably would have ran from the club to never come back. June loved to dance at the club and she was bringing in over 250k a year dancing. (That I knew of) She worked on Sarah until Sarah decided to try it out.

Sarah came back a while later and wanted to just wait tables. I didn't mind, since this is how most of the dancers started out here anyway. I could see that she really got off on the attention from my customers. I knew it was only a matter of time and she would be dancing in the club, and also doing other 'favors' for me too.

Then came the party that June talked her into working. I sent June to it with the video camera and the digital camera. I wanted some good pictures and film of Sarah's first party. What I didn't know was how good it was going to be. I had hopes of course, but Sarah went way above and beyond the call of duty for me that night.

June dropped off the video and pictures that night and I made copies of them. June got the originals back the next morning. She was unaware of my copying and that was fine with me. I watched the video and was impressed at how much Sarah seemed to enjoy herself. She was definitely the best girl I had working for me at this point.

It only took two more days after the party to get Sarah in my office. I was her first man of 'color' and I taught her a few things while we had 'fun'. I discovered that Sarah was very open to new things and I soon had her using the back room to help 'calm' some of my rowdier customers when they would get worked up.

I loved fucking her too. She was the first woman to ever take all of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. I was impressed as hell over that. She loved to suck cock. She loved to fuck too. There was nothing that would slow her down when she got going.

One night as she was giving me some of that great head, a business 'partner' stopped in. Sarah just kept on sucking me as this stranger sat down and talked business with me. When I started to cum She took me out of her mouth and held my cock in front of her open lips, begging for the taste of my cum.

My 'associate' got worked up quite a bit and as soon as I was all done filling her mouth with cum she turned to him and asked if there was anything she could do for him. He soon had his cock in her throat and came down it real fast. Later he fucked her in several positions and finished by cumming on her face.

What surprised me about that whole episode was the fact that I never asked her to do it. She just wanted to do it on her own. That is when I had her start to service special customers. Her services were soon in high demand and she was making far more than June or Candy ever had.

I worried about her husband and what would happen if he found out about her 'job'. When it all came out I figured that she was going to dump him to keep getting all the cock that she had gotten used to getting. Boy was I wrong.

After the way Candy had slipped in and gotten her hooks into Ben, I thought that Sarah would soon be a single and much sought after dancer. When she just went to dancing only I was very disappointed. I had hoped that she would swing towards the 'fun' instead of the husband.

She was still a popular dancer, and brought in a good crowd for the nights she worked. I just couldn't get her to do special services anymore. Except for the three parties that she felt obligated to do for me. Those were extra special indeed. I think she knew that it would be her last flings so to speak, so she really went all out during them.

The first party was some associates of mine who were trying to get some slack from the local politicians. Sarah was the cream on the top for the deal and she performed so well that the politicians were more than happy to have dealt with the associates. Since I filmed all of the parties, I had some future insurance for the club and business of mine.

Sarah was very photogenic and her dancing up to the point of taking on all the men was so sexual and enticing, she had several of the men on the edge of passing out. Ties were loosened in the first two minutes of her ten-minute routine. By the time she finished her first routine they were getting undressed.

As she finished her dancing she was taken into the lap of the highest-ranking man and soon she was getting fucked seven ways to Sunday. Her wanton need was so telegraphed to the men they just flocked all around her for hours. She still wore them out and as the last man dropped away she stood and looked around the room.

"Any more takers?"

"Babe, you wore us all out for now."

"Huh. I would have thought you guys were real ready to go kind of guys. I guess I was wrong. I had hopes that you would all be ready for at least one more round each. I guess I will just go see Bob, he will be ready for some from me."

All I knew was that later, in my office, she about killed me with all the fucking and sucking she had ready for me. She came into the club, showered, and then naked walked into my office.

"Want some of this before I put it away Bob?"

"Get on over here little slut. I will wear you out tonight."

Well...she wore me out and I think that when she went home she was still horny for some more. Too bad that hubby wasn't there to reap the benefits. He had left her and moved away. I had been working on her to stay and get back into the swing of things, but her mental state was one of on the edge of going down. I backed off when I saw the haunted look in her eyes. I knew that from past experience, she was close to going over the edge and that was not what I wanted to happen.

When she just went to dancing only I was hard pressed to get her to do some more parties. I had two left that she owed me and soon even those were gone. As soon as she finished the last party she let me know that there would be no more sex-parties from her.

After every party she had some for me. She was always clean-showered and fresh when she came into my office to fuck me. She was respectful, but direct in her need to fuck. After the parties, well there was three times that she stopped in for some sex and those times she just got off and got me off and then that was it.

The last time we fucked she even told me that she would never fuck around again. She was going to wait for her husband Ben, and that was that. I tried to talk some sense into her. He had left her. He was going to dump her eventually. She wouldn't hear of it and that was it. I backed off because I didn't want to lose her as a dancer.

In all of this June had gotten a conscience and was trying to get her out of the club and into a regular nine-to-five job. The problem was that the money was seductive and now, without a hubby to support her, she needed the money to survive. June worked on me to talk her out of dancing, but I wouldn't go there. I needed her dancing at the very least, so I couldn't talk her into quitting me.

June was beside herself with worry over Sarah and the way that Ben had left her. I figured that June probably blamed herself, but she couldn't see what I had seen in Sarah's eyes that first night. Sarah wanted to dance and fuck strange men. She had wanted all of what she had done. Only when she realized that she was going to lose her husband did she have any second thoughts. June should have saved herself the pain and trouble she went through. Sarah was a closet slut. No doubt about it.

I still have all the videos and pictures of her performances and the parties. Sarah was and still is the perfect slut. I only wish that she had broke with her husband and stayed with the party-girl that I had. I am afraid that I will lose her as a dancer pretty soon too. I hope not, but with Ben back in the picture...it will probably be the way it goes. He can't have his wife dancing in some dive especially with her history. He would never be able to trust her while she was at work.

At the present time I feel that they will move away and try to make a go of it. I don't think that he will be able to forgive her totally, nor trust her ever again. But you never know. People have a way of surprising me every once in a while. All I know is that I am glad I got to fuck her as much as I did. She will be on my mind forever. I wish that she would have fallen for me as much as she had for her husband. We would have made a great team, the two of us.

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