tagMatureSarah and David, Neighbors and Love

Sarah and David, Neighbors and Love


Honeywildcat and I had so much fun with the first story we wrote together, we decided to do it again. Literotica really needs to start a category for multiple writers. It's really easy to co-write with someone as talented as she is. Send us some feedback and let us know if you enjoy it.

Sarah was in her back yard. Even though it was just starting to get dark, she was weeding her flowers. Actually she was ticked off.

She had tried to entice her husband into an amorous evening and had been rejected. She had put on a very skimpy nightie, sat in front of him rubbing lotion into her skin, and had given him a back rub. Well, his reaction was to turn on the TV after she had kissed him and proceed to ignore she was even there. He didn't even thank her for the back rub.

Sarah was finally tired of trying. Was it too much to ask to be wanted? Realistically, she knew that after twelve years of marriage, their sex life would slow down, but to go without for six months was just plain ridiculous. She was lost in thought as she attacked the weeds in her flower bed, imagining that with each one she pulled, she'd have some miraculous stroke of genius to banish her problems.

All right, O.K., she didn't look like a model, but she was still nice to look at. And she was willing to please her husband anyway he wanted. She kept trying to send him the message that she wanted him, but it was no good. They hadn't had sex in six months.

"Remind me not to piss you off." Sarah jumped, she was so intent on her problems she hadn't realized anyone else was around. "Those weeds don't stand a chance."

She smiled, in spite of herself. "Hi, David, I didn't know you were there." She liked her neighbor, even though he was much older than her, she found him attractive. He had always treated her nice.

"Oh, it's nothing."

"Bullshit." Sara just looked at him in shock. "If you're out here and mad as hell, and he's in there, then you have to be made as hell at him."

She chuckled, "How do you know that?"

David smiled, "Been there, done that. So what's up?

She was still reluctant to say anything. Shrugging her shoulders, she wondered if David and his wife had gone through the same thing at some point in their marriage. She was still hesitant to mention something that personal to him though. Sarah thought she would seem like some sex starved woman, so she just said, "We just don't see eye to eye on certain personal aspects of our marriage lately."

David's voice sounded understanding, "I know what you mean. It happens to the best of us."

Sarah sighed, "Yeah, I know. I just wish it didn't."

"Are we still on for tomorrow night?" Sara nodded her head. "Um, it's getting a little dark to see that and I didn't hear your brain rattle a yes or a no, so I guess you are just going to have to say something."

She started laughing, "Yes dinner tomorrow is still on for the four of us." She heard his laugh and somehow felt better.

Sarah was really looking forward to David and his wife's arrival. Over the past few months, they had really become great friends. As she set out all of the salad ingredients for supper, she ran through her mental checklist. Steak and chicken were ready to go on the grill, potatoes were done, table on the deck set and ready, wine and glasses were set out, so now all she needed to do was finish the salad.

As she chopped the vegetables, she thought about David and their impromptu conversation last night. Even without coming right out and telling him what was going on, he seemed to understand. Sarah also felt a little guilty for wishing that she was just having dinner with David tonight. She liked David's wife well enough, but for some reason she'd always been more comfortable with David.

Glancing at the clock, she realized they'd be there any moment. She walked into the family room and found her husband watching T.V. like usual. Lightly she touched his arm, "Can you start the grill? They should be here soon."

Sarah listened with half an ear as Jared grumbled about having to grill the food. She rolled her eyes and went to the front door as she heard the door bell chime. She greeted them with a ready smile at the door.

She ushered them in the house, giving David's wife a brief hug as she passed. When David stepped up, she held her breath as he bent down to kiss her cheek. He cupped her arm and Sarah could have sworn she felt his fingers brush against the side of her breast. She felt the heat that blossomed across her face and willed her reaction to his nearness to go away.

She took a step back away from David, "Would you all like a glass of wine or a beer?"

Carol, David's wife said, "Wine, please. Where's Jared?"

"Manning the grill, go on out. I'll bring the drinks and salad out shortly."

Sarah was opening the wine when she felt someone watching her, so she glanced over her shoulder. David was leaning against the door frame, smiling. He asked, "Can I help?"

"Sure. Grab the drinks, if you don't mind."

As David was doing so, he asked, "Did things get better last night?"

Sarah sighed, "No."

David lowered his voice, "You want to talk about it?"

When Sarah looked up, David was only a few inches away. Her gaze landed on his lips and she couldn't help but wonder how his lips would feel against hers; soft and gentle, or hard and demanding?

Sarah licked her lips involuntarily. She wanted to ask his advice but how? She was saved from her indecision when Jared called out, "It's ready!"

"David, can I get your advice on something later?"

He answered without hesitation, "Of course, Sarah."

She chewed on her bottom lip, "Thank you."

Sarah noticed that all throughout dinner, she and David laughed and joked constantly. It still shocked her that there was a twenty year age difference between them. She genuinely enjoyed his company, in spite of the awkward attraction she'd developed for him.

Conversation had come to a lull, so Sarah decided to clear away the dishes. As she turned to go back outside, she ran into David. She heard his breath exhale and felt his body against hers. She stammered, "I-I'm sorry."

David chuckled, "You OK?"

Neither of them stepped back and Sarah held her breath. David's hand was on her hip and she felt him clench it. She looked up into his eyes and said, "I'm fine."

Laughter filled the room. She was shocked, she couldn't decide if she was being laughed at or not. "Thank you, I haven't seen a look on a woman's face like that in a long time." He bent down and kissed her.

Sarah couldn't decide if she should be upset with David or not. She had a husband and it wasn't David and he had a wife and it wasn't Sarah. But, oh his lips on hers felt so good! Her mind told her to stop but instead she returned his kiss. It had lasted only a few seconds but it had sent a charge through her.

When she came to her senses David had stepped away from her. "Meet me in the back yard later on tonight."

Sarah's mind was sending out an alarm, "I don't know."

David smiled, "The kiss was my way of saying that I'm your friend and I want to help." He saw the reluctance on her face, "I will wait until Carol is asleep and go into my back yard. You wait until Jared is asleep and go into yours."

She didn't know what to do, "I'm not sure." She could use a friend to talk to, but her mind kept going back to his lips on hers and how wonderful it had felt.

"If you want to talk we have to be alone. I'll be there, come if you want to." He walked away and joined Jared and Carol.

It was a warm night as Sarah went into her back yard. She hadn't turned on any lights, so that she wouldn't wake up Jared. She bumped into a patio chair.

"You better be careful before you break a leg or something." She jumped when she heard the whisper, she knew he was going to be there, but it startled her anyway. He turned on a flashlight, "Shall I come over there or do you want to come over here?"

"I guess I'll come over there." She walked out of their gate and into his. He had kept the flashlight pointed in front of her so she could see where she was going. He was sitting at their patio table so she took a chair next to him.

"Want something to drink? I have a soft drink or beer."

"I'd like a beer." He opened a small refrigerator and handed her a bottle.

He gave her a kiss and asked, "So what's bothering you?"

Sarah felt his lips and the warm feeling it sent through her. "You do that well."

He chuckled, "I'm glad you like it."

"My liking it is part of the problem." She hesitated and then fussed at herself; it was why she was here after all. "My husband hasn't touched me for over six months."

She heard him get up and then felt his hands on her shoulders. She looked up and could see his face reflected in the moonlight. A gentle person who made her feel, he had started massaging her neck and it felt wonderful. She gave a soft sigh.

"I figured that it was either sex or money. So, is it you want him and he doesn't want you? He wants you, but you don't want him? Or is it money worries, in which case neither of you want sex, period?"

She laughed and turned her head to look at him. She saw him bend down for a kiss and she returned it, hoping that he liked it. She turned back around and put his hands on her shoulders, "More please."

He gently massaged her shoulders, "So how come you don't want sex with your husband?"

"You were doing well until then. He doesn't want me." She told David of what she had gone through right before they had met the previous night. "I keep trying, I really do, but it's hard not getting any positive reaction from him."

"Any man would consider himself lucky to have you in his life, even as a friend." She placed her hand on his and gave it a squeeze. "It doesn't get any easier you know. My wife and I haven't done anything for a year. She just doesn't want me either."

Sarah stood up moved out from the chair and hugged him. "I'm so sorry, here I'm burdening you with my problems and you're in the same boat. This time she kissed him. She put her head on his shoulder and cried.

She froze. Surely she couldn't have felt what she thought she felt. He hands were on her breasts! She had on a loose fitting shirt and of course her bra, but she could feel his fingers making her nipples get hard.

She pushed away from him. "I don't..." was all she got out before his lips covered hers. His hands had gone up under her shirt and had pushed her bra out of the way. "We shouldn't..." his kiss was more insistent and her nipples were becoming hard. This was that something she had wanted for a long time, but with her husband.

"We need to..." She was going to say stop, but she really didn't want him to. Her tongue entered his mouth and she enjoyed the heat of their passion. She helped him strip off her shirt and bra. Her hands held his head to her as his lips sucked her nipples. Biting her lower lip, his mouth on her nipples made her moan.

His mouth was back on hers, she could feel him wanting her as much as she wanted him. She felt him fumbling with her jeans. She undid them for him and he had them and her panties on the ground. With his lips still on hers, she felt herself picked up and put on the patio table.

Luckily it was a warm night and the table wasn't cold as his hands pushed her on her back. She watched him move around to where her head was. His pants and underwear were gone and he was putting his semi hard cock to her mouth. She parted her lips for him and her mouth was full of cock. She closed her lips around it. She was going to have a hard time sucking him like this.

The cock in her mouth slid in and out very slowly. He was fucking her mouth! Sarah used her tongue to lick around the head and let him do what he wanted. She just naturally used her fingers to play with his balls. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the dark, there was enough light for her to make out some details. He had gray hair. She found it difficult to giggle with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She knew he had black hair streaked with gray but she never thought that he would also have that at the base of his cock.

David removed his hard cock from her mouth. He bent down and kissed her. "You do that really well."

Sarah was enjoying herself more than she could remember. He wanted to please her. He actually wanted to try, and on top of it all, he was grateful for whatever she was willing to do. She watched him move between her legs and lower his face between her legs. A long "Um..." escaped her as she felt his tongue flick her clit. Her pussy sent out waves of pleasure to the rest of her body.

David used his hands to spread her legs wider and he used his tongue, teeth and lips to drive her out of her mind. He felt her hands on his head holding him to her. She was extremely wet by the time he was ready to move on to something else.

She was basically at his mercy. Of course he would let her up if she wanted, which she did not. But it was a real turn on to be taken instead of being the one to initiate the sex. She had every intension of letting him do whatever he wanted and enjoying every minute of it. His tongue had driven her crazy. She hadn't felt anything like that for a long time.

David had given as much as he could stand; it was now time for him to take. He had loved the way she knew what to do when he had put his soft cock to her lips. He placed his cockhead to her pussy. Her wetness glistened in the moonlight. He put her legs on his chest as he pushed slowly into her. The heat inside of her was maddening.

Sarah closed her eyes and whispered, "Oh yes!"

Her pussy was being filled up with hard cock. She could feel his cock as it slid in and out of her, and it was wonderful. She had missed this so much. Actually, this was something she and her husband would have never done, not out in the open like this.

Her mind was amazed at how bright the moon was. At how nice the warm night breeze felt on her bare skin. At how great it felt to have a hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. For some reason everything was more intense.

David whispered, "Ah babe, you have no idea how incredible you feel." He heard her moan and figured she was close to getting off. He started to fuck her harder and faster, his cock slamming in and out.

Sarah had never felt helpless before. He was fucking her harder and deeper with each stroke and all she could do was claw the table. It was incredible! She started bucking trying to match him stroke for stroke when she convulsed in an overpowering orgasm. It was uncontrollable and unstoppable. Her orgasm kept on and on and he still fucked her. She reached up and grabbed him. It had to stop or she was going to scream!

David rammed into her as hard and deep as he could and stayed that way. Sarah's body was practically bouncing all over the place when she got off. A steady stream of whispered "Yes" was all she had been able to say.

Sarah's head was spinning as her body tried to recover from not having anything for months and suddenly having such intense sex. How could his wife not want this man? For that matter how could her husband not want to feel this with her? Somewhere along the way David had taken his cock out of her. When the hell had that happened? She rose up on one arm and saw him sitting in a chair. She gave a weak smile, "Damn!" Then she noticed that he was still hard, his cock standing out from him as he sat there.

David smiled at her, "I'm glad you liked it. Now I need you to come here and make me cum. Anyway you want. In your pussy or your mouth, with your hand or anyway you want. Use your body to make me get off however you need me to."

Feeling the heat from his gaze made Sarah feel sexier than she'd ever felt in her life. Just to see what his reaction would be, she spread her legs wide and ran her finger in between the lips of her pussy. She could see his eyes watching her finger, so she slowly slid her finger up her stomach, in between her breasts to her lips. As her finger tip rested on her bottom lip, she flicked her tongue out and lapped at it. Sucking her finger into her mouth, she watched as he gripped the arms of the chair and tightened his jaw.

She chuckled at his command, "Now, Sarah. I need you now."

Sarah got off of the table and kneeled in between his legs. She ran her hands up his inner thighs, teasing herself as much as him. Lightly she scraped her nails in his pubic hair before stroking his cock. His labored breathing turned her on even more. To know that she was able to cause this kind of reaction from someone when it had been months since her own husband had touched her excited her even more.

She made sure his eyes were watching her as she bent her head, holding his cock, and softly sucked one of his balls in her mouth. She moaned when she heard him moan and felt his shaft jerk in her hand. Slowly, Sarah licked his cock from the base to the tip. Circling the head of his cock with her tongue, she teased the slit, greedily tasting his pre-cum. She felt his hands in her hair as her mouth engulfed his cock. Sucking him deep into her mouth, she flicked her tongue against him over and over.

Sarah loved the way he tasted and felt in her mouth, but she needed to feel him fill her again. She pulled back off his cock and heard him hiss at the popping sound from her pulling away from him. As Sarah stood, she felt David grab her wrist.

She smiled at him, "I'm not going anywhere. I promise."

Turning her back to him, she lowered herself onto his rigid cock. Feeling the delicious stretch of her inner muscles as her body accepted him. David's hands were gripping her hips and he thrust up into her as she impaled herself on his cock. She couldn't stop the gasp that left her mouth at his penetration. He was even deeper inside her this way.

"Ride me, Sarah." David all but growled.

Sarah couldn't refuse his request and did just that. She rode him hard and fast, bouncing on his cock while she rubbed her clit. She knew he was close when he sat up and wrapped his arms around her. His hands gripped her breasts as he met her thrust for thrust. Sarah was close to coming again. She could feel her body tensing and she could feel goose bumps cover her body.

She begged him, "Please, David, cum with me this time."

David growled, "Yes!"

When he bit her shoulder to keep from moaning too loud, Sarah broke. Wave after wave washed through her. She could feel the juices flowing over his cock as the first jet of cum erupted inside her. Sarah clenched his cock with the muscles in her pussy, milking him. Finally, when he had emptied himself deep inside of her, she collapsed back against him, aftershocks of her orgasm still pulsating through her.

David commented, "Next time we do this in a bed, baby. I don't want to have to keep quiet. I want to hear you moan my name."

Sarah smiled and asked, "When and where?"

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