Sarah and Emily's Adventure


Chapter 5: Blackout

Sarah had squirmed on the wooden pony for an hour before Mike took her off the torture device. She squirmed and moaned as her sore clit was rubbed by Mike's fingers, but her cunt also spurted her juices, showing her arousal.

Emily had then moved forward, and tended to Sarah's hurting cunt, by gently rubbing her with a soft cloth towel. Emily had been watching Sarah's squirming, and had seen the blissful look on Sarah's face as she suffered on the wooden pony. Emily also had been forced to mix some soda for the boys, and she had been ordered to pour 2 cups of water for her and Sarah. Emily had the cups sitting on a tray in the corner of the dungeon, but had left them alone there, to tend to her roommate.

Brad had smiled as he watched their toys comforting each other. He also smiled, as he poured a fast acting knock out drug in the cups of water. He smiled, as he ordered the girls to take a few moments, and get something to drink, before their ordeal continued.

Sarah and Emily thanked the boys, and swallowed the water. Both girls suddenly felt dizzy, then their world went dark as they slumped to the floor.

Brad and Mike smiled as they watched their helpless toys laying motionless on their floor, unable to defend themselves, or prevent what was going to happen to them. Brad and Mike moved to Emily first, and stripped her out of the maids uniform, before rolling her limp body onto her belly. The boys fixed a corset around her waist, and pulled the laces tight, compressing her waist into an hourglass figure. They next replaced the cheap cuffs with metal bands, closing them with small Allen screws, making them impossible to remove without the Allen key. Satisified, the boys fixed a posture collar around her neck, and buckled it tightly, before inserting a ball gag into Emily's mouth, and again buckling it tightly closed.

Brad and Mike moved on the Sarah, and had her stripped of everything she was left wearing, before they rolled her onto her belly. Mike and Brad again pulled a leather corset around her waist, and pulled the laces tight, compressing Sarah's waist. Mike had the honor this time of fixing Sarah's new Allen key cuffs on her wrists and ankles, while Brad fixed another posture collar and ball gag on her head.

Brad and Mike surveyed their helplessly bound toys, and prepared to load them into their transport cages, for the journey to their new lives. Sarah was the first to be selected and loaded into the transport cage. Brad and Mike lifted her into the cage, and forced her to kneel down, before bending her head to the floor of the cage, and connecting the collar to a chain running across the bottom of the cage, effectively holding her head down. Brad and Mike then took her ankles, and clipped them to rings on the side of the cage, spreading her legs and forcing her to show off her exposed pussy. The boys next inserted a steel rod with a foam pad between Sarah's arms and her back, effectively trapping her in her kneeling position. Sarah's arms were then clipped via the wrist cuffs to a chain at the back of the cage, rendering them useless. The final steps the boys took were to close and lock the top of the cage, and lubing up and inserting an anal and vaginal dildo into Sarah's vulnerable holes.

Brad and Mike then turned their attention to Emily, and began the process of loading her into her own cage for her ride to her new life. They lifted her up, and placed her onto the padded floor of the cage, and bent her head forward to connect the chain to her collar with a snap clip. The boys then took her ankles, and clipped them to the rings on the side of the cage. The boys smiled as they fit the metal bar with the foam pad between her back and her arms, pinning her down in her bent over position. The boys next clipped her wrist cuffs to the back of the cage, rendering her helpless. They lubed up the dildos, and slipped them into her cunt and ass, and then closed the lid of the cage, locking her within.

With both girls secured, the boys pushed the cages on their wheels to a waiting area, and tossed a tarp over the cages, before turning out the lights, and going to bed. Sarah and Emily came to an hour after the boys went to sleep, to discover their predicament. Both helpless girls moaned and squealed into their gags, and rattled their cages, but it was useless. They had been securely caged, and they had no choice but to await their fate.

Chapter 6: Sarah and Emily Transformed

Sarah and Emily spent their night in the most uncomfortable position they had thus far experienced. Their boyfriends had drugged them, and forced them into steel transport cages. To complete their humiliation and to drive home the fact they were slaves, the girls had been filled with dildos and gagged so they could only squirm and cum, as they moved in their prison. As light filled their world, they moaned and squealed again, trying to illicit some pity from their boyfriends, Mike and Brad. One look at their faces however, answered and shattered any hope the girls had that they would be set free.

Brad and Mike looked down on their squirming and moaning girlfriends, and smiled as they watched them helplessly struggle within their confining cages. If the girls knew what was in store for them, both boys thought, they would be squealing more now. The boys smiled, and began rolling the cages out of their house to a waiting pickup.

Sarah squealed as she and her cage were lifted up and placed in the back of the pickup. The dildos in her cunt and ass shifted, causing her to squirm on them till the cage stopped its moving. All Sarah could think of was the utter humiliation she would feel, if the pickup was seen, or worse, stopped.

Emily also was squealing as her cage was lifted into the back of the pickup, but for another reason. Deep down, she had always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but now she was on her way for a ride, she was sure would result in her being seen, squirming within the cage that now held her.

Mark and Brad smiled as they looked at their squirming girlfriends in their cages. They could see the fear and shame in their eyes, and they could see and smell their arousal coming from their pussies. The boys smiled one last time at the girls and their gagged faces, and began pulling a tarp over their cages. They could hear the girls muffled squeals from under the tarp, but they knew they wouldn't be heard once they got on the road with the truck moving. The boys finished by roping the tarp down tight across the cages, and they smiled. The truck driver got an envelope with about $5,000 in it from the cab, and gave it to the boys. Then he got in, and started the truck up. That was the last the boys saw of their former girlfriends.

Sarah and Emily squealed and moaned in the back of the pickup truck as they were moved down the roads and streets, to a destination unknown. They lost track of the turns, and of the time. Both girls were in constant arousal and fear as the dildos plugging them kept shifting, teasing them with their presence. Their gagged mouths were becoming dry, with the mixture of moaning and the amount of saliva the girls' moths produced. Both girls were also tired from their night of caged moaning and squealing, as they tried to illicit mercy from their captors. Time dragged on in the back of the pickup truck, and the monotony of the trip and the lack of visual cues eventually caused both girls to fall asleep, despite their fear.

The truck delivered its cargo to a notorious slaver and maker of human slave furniture. The girls had been chosen by this particular individual because of their matching body types, and their looks. He had desired to make a nice set of furniture for his house, and he knew these two girls would be perfect to add to his collection. When the truck arrived, he was pleased to see the girls sleeping in their cages. He worked quickly to get their necks leashed, before he began removing them from their cages. He smiled as they awoke, and squealed in fear at seeing him. He and his helpers worked quickly to release them from their cages, and the workers quickly had the girls in a small coffle, necks leashed together, and following their boss into his house.

Sarah and Emily squirmed as they were led naked into the strange man's house. There was little else they could do however, since their hands were bound behind their backs, and they were chained together at the neck. They followed him into his living room, where he forced them to kneel before him. As they looked around, and took in the sights they saw, their muffled curiosity began to give way to full blown terror.

The man smiled as he watched his newest acquisitions look at his current display. He could track their frightened eyes as they examined his furniture, and could see the squirming bundles of female flesh that made up his collection. He had taken his time, selecting girls of both beauty and strength. Now those same helpless girls were trapped forever in his helpless devices.

Sarah and Emily could only look in horror at the struggling flesh before them. They could see girls folded over into chair shapes, others bent back into foot stools. They saw girls folded into the shape of a couch, and some used as parts of bookcases and wine cabinets. All the helpless girls were tightly bound, and covered in rubber suits, that completely encased their bodies. As the girls looked closer, however, they began to notice the most diabolical torture of them all. All the bound human female furniture was squirming and moaning in delight, as their pussies and tits were covered with vibrators. The helpless girls were all being stimulated mercilessly and they were helpless to stop themselves from cumming.

"Welcome girls, to my house. I can see by the startled and scared looks in your eyes that you have seen my collection of furniture, and I can see by your swollen and dripping pussies their fate appeals to you at some level. Well shortly, you will join them, as more pieces of my collection. If you don't fight your transformation, you will be rewarded. If you resist, you could find yourselves in a most uncomfortable situation for a very long time. My advice is to do as you're told."

Sarah and Emily heard his speech, and shivered in a mixture of fear and arousal. Smiling, the man before them pressed a button, and 4 burly guards and a female slave walked in, and took the chains holding Sarah and Emily, and led the girls out of the living room, and into the garage.

Sarah squirmed as she was led over to a short table, but she settled down. The maid pulled some garments off of a rack, and walked over to Sarah first. Sarah watched as the maid placed a rubber suit and the vibrators down on the table, and turned and walked over to Emily, who was likewise being held before another small table.

"Well girl, what are you waiting for? It is Time to get you ready, for your new, life. One piece of advice: Make sure you set yourself up right, or you won't like it when we adjust you."

Sarah blushed, and picked up the rubber suit, and began to dress. She slipped the suit up her legs to her thighs before pausing. She picked up the bigger of the vibrators, and pressed it to her clit, before pulling the rubber suit up over her ass, covering the vibrator. She could feel it being pressed against her clit, and she knew it was in the right spot, for now. She felt one of the goons grab a wire that was dangling from it, and pull it between her legs, and up her back. She continued rolling the rubber suit up her body, again pausing to place the vibrators on her nipples. One of the goons held them in place till the suit was covering them, while the other collected the wires, and pulled them under her arms and up to her neck, where the suit stopped. Sarah felt the goon behind her zipping up the suit, pulling the vibrators tighter to her body.

Emily also was being zipped into her suit, and she too had taken the goons advice, and allowed them to help her place the vibrators in their proper places. Emily squirmed as she looked down at her body, and saw she was covered in a white rubber suit, with a floral pattern on it. She looked over at Sarah, and saw she too was in the same style of suit she was in. She gave Sarah a brief smile behind her ball gag, and squirmed as she waited.

The maid took down the matching hoods, and placed one at each girl's table, along with some buckets of strange liquids. Sarah and Emily were unresisting as one of the goons helping them be transformed picked up the hoods, and tucked their hair under the cap, before pulling it down over their heads, leaving only their eyes and noses exposed. The hoods were tight, but concealed their gags perfectly. The goons then forced the girls to kneel before the tables, and then Sarah and Emily began to figure out their new lives.

Sarah watched as one of her goons opened the top of the table, and forced her to kneel within the hollow tube. Her back was forced up against a pole built within the tube, and she was strapped tightly to it. The goon then lowered the table around her head, like a medieval stockade, trapping her to the pole. Sarah felt some wires being connected, and then she noticed a light being installed on the top of the pole, over her head. Sarah moaned as she realized what she had been turned into, but she was grateful she didn't have to suffer the fate Emily had brought on herself.

Emily had struggled as she was being fitted to the pole. So before her head was trapped in the table top, the goons lifted her and placed her assembly into a clear plastic container. Then the goons sealed the bottom of the display to the clear plastic, and began to mix the liquid. Sarah watched them pour the clear mixture into the cylinder, While Emily's eyes went wide in terror. Sarah could only watch as Emily was encased in clear insulation foam, which made it nearly impossible for her to move. The goons fixed the table top to the top of the cylinder, just below Emily's head.

Sarah and Emily were lifted onto 2 wheeled trolleys, and wheeled into the stranger's bedroom, where they were placed at the head of his bed, as nightstands. The girls squirmed and moaned as the stands were plugged in, turning on their vibrators, and allowing the lights on their heads to be turned on and off. Sarah and Emily squirmed and moaned as the vibrators teased them for the rest of the day. As the man came in to bed, he smiled as he slipped on his shorts, and pulled back the sheets of his bed, revealing 4 more rubber clad women squirming in a memory foam encapsulation. The man smiled and reached over to Sarah's helpless body, and began rubbing and Squeezing her breast as he fell asleep. Sarah just squirmed and moaned as she was tormented to orgasm after orgasm.

Epilogue: 5 years later

Sarah and Emily graduated from the human furniture department at their owner's house, to become puppets. They have been fitted with remote control receivers, which stimulate their pussies if they go in the right direction, and shock them if they go in the wrong direction. Their disappearance was never investigated, because their dorm room was destroyed on the night of their disappearance, by a small fire. The fire was believed to have been started when one of the plates they were cooking on caught fire, and spread toxic gasses and flames to the rest of the apartment. Remains had been found, but were unidentifiable beyond dental records.

Brad and Mike continued to deliver helpless girls to the collector, until they too disappeared. Sarah and Emily had watched as their former boyfriends had been delivered in their own transport cages to the house, only to be loaded onto another truck and driven away. The last picture of their former lovers the girls had been allowed to see had shown the boys strapped to a machine, their cocks being sucked on by a mechanical milking tube, their faces caught between a look of delight and shame. Sarah and Emily only blinked in approval, as their hoods concealed their grins and smirks rather effectively.

The collector had continued to transform his new toys into furniture, breaking their will to resist rather effectively. He had already created over 100 different ways to turn the female form into a helpless bundle of squirming feminine torture. Sarah and Emily had spent some of their time testing his newer methods of breaking new girls in, as well as rebellious ones. They had spent time as wall art, chairs, foot stools, even lawn sprinklers and lawn rollers. Their most hated time, however, had been as part of the lamp fixtures. They had been suspended and forced to maintain a split position for hours on end as they were left dangling up near the ceiling of some of the higher rooms.

Sarah and Emily squirmed as they got stimulation in their pussies, and they shuffled down the hall to their owner's office, ready to see what he wanted now from his helpless maids. Life for the girls had truly changed, but something told them their journey wasn't yet complete.

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