Sarah & Joel


Sarah sat on the edge of the pool with her feet and ankles in the water. Sarah’s long brunette hair cascaded down her back and over her light blue bikini top.

Sarah’s well-tanned arms supported her as she leaned back and her DD tits were easily visible to whoever wished to look at them. Sarah had her eyes closed and she could feel the warmth of the sun and of her own cunt. Sarah slowly rubbed her left hand over her erect nipple through the fabric.

She guessed about this time Joel next door would have started watching. Some privacy fence Sarah thought as she rubbed her nipple harder and let out a small moan. Sarah had drilled the holes in the fence some weekends while her neighbors were out. Sarah was careful to make them look natural.

As Sarah lay on her back, she started working on her right nipple with her right hand so both nipples were getting pleasured. Slowly Sarah snaked her hand into her bikini bottoms and let out a louder moan. Then Sarah rubbed her clit slowly and savored every movement of her own hand. Sarah squirmed up and left her bikini bottoms at the edge of the pool as she masturbated. Slowly Sarah started to finger fuck her cunt.

"Come join me," she called to Joel, "I could use the help."

Joel mustered up his courage and walked toward Sarah. "Lemme see you pump your cock." Sarah purred as she petted her juicy cunt. Joel pulled his hard cock out of its resting spot, as much as it could rest as hard as it was. Joel started jerking himself off as Sarah continued fingering her cunt. Joel started grunting as Sarah moaned louder.

"Fuck me please!" Sarah yelled. Joel must have forgotten Sarah was there for his eyes flew open at Sarah’s voice. Joel let go of his cock and kneeled on the cement in what seemed one movement. Joel looked at Sarah’s drenched pussy lips and he just about shot his load right then and there.

"Oh my, your pussy is just the best looking ever." Joel said.

"Well then fuck it!" Sarah was getting a little irritated, Joel could tell by her voice. Joel shoved all of his 9 inches deep in Sarah’s snatch.

As soon as he was in, Joel came in Sarah’s pussy. When Joel was done, he started fucking Sarah’s pussy. Sarah didn’t expect him to go anymore. She was totally shocked, but soon was moaning louder than ever and so was Joel, and he was pumping away happily in her pussy.

Joel lavished in her warm gooey hole and how it felt around his prick. Joel fucked Sarah harder and faster until Sarah came hard on Joel’s dick.

Joel tried as hard as he could not to blow his wad up Sarah’s cunt, and just when he thought Sarah would never stop, she did. Joel had fucked her silly. Sarah’s cunt was dripping cum, her pee hole was leaking, and her eyes were glazed over.

Joel pulled his cock out of Sarah’s cunt, and started jerking off over her. He pulled hard on his cock, beating off like there was no tomorrow. Shot after shot of thick ropey cum flew from the end of Joel’s prick. Joel fell to his knees and started twitching in pleasure. Each twitch brought out more cum, which Joel no longer wished to do, but he didn’t have the strength to pull his hand away from himself.

He fell on his stomach where the cement hurt him. Sarah rolled Joel over and he stopped twitching and cumming. She was horny again and sat on Joel’s face. Sarah rubbed her cunt on his face and watched as Joel slowly came to.

"Oh yeah baby, eat it!"

"Mmffumph." Was all that was heard in response. Sarah rode Joel’s face hard, and sat up straight as she felt an orgasm start. She started playing with her nipples and cumming at once. Her entire body got extremely warm as she orgasmed on Joel’s face. Her own orgasm juices mixed with Joel’s leaked onto his face. Sarah rolled over in pleasure and smiled down at Joel.

"You wanna fuck it, feel it from the inside again? You wanna cum in it once more?"

"You know I do!" Joel smiled as he slid up Sarah’s body, nibbling and licking as he went. He lingered at her tits, nibbling, sucking, chewing, licking, and just about devouring her hot little buds. Joel then slid three fingers up Sarah’s cunt. When it sounded like Sarah was almost cumming, Joel stopped, and just nibbled her tits.

"Oh fuck me, please!"

"MMM Oh, I will. I just want to last longer for you. And for you to last longer too."

"Ok. But hurry, please, I need to cum again."

What seemed like hours later to Sarah, Joel shoved his big hard cock in her cunt. Sarah’s pussy squished with wetness as Joel plunged his cock in her warm wet pussy, Sarah didn’t know it, but Joel had rubbed his cock on the mattress and came on it while he nibbled her tits and fingered her cunt. Joel took the cum he had shot into his hand and let it drip on his cock before each time he pumped inside Sarah.

Sarah enjoyed the movements immensely and soon was moaning, "Oh Joel! I’m going to cum! Oh yes! Make me cum! Fuck my pussy! Oooh cum with me!"

That’s all it took and Joel started grunting and shooting his load in her pussy, "I’m shooting, I’m shooting, I’m shooting uuuh" Joel grunted in Sarah’s ear.

Sarah and Joel lay quietly next to one another for a while. After a little while, Joel moved down to Sarah’s pussy and started licking up the cum there and on the sheets. Sarah enjoyed it a lot and Joel then started licking and sucking cum from inside Sarah’s pleasure canal.

Sarah started cumming and Joel let it flow into the cup he had put the rest of the cum in. Joel kept going again after the first and second orgasms. After the fifth orgasm, Sarah fell asleep, and filled the cup about one inch more.

Joel then jerked off in the cup of cum. He thought of what had happened that day and shot load after load in the cup. Sarah woke up as Joel was jerking off into the cup for the third time and decided to start rubbing Joel’s asshole with her fingers.

Joel came harder than he had ever cum in his life at Sarah’s touch. He then swirled their cum around in the cup, took all of it in his mouth, and kissed Sarah on the lips, letting some of the liquid flow into her mouth. Their juices combined were intoxicating and Sarah pushed Joel on his back, both still managing to keep the cum in their mouths.

Sarah started fucking Joel like a woman possessed. If he weren’t so willing, one could say she was raping him, but Joel thrust into her pussy as Sarah rammed his cock in her cunt. Sarah used her legs to go up and her body weight to go down. Sarah sucked what cum she could from Joel’s mouth and let half of it drip back in. She swallowed the cum and fucked Joel like she had never fucked before.

Then in one atomic orgasm, the last of their energies were released and both came again and again. Sarah flopped on top of Joel, and her pussy pulsed driving Joel to another orgasm. She kept him inside her and they both fell asleep, Joel involuntarily cumming in Sarah’s cunt a few more times. Little as though they were, he still came.

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