Sarah & Lucy


Sarah is the exact opposite in appearance to me... she has short silky blonde hair, green eyes, an all over tan, perfect breasts and a gorgeous body. I have long dark wild hair, blue/grey eyes, pale skin and small but perfectly shaped breasts with nipples just begging for a good tongue lashing! I know what we are about to do and I'm already becoming aroused, just at the thought.

We're both laying on my bed, totally naked, waiting... waiting for Mark to come in because I know he will, curiosity is going to get the better of him before much longer, and he'll come into my room to see what Sarah and I are getting up to. That's the plan anyway...

She turned to me and reached out her hand, letting her fingertips trail across my ribs. Not quite tickling, but so softly, a whisper caress. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of another woman's hands touching me for the first time. She leaned closer and softly kissed my lips, tentatively, tasting... I cant help a little soft moan from escaping. The difference between a woman's lips and a man's is incredible, so totally different!

I can feel her hand moving now, moving ever closer to my breast until finally it's cupped in her soft warm hand. She gently squeezes, and then lowers her head to the waiting nipple. I can feel her hot breath, I inhale and hold my breath waiting for that touch. Her tongue flicks out and teases my nipple. I moan long and loud at the sensation, arching my back pushing my breast into her mouth. It feels incredibly sensual.

She moves to the other breast and gives it the same attention, tongue flicking, teeth gently grazing, nibbling... driving me totally wild. I could never believe another woman could make me feel like this. This woman is arousing feelings in me I never imagined were possible. Her free hand is running all over my belly, moving lower all the time.

I open my legs slightly, aching for her to touch my pussy. She knows it too and is deliberately holding back from me, dancing her fingers closer but not touching where I need it the most. I moan again... "Please Sarah" She looks up into my eyes and smiles at me... "tell me what you want Lucy."

I try to catch her hand intending to take it to my pussy, already dripping wet in anticipation. She easily evades my hand and goes back to her teasing and taunting. Lips and teeth tormenting my nipples in turn. She's driving me totally wild and she knows it. I cant wait any longer, I must feel her fingers in that secret hot wet place. "Touch my pussy please Sarah, I'm begging you" I moan the words she wants to hear.

To reward me she glides her hand down to my pussy, tracing the outer lips with her fingertips... dipping into my dripping wet cunt with two fingers, just enough to make me want more. God that feels so good, I want more... much more. She brings her fingers up and starts to circle my clit, just barely touching. Circling closer and closer, until I'm moaning and begging her to please touch me.

I'm vaguely aware of the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway. The door opens and there is Mark, standing there totally entranced by the site of us two women and what we are doing. Its something he's always wanted to do, firstly to watch me being pleasured to orgasm by another woman and secondly to join in with us and finally when we've both been driven insane with want and need... just him and I, fucking each other madly.

I'm being teased and tormented by Sarah's talented fingers with Mark just standing there watching, enjoying the look of total abandonment on my face. My hips start to move, my moans of pleasure becoming louder and more insistent. Suddenly all movement of her fingers stop... I open my eyes and look questioningly at her. She just smiles back at me and starts to kiss her way down my belly, soft kisses, teasing licks... until finally I feel her lips graze my clit.

The sensation is electric! My eyes open wide and I moan long and loud... God that feels so good. I catch Marks gaze and I can see he's becoming incredibly aroused watching us, his cock straining against his jeans. I know he wont touch himself yet though, the tease of watching us and not allowing himself to masturbate is making him that much hotter. He just stands there leaning against the wall, arms crossed and enjoying the scene before him.

Sarah looks up at Mark and smiles at him. Then she turns her attention back to me, pulling the hood back from my clit. "Mmmmmmmm beautiful isn't it Mark?" she says softly. Slowly she drags her tongue across my clit, making my hips buck. Once, twice... stopping now to gently suck my clit between her lips. God that feels incredible.

Suddenly she slides two fingers deep in my sopping wet pussy. She curls them up and rubs my g spot firmly. All the while, alternating teasing licks with the suction on my clit. I arch my back, I cant take much more, my thigh muscles tense up and I move my hips, wanting her to fuck me with those fingers harder and deeper.

I'm moaning now, "God Sarah... please" My breathing becomes more labored... I feel like I'm going to explode in a million pieces. She responds by sucking hard on my clit, jamming those fingers deep in my pussy. I'm cumming so hard, so powerfully that my hips lift off the bed she follows with her mouth, continuing to suck my clit and finger fuck my cunt right through the most explosive orgasm I've ever experienced.

Finally I lay still, my entire body a mass of quivering nerve endings. She moves back up my body and kisses me softly and gently. I can taste myself on her lips. Delicious.

Mark clears his throat... "Well girls" he says with a wicked grin... "That was certainly entertaining!"

To be continued...

let me know if you would like me to continue this story...

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