tagRomanceSarah & the Train

Sarah & the Train


The following is based on a true incident.


I was going to graduate school in Boston when this incident happened to me. Many was the night I spent prowling the stacks at Widener Library searching out that elusive data I needed to prove my thesis. So many was the night I get the 10PM train home.

Back then Boston's North Station was a dark lonely place in the late evening frequented by drunks and other derelicts. During the winter months there was no escaping this until your train was ready for boarding. Most people hone the fine art of avoiding these people, avoiding eye contact at all cost. So by the time you board your train you're pretty numb to anyone who is near you regardless of their condition.

Such was the case for me on this particular late fall evening. With the temperature hovering in the upper 30s I had stayed in the station as long as I could finally escaping to the track area to buy a hot fresh pretzel as was my habit. After getting my pretzel good fortune had seen to the readying of my train and so I boarded it.

The later hour trains were mostly used by students and a few late business people. The seats on these old trains faced one another so you'd sit facing another person. Being the first on the train I sat in one such seat thinking there'd not be enough people boarding it that anyone would sit opposite me and that suited me well. Just before the train left, however, a rather beautiful woman sat down opposite me. I immediately knew would not be able to keep my eyes off her. Not wanting to be too obvious I smiled at her when she noticed me looking at her and then turned my attentions outside the window. She had long flowing brunette hair, gorgeous deep green eyes, a killer smile and a body that was even more so.

"Just getting off work?" she said to me much to my surprise.

"No," I almost stuttered the words out, "I was a school this evening doing research?"

"Oh really, where do you go?"

"Harvard." I desperately wanted to say more to this beautiful brunette with the deep green eyes and killer smile. I wanted so much to say more but nothing would come.

"So what are you studying?"

"U.S. History, umm, actually, 19th century reform movements." Now I've long been self-conscious and was even more so about my place of study. I don't like braggarts and didn't want to seem like one. "So where do you work?" I quickly asked hoping to change the subject.

"I work at a bio-tech company in Kendall Square, maybe you know it?" She told me the name and it being the largest of those companies in the area I of course knew of it. She told me she did something involving eye-sight but I cannot remember now what it was and so our conversation went.

Now fortunately, at least this evening, my one hour commute would be filled with this gorgeous creature in my presence.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you, it's just a little difficult to hear you over the noise of these old trains?" Of course I wanted her sitting next to me and more. Our conversation quickly turned to our relationships or actually our lacking there. It always amazed me back then that any woman as beautiful as she would not be involved with someone. Well, I had a lot to learn.

Her name was Sarah and she was rather animated when she talked. She frequently gestured with her hand. At one point in trying to make a point she placed her hand over mine, which was sitting on my leg, and then squeezed the hand as if to drive her point home. But then she didn't remove her hand as I had thought she would and she actually seemed sitting a lot closer to me.

Finally I said, "I have to tell you something and I hope you won't be insulted or shocked."

She paused a second before saying, "I grew up with five brothers, three older, I doubt there's much you could say that'd shock me."

So I gathered up my courage and almost blurted out, "You have what have got to be the most kissable lips I've ever seen." It wasn't quite a line because I actually meant what I said but it was obvious even to me that it sound as such.

Sarah smiled and said, "You know, you've just made my day. It hadn't been very good up to this point. Thank you so much!" The thank you had no sooner crossed her lips when she kissed me, albeit on the cheek, but she only pulled her head about two inches away after that as she saw me looking into her eyes.

"You know most men seem to fix on my boobs, not you, why is that?"

I actually gulped at this and then said, "Well, I have to confess that I did look at your boobs and they're wonderful but the eyes are everything. I think the eyes are the way to a woman's heart." I closed that two in gap and gave Sarah a quick light kiss to her lips and retreated maybe a half inch to see her response. Her response came quickly as she leaned back in and we started kissing like a couple of teenagers.

My mind was racing and I couldn't believe what was happening. We were briefly interrupted by the conductor collecting tickets but immediately returned to our probing tongues. My hand slowly wandered from her back to her side and to the side of her breast. I expected her to brush it away but she did not. Instead she placed her hand over my fully engorged cock and I heard her moan as she did.

We seemed to be of a mind and briefly broke from our kiss to look around the rail car. It was nearly vacant of people and those who were still in it were more than just a couple of seats away. We felt almost private and to be honest, and I found out the same was true for her as well, I really didn't care who saw what. I was too involved and the heat of passion had filled me.

Sarah managed to get my zipper down and her hand over my bare cock as I was able to slip my hand through a now opened button on her blouse and then beneath her bra to her full breasts beneath.

Sarah's stop came up one before mine. Both of us were literally panting and neither of us wanted to stop.

"Sarah, go with me to Andover and I'll drive you back in my car."

"I can't," was her only reply.

I was disappointed but not about to give up. "I really like you and I want to see you again. Let's at least trade phone numbers and make a date for Friday night or something." I may have sounded a little desperate but I was to quickly find that I could have been the coolest customer around and it would have made little difference.

"Peter, I'm sorry, but I can't, we can't." And before I could say anything she continued, "I'm getting married in a couple of weeks." I was floored but before I could say anything she continued, "Don't get me wrong, I don't regret this for a second although who knows who I'll feel in the morning. I truly love Danny, my fiancé' so it's gong to happen. I really like you too and if things were different I'd definitely see you on Friday but they're not and there's nothing more to be said about it." I was both shocked and disappointed by her revelations but I knew in my heart that she was being truthful and not just brushing me off. I was about to say something when she put her finger over my lips and then totally surprised me. She leaned into my lap and until the train stopped she sucked on my cock forcing me to cum almost immediately.

Sarah got up and very quickly straightened herself out. She said "Thank you" and then she said good bye. She tried to rush off but I called out to her quickly. "Thank you Sarah! I hope we meet again." Sarah turned and was gone.

I never saw her again even though I continued to ride that train and other evening trains figuring that I'd certainly run across her again but I was wrong. Still, there was a gift and a treasured memory in our meeting. I've always believe that it's the unexpected pleasures that reap the greatest rewards and this was one such.

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