tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah and Tom Explore Ch. 02

Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 02


It would make more sense if you read CH01 first, but this should stand on it's own. We continue the story of Tom and Sarah exploring their new relationship.

It was Tuesday morning. Tom rang the dry cleaning shop and Fred answered. "Oh! It's you!" He exclaimed. "I don't know what you are doing to Sarah, but keep doing it! I have never known her so happy or cheerful."

"Er... I'm glad to hear it." Tom said. "I wonder if I might speak to her please?"

"Putting you through, - Sarah!" he called. "It's your sex slave on the phone!"

This time it was Sarah who asked him what he was wearing. "A chamois leather loin cloth with holes in it!" He told her.

"Is anything sticking out of the holes?" she asked laughing.

"Come round to my office and find out."

"Your office?"

"Yeah it's the new staff bonding scheme, all the girls have to work topless three days a week. I think you should try it. It would do wonders for your business."

She almost collapsed with laughter. Fred came in to see what she was laughing about. "Tom has suggested I work topless to drum up trade!" She laughed.

"We-ell," Fred offered,

"I......." "Don't even think about it!" she retorted. "Fred thinks it is a good idea," she told Tom down the phone.

"I always thought he had impeccable taste." Tom said. "But there are two real reasons I was ringing, one is to ask if you can have next week off and two, what is your wardrobe like for thin flimsy floating things? I have booked a week in Portugal – for two."

"I'll get back to you," she said. "I may have to show Fred my tits in the back room, but somehow I'll get the time off."

"What was that last thing you said?" asked Fred as she put down the phone. She put on her sweetest smile and turned to face him.

Sarah phoned back inside an hour. "OK, just how flimsy and floating does the wardrobe have to be?"

He said "You just wouldn't believe how flimsy and floating. You cannot possibly have something that is too flimsy, floaty or revealing. I take it that you're coming, -good! Come round to the flat for dinner tonight – arrive anytime." With that he was gone.

She turned up at the apartment at eight. She was wearing a black coctail dress which was slightly opaque, through which her breasts and black thong could just be seen. As he opened the door, she sailed past him, did a twirl and said, "is this flimsy enough for you?"

He took her in his arms and said, "I think it's lovely, and you are beautiful.."

"But. Not flimsy enough eh?" She interrupted, "Ok mister you want flimsy and sexy, you're going to get flimsy, sexy and very revealing, but if you are taking me out in public dressed in next to nothing, you are going to have to take care of me. Understand?"

"Completely." He replied.

"Then," she added, "there are no limits- none, understand that. Now make love to me – without ripping this dress, as I have to wear it to church on Sunday!" They both laughed at that and fell on the bed.

They didn't actually see much of each other during the week, although they did meet on the Friday evening for a drink in the town. "By the way," Sarah said. "I have a complete wardrobe and I am prepared to go out in public in any of it, providing you stick to the understanding that we have."

"That's good. I have bought a couple of items for you myself." Tom told her.

She replied, "Well you can be sure that no matter what they are, I will wear them."

He grinned, "I will hold you to that!"

"No need! I will wear your skimpy items whenever you want me to."

"They may have to be dispensable." Tom said with a grin.

She took his hand, "Darling whilst we're away next week everything is dispensable whenever you think fit."

"I'm getting a hard on already!" he told her.

"Do you want me to take care of it for you?" she asked,

"Now?" he replied.

"Of course!" she said, "because just remember this, if I am to be underdressed all week, I am going to be horny and will not be able to keep my hands off you!"

They were sitting in the snug of a town centre pub, but this didn't inhibit her in reaching into his trousers and retrieving his penis, which was showing signs on interest in the proceedings. She sat there drinking her lager with one hand and slowly wanking him off with the other under the table. He spurted all over her hand, which she offered him. He took her hand and put it into his mouth and then licked her fingers.

They walked back to her house and prepared to have their customary shag in the side entry. He discovered that although she was wearing fairly low rise jeans, she was wearing nothing underneath. "I like how low cut these jeans are." He remarked.

"You just wait," she said, these are positively armpit fit compared to some I am taking." Low rise or not, they were soon discarded and her legs were clamped around his waist.

They took a taxi to the airport, so they could have a drink on the flight home.

As they settled into the flight, her turned to her and said "Tell me about your parents."

"Mum and Dad were dancers in a show when they met as teenagers. They had been recruited separately into the troupe. They hit it off immediately and worked well together. The choreographer noticed this and gave them a couple of feature dances to do in each show. Their acts got more sensual and the costumes much sexier until, quite literally they were semi-nude. Mum still has some of her costumes at home and I tried one once and was quite shocked just how much could be seen. There are photographs too which I might get her to show you one day."

"So," Tom said, "I suppose that's why they didn't object to your entering the wet tee shirt competition."

"They weren't in a position to object really were they?" she asked. "They even continued doing the same sort of act after I was born, which developed into a balance act in which they wore equally scanty costumes. With the death of Variety type shows, they left the stage and now run a booking agency for the clubs."

"They sound like quite a couple." Tom admitted.

"I think they're lovely," said Sarah, "although quite what they would think of a boyfriend of mine who covered me in custard and other things including bodily fluids then ripped off my clothes in public, I have no idea!"

"Even if I told them that you had wanted it all to take place in the first place?"

"If you told them that, they would know you were no gentleman and therefore most unsuitable!" Sarah replied with a laugh that drew attention to them in the plane.

"In that case," Tom announced, "I am going to do my worst to you for the next week, before I get banished from ever seeing you again."

Sarah giggled and said, "I'm getting excited already! Don't worry, I shall be the arbiter of whether you should be banished or not. So do what you will, with or over me, clothed or no and we will have a great week!"

When they arrived at Faro Airport, they found that for the price of a taxi to and from their accommodation, they could hire a tiny car for the week, it was of course no contest. For even if they went nowhere in the car all week, it would cost them no more and they would have the advantage of their own wheels if they needed it. There was a bonus when they got to the hire desk. All the small cars had been taken, so Tom went to move to another desk. The operator stopped them and said they could have the next grade of car for the same price. Result!

They drove along the N125 reputedly one of the most dangerous roads in Europe with the windows open and the wind blowing in their hair. Sarah, rolled up her shirt to expose her abdomen to the sun and relish its warmth. She also opened the top of her jeans to get the sun to her lower belly. "Are you trying to make me crash?" demanded Tom. "How I am supposed to concentrate with you undressing yourself beside me?"

"Oh I could distract you a lot more than this!" Sarah announced "For example, if I started playing with myself or even... you! That would be a distraction. I am warning you, I intend to get as much sun on as much of my body as possible this holiday!"

They arrived at the apartment block and checked in. It was a one bedroom unit with a small balcony overlooking the sea, beach and pool. It was a bit basic but fine. it had a TV and DVD player. Patio doors opened up from both the bedroom and the lounge area on to the balcony. Sarah was insistent upon unpacking before doing anything else. She didn't seem to have brought many clothes with her as her bag was so small. However the items were so thin that they took up hardly any space at all. She changed out of her jeans and shirt, had a quick shower and put on a tiny thong, a very short white flared skirt and a white cotton top which reached to just above her waist but fastened only by a single button. "Shall we go and have a look round?" she asked Tom.

The strings of her thong were visible above the top of her skirt and the cheeks of her bum were visible below it. "I'd like to see you wear that skirt without a thong!" remarked Tom.

"Oh but you shall!" she replied, "I just thought that with it being mid afternoon, there might be some children about." They explored an area called "The Strip" which was full of clubs, bars and restaurants, just behind their accommodation. The lager was sweet and plentiful and by the time they got back to the apartment, they were both quite squiffy. Tom fell on her on the bed and they made love still dressed. They slept and woke several hours later.

They decided to go out to get something to eat. She wore a long sarong in the most diaphanous material, it was completely see through. Only the fact that the material was doubled and knotted at her groin prevented her pubic region from being on public display. As it was, her arse was completely on show. Around her breasts, she wore a bandeau made of a similar material and although the material was doubled, the shape of her nipples was clearly defined. Apart from some glittery sandals and jewellery, that completed her outfit.

They walked down the strip, being hit on by the PR's trying to get them to eat in their particular restaurant. They would sometimes listen to the spiel, other times they would ignore the patter. They were stopped by a striking long-haired brunette dressed rather more interestingly than the usual jeans, trainers and sweatshirts of the others. She had a white dress on which was about mid thigh in length with a slit up the front of one leg. The neckline of the dress matched the profile of the Wonderbra that she was wearing. Tom could not help himself casting several glances down the woman's dress. He failed to notice that she and Sarah were having a conversation, which seemed to be going well. Tom was brought to his senses when Sarah said "I don't think he's paying attention to anything other than your cleavage!" Tom was caught red handed, stuffed and definitely guilty. In fact he immediately apologised to both women.

They looked at him with daggers drawn. They were both clearly annoyed and were showing it. He began to apologise again and mid way through both women burst into laughter. "They're such suckers for a bit of tit, aren't they?" The other woman suggested.

Sarah agreed and said "I think we will eat here, don't you Tom?" Tom was just grateful for an opportunity to get away from there, even if it meant going into the restaurant. Carole, for that was her name led them into the entrance to be met by a waiter. His eyes were on stalks when he saw the way that Sarah was dressed (or not!). In the time honoured tradition of eateries all over the world, in order to make the place look busy and therefore more attractive, they were led to a table by the window, which because the street sloped, meant that the table was about eye-height to those on the street.

Once seated and a drinks order placed, Tom once again felt it necessary to say sorry to Sarah for losing track. "Look, Tom," She is woman, with her body on display, perhaps not so different to me, anything wrong in that?" he shook his head. "No!" she continued, "in fact I found her very attractive, so I don't blame you for doing so. She was doing a selling job and succeeding apparently. What are you going to do if someone stares at me tonight? Punch them in the mouth? I think you like the idea that I am your girlfriend and you are showing me off, don't you?" He nodded. She reached across to take his hands in hers. "Then we're both going to have fun this week aren't we?"

He said "I really hope so."

The waiter came and took their order and Sarah suggested they send a drink out to Carole, Tom agreed and the waiter said he knew what she would like. A few minutes later, Carole appeared at the window with a drink in her hand and blew a kiss to each of them. The meal went well as did two whole bottles of wine. "Shall we have a dessert?" Tom asked,

"As long as you don't tip it over me!" Sarah laughed. "Well not at this particular moment anyway."

"Ah! So you are not averse to a little bit of slapstick sometime?" Tom asked.

She looked at him with a glint in her eye, and said quietly "You know I'm not."

Unknown to Tom, Sarah had crossed her legs under the table and the wrap over effect of her sarong had uncovered most of her legs. He noticed some lads looking in the window at her, clearly naked under the thin material, although they couldn't actually see anything of an intimate nature. He twigged what they were looking at and told Sarah, "You've got an audience."

"I know," she grinned, "I'm just giving them something for them to be envious of you for."

"I'm glad." Said Tom.

Sarah smiled and said, "You know, it's amazing, those guys have probably walked past a hundred topless women today on the beach, or even more and yet I sit here shown a bit, well perhaps more than a bit, of thigh and they crowd round to watch. It gives me a great sense of power."

Eventually they finished their meal, the crowd of lads had moved on and lots more people were appearing on the streets. Clearly the clubs were beginning to open and the restaurants beginning to slow down a little, although many were far from closing. Tom and Sarah wound their way through the tables towards the door, saying their farewell to the staff. Outside, Carole was still doing her stuff, albeit there was a little lull at the time, so they went to have a word with her. "Thanks for the drink." She said, "Did you enjoy your meal?" They told her that yes, indeed they had very much enjoyed the whole experience, the atmosphere, the food, the service, "The window seat!" interjected Carole with a laugh. "I think you did as much for trade as I did tonight! Will we see you again tomorrow night?"

Tom replied saying, "I think we can arrange for you to see more of us, or particularly, more of Sarah if you like!"

"I'd like that!" Carole said. Sarah smiled and mouthed "Thank you." Before moving off, the two women gave each other a peck on the cheek, so Tom did likewise.

"I like her!" announced Sarah as they walked away.

As they walked down the street hand in hand, loud disco music attacked their ears from all directions. "I think the chances of a soft romantic dance together are pretty slim tonight!" Tom said.

"Well, there's only one thing to do in that case," replied Sarah, "That is to go with it and get plastered!" They had had the equivalent of a bottle of wine each so far, but having a meal with it masked the effects somewhat. They pushed their way into one club which was slightly less raucous than some of the others, got a lager each and stood to one side of the dance floor watching the dancers. The girls in the club seemed to be competing to show as much flesh as possible as they danced. "I now know what you meant when you said that no clothing could be too revealing!" Sarah called to Tom over the noise as she jigged up and down in time with the music.

"Shall we join them?" Tom asked. Sarah nodded and then they found there was nowhere for them to put their drinks down. So, they quickly downed their drinks, go rid of the glasses and went on to the dance floor. Sarah's bandeau bounced up and down with her breasts and she danced. "It looks as though you might lose that!" Tom called to her. She just grinned and spread her hands as if to say "So what?" Tom was mesmerised by the nipples and areola that he could see through the material. Sarah danced up to him, rubbing her breasts against his shirt. His hand fell naturally to her hips, just below which he could feel the top of her sarong. He placed the flat of his hands on her hips and with his thumbs, pressed gently on the joint between her belly and the top of her thighs. She flung her arms around his neck and humped her groin against his. As he predicted, her top began to slip and soon areola appeared above the fabric. This stopped nothing and soon she was dancing away from him, for him with her bandeau around her waist.

Another girl saw what was happening and lowered the front of her dress so she too was topless. There were so many people on the floor it was difficult to see who was topless and who was not. Nobody seemed to care much anyway. Eventually Sarah pulled her top back up (sort of) and they had a couple more drinks and another dance before Sarah declared it was too hot in the club and she would like to go outside.

They actually walked into the old town about a mile away and found a quieter bar there. Despite the amount they had already had to drink, they were not drunk. Perhaps happy would be a better description. About two in the morning they decided to have a taxi back to the apartment block. When they got there, a walk in the gardens seemed a good idea. As they walked across one of the lawns, they were surprised when suddenly the garden sprinklers started up! Sarah giggled, "Well you wanted me to get wet for you!" she danced around the lawn getting absolutely soaked. Her sarong and bandeau as good as disappeared, clinging to her body. She then lay down on the grass letting the sprinkler play over her. Tom was soaked too of course and lay down with her. They began kissing and caressing each other in the cooling water. Tom traced the outline of her breasts and nipples with his fingers. She reached into his slacks and began to work her fingers up and down his penis, which of course began to respond. Soon it was fully erect and relishing the attention. He knelt either side of her hips and sat back, his bum resting on her legs. "Cum on me Tom," she said "pull your self off and cum all over me." He knelt back up and trapped her wrists to the soggy ground with his free hand. "OK missy, prepare to get sticky!" She wriggled under him as he began to wank. He was already pretty close so it was not very long before he was squirting her throat and face with his seed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she gasped as he fell on her, kissing his own semen into her mouth. The water was still raining down on them as he reached down behind himself and fingered her labia, wet for all sorts of reasons. Her legs shot open to help him bring her off.

It was not a comfortable position and could not be sustained. She shimmied down under him until his prick was pointing at her mouth. She opened her lips and took the whole length and sucked. There was little Tom could do other than support his weight as she both sucked him back to erection and brought herself off with her hand. Before long she was bucking under him and he was literally fucking her mouth. They collapsed afterwards, still being sprayed by the sprinklers. "Tom, I have to wee." She whispered to him.

"Well go on then." He said.

"What! I can't!"

"Of course you can, who's to know? I'm staying here on top of you!" The ridiculous situation made her laugh she was getting soaked anyway and indeed who was to know, but she wanted to get up, but was laughing so much and drunk enough not to be able to overcome his power. In the end, despite herself she emptied her bladder over the sodden lawn. "I've done it." She told him. He kissed her full on the mouth, tonguing her into compliance.

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