tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah and Tom Explore Ch. 04

Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 04


Here is the next part of this adventurous couple's holiday story. I hope you enjoy it. It is bit long so perhaps you might like to come back to it from time to time.


They returned to the apartment and Carole picked up her key. She looked down at her dress, holes down both sides, exposing her body from below her hips to the sides of her breasts. "I can't really walk through my neighbourhood dressed like this!" she moaned.

Tom held out a shirt of his. "This any better?" he asked, grinning.

"Go on I dare you!" Sarah said.

"And what are you going to do to match me?" Carole asked. Sarah thought for a moment, wondering what she could suggest.

Then Tom spoke, "Sarah will tonight wear something which you will be allowed to interfere with in some way," he suggested. Sarah grinned, nodded and simply shrugged and held out her hands in a "Well?" sort of gesture.

"You're on!" replied Carole.

"Would you like me to walk you back?" Tom asked as Carole buttoned his shirt around her body.

"I would feel safer and happier," She admitted.

They walked through the cheaper part of town, which Tom was quite apprehensive about Carole living there on her own. "Is this a dodgy area?" he asked her.

She laughed. "Only when you're wearing a man's shirt, with nothing on underneath! I just wanted you to walk with me." She turned to him and kissed him, "You'll forgive me that won't you?"

He kissed her back and said, "Of course! I'm glad you agreed to do it."

They reached her door and went briefly inside, where she took off the shirt and handed it back to him "Thank you for that, ......" She saw him looking at her, one hand on her hip the other on the back of a chair, "....do you like what you see?"

He looked up at her, "very much, but I'll be getting back now."

When he got back to the apartment, Sarah greeted him with the words "Did you have sex with her?"

"No." he replied, "Although I think it was on offer."

"And you didn't take her up on it?" Sarah asked, "I would have done."

He took her in his arms "And I would have loved watching you." He told her.

"I would have liked you watching too." She told him. She stepped back a pace and addressed him, "So, how do you propose to have me dressed tonight in order that Carole may interfere with me?"

He thought for a moment and then said, "something of a wrap over nature, I think."

She tapped the side of her head. "I have a wrap over skirt, which is long and doesn't wrap over very much..... or I have a tunic length wrap dress, which is very short."

"I like the sound of that already!" Tom exclaimed brightly.

They didn't need to leave to dine yet as it was still a bit too early, so Sarah decided to model the skirt and dress on which he could offer his opinions. Before that, Tom prepared a light snack for them and they sat on the balcony watching the sunset over the sea. "Would you like to move in with me?" Tom suddenly asked.

Sarah didn't answer straight away. After a thoughtful pause, she said "well, I would, but I see certain disadvantages." She had a very serious look on her face.

Tom leant forward, "Really? What are they?"

"Well, it would mean an end to you fucking me in our side entry!" she said with a laugh.

"I sure we could find an alternative." He told her.

"Well all right then but promise me one thing," she said, "It won't mean an end to you walking me home with my clothes in tatters."

"Granted!" he exclaimed, "starting with tonight!"

She went over to his sun bed, climbed on top of him and said "I love you Tom Ward!"

He kissed her and said, "careful, that's twice you've told me that now."

She smoothed his hair down and said "Do you want me to tell you again?"

He kissed her neck and said "maybe later."

She went into the apartment and came out wearing just the wrap over two layer gauze skirt. She gave a twirl and said "What do you think?"

"If you'll come out with me dressed like that.- It's a deal!" he said, pointing to her bare breasts.

She rolled her eyes and said "I'll have to wear something up top!"

"Try wearing the skirt a little lower.... That's it, a bit lower again, go on, lower.... Lower..." She lowered the waistband of the skirt until her slit was almost showing.

"I can't wear it like this, she protested, "- I shall keep tripping over it!" He reluctantly had to agree that there was rather too much material on the floor. "Wait there!" she said and disappeared back inside. "What about this?" She was wearing an extremely short wrap over dress, in a very light material. Sitting down as he was he could see her puffy labia lips beneath the hem. "It's meant as a beach cover-up." She told him.

"Maybe for a walk on the beach, but in a well-lit street, it might be a much for the start of the evening." He told her.

"Well all right then, but tomorrow evening we'll go for a walk along fisherman's beach." Fisherman's beach was in the old town and overlooked by several bars and disco's, there was usually a bit of overspill for them on to the beach.

"I look forward to it!" he said encouragingly. "Put the skirt back on again." She did as he told her. He stood up and undid the wrap, lifting it up to under her arms. He fixed it in place. The hem was now just above her knees. The skirt was only wrapped over by about six inches so when she took a step her body from the just under her breasts to her feet came into view. He twisted the skirt round so that the wrap, instead of being straight down the middle of her body, was centred on her left breast. Now when she took a step, her body was still exposed, but only enough to confirm that she was naked beneath, there was just enough material to cover her quim. She would still have to be careful, if she wasn't to be fully exposed.

"Will you go out with me dressed like this?" He asked her.

She took his face in her hands, kissing his forehead, nose and mouth and uttered, "I'd love to."

He parted the skirt and ran his hands over her back, thrusting his groin into hers. "It may meet with an accident."

She just had time to utter "Good!" before her tongue pushed it's way into his willing mouth.

The walk to the restaurant was more exciting that either of them had thought it was going to be. It was pleasantly warm but breezier that expected. Even though Sarah's skirt ballooned out a couple of times, she made no effort to stop it or hold it down. This had its effect on both her and Tom. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" she asked him.

"And you're not, I assume." Was all the answer Tom gave.

She squeezed his arm and said, "You know bloody well that I am. -- It's making me horny!"

They came to the restaurant outside which Carole worked. She was busy trying to persuade three young men to go in and order. She was flirting with them and she was dressed well to do it too. She was wearing the same outfit that she had worn when we first encountered her. Her white dress was about mid thigh in length with a slit up the front of one leg. The neckline of the dress matched the profile of the Wonderbra that she was wearing. Sarah and Tom stood back just watching Carole cajoling the men into eating in that particular eatery that night. Eventually the three young men could resist her charms and followed her into the restaurant. A moment or two later she was back out looking for more diners.

Sarah put her fingers to her lips in a shushing motion and manoeuvred herself and Tom into Carole's blindside, she then spoke in a caricature of a South American drawl, "Excuse me Ma'am, do you mind if my boyfriend dribbles into your cleavage?

Carole spun round, apparently horrified but then burst out laughing when she saw who it was behind her. "Sure Honey," she replied, mimicking Sarah's awful attempt at an American accent, "anywhere he wants to dribble is just fine with me!" She took a step back and saw how Sarah was dressed(?) and added, "God I wish I didn't have to work tonight!"

"What time are you finishing?" Tom asked.

"I wouldn't think until about twelve tonight." She told him.

"Then we'll come along and pick you up before going to La Costa." he replied.

"Fine, now are you going to eat here tonight, or am I going have get security to stop you pestering me?"

Tom raised his hands "We'll eat, we'll eat OK?"

"Then pray let me escort you to you table." She told them.

With a word from Carole, the head waiter positioned then at a table which could be seen from the street. It amused Sarah that she was offered the chair which allowed Carole outside to see into the wrap of her dress. Of course this view was also available to anyone studying the menu outside, which might not be bad for business.

When Sarah had got settled in her chair, she "carelessly" allowed the inner wrap of her dress to slide off her thigh and expose the whole of her leg, part of her hip and some of her belly, clearly indicating that it was her sole garment that night. They took a long relaxed meal, lingering over coffee, making sure that Carole could see them having a good time and allowing her to become almost green with envy.

During a lull in passing trade, Carole came inside and up to their table. "What do you two think you are doing to me out there?" she asked.

"Making you horny?" Sarah asked innocently.

"Too fucking right!" Carole answered with some force.

"Carole," Tom said, "Do you think you could get another night off this week?"

"Wow!" Carole exclaimed, "I don't know, er... it will be difficult, but I will try, God will I try!"

Carole disappeared and whilst the others waited for her return, a waiter brought two brandies with the compliments of the management. "Hmmm." Murmured Tom, "I can't make up my mind whether that is a good sign or a bad one."

"Why?" asked Sarah.

"Well," Tom replied, "It could be that he is thinking kindly upon our request, or it could equally mean that it is a sweetener for the bad news."

A few minutes later, Carole came back across the room with a serious look on her face. "Partial success." She announced. They looked at her in expectation. "If his son agrees to stand in for me one night, I can have that night off." They began to look happier. "But," Carole continued, "I have to persuade him and of course I lose a night's pay."

"I'll cover your expenses for the night." Tom told her, "But I can't help with the pay."

Carole smiled and said "Thanks for that, I didn't expect you to help with the pay. No, the biggest problem is to convince Pepe to stand in for me."

"Where is Pepe? Perhaps we can help persuade him." Sarah asked.

Carole laughed "Dressed like that I don't think Pepe will be able to refuse you anything."

Pepe, it turned out was working at another of his father's restaurants further up the road. "The problem is," Carole said, "I can't go up to see him as I have to work here until midnight, by that time he will have gone home."

"Which is the restaurant?" Sarah asked her.

"O Durado. A fish restaurant about 300 metres up the strip."

"Leave it to us, Carole," Sarah told her, "We'll talk to him."

They found the O Durado and then Pepe. A discussion was held about how little time Carole normally took off and "her friends from England" only had two or three days with which to meet up with her. The combination of Sarah's revealing mode of dress and her propensity to stand very close to him, finally elicited an agreement to stand in for Carole, the following night, Thursday. However it may have been the fifty Euro note that Tom pressed into his hand that was the clincher.

Sarah could not contain her excitement and threw her arms round Pepe and hugged him. After a moment or two they left him to go back to tell Carole the news. Sarah was almost running up the street, bouncing around like Tigger, the cartoon tiger, not caring that her wrap dress was flailing in the wind behind her. Carole was of course delighted and spoke to her boss and told him of the arrangement. It was now 11.45pm and passing trade had dropped off, the kitchen staff were not looking to serve any more starters, and they had a fairly full restaurant, so in a moment of magnanimity, the owner told her to bugger off and not be late on Friday night.

The three of them walked down to A Costa to meet up with José. When they got there, he was busy dealing a problem with one of the staff. He saw them, waved them into a corner, directed a waiter to serve them and indicated that he would be a few minutes.

When José arrived in their corner, he brought with him his own drink and said that he would only be able to stay for a few moments, then he would have to get back to managing the club. "What time are you closing?" Sarah asked. He winced and said not before four in the morning.

"Do you have to work tomorrow night?" Carole asked.

"No, he replied, "it is my cousin's turn, we take it in turns through the week, and both work Saturday nights. -- Why?"

"I'll tell you later." Carole told him and blew him a kiss.

José took his leave of them and Carole said, "Would you two mind if José joined us tomorrow night?

Tom spoke. "Of course not! We would be glad if he came along!" "I would be very happy if he cums along with us!" Sarah giggled and then shrieked with laughter.

Carole suddenly chirped up, "I've just remembered I was going to be allowed to interfere with Sarah's clothing tonight, wasn't I?"

"Let's dance first" Sarah said ignoring the question.

The two girls moved on to the dance floor and began to dance together. Sarah's wrap over skirt-cum-dress opened up well as she moved. They were about a foot apart facing each other, Carole grinned at her partner especially as she felt Sarah slip the first two fingers of her right hand into her cleavage. Sarah wiggled her fingers inside her friend's dress. Suddenly, Sarah pulled Carole into a clinch and kissed her ear before whispering. "I want you!"

Carole responded by sliding her hand inside the wrap of Sarah's garment, and placing her hand on Sarah's buttock. She kissed Sarah on the mouth and said "I want you too."

Sarah fondled the nape of Carole's neck, who tipped her head back in order to luxuriate in the caress. Sarah's mouth found Carole's ear again. "Will you do something for me?"

Without waiting to hear what the "something" was, Carole replied "Yes, anything, anything at all."

"Lose the bra." Carole hesitated. "The dress won't look right with out the bra."

Sarah looked her in the eye and said firmly, "then keep the bra and lose the dress. Which is it to be? Either the dress or the bra goes before I let you kiss me again."

Carole held Sarah's gaze, looking directly back at her with a slight smile, "Then you decide." Continuing, "and hurry up about it as I am in need of a kiss."

Sarah positioned her hand at the top of the zip at the back of Carole's dress. She would have to undo the zip to get at the fastening of Carole's bra either way. Carole felt her friend's hand on the zipper, the hook and eye at the top would be the key, if Sarah undid that, it stood to reason that she was going to be removed from her dress. If it stayed fastened, it would seem that her bra would be gone soon. She was soon to know, or thought she did, as Sarah undid the zip enough to get her hand inside and free the clasp of the bra. Carole felt the tension go from the bra. "Kiss me now!" she urged under her breath. Sarah gave her a quick peck on the lips and reached up under the short cap sleeves of Carole's dress to pull the shoulder strap of the bra down her arm and over her hand. She did the same the other side and Carole pulled her bra out of the neckline of her dress and tossed it to Tom who stood at the side of the floor watching the pair. He was not alone, the other dancers on the floor were also watching whilst dancing.

The two girls hugged and kissed each other, Carole's hand found it's old spot, inside the wrap of Sarah's dress, resting just above the rise of her bum. She smoothed her hand up and down Sarah's back. "I love your bare back." She whispered. Sarah murmured, almost purred like a cat, she liked what Carole was doing to her. She decided to do the same to Carole. Her hand slid the zip of Carole's dress down as far as it would go. The hook and eye at the top was still fastened, so a handy opening was created in which Sarah could slide her hand.

They danced for a while like that each one fondling and caressing the other's bare back. "I could stay like this for ever." Carole murmured.

"I doubt that will be possible," murmured Sarah in reply, "'cos your boyfriend is watching us."

Carole remained unmoved, "So is yours."

"Lets make them horny." Sarah suggested and began to thrust her groin against Carole's thigh.

"You'll make me even hornier if you carry on like that!" replied Carole, in a quiet voice.

"Good!" exclaimed Sarah, burying her face in Carole's long brunette hair.

They were dry humping to the music, with other dancers, with Tom and José standing on the sidelines. "I think the girls are going to invite you to join us tomorrow night." Tom said, " -- That is if they have any energy left!"

"Why do you say that?" José asked.

"Because," Tom sighed, "Carole doesn't have to work tomorrow night, so she is sure to spend the day with us, and that means a great deal of sexual activity!"

José thought for moment and said "Why don't you bring them to the villa tomorrow afternoon? And we'll go right through to the evening."

"And beyond?" questioned Tom.

José gave a quick grin and said "Who knows?"

The exhibition the girls were giving on the dance floor was hotting up. Everyone else had stopped any pretence of dancing and were simply watching. The back of Carole's dress was now completely open, the hook having long since parted company with the eye. The dress was slowly but surely working its way down the front of her body. The whole of the side of Sarah's body was exposed on one side, due the effect Carole's hands were having. One of which was reaching for the precious place between her partner's legs. Feeling this, Sarah sank down into the hand that cupped her vulva. At that moment the music momentarily stopped and the crowd burst into applause. The music immediately started up again at a fast pace. The moment was lost and the girls returned to where the boys were standing.

They were flushed and looked happy. It was perhaps as well that José had made an unseen signal to the DJ to bring the matter to a close. -- After all no-one was buying any drinks! "Well you two, that was some show you put on!" José told them before having to dash off to deal with something in the club.

Tom put his arms round them and said, "As Carole doesn't have to work tomorrow, er..... I mean tonight, I suggest that she stays with us until Friday evening."

Sarah squeaked with glee, "What a lovely idea!", Turning to Carole, she said, "Please say yes!"

Carole grinned and said, "well OK I'd love to, but I have to go back to my place for some clothes to change into."

Sarah put up her hands and exclaimed, "Not allowed! I have plenty of clothes for you to share! We can't let her go home can we Tom?"

Tom grinned, "Absolutely not! I've seen some of those clothes you've got! I definitely want to see them worn before the week is out."

"And ripped, ....perhaps?" Sarah enquired of him with a cheeky grin.

"There's always that of course." Carole dug him in the ribs. Sarah merely grinned. "By the way," Tom added, "José has invited us to the villa tomorrow er.... I mean, this afternoon."

"Wow!" exclaimed Carole, she then hesitated, "er..... how do you guys feel about that?"

Tom rubbed his chin, "well, Carole, it's like this, I'm not so sure I want to spend the afternoon in the company of two beautiful women, wearing next to nothing in the grounds of a fantastic villa, owned by a millionaire......." This time it was Sarah who dug him in the ribs.

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