tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah and Tom Explore Ch. 05

Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 05


This chapter starts as they prepare to leave Portugal to fly home.

They noticed the dawn beginning to break and decided to finish their packing then have a couple of hours on the bed before they had to leave for the airport.

Tom's mobile woke them at the appointed hour and soon their taxi was at the entrance. They were both tired and in need of some sleep to catch up on that which they had missed, but the taxi ride and checking in at the airport didn't allow time for a snooze. However once they were aboard the plane and the flight started, Sarah curled up in the window seat and was soon asleep. There was no-one sharing their row of three seats, so Tom lifted the arm of the seats and settled down himself.

Tom slept fitfully and when he woke for the second time he noticed that Sarah's skirt had ridden up her thighs a little. He carefully moved the material to expose a little more of her lovely legs, she shifted her position a little which quite by chance lifted her skirt even more. As she was facing the window, her arse cheek on one side was visible up to her hip to anyone walking down the central aisle of the aircraft. Tom left her like that.

Eventually Sarah woke up and realised how much leg she had is display, she turned her head and whispered "Bastard!" but grinned broadly at Tom. Before she sat up straight for the landing, she pulled her top to one side and showed him a breast.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain has switched on the seatbelt signs so we request that you now return to your seats for landing." Everyone took heed and soon the only people moving around were the cabin crew. Tom was now sitting in the next seat to Sarah and with the tables folded away, he had good access to her legs. He reached over and gripped the hem of her skirt in two hands and slowly ripped the fabric. He had ripped about an inch when one of the stewardesses walked down to their row checking seat belts. She caught Tom in the act of ripping his girlfriend's skirt and looked fiercely him. Tom smiled at her and whilst still in eye to eye contact with her, slowly tore the skirt another inch. The girl looked across at Sarah, who did not appear to be upset at all at what was happening. The stewardess now looked at Tom, and still not smiling, raised an eyebrow as if questioning what he was going to do next. He answered that by tearing a little more of the material. The stewardess, put her elbow on the back of the seat in front, cupped her chin in her open palm and waved her other hand up and down as if to say "more if you dare!" He dared and ripped the skirt almost up to the waistband the crew member smiled and blew him a kiss when she saw that Sarah was wearing no panties. "Cabin crew seats for landing please." A look of irritation came over the girl's face as she had to move away.

The plane landed and the crew started moving about again preparing for the aircraft to come on to it's stand at the terminal. Just then a female hand appeared holding a piece of paper. The girl handed it to Sarah and as both her and Tom looked up they saw her undo a button on her blouse, before closing her jacket. She winked at them both and moved on. Sarah opened the note to find "Call me" written and a telephone number. It was signed, "Gemma". "Do you think you will?" Tom asked.

"Of course!" Sarah answered, kissing him on the end of his nose. "I think she'd like me to rip her clothes off!" The thought filled Tom with passion and he kissed her hard. "My!" she said as she unclenched herself, "that has turned you on hasn't it?" She rubbed his groin and confirmed what she thought.

As they stood to get out of their seats, Sarah's skirt opened wide and revealed her panty-less pubes and Tom could not resist having a quick feel. When they got into the terminal, and were walking to baggage claim, Tom noticed that with every stride that Sarah took, her skirt parted and revealed her right leg up to the waist. Sarah noticed this too and began taking longer strides. "Like the skirt?" Sarah asked.

"Love it!" Tom replied.

"So do I!" Sarah said.

The baggage reclaimed and the walk through Customs completed, they took the overhead link to the railway station. This link is a two car unmanned tram which travels over the car parks and the exit roads of the airport to the railway, a distance of about half a mile. There was no-one else in their car, which would normally hold about ten people, but there were some people in the other car. The cars were connected to form the train, but it was not possible to pass from one car to the other. The occupants of the other car could easily be seen and vice versa. "Take of your top and stand by the window," Tom told Sarah, which she did, grinning at him. She was facing away from the other car, but it was clearly discernable from her bare back that she was naked from the waist up. Sarah watched the people and cars moving around below her, none that she could see looked up. "Do you have a coat in you hand baggage?" Tom asked.

"Mmm, a small jacket, in case it was cold when we got here." She told him.

There was a tearing sound as she heard Tom say "Well, you'd better get it out of your bag then." As he continued to rip the small top into shreds. Sarah looked at him and laughed. They were only a few yards from the terminus as she began to look for the jacket in her bag.

She had just managed to find it as the tram drew to a stop. She threw the jacket on, but had not been able to fasten it before the automatic doors opened and they were confronted with a group of people waiting to join the tram.

Tom and Sarah pushed their way through the throng, carrying their bags to enter the vestibule of the station. In the process, her jacket had been pulled to one side and one breast was exposed. She covered herself and assembled the bottom of the zip fastener on the bomber style jacket. "Still want to come and live with me?" Tom asked.

Sarah slipped her arm through his and said "More than ever if you keep giving me exciting moments like that!"

"Daily." He promised


Sarah kept the zip on her jacket done up to about half way, this indicated that she was wearing nothing underneath it, but at the same time only her sternum. The elasticated waist of her short jacket rode up a little to show a small amount of her midriff. They found seats on the train and settled in for the thirty minute ride to their home town. Nothing more happened on the train and as they caught a taxi, Tom asked, "Your place or mine?"

I don't mind, "Mum and Dad are away tonight." Sarah replied, then loudly enough for the taxi driver to hear, "Why Mr Ward, I do believe you want to shag me in my mother's bed!"

Tom laughed, "Do I have any alternative?"

"Absolutely not!"

"Then your place it is then." Tom admitted.

It was just still light as the taxi drew up outside Sarah's house. "We'll have to go in the back way." Sarah said, "As I only have the back door key." As they walked along the passage between her house and the one next door, Sarah observed, "You've undressed me in this passage a few times."

"Let's not break the habit then!" Tom said and made a grab for her. She skitted quickly out of his way, but not before he caught hold of her skirt and pulled it off. She squealed and made it to the back door of the house wearing only her bomber jacket.

Having gained access to the house, She turned and said, "You bugger! I was going to wear that up the town tonight!"

"I'm sure you can find something else." He told her.

She grinned and said "I hope so, otherwise, we're going to find it difficult to get in pubs tonight!"

They showered and Sarah unpacked. There didn't seem to be much point in Tom unpacking as he would be going to his own flat the next day. He just sorted out a pair of slacks, a shirt and a jacket, whilst Sarah sorted through her wardrobe for a dress. She decided on a tight black lycra dress that was incredibly short. It clung to her body like a second skin, it had elbow length sleeves and a low cut neckline – no bra. Tom said she looked sensational. She asked if he wanted to know whether she was wearing panties or not.

"Since you ask, are you wearing panties?" he demanded

"A thong, which you can ask me for at any point in the evening." She told him, "And I DO mean at any point, no matter where we are – get it?" He got it.

"Don't you want a coat?" Tom asked.

"Why? Are you going to rip this dress off too?" She asked as she dug her finger into his ribs. "Shall we go out and eat?"

They walked the half mile into town and found a restaurant with a cosy table for two and sat down for an intimate dinner. The candle on the table added a little light to the soft lighting of the restaurant. Tom reached across the table and took Sarah's hands in his and said, "Sarah, you have never looked more beautiful."

"Nah." She replied, "Trick of the light. Last time you said that, you'd just tipped something over my head!"

"Are you determined to ruin the atmosphere tonight?" He asked somewhat exasperated.

"Sorry." She whispered, "but I thought for a moment you were going to propose."

"No, I was just trying to enjoy the moment." He told her, "Even though we've just been away for a week, we didn't seem to be alone together much."

"Whose fault is that?" She asked, "Who introduced another woman into our bed?"

"Actually I think that was you." He accused.

"Sorry - again." She said softly, "I think you're right. Let's have some more wine."

After that exchange the atmosphere between them changed and became more romantic. They took their time over dinner and enjoyed themselves. "Still want to move in with me?" he asked

"Too right!" she said, "Life is much more exciting since I've been going out with you. You have fanned the flame of my exhibitionism that was just a glowing ember within me. That first time on the Sunday when we went to the country park, you made me take off my panties on the roof of the castle then got me all wet and muddy, I thought there might be something there that you and I could share.

"I love to take you out in public underdressed." He told her, "and I know now that you like it too. Er...Amongst other things."

"Other things?" she asked coquettishly

"Well where can I begin? Having cum in your hair, getting generally wet and messy, other women, foursomes, have I left anything out?"

"You ripping my clothes off?" she asked

"That too." He added. "Do you really like that, or do you let me do it because I like it?"

She shuddered. "I really like it! In fact I was surprised that you didn't tear my skirt more on the flight back."

"I wouldn't have torn it as much as I did if the stewardess hadn't seen and encouraged me."

"Yes, I must ring her tomorrow." She told him.

"So soon?" he asked.

"Strike whilst the iron is hot." Sarah said "And Boy! Is she hot! I could have kissed her for egging you on in the manner she did."

"If you ring her, maybe you'll get the chance." He observed. "Don't forget to ring your friend Mina tomorrow too, I want to see a proper Mujra."

"I'll get her to do one particularly for you." She said, "One of her special ones."

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see. Now are you going to take me to a night club and show me off or not?"

"Waiter! Can we have the bill please?" Was his only reply.

They went to the most popular of the night clubs in the town, and had a few more drinks. "Don't get me so drunk, that I don't know what you are doing to me." She warned him, "because I want to enjoy it as well."

"Let's dance." He suggested. As they moved to the music, Sarah's tight dress began to ride up a bit. He noticed but said nothing. She noticed him looking and grinned delightedly at him. Soon the hem of the dress was above pube level and her thong was coming into view.

"Like what you see?" She asked. He nodded. "Want to see more?" He nodded again. "Wait two minutes." She was right, two minutes later, her dress had ridden up to her hips and her thong was in full view. She pulled him close, "Remember I said you could ask for it at any time."

"You knew this was going to happen?" He asked.

"Of course!" She laughed. "I've practiced in front of the mirror at home for years. I've just never had the boyfriend who is capable of coping with it." She danced away doing a few twirls in the middle of the floor. She pulled him close again. "Another thing, you should see this dress wet!" and gurgled with laughter at his face.

The music slowed and they melted into each other's arms. His right hand found the bunched up skirt at her back and his fingers were soon dancing across the tiny triangular bit of fabric which held the three strings of her thong together. His hand caressed her otherwise bare bum. She snuggled up to him, "Mmmmm, that's nice." He slid his hand up inside her dress at the back. "Ooooaaaaghh, that's even nicer. The action of him pushing his hand up the back of the tight dress, made the front of the dress slide up also. Luckily there were a lot of people on the dance floor and there was a lot of groping going on, so nobody stopped them from doing exactly as they pleased. In fact another girl had her breasts out of the top of her dress and they were being kissed and licked by her partner, - who was a girl too! Sarah saw this and lifted her dress to above her breasts, so from her armpits to her feet she was virtually naked. "Remember, I said anytime." She reminded him. "I wish this dress hadn't got these long sleeves," She whispered, "It would be so much easier for you to take it off."

"Remember that another time then." Tom told her. "Or do you think I should take to carrying a pair of scissors everywhere."

"That would be a good idea," she said, "or a small razor might be better. Then you can make subtle cuts when you like."

Tom laughed at her. "Here you are with your dress virtually off, talking about subtlety. Give me your thong."

"Take it!"

He tried to snap the strings, but they were too elastic to break. Finally he said "No! You give it to me! That's what you promised to do."

She stepped away from him, her dress still under her armpits, reached down, slid the thong down her legs and off her feet before waving it above her head and draping it over Tom's head. This attracted the attention of the Floor Manager who approached the couple and asked them to "cool it" It was an ultimatum, put the thong back on, or pull down the dress, or leave the club. Tom pulled down Sarah's dress until it (more or less) covered her nether regions. "We'll stay." Tom told him. The guy looked at them with a twinkle in his eye.

"Just cool it for a few minutes, OK?"

When the others saw the guy talking to Sarah and Tom, breasts were rapidly tucked back inside dresses and hemlines adjusted. "You heard him!" Sarah called out to them, "Just for a few minutes and then whey-hey!" Laughter all around and they carried on dancing. It wasn't long before the two girls who had been acting out a lesbian scenario were rubbing their bare titties together. All those around them knew that Sarah was now completely naked under her dress, and another girl was keen to be the same. Her boyfriend was divesting her of her panties, although she kept her full but short skirt well in place. Soon there were three or four pairs of panties on the floor. The "lesbians" were now open mouthed kissing, one had her hand up her partners skirt, whilst the other hooked her arms around the other's neck, pulling their bodies together. "Kiss me." Sarah said to Tom as she hung on to him. His hands fell to her dress hem again and eased it up a shade. The only noticeable effect was that Sarah was thrusting her pelvis at his with increased vigour. "I wish this dress had fasteners on it!" she gasped. "Are you ready to cum?" He nodded "I want a cum stain on this dress Now!" she told him and led him off the floor.

They slid into the gents toilets which was crowded. A cheer went up as they disappeared into one of the cubicles and closed the door. It was not clear why they bothered to close the door as within seconds, there was a sea of faces looking over the top of the cubicle walls. Tom stood on the toilet bowl as Sarah undid his flies and began to suck him off.

He was never going to last more than a few minutes given that treatment. He began to grunt as he got close to orgasm. "I'm cumming!" He gasped and proceeded to unload several strings of semen all over Sarah's face and more importantly as far as she was concerned, down the front of her dress. She did his flies back up and said "Tom I love you." But he didn't hear it because of all the cheering that was going on.

He led her out of the toilets and back on to the dance floor, where her face glistening with cum and white stains on the from of her dress announced what they had been up to. Sarah wiped her finger across her cheek, went up to the lezzie girls and put her finger on one of the girls mouths. The girl gasped and said something to her friend. The friend grasped Sarah's face in her hands and proceeded to lick the cum off Sarah's cheeks. Sarah in a sort of quid-pro-quo got to feel the other girl's breasts. Everybody was happy.

Tom pulled Sarah away from the other girls and grasped her to him, kissing her deeply. They danced away, Tom still pulling up her dress whenever he got the chance. As far as Sarah was concerned he could have all the chances that he wanted. Eventually she asked him, "Shall we go home?" He didn't need asking twice.

They left the club and walked through the town, Sarah getting a few whistles at the shortness of her dress. They thought better of showing any more of her then was necessary as they didn't need an escort or a following group to see them home. As they reached the passageway alongside her house, he didn't try to relieve her of her only garment, because she led him by the hand in through the back door. "We'll take a shower." She said as a statement rather than an invitation.

"I'll need to visit the bathroom anyway." Tom told her. She led him upstairs, where he had never been before, straight into the bathroom. She turned on the water and turned to take him in her arms. "Kiss me." She whispered. He did so and they stood caressing each other for a moment or two before he broke away.

"I need to use the toilet!" He protested. "I need a piss!"

"Strip first." She ordered him. In fact she helped him undress quickly. Then she sat on the toilet seat. "Now piss," she said, "Go on, over me, give me a shower and a piss shampoo!" She bent her head forward to present the top of her short blonde hair as a target. He released his bladder control and began to piss into her hair. When it was thoroughly soaked, she tipped her head back and got a face full. She then leant back and grasping his penis herself, direct the flow all over the front of her dress. "Yes! Yes!" she called out and despite the fact that he was still letting go, she was wanking his prick and spraying the piss everywhere. Suddenly she had his penis in her mouth and she was drinking down the fluid. She let go of instrument of her delight and putting her arms around him pulled him deeper into her mouth. Eventually he stopped and she released him. "God, how I've wanted to do that!" she gasped.

They had a shower together, she still in her dress, so he got to see it wet as she had suggested, and she was right, he liked it.

Suddenly, she got out of the shower. "Come and find me, "She told him "and when you catch me, you can do what you like to me. See-ya!" with that she was gone.

He was still naked, they were both wet and he sought her out in a strange house. He searched the rooms upstairs and couldn't find her, so he crept downstairs in the dark. He couldn't find her. The rooms were in total darkness and he was unfamiliar with the layout. He was on the point of giving up when he passed onto a tiled floor. "Kitchen" he thought to himself, "she won't be in here". He turned to go back into the main house and something hit him on his shoulder. He felt it running down his back. He put his fingers into the fluid. It was an egg. He turned to see where the missile had come from when suddenly the kitchen was bathed in light and he was being pelted with eggs. He fought his way to her and soon pinned her to the floor.

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