Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 06


Things took a turn for the good when Tom saw Sarah grab the sides of Mina's skirt and hoist it halfway up her thighs in revenge for the flipping that Mina had been doing to Sarah. Mina was sufficiently in drink not to mind this and didn't push it down again. They were giggling and laughing throughout all this and clearly having a whale of a time. Eventually they rejoined Tom in the relative darkness of the bar. Sarah perched herself on the bar stool again. The tightness of Mina's skirt prevented her doing the same, but it did not prevent her trying, much to the hilarity of Tom and Sarah and the amusement of others in the club. "If you took it off you could do it." Sarah suggested.

"I am not stripping down to my panties just to sit on a bar stool!" Mina retorted. So she stood next to Tom and slipped an arm around his waist. "Besides, I have a better place just here right now."

Tom took advantage of her closeness to slide his hand over her hip and down her thigh until he was able to touch her hose covered thigh. She did not object. Neither did Sarah as she watched him do it. Tom's fingers lipped over the hem of Mina's skirt and threatened to pull it further up her leg. "Tom." Mina said quietly, or what passed as quietly in the noise of the club. He looked at her, and she kissed him full on the mouth. "you're being very naughty!"

"But she likes you!" Sarah hooted clearly enjoying the situation. She waved her hand palm upwards up and down as an apparent instruction to her boyfriend to lift her pal's skirt even higher. He put a bit more tension on the hem and it released a bit more of Mina's thigh. Eventually it got to the point where the resistance was such that he felt if he pulled anymore, the stitching would part. Had this been Sarah's skirt he would not have hesitated, but he was not sure of his ground with Mina, so he relaxed his grip. In reaching for his drink with the now released arm, his other hand brush against Mina's breasts. "Get her tits out!" Sarah encouraged him. He confined himself to slipping his hand inside her blouse and fondling her right breast. "She likes that too!" Sarah suggested.

"Shut up Sarah!" Mina said sharply, but did not pull away or ask Tom to stop what he was doing.

"I told you she likes it." Sarah confirmed. Mina simply let her head fall to one side and rest against Tom's shoulder. The music had livened up "Why don't you two go and dance?" Sarah asked.

"I'm quite happy" Mina grumbled.

"Dance!" Sarah instructed her.

Tom extricated his hand from inside Mina's blouse and taking her hand moved to the nearest part of the dance floor to the bar. The fact that his hand had been inside the blouse meant that it was not quite as tightly tucked into her skirt as it had been. This became apparent as she moved to the music. She looked down and saw the movement of her breasts against the prominent white of her blouse, looked at Tom and smiled.

As they danced, Tom attempted to release a bit more of the blouse from the waistband of her skirt. He met with some success, but was helped on one occasion when she pulled a bit more out herself. Now it could be seen, when viewing from directly in front of her, that she was naked under the blouse. Her brown skin glistening with sweat as it ran down between her breasts. Suddenly she pulled him close and shouted in his ear. "If you're going to do it – Do it!" With that, she pirouetted away from him so he was forced to follow him to a darker corner of the dance floor. As they moved to the music, she virtually presented herself to him, shaking her breasts from side to side. They nearly came out of her blouse of their own accord, but not quite. Tom was moved to reaching to her waist and wrenching the blouse away from its protection of the skirt. The only people who saw was Sarah, who was watching like a hawk and the disc-jockey who was amused but not shocked to see a pair of Indian tits on the dance floor.

Mina held her blouse closed as they walked towards Sarah. Then Mina put her mouth very close to Tom's ear. "If you and Sarah don't work out, ....... Remember me Tom!" Tom was shocked by this but kept silent. They rejoined Sarah at the edge of the floor. "Satisfied now?" Mina demanded of her.

"Satisfied?" Sarah sounded incredulous. "Satisfied? Absolutely not! You clear off to the darkest corner and cover yourself immediately. I don't call that flashing at all!"

"I suppose you're going to do better!" Mina retorted.

"Damn right I am! In the middle of the floor under the brightest lights or it doesn't happen!" Sarah turned to Tom, "Get that?" Tom nodded. "Right let's finish our drinks and get into action."

Finishing their drinks took a little longer than they thought as there were so many lined up on the bar. Eventually they, having taken their time, downed the remaining drinks. Nobody was feeling any pain. In fact they were all very jolly. Mina had pulled her blouse completely out of her skirt and had fastened only the very bottom button, which was way below her waist. The effect was good from Tom's point of view as her cleavage was completely in view, although her nipples were hidden. Sarah commented "I don't think they get to see much daylight nowadays, do they?"

"No," Mina admitted, "things have been a bit slow lately." Then she added, with a snort, "But it's not daylight in here anyhow!"

"Shall we dance madam?" Tom asked Sarah.

Mina gave a whoop of delight. "Do it to her Tom!"

Sarah slid off her stool allowing the hem of her nightdress, so similar to a cocktail dress in the poor light, slide way up revealing her body to above waist level. "I want to do something first." Tom told her. She turned to face him her arms spread wide. He reached over and snapped both shoulder straps. Almost automatically Sarah brought her hand to her chest in order to stop the garment from falling to the floor. "Good!" Tom said. "I want you to try and stop it from falling off no matter what happens."

"Really?" Sarah was nonplussed.

"Really, you won't succeed, it will fall off and I will still dance with you as long as you want me to."

Sarah kissed him. "I'm getting turned on by the thought of you stripping me in my home town, where people know me, feel me, I'm wet through!"

"I'll do that." Mina interjected. She turned to Tom "she's right!, she's ready."

Tom walked into the middle of the dance floor and beckoned Sarah towards him. As he did so the music changed to a slower number and took her in his arms. They were joined by another two couples, taking advantage of the chance to smooch a little.

As they moved, you could hardly call it dancing, to the music, it was still a little too loud, but that gave Tom the chance he wanted. He reached behind Sarah, and gripping the top of the back of her nightdress, ripped through the top seam, just enough to get it started for later in the dance. She allowed him to do the same to the front bodice. Still holding it up to stop it falling she looked at him with bright clear eyes and said "I love you Tom."

She fell into his arms again and he very slowly eased the tear in the back of the dress further and further down her back he stopped a little below her waist. The two sides fell away to reveal her perfect back. She kissed him, "I'm yours Tom. Yours completely, I want you to know that."

"I do know it, and I love you Sarah for letting me do this."

"Then do it." She insisted.

The disc jockey must have thought they'd all had enough smooching so he upped the tempo a little. All the couples moved a step apart from each other and began more dance-like movements. This involved Sarah spinning round in front of Tom and he saw for the first time how far down her back the tear had gone. He moved in to grab her, but she twisted away from him, one arm in the air the other clasping her dress to her chest. Sooner or later of course he caught her, or she let him catch her, whichever view you might take of it. He caught her in his arms and she was side on to him. He reached round to one of the tears that he and Mina put into the dress in the pub, gripped it and extended it right up to the armpit stitching, which held.

By now the other couples on the dance floor had noticed what was going on. The only staff member taking any notice was the guy running the music. The "Floor Supervisors" having a quiet night were in a huddle, swapping jokes away from the main floor. The next thing the watchers saw was Tom spinning Sarah round so he could do the same ripping on the other side. By now, the front and back of the garment were only held together by the stitching under the arms. As both participants were seemingly enjoying what they were doing, no-one raised any alarm.

Tom and Sarah realised they were being watched, so added a bit more show to the spectacle. When Tom tore down the front of her dress, the hem stitching held together. Sarah manfully held the rags to her bosom with a single hand as Tom spun her round again and ripped the back tear right down and through the hem. Now she was effectively naked, certainly from behind. He grabbed hold of the remains of the nightdress and ripped it out of her hand.

There was a cheer from the observers, strangely this did not alert the security guys, who continued their tête-à-tête. Sarah was in her element now and the disc jockey moved to a different track which enabled Sarah to exploit her nakedness. She went on dancing for a full minute before one of the floor managers noticed her. Even he was transfixed for a few seconds before images of his licence being questioned prompted him to step in.

The manager got booed by the other dancers, as he escorted Sarah and Tom to the side of the floor. "Have you got anything to put on?" He asked. She nodded. "Well put it on and you can stay."

"Really? I thought we might get thrown out." Sarah told him.

"It's a quiet night, nobody seems to object, so put something on and stay. But no more stripping!" He told her. He walked away to tell his mates what he had seen and said. His face when he saw he wearing Tom's linen jacket was a picture. He half heartedly took a step towards her, then stopped, shrugged and waved his hand despairingly as he turned away.

Needless to say, the jacket didn't stay fastened for very long, but nobody minded. Especially when Sarah and Mina danced together, as somehow the single button on Mina's blouse came undone too. The group of girls who were together got the giggles when one of them lifted her top to reveal her bra covered tits, soon they were all doing it.

The main event being over Tom and the two girls decided to call it a night, especially as Sarah was hot for a fucking. They walked down the street towards Tom's apartment block. "Are you coming back up Mina?" Tom asked.

"Nahh. It's too late now." She replied.

"But you came round for your stuff." Sarah protested.

"I'll get it some other time." She told them as she buttoned up her blouse which had still been open up to that point. "I'll leave you here. I'll give you a ring Sarah." With a kiss she was gone.

"I think she enjoyed the evening." Tom said.

"I bloody well know she enjoyed the evening!" Sarah told him. They walked in silence for a while before she said. "I feel very naked in just this jacket, after all it is not very long."

"Don't you like being nearly naked in the street?" Tom asked, somewhat concerned.

"When I'm with you, I love it." She answered, "really love it!"

"Would you have danced on longer in the club, if the manager hadn't stopped you?"

"Definitely, I was getting really turned on, it was all I could do not to finger myself!"

"Like this?" Tom slipped his hand to her groin and found her labia, still slightly damp.

"Exactly like that!" Sarah hugged him, "In fact the way I was feeling just a that moment, if you had thrown me to the floor and fucked there and then I wouldn't have stopped you."

They had reached the apartment block. "How about a fuck in the lift?" Tom suggested.

"You are such a romantic!" Sarah told him sarcastically, his fingers still working their magic inside her. Then "Aren't there CCTV cameras in the lift which George monitors?"


"Then it's a definite yes from me!" Sarah almost shrieked. "Are we going to walk in the front doors with your hand still up my cunt?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you would if you could!" she pushed his hand away, "but you can't."

Sex in the lift did not last long because, the trip was not long enough. They finished their session just in side the door of the apartment on the floor. She was still wearing the jacket as he pumped her full of his seed. They were both exhausted as well as being more than a little drunk. They slept where they were, his penis still inside her, but now flaccid and soft. The mixture of sperm and her juices ran out of her on to the cream coloured linen jacket.

After a while, she woke and eased him off her. He then woke and saw the mess on the jacket. "That'll need cleaning." He muttered.

"I'll take it in tomorrow," she told him, "In fact I'll wear it into the shop. I like the smell of you on me."

The next evening, as they sat eating a pizza in front of the television, "I have something to tell you."

"What again?" He asked.

"No! Not that, - at least not yet." She giggled. "About this exhibition at the weekend. Fred and I have been invited to dinner on the Saturday night. Fred has accepted, so It means we are to travel up after closing on Saturday and meeting up for dinner, then staying overnight. Do you mind?"

"Double room?"

"Absolutely not!" She laughed, "I love Fred dearly but not to the extent of sleeping with him!"

"So you are going to leave me all alone on my own, with no-one to wank me." Tom said sadly.

"I've been thinking about that," She said.


"Yes really." She put down her pizza and reached across and kissed him. "I love you with all my heart, and trust you implicitly."

"You mad fool!"

"Shut up and listen."

"One thing before you go on." He held her hands.


"This dinner with the suppliers and Fred."

"What about it?"

"I want you to be naked under your dress."

"If that's what you want."

"It is."

"OK then, but listen." She took a breath. "Mina is having a bad time at the moment, what with one thing or another, she need cheering up."

"She seemed pretty cheerful the other night."

Sarah sighed, "She was and she certainly enjoyed our company, and what we got up to. Would you take her out for dinner on Saturday evening? Please? For me?"

"Just for dinner."

"Well you could always bring her back here for coffee and the like."

"Coffee and the like?"

"Use your imagination.!"

"What exactly are you asking, telling me to do?"

"Anything goes."


"So if she wants to spend the night here that's ok?"

"Of course!" She replied, And if she wants spend the night in your bed, that's ok too."

"You know what's likely to happen, if she spends the night in my –our bed."

"Of course!"

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not, I love the pair of you and let's face it, it won't be the first time you and her will have had sex."

"But you were there last time."

"I know, but I also want to give Mina a good time."

"I thought that was a job you were giving to me!" Tom laughed.

"Don't act stupid!" She slapped him on the arm.

They went to bed that night and made soft passionate love, there was no hard fucking or severe shagging, they slept in each other's arms after truly consummating their love for each other.

The next couple of days went by without incident or comment from either of them. On the Friday evening, she modelled her dress for the Saturday evening dinner. It was a long translucent deep vee necked pale green dress with lots of tiny pleats which helped to prevent it being see through. "I will have to wear stockings with it, so I have bought some white hold ups. Do you like the back?" She turned round to show it was almost completely backless. There was a ribbon tie between the shoulders across the back to secure it, but she hadn't done them up.

"Wear it like that." Tom said hoarsely

"Like what?"

"Without that ribbon thing done up."

"They're there to stop it slipping off my shoulders."

"I know! Wear it like that please!"

"OK but I'll have to do something with them, I can't have them hanging down."

"Cut them off."

"I can't, this dress belongs to my mother!"

"Is she ever going to wear it again?"

"I wouldn't think so."

"Does she want it back?"

"Probably not."

"Then cut the bloody ribbons off!"

Sarah looked at him, "I'll unpick them, then I can sew them back on if necessary."

"It won't be necessary."

"Anyway," She said turning to face him, I haven't shown you this." This, turned out to be a slit in the skirt up to the top of one thigh. "Like it?"

"Love it! Wear it out for dinner with me next week."

"I thought you might say that, of course I will."

"Have you got everything else ready?"

"Yes, But I had to buy a new suit, I'm hoping that Fred will let the business pay for that, it was very expensive, the old one was too shabby."

That evening Tom phoned Mina and asked her out to dinner the following night. She seemed surprised and delighted to be asked, but was a bit reluctant to commit until she had spoken to Sarah. It turns out that Sarah phoned her on the Saturday morning and gave her blessing, after which Mina phoned to accept the invitation. "Nice quiet dinner this time, no disco either if that's what you'd like." Tom had told her.

"We'll see." She had replied

Tom popped into the shop to let Sarah know it was all set, and jokingly to warn Fred to keep his hands off Sarah. "You can look, but not touch." Tom said with a smile.

"She's my secret weapon, I'm hoping that we can do a deal on Saturday evening and make a start back after lunch on Sunday." Fred told him.

"She won't be any secret if she wears the dress she showed me!" Tom guffawed.

"Really I am most intrigued." Fred replied scratching his chin and looking at Sarah in a new light. Sarah smiled angelically at them both.

Mina arrived by taxi at the apartment block, she didn't want to be picked up from her house by Tom. George rang Tom to say she had arrived. She was wearing an outdoor coat and a wrap. "Can I go up as I want to leave my coat in the apartment," she asked George.

"Of course." He replied and phoned Tom again to tell him the new arrangement.

As a consequence Tom was waiting for her at the lift when she arrived at his floor. "Why the coat?" he asked. "It's not that cold is it?"

"No." She replied, "I just didn't want my Dad to see my dress."

"Really?" Tom said with a smile, then a smirk, "May I take Madam's coat?"

"Mina WOW!" He was taken aback by the sight before him. She was wearing a white crotched dress with large holes at the front of her midriff and progressively smaller ones at crucial places like where her nipples and pubes were, but there were holes there too. It was a halter neck style and backless to below her waist. The brown skin of her belly sported a jewelled stud in her navel. The skirt of which there was not much, was full in the sense that the hem was a longer measurement than the waist measurement, but it was comprised mainly of holes rather than wool. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra and while he was trying to work out if she was wearing a thong or not, she put him right on that score.

"Sarah said if she was not allowed any underwear tonight, neither was I. So here I am. You like it?" She did a twirl which caused the skirt to flutter. "Don't worry, I can twirl a lot faster than that!" She did a fast spin and the skirt few out almost horizontally.

They descended in the lift. She had her long printed muslin wrap round her shoulders, in fact it was so long she had folded it three times to make it a reasonable length, even then it reached her thighs when round her shoulders. "Just in case anything happens to the dress!" she joked. At least he thought she might be joking.

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