tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah and Tom Explore Ch. 07

Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 07


This really is the last chapter of Sarah & Tom's exploration I was going to finish it at CH 06 so this is for Carrie Anne and the others who asked for another chapter. Enjoy!

The week following the weekend when Sarah went to the exhibition and Mina spent the night with Tom, was fairly mundane as far as the couple were concerned. Work every day and evening when they either went for a quiet drink after dinner at the apartment, or they stayed in to watch TV. The only exception was Wednesday. This was Sarah's day off as she and Fred took it in turns to run the shop on that day.

Wednesday was a really nice day. Even so, Sarah spent the morning cleaning the apartment. In the afternoon, she did the weekly shopping. Tom phoned at lunchtime and when he heard her plans, said "Don't go meeting any other blokes there. They say that the supermarket is a good place to meet the opposite sex". She assured him that she was not looking and unlikely to be so unless he let her down very badly.

Tom's remark hung around in her mind as she got ready to go shopping. "No harm in having a bit of fun though is there?" she thought to herself. She considered what to wear. The decision landed on a dark blue sundress, having wide shoulder straps with a sweetheart bodice, a mid calf length hem and a dozen buttons connecting the two. Habitually she left the buttons below mid thigh undone and the top one at the bodice unfastened too. It was not immodest at all, in fact she looked almost demure.

She had the use of Tom's small 4x4 to go shopping in and as she usually did on her day off. She threw the bags in the back seat and climbed in. As she drove her legs slowly became uncovered as she changed gear, (it was a manual or as is said in the USA, a floor shift). Every time she pushed down the clutch pedal, a little more thigh came into view. She parked in the supermarket car park, reached over to retrieve the bags and having got them, sat and looked down at her legs. She grinned as a thought came to her, the next thing her fingers were undoing the next button on the skirt of her dress. This meant that the only buttons that were still fastened were those immediately below her pubes hidden this day by only her white lacy panties.

She made her way into the store and pushing her trolley started working her way through her list. "Huh!" she murmured, "So much for meeting a hunky guy on a Wednesday afternoon!" If there was one thing the shop was short of it was guys to that specification. She was by the open top freezers when she caught sight of a pimply youth who seemed to be a junior employee. He didn't appear to have a lot to do as he was obviously trying to watch her without getting caught. One of the cabinets was nearly empty and the only product left was right at the back and on the bottom of the fridge. Sarah turned away from him for a moment and quickly undid two buttons at her bodice. Nothing of her breasts could be seen, but the very slight gapping showed that she was not wearing a bra.

Sarah called the lad over and asked, "Do you have any more of those in the stock room?" pointing to the large tubs of ice cream at the back.

"I- er think so". Stammered the lad, "Would you like me to fetch one out for you?"

"Oh! No." Sarah told him with a smile "I think I can reach if I bend over." She bent over side ways so that her shoulder strap slipped out of place. This all being part of the plan. She bent over so far that the lad had a clear view of her right breast. Not only that, in an attempt to stop herself over balancing into the freezer (some chance!) she extended her left leg out horizontally into the aisle. The number of buttons undone on her skirt allowed the fabric to slide off her leg almost to her hip. The lad was suddenly presented with the choice of a bare breast or bare leg including see through panties. Poor lad he didn't know where to look, he blushed deeply and excused himself. He didn't go far as Sarah kept seeing him as she continued to shop. Each time she caught his eye, she would give him a sweet smile.

The whole thing cheered her up no end and she laughed to herself as she drove home. Tom nearly wet himself with laughter as Sarah related the events of the afternoon to him. "I particularly like the line, Would you like me to fetch one out for you!" he hooted. "I'll be he did fetch one out but only in the back room when he thought no-one was watching!" Laughing again.

"Tom!" Sarah admonished him, "You are being cruel!"

"Oh no!" Tom argued, "You were the one being cruel to the poor lad. First you get his attention where he cannot escape then you flash your body at him. "That was really cruel."

"I'd rather hoped that it might have made his day." Sarah said sulkily.

"I'm sure it did, my dear." Tom said patting her patronisingly on her head. "I've no doubt that he will gain some street cred by telling all his mates. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a dozen of them there next Wednesday."

"If there are, then tough!" Sarah giggled, "I'm working next Wednesday!"

The following Sunday was the day eventually arranged, after several cancellations, for Sarah's parents and Mina to come to lunch. Sarah was getting more stressed as the day got nearer. "Why are you panicking so much?" Tom asked her.

"It's my first real test as a housewife" she told him.

"What is the worst that could happen?" he asked.

"What do you think?" she demanded, "The meal could be ruined".

"How many meals have you prepared since you having been living here?"

"Oh, I don't know, lots I suppose."

"How many have been ruined?"

"Not many." She admitted

"I can tell you the precise number." Tom told her emphatically, "None, a big fat zero. So stop worrying and calm down." He hesitated, "By the way I forgot to tell you there will be a couple of extra guests on Sunday, my parents are coming too."


"Yes I thought it would be nice to have a get together, so everyone could get to know each other."

"Tom you didn't......" He thought she was going to cry.

He smiled and admitted quietly, "No, I didn't, but haven't I now just reduced the stress level just a bit?"

"You're a pig!"

"But a lovable pig?" he asked, taking her in his arms.

"Yes but I could kill you!" She cuddled up to him. They kissed and made up. So much so that they stood, with the low sun streaming in through the big windows, as she let him divest herself of the shirt she was wearing. He caressed he beautiful breasts and rubbed her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of one hand as the other was searching for the zip on the back of her skirt. He unzipped it and flicked open the catch and pushed her skirt over her hips. He was surprised by her panties, not that she was wearing any, but their style. They were full and enclosing. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows. "Mother nature I'm afraid." She told him. "However, that's not to say............"

"What?" he demanded, "You're surely not suggesting that we...........?"

She smiled at him and asked "And that would be bad because?"

"Well.... I......er......" He was flummoxed as how to respond. The thought of intercourse during menstruation disgusted him.

"Come on Tom, live life a little. It was always my favourite time for having sex. Nice and messy, and I know how you like to mess me up, it would be an opportunity for me to do the same to you with my own natural mess generator."

"I know but....." He was horrified.

"Ah well, if you're not prepared to indulge me this one little thing perhaps we are different people to what we thought."

"Sarah," he began hesitantly, "if that's what you really want, then perhaps we should try it."

There was a glint in her eye as she said, "Perhaps we should restrict intercourse to just during my periods. That would be really great!"

He looked at her suspiciously, "Saraaaah you little minx!"

She burst out laughing. "Got You! I couldn't resist winding you up after that "my parents are coming for lunch" speech!" she screeched. She twisted out of his arms and ran away "If you can catch me, you can spray your spunk anywhere except there."

She didn't take much catching and he made her kneel by the floor to ceiling windows and take his penis into her mouth. He was soon hard, but she twisted round and said "Mina tells me you liked it when she did this to you." She found that bit of skin between his scrotum and his anus with her tongue. He found himself widening his stance in order to give her better access. With one hand, he steadied himself against the window frame, the other was gripping his own prick.

"Go on Tom wank yourself off I've never really watch you do it." She told him between licks." She was stretched out along the floor seemingly making her body the target for his sperm. He did as she told him and sprayed her stomach, pants, thighs and legs with three powerful streams. She reached up and milked the residue out of his penis and let it drip onto her breasts. "Rub it in Tom." She whispered. "Rub it in good! As he knelt beside her, smoothing the gooey mess over her body, she said, "It's a pity I'm not wearing a dark dress then you take me down the pub with the stains all over me."

"Maybe another time." He told her.

She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him deeply. "Do that Tom, please do that."

He smoothed his hand over her pantied pubes and rubbed his fingers over her mound. As his fingers moved more swiftly over her tight cotton covered slit, she began to respond by moving her hips in concert with his hand. She orgasmed just once and then sat up saying that she would have to shower and change.

Saturday evening came and Tom suggested a meal out in a restaurant. "Good!" She said, "I have a surprise for you." The surprise came as he saw her getting ready, she was wearing a brassier. However it was a bra such as he had not seen the like of. It was a "push e'm up and out" type but the cups only contained the lower half of her breasts. Her nipples were free and out of the cups. She wore a slim skirt below a sparkly tight top which had a neckline that almost but not quite matched the tops of her bra cups. The top as well as being sparkly was a translucent peach colour which matched the colour of her bra. Her wardrobe was completed with hold- up stockings and high heels. She carried a jacket over her arm. "Will I do?" He went to pull her into his arms. "Careful you'll spoil my make up."

"Your tits might come out of that top too." He mused.

"Oh! That won't matter." She told him. She took his arm and the headed towards to lift.

The restaurant was dark enough for intimacy, but individual wall lights bathed the diners in soft light that enabled the staff (and others) to see the diners in the booths. In fact Tom moved one of the lamps so it's beam was directed directly at Sarah's cleavage. Sarah laughed at him, "You like showing me off don't you?"

"Of course I do." Tom replied, "but I think you like it just as much."

She, took his hand and said "You know I do. When was the last time I wore a bra on a date with you? She pondered.

"Can't remember." Tom told her, "Normally I wouldn't approve, but this time I think you were right to wear one, it makes a nice change.

"Actually I can't wait to take it off, it's not very comfortable." She confided.

"Then take it off." Tom sounded surprised that he needed to make the suggestion.

"My cleavage will disappear, and the waiters won't be able to gaze at my nipples, which I know you are enjoying." She suggested.

Tom tipped his head a little to one side, as if seeing her point. But he surprised her by taking his steak knife, pulling out her top a little and slicing the bra in two between the cups. It was a little tough going but he succeeded in achieving his goal. As the knife broke through, it slipped a bit and made the tiniest cut in the seam around the neckline of her top. "Look what you've done!" she exclaimed, then added "are you going to leave it like that?" She reached up behind her back, unclasped the broken bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and removed it. She placed it in the middle of the table and left it for all to see.

"Hmmm." Muttered Tom, "I see what you mean about the cleavage thing." So he extended the tiny tear in the top until he was satisfied in the amount of breast that was visible.

Sarah grinned at him, tore the top another inch or two and said "I do love you Tom." The rest of the meal went pretty well, they got very attentive service from the waiting staff, including a woman, who smiled widely at the sight before her, especially when she realised that Sarah was not at unhappy about her ruined top.

The restaurant was about a mile from the apartment, but as the night was dry, they decided to walk, or rather stroll slowly home. During their walk, Sarah's top seemed to get ripped a little more quite regularly, until it resembled an undone waistcoat. They both liked it like that. Tom had unrestricted access to her breasts and she was getting her tits felt. There was very little wrong with the world. The temperature dropped so Sarah discarded the top completely and put on her jacket. They reached the town centre and stood browsing in shop windows as Tom undid the single button which fastened the jacket and it stayed that way all the way home. As they approached the apartment block, Sarah asked, "I think I should ban nasty uncomfortable bras from now on."

"I agree," Tom concluded, "perhaps tiny, hardly anything of them might be permitted for special occasions."

"Only if you promise to despatch them at the earliest appropriate moment." Sarah hugged him.

"No, I can't agree that the moment will always be appropriate. There may be times when it will be highly inappropriate." Tom told her. She shuddered and hugged him even tighter.

As they entered the vestibule of the block, George was behind the desk, "Evening Miss, Mr. Ward" he greeted them.

They returned the greeting and as they waited for the lift, Tom asked "What's the dress code for tomorrow?"

"Depends." Sarah replied

"If my period has finished I have a nice long cheesecloth dress which I thought I could wear. As for you, I've bought you colourful Caftan."

"A Caftan?" Tom nearly choked.

"Yes if I am to be naked except for my sheer cheesecloth dress, then the least you can do is be likewise."

"I'll look at it." Tom conceded.

The next morning, Mina arrived around ten. Sarah had been up for a couple of hours. "Hi Mina, your early." Sarah said when she arrived.

"I thought I'd come and give you a hand before the parents arrived."

"You're a star Meen, what's in the bag?"

"My sari, I thought your parents might like to see me wearing one. What are you going to be wearing?"

"I have a long white cheesecloth dress and that's all." Sarah replied, "And get this, I have persuaded Tom to wear a caftan I bought for him."

"A Caftan!?"

"Yup a caftan and he doesn't look half bad in it either. This supposed to be a relaxing Sunday lunch, what would be better?"

"Are you relaxed Sarah?" Mina asked seeming concerned.

"I'm getting there, around midweek I had a moment and Tom gave me a talking to. I'm a bit better now.

Mina looked at her friend and said, "Right lets get this meal organised." With the two of them working away and Tom helping where he could everything was on schedule, when the phone rang.

"It's George here, I have a Mr and Mrs Wilson here for you." the voice on the phone said.

"OK." Said Tom "I'll come down and fetch them."

"Why Tom, what a fetching caftan!" Helen said with some surprise as he greeted them in the vestibule.

"It was Sarah's idea." Tom told her.

"You see Harold, I was right." Turning to Tom, "I told him that Sarah would do something on the costume front. I'm glad we brought these now." She indicated a small travelling case.

"What's in the case?" Tom asked, taking it from Harold.

"All in good time my boy, all in good time."

Tom showed them into the apartment to be greeted by Sarah and Mina who had by now both changed. "Hallo Sarah, my dear," said her Dad, and turning to Mina, said "Mina, you look.... you look... magnificent!"

Mina thanked him and said that she thought they might like to see her dressed in her (best) sari, as they had only seen her in western dress before. Tom poured drinks for everyone, whilst Sarah announced that lunch would be ready in about ten minutes. "Then we'll keep our little surprise for after lunch." Helen told them.

"Surprise?" asked Sarah, "what's that?"

"It won't be a surprise if we tell you, silly girl!" Her mother admonished her.

They sat through a leisurely lunch and chatted about all sorts of thing including Sarah and Tom's holiday in Portugal. Eventually as Sarah served coffee, Harold told them that they had brought a couple of video tapes of their various acts over the years. This was greeted with gleeful shrieks by the girls. "We have also brought one of our costume sets, from when we had the dance act, before we changed to a balancing act. Your mother thought you might like to see them too,"

The table was quickly cleared and they all gathered in the lounge area of the apartment, which was really one big room with a dining area included, the only separate rooms were the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. They all sat in front of Tom's big plasma screen TV. The tapes started. "This was quite early on in the dance act, and if you think that the costumes are a little skimpy, you wait until later on!" Helen started then gave a running commentary as the various dances progressed. She was right, the costumes got skimpier and skimpier. But Tom saw what they had said at their earlier meeting the lights were such that the revelations were implied rather than actual. When they came to the balancing act however, they moved to a different level, both in costumes and holds. Harold would often been seen with his hand buried in Helens crutch as an essential steadying point. One trick included him holding his wife in such a way that he was actually cupping her breasts as they spun round with her feet on his knees.

When the tapes had finished, Mina was first to speak. "Wow! Mrs Wilson, you were very brave wearing those clothes and doing those things on stage."

"Thank you my dear, but bravery didn't come into it, once you've mastered the technique, there is very little chance of a fall, even though it looked that way." Helen told her.

"Dad, will you dance with Mum for us please?" Sarah asked.

"Of course we will my dear, but we need to get changed to do it properly."

"Then Mina will dance a Mujra for us!" Sarah announced.

Mina pretended to look annoyed before saying "Your daughter is quite good too."

"Then she shall dance for us too." Her father announced.

"Tom will play his guitar." Sarah told the company.

"I'm not very good." Tom protested.

"Nonsense!" Sarah scolded him "I like it when you play."

It was decided that Harold and Helen would do a dance first, using the music from one of their video tapes. Furniture was moved to create a space, luckily the floor was covered in a wood laminate which made an acceptable surface. The couple went into the bedroom to change, whilst Mina, Sarah and Tom took care of the washing up and clearing away the lunch things.

"If I am going to have to dance a Mujra, I would like to do mine before you do yours." Sarah told Mina, "Cos you're bound to show me up." Mina laughingly agreed. They had just got settled down when Helen and Harold appeared. The watchers gasped at the costumes. "Mum....... And Dad! Those really are some explicit costumes." Sarah had of course seen some of the costumes before, but not these being worn.

Harold had on a sort of glittery body stocking which was slashed down to his waist, his "equipment" for want of a better word was encased in little more than a posing pouch with an almost string T back. "I didn't know whether I could still get into it." He confessed.

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