tagLoving WivesSarah Ch. 02

Sarah Ch. 02


After the realisation of what she'd done, Sarah and I spent most of the rest of the day discussing what had happened.

It had all started when she went out with her friend, Dawn. They'd gone for drinks, as I knew, to a local bar. After a couple of hours they decided to go on to a night club, for a little dancing, round their handbags no doubt! Un-beknown to me though she put on her sexy underwear that I thought she reserved or the bedroom. I now found out that she liked to wear it when she went out with her friends, because it made her feel sexy and horny, knowing she was wearing our private play things.

Once at the night club they began dancing and had a couple of more drinks. This was, as I thought, quite out of character for Sarah. She's normally so prim and proper. Anyway after a while they noticed a group of 5 or 6 lads watching them dance. This and the drink only seemed to encourage them to dance more provocatively. Soon a couple of them joined Sarah and Dawn on the dance floor. When the dance finished the lads invited them to join their group, which they accepted and they soon found themselves being offered more drinks.

Soon the slow dances started and that seemed to be a signal to the lads to move in. Sarah and Dawn were passed from person to person throughout the dances, never being able to leave the floor. What with the atmosphere and the drinks this was having a real effect on them. After a while Sarah noticed that Dawn and a couple of the lads had disappeared, which meant she was left with four of them. They danced with her, passing her from one to the other, the hands getting bolder. Sarah by this time was feeling really hot and horny and put up no resistance to their roaming hands. This of course only made them bolder. Sarah said she didn't know if she could have stopped them or if she even wanted to. The amount she had drunk and all the attention was really getting to her. She knew she ought to but couldn't stop.

Eventually she ended up dancing with all four of the lads surrounding her. Their hands were every where, mauling her breasts, groping her arse and quite a few fingers probing between her legs. They were slow close they were almost holding her up, so not to be out done she started feeling what they had to offer, which of course by now was four very hard cocks. At one point she said she even managed to get one out and toss him off right there on the dance floor.

Shortly after that they decided they ought to leave and find somewhere more private. The one who had already come, said he had to go, so this left Sarah with three hard, hot blooded males to contend with.

They left the club and headed for the local park, in particular the old bandstand in the middle. Once there Sarah was pushed to her knees and offered three very hard cocks to suck. Sarah really is a very good cock-sucker and loves doing it, so she was now in her element. Whilst sucking them, the lads gradually removed their own and Sarah's clothes, leaving her in just her stockings.

At one point she managed to cram two of their cocks into her mouth at the same time, something she'd often pretended to do with me, using one of her dildos. This left the third one with no-where to go, so he got Sarah to raise her and unceremoniously slammed is cock up her cunt from behind. She remembered it being so hard and sudden it drove her hard onto the two in her mouth, causing them to push at the opening to her throat.

Eventually they got a bit of a rhythm going, two forcing their cocks in to her face and the other slamming her cunt. This seemed to go on for ages, when they decided to have a change round. At one point she remembers being fucked from both ends, when one of them decides her arse needed some attention. So with a bit of difficulty he climbed on her back, in front of his mate and forced the head of his dick into her smallest hole. With the positions it was difficult to work his cock right into Sarah's arse, until his mate behind him plunged forward back into her cunt. This then drove the one trying to enter her ring forward, until he was buried balls deep inside her tiny arse hole, the force driving the air from Sarah's lungs.

This didn't deter the lads though, they just kept on banging away at her helpless body.

Sarah remembers feeling her orgasm growing, slowly at first then hammering through her body, until at last she came with an almighty scream, gripping the cocks in her arse and cunt like a clamp.

She must have passed out after that, because the next thing she remembered was waking up on our sofa, almost naked, covered in dried cum, love bites and scratches, with me standing over her. The rest of the evening was a blur to her.

I by now had a raging hard-on and needed somewhere to put it. Sarah was still so apologetic and kept saying she'd do anything to please me. So I took her in my arms and we made love, soft and gently like lovers do. Afterwards we realised that this was to be a new chapter in our relationship.

We didn't know about half the thoughts and fantasies each other had, but after this we sat down and discussed them with each other and decided to make a few of them come to life. Of course all this talking got us going again, so it was back to the bedroom for more...

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