tagLoving WivesSarah Ch. 03

Sarah Ch. 03


After yet more discussions, we decided to act on one of Sarah's new found fantasies. She wanted to be used. Used in any way people wanted to. I wasn't so sure, although my cock convinced me otherwise. The difference this time was that I would be there and maybe join in.

For the rest of the week, we would fuck together after I applied lotions to Sarah's marks from her previous session with strangers. The love bites that had covered her body, her thighs, her breasts, her neck and even her pussy lips, soon went away. The welts that had striped her arse and breasts from the whipping she'd taken soon faded as we applied creams.

We did all this even in the knowledge that they would probably all be back again next weekend, or so Sarah especially hoped.

Finally Saturday arrived. The day we decided to let her do it all again, or rather let anyone who wanted to do it to her, all again. Sarah had a long soak in the bath. I got to shave her cunt and arse totally bald and smooth. I applied plenty of lotion between her legs to make sure she stayed extra soft and smooth for her guests.

When Sarah emerged form the bathroom she looked so hot and stunning. Sarah is only about 5' 4", with a slim body. She hasn't got huge tits, but what she has are gorgeous, topped off with the most suckable pink nipples that grow up to an inch long when played with and sucked. Today she had dressed to kill.

She put on the most indecently short black skirt and a lime green top that buttoned up the front, although she hadn't done up many of the buttons. In fact the shirt was undone to below the level of her breasts; so that when she walked or bent forward all was visible to see. On her feet she wore some ridiculously high black strappy sandals, which made her legs look even longer and more beautiful.

She came over to me and I could smell she'd applied some perfume, but it was when she told me to find where she'd put it my dick nearly burst from my pants. I roamed around her body smelling her. She put it on her neck, down her arms, her chest and a good helping between her legs. That was the only thing I found between her legs, the little slut had left her pussy knickerless. She said there was no point in putting any on anyway, as they'd soon be coming off again and she didn't want to loose any more clothes. Ever the practical one, my Sarah.

How do I look, she asks. Well she looked stunning. I immediately grabbed her and pulled her face to mine. Sarah's tongue snaked into my mouth before I could say anything, not that there was much to say. My hands quickly roamed and caressed her body, moving swiftly down to her arse. My fingers slid under the short material of her skirt and began so work their way into her arse crack and down to her cunt. She was dripping wet already.

Not giving her chance to say anything, I smeared my fingers with her juices and inserted them straight up her tight little arse hole. At first she struggled, but as I began to work a second and then a third finger in she relaxed, allowing her ring to stretch and let me enter her most private hole. After a couple of minutes of my fingers loosening her up, I pulled them out and forced them into her mouth. At first she'd gagged as my slippery fingers pulled at her lips and cheeks, but soon enough more sighs were coming from her.

As Sarah sucked on my fingers I lined my dick up with her hole. Holding on to her hips with one hand and her head with my other, I rammed my cock in to her brown ring. Once through the initial tightness, I just kept pushing, until I was buried balls deep inside my little wife.

Expecting Sarah to try and stop me I held on tight as I reamed her arse, pounding it as hard as I could, never having been officially allowed to enter before, but I was more than pleased when she began to utter words of encouragement, begging and screaming for me to do her harder and faster. Of course, I obliged.

Sarah soon came with a huge orgasm. As she did so her arse hole contracted and gripped my cock like a vice. I couldn't move it was that intense. The pleasure was so much I felt my own cum building up, until it exploded out, filling her bowels with my seed. Only when she came down from her orgasm and my dick began to shrivel, could I move.

I reached behind me to grab a butt plug from the side table and as I withdrew, slid the plug in place, telling her she would be going out with my cum buried deep in her arse, held in place by the plug. Surprisingly she turned round, hugged and kissed me, saying thank you and that she would be pleased to do whatever I wanted of her.

With that I pushed her to her knees and instructed her to clean me up before we left. She knelt down and attacked my dick with relish, licking and sucking it completely clean. I then lifted her up and suggested we went and found some people to party with.

Sarah was like a kid in a sweet shop and couldn't wait to get going. We had another drink while we waited for the taxi to arrive, Sarah pouring herself a huge brandy, for medicinal purposes, she told me with a very cheeky grin.

When the taxi arrived Sarah jumped straight in the front seat next to the driver and gave him the instructions to the club she wanted to go to. She was so horny, she didn't waste anytime in leaning over and grabbing hold of his cock. To say he looked shocked was an under statement. After rubbing his growing bulge through his trousers for a few moments she slid down the zip on his trousers and released his dick. Thankfully he soon regained his composure and slowed down, by which time Sarah had her mouth as far down him as she could get. Her nose was buried in his pubes and he was certainly beginning to sweat.

Eventually he had to pull over and being in the town there wasn't really any where secluded. Not that either of them really seemed to care. He reached over, sliding one hand down Sarah's top and the other up her short skirt, which had ridden up to expose her shaved pussy anyway. What with roughly mauling Sarah's tits and probing her cunt, with what looked like his whole hand, and Sarah taking his throbbing member right down her throat, he didn't last long.

I don't know when he last had sex, but he came so much Sarah couldn't swallow it all. It went over her face, and dripped down of her chin on to her chest. She certainly had a smile on her face when she came up for air, but nothing compared to the grin on the drivers'.

Finally the small crowd that had gathered outside the window cheered and applauded. Expecting Sarah to be embarrassed I was well shocked when she turned to face them and slowly wiped up the cum on her face and tits and licked her fingers clean.

The driver, who was so embarrassed, soon had the car moving again and dropped us off at the club, with a huge grin he said Sarah had more than paid the fare and that if we needed another ride he left us his mobile number.

The club was, as always, busy, with a queue waiting outside to get. As she climbed out of the taxi, Sarah smiled towards one of the doormen, whilst opening her legs far wider than was really necessary. It obviously worked though, as he couldn't help but see straight up her skirt to her shaved cunt. Sarah deliberately took longer than she needed, as the doorman said something to his colleague and then gestured for her to follow him.

He headed off round the corner of the club and waited for Sarah in the alley by a fire escape, obviously hoping his luck was in. His face dropped when he noticed me trailing behind, but soon regained his composure when I gave him a grin and nod. Sarah walked right up to him and threw her arms around his neck, reached up with her face and forced her tongue straight in to his mouth. Reaching up like this caused Sarah's skirt to rise up over her arse cheeks, giving me a wonderful view. The doorman, not realising, wrapped his arms around her, letting his left hand fall to grip her bum, found her bare cheeks. Not that he needed any encouragement. Immediately his other hand dropped and they began to grope and fondle her, eventually finding the butt plug still in place. This brought a huge smile to his face.

At that he pushed Sarah to her knees, unzipped his trousers and pulled her head in to his crotch. Without ceremony his cock went straight in to her mouth, not that she seemed to be complaining. He was well equipped in that department, about 8 inches in length, and was soon fucking her face by pulling and pushing Sarah's head in and out. I'm sure he must have been entering her throat.

After about five minutes of this treatment, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall, where she assumed the position. God she looked good, arms out and legs spread out waiting for what ever. The doorman lifted her skirt and tucked it in to it's own waistband, leaving her arse on full show. Lining his dick up with her exposed cunt he thrust forward, filling her in one swift move, almost driving the breath from her.

This didn't last long though, for he obviously had other ideas. As he withdrew, he pulled the butt plug from Sarah's arse and plunged his cock straight back in it's place. Sarah's face was one of shock. I don't think she quite expected it like that, but she wasn't about to complain either. With her hands still planted against the wall, she stood and took all he could give her. He banged away not sparing a thought for Sarah, only his own pleasure. Going as hard and fast as he was, and with the tight grip of her sphincter, he couldn't last long. Soon he was unloading deep in Sarah's bowels, adding his seed to that I'd left there earlier. As he withdrew this time he re-inserted the butt plug in one swift movement and stepped away, breathing heavily.

Then he spun Sarah round and told her to clean him up. She didn't even hesitate, dropping to her knees again and licking his sticky shaft clean. Once cleaned and straightened up, he showed us in through the backdoor of the club and then returned to his duties.

Once in the club Sarah made her way over to one of the high bar stools, while I went to get drinks. As she spun around on her seat was clearly checking out what was going on around her. As she rotated, her legs would open and close, showing any one who happened to be looking what was on offer. After a while she kept looking at one guy in particular, who appeared to be with 3 or 4 others drinking nearby, watching the available talent. As he drank with his friends Sarah kept her legs open and slightly leaned back on the bar and flashed him a big smile.

Watching all this from further down the bar, was turning me on again. I returned to Sarah with our drinks and she sat up and closed her legs. I had my back to the group, but stood slightly to one side, pretending not to notice, as she opened herself up again to him. We stayed chatting for a while like this then I said I'd go off, pretending to head for the gents and it would leave her to do what she wanted.

As I walked round the club, I found a good vantage point from which to observe proceedings, with out being noticed. Within a couple of minutes the groups of men to whom Sarah had been flashing had moved over to the bar on the pretence of getting more drinks. As the bar was obviously busy this meant them having to crowd in around her. At one point I saw her legs spread obscenely wide with two of the guys standing between her knees waiting to be served. She really was being slutty and putting everything on show.

As they ordered their drinks one of the guys started to talk to Sarah. He must have been asking if she wanted a drink, because a few moments later the barman handed her a very large cocktail of some sort. Once the round was in they all started chatting together, while Sarah kept moving her legs showing more than I'm sure, was just thighs. As soon as she finished one drink another cocktail appeared in front of her. When she was on her 4th, I noticed that the bloke she'd started flashing to had now moved in closer and was resting his free hand on her thigh and another had his arm around her shoulders, with his hand draping down her front and his fingers slowly moving around the top of her breast.

At this point Sarah leaned back on the bar again and seamed to scoot forward slightly on the stool, so that she was just perched on the edge. Admirer one took this as a clear signal and his hand moved up her thigh and under what was left of her short skirt. As his hand continued to travel upwards he pushed the hem up, leaving her shaved pussy on full view. I moved in closer so I could get a better view.

With his hand now on her mound his fingers began to travel down to Sarah's slit. Opening her legs further to allow better access only encouraged another to join in. Here was my wife sat on a bar stool, surrounded by five strangers, allowing two to finger fuck her, whilst a third toyed with her breasts. At around this point one of them obviously discovered the butt plug wedged up her backside, because they pulled her legs completely open and each had a good look.

As Sarah began to kiss the one playing with her breasts, their tongues exploring each others mouths, the others all crowded in closer. With my view blocked, I move to stand at the back of them, as if being one of the group. Sarah's eyes were closed, one arm resting on the bar, the other around her kisser's neck.

One of the guys then said something to the others that I didn't catch, to which he received a laugh. I soon realised what he'd said, as I saw him holding his beer bottle to Sarah's open cunt. His mate removed his hand and the one with the bottle began to rub it up and down her wet slit. Soon it was glistening with her own juices and he stared to slide it in to her. It was long before most of the bottle was buried up inside her juicy tunnel. Once fully home, he began to withdraw it again and then rammed it back inside her. He soon built up quite a rhythm. At one point he completely removed the bottle and one of the others inserted a couple of ice cubes up her cunt and then they re-plugged her with the bottle. The look of shock on her face at the ice cubes was a picture, but within seconds she was orgasming again.

After a few minutes of this treatment the guys clearly wanted more, so leaving the bottle wedged up her sloppy cunt, they pulled her to her feet and half dragged, half carried her off towards the gents. Curious to see what would happen I followed. Once inside the gents, Sarah was pushed to the floor on her hand and knees. As her skirt was pushed up over her hips, her head was pulled upwards and a cock wedged in to her mouth. With her soft round arse raised upwards, all could see the butt plug firmly inserted in to her back passage and the beer bottle sticking out her cunt. The bottle was removed, but to my surprise, and Sarah's it was turned round and re-inserted, wide end first. Not that there seamed to be much difficulty in that.

The guy who's been face fucking her came round the back and was immediately replaced by another even bigger dick in her mouth. He bent down and in almost one fluid moment, ripped the butt plug from Sarah's arse and plunged his cock back in it's place and began pounding in to her from behind. Two others had realised her tits and were mauling on them, pulling her nipples hard and really making them stand out. There was no gentleness in it at all. They pulled on her nipples, downwards, outwards, any way they could. They then started slapping her tits, which soon reddened up, but still they didn't stop.

As the guy fucking her arse came deep with in her the one in her mouth quickly took his place, his place in her mouth soon replaced by another. This one wasn't content with just Sarah's mouth, but plunged his cock in to her throat, causing her to gag and choke. He was soon holding her head in his hands and forcibly fucking her mouth and throat. Meanwhile her tits were still being roughly mauled and slapped around, but not once did Sarah try to stop them. The one buried in her arse began slapping that too, so that soon her cheeks were glowing red, matching her tits.

Again, as soon as he came he was replaced by another, so that her holes were constantly full of cock and beer bottle. Number three even alternated between her pussy and arse, ramming the bottle into her back passage while he fucked her red, swollen cunt. Soon all five of them had fucked Sarah in one hole or another and were now making her lick them all clean. They left the butt plug back in place and also wedged the beer bottle back up her cunt for good measure.

Once all finished, Sarah was laying in heap in the middle of the floor where she'd collapsed and the guys had one final form of degradation for her. They began to piss over her prone body. They aimed their wilting dicks at her face, one even wedged his dick back in her mouth as he pissed, and over her head. They pissed over her body and arse, literally covering her in their golden showers and she just lay there, mouth, legs and cunt open to them. She was a real mess, laying on a gents toilet floor covered in spunk, piss and red marks all over her.

Once finished they dressed, laughing, and left the room. I helped Sarah to her feet and tried my best to slip her clothes back on. Not an easy task as I tried to hold her up and put clothes on her shattered, wet body. As quickly as I could we left the gents and found the back way out of the club. Once outside I reached under her skirt and removed the beer bottle and plug from her holes and the cum started to run out of her abused holes, down her legs to puddle on the floor around her feet.

Eventually I managed to get her back home and ran her a warm bath to soak the evening's events away.

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