tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah Despoiled

Sarah Despoiled


My friends and I had arranged to go meet up at a bar then go out clubbing. It was a warm summer evening so over my black lacy underwear I wore a tight little white skirt that stopped an inch higher than mid-thigh and a sleeveless strappy white top, which showed through my black lacy bra. I knew the bra pushed up my boobs making them look larger and sure to draw the eye of the any guys! I brushed my shoulder length dark hair until it was straight and glossy, did my makeup and grabbed my white 2 inch heels to give me a bit more height; as I am kind of short.

I met my friends at the bar and we chatted then went out clubbing as only 20 year olds can do. My outfit was working a treat and I was getting a lot of cute guys buying me drinks. Then at one club these three cute guys started buying rounds of tequila shots and invited me to join them. Hey, I wasn't passing up free shots, but soon I was feeling wobbly, and everything was a little more than hazy. Suddenly I realised I'd lost my friends.

There were three guys, the cutest was well muscled and had dark spikey hair; then there was a taller more quiet guy, and the last was shorter and stouter than the others, but smiled away quite happily. The cutest of the guys promised to lead me back to my friends, and lead me from the club. We got in a taxi, but then his two mates got in too. "Where are we going?" I stammered drunkenly.

The guy who'd led me into the taxi gave me a grin. He was very cute with his spikey black hair and had a dead sexy smile. "It's late, we're taking you home" he said. I was drunk enough to accept that.

A short drive later the taxi pulled up and the guys urged me to get out with them. This wasn't my place, and the evening had grown cooler, so I was going to hop back in the taxi and go home, but then the cutest of the three guys guided my chin to his and gave me a long passionate kiss. I was so blown away and enjoyed the kiss so much that when it ended I was completely surprised to see the taxi had taken off and the other two guys were headed into their house. "My taxi!" I exclaimed uselessly hugging myself to keep warm.

"Damn!" exclaimed the cute guy. "Sorry, um... hey you want to come inside while I call you a new taxi?" He asked giving another winning grin. It was getting too cold to stay outside so I agreed and followed him into their home.

Their house was a typical guy pad, very messy, but with a big plasma TV and sound system in the living room. I wobbled precariously in my heels as I stumbled on something that had been discarded, but the cute guy grabbed my arm to steady me. "Come this way, I'll find something warm for you to wear." He offered. I let him lead me off up a short corridor and into a bedroom.

It was dark in the bedroom, and when he let my arm go I tripped on something, loosing a shoe and stumbling in the darkness until I landed heavily on the bed.

"That's perfect," said the cute guy with the glimmer of a smile. As he closed the door I suddenly sobered enough to realize just how precarious my situation had suddenly become; along in a strange dark house, drunk and dizzy with a guy whose name I didn't even know.

"My name's Sarah" I blurted in sudden panic.

There was a loud zipping sound as he unzipped his jeans. "That's nice" he said as he pulled out his cock and pushed it in front of my face. "Now you start sucking".

I panicked a little, but then calmed and thought 'I'll just suck this guy off and then he'll call me a new taxi and I'll go home.' I opened my mouth to take the head of his cock inside. His cock was about six inches, but a bit thicker than my last boyfriends. I sucked his cock, teasingly playing with the end of it with my tongue and hoping he'd cum. I couldn't see much in the darkness, and I guess neither could he as he bent over and flicked on a bedside lamp, which cast dull illumination across the room. I looked up at him, with his cock in my mouth, to see him grinning down at me.

He reached down and slipped the straps of my top off my shoulders and down my arms, then pulled down my top till it was just covering my stomach. He groped my breasts, and started kneading them through my black bra. "Nice little tits you got here" he said. I tried sucking him harder and faster, and he gave a sudden gasp of enjoyment. I hoped maybe he'd cum soon, but was disappointed.

Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth. I sat there like a dummy for a sec, and then he grabbed me and easily flipped me over onto my stomach across the bed. He grabbed my legs, pushing them together. I started to try to wriggle free, but he pushed me down into the bed, and climbed on top of me, a leg either side. Then I felt him fondling at my bra straps. It gave up quickly, and he yanked my bra up over my head, followed soon by my white top. I realized I was facedown and powerless, topless, on this guy's bed with him holding me down.

Then I heard the zipping and felt the tug that meant he was unzipping my skirt. I tried to squirm away, but he was too heavy and even when he got off to pull my skirt down and let it drop to the floor, he made sure to push my face down into the bed.

He pulled my ass towards him and pushed my legs apart. Then I felt his fingers pull my lacy underwear aside, exposing my pussy. I gasped and looked back at him, begging "No please don't, I'm not on the pill". He only smiled back and pushed his cock to the opening of my pussy. "Not my problem" he said grinning as he suddenly jammed his cock inside me. I was dry and it hurt a lot, I whimpered into the bed as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. It wasn't long before he tensed and held himself still with his cock deep inside and I felt the warm impact of his cum on the walls of my vagina. I'd never felt that before, my past boyfriends had all worn condoms, but knowing his seed was inside me made me feel dirty and disgusted.

He eased out of me, and stepped back to admire his handiwork. He flipped me over onto my back, and I just lay there in shock as he pulled off my black underwear and fingered my pussy. It was almost grotesque looking up at him between my legs, watching him loom over me, fingering my pussy with one hand and rubbing his cock with the other.

"Mmmm... you're all wet now babe" he said "I think I'm going to fuck you again." Then he pushed my legs apart and pushed his still hard cock back into my pussy. I didn't bother fighting this time as he pumped my pussy, grabbing and sucking my breasts as he went. He tensed again, and I felt more of his cum splashing deep inside. "Ahh" he gasped satisfied. He lay there on top of me a bit longer, gave me a couple of extra pumps, then pulled his cock out and rolled over to lay beside me on the bed. "That was good, but not as tight as earlier. I think I may have to try your ass next."

I gulped. I'd never been ass fucked. I sat up and said "I need a glass of water".

He smiled and scooped up a t-shirt from the floor tossing it to me and smiling "Go right, you'll find the kitchen."

I threw the t-shirt over my now naked form and hurried out of the bedroom. Turning right I found the kitchen, but like most of the house it was a mess. I looked in vain for a clean glass, but instead settled on a clean looking coffee mug. I started filling it with water from the tap, and trying to get a plan together to get out.

I gulped down the water, but then as I put the mug down on the counter a flash of movement in the window made me look up. I saw my reflection in the window, and saw the t-shirt read 'fuck me' in big white letters. Then I saw a larger darker figure behind me. I was about to cry out, but one large hand wrapped around my mouth and another grabbed me across the body, pulling me into a tight hug.

"Don't scream" menaced a different voice in one of my ears; one of the other guys. "Just hold still and this will be over quickly. You'll be a good girl won't you?"

I didn't know what else to do, even if I screamed I'd only attract the other house mates, so I just nodded my head meekly caught as I was in the much stronger man's embrace.

He took his hand away from my mouth, but not far, even in the dim light I could still see that. Once I didn't scream he moved that hand down to fondle my tits through the t-shirt. He pinched and pulled my nipples for a while until I could feel they were quite hard, then his hand moved to his pants, and I felt the rush of air on my bare legs as his pants fell to his ankles.

He bent me over, and I grabbed the edge of the counter for balance. Looking up I was face to face with piles of dirty plates and bowls. He lifted up the bottom of the t-shirt, revealing my ass, and ran a finger over my pussy. Sniffing his finger he whispered "You're nice and wet, I see Dale's already been here. Well now it's my turn." With that he plunged his cock into my pussy. The force of the thrust nearly sent me into the dirty dishes, but I caught myself, and by the time he'd pulled back and thrust into me again I was braced for the assault. He kept up with that for what felt like ages, long deep strokes into my stretching pussy. It felt like his cock was longer than Dale's too as it seemed to reach deeper places inside me. I caught myself almost enjoying it until I remembered this guy was forcing himself upon me.

Suddenly his pumping intensified and I felt new thick wads of goo impacting inside me. He pulled out almost straight away, and wiped his cock clean on the back of my t-shirt. "Good fuck" He whispered to me as he padded away from the kitchen.

I took a moment to compose myself, bent over a kitchen counter with two guys cum in me, and dampness running down my legs. I didn't know where I was, so I'd need to convince one of these guys to call a taxi here so I could go home. I left the kitchen and went up the hall, looking for the room of the first guy Dale. I saw light coming out from under a door, and figured it for the light from Dale's bedside lamp. I opened the door and stepped in.

I was stunned to see the third guy in here, at his computer with his cock lubed up, wanking off to some porn. He saw me gaping at him from the door and quick as a flash jumped up and grabbed my wrist pulling me down. In my shock I found myself on my knees in front of him as he sat on his computer chair, his six inch cock out bobbing in front of my face. I tried to get up to go, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, trying to bury his cock in my nose, or so it seemed. I pulled back, but his other hand was now guiding his cock towards my mouth. "Open up" He said smiling happily to me. I opened my mouth to say 'No way' but before I could even get the words out he had his cock in my mouth and half way down my throat. "No biting now" he whispered, but I was having enough trouble just trying to breathe with him trying to reach my pussy through my mouth.

He took hold of my ears, one with each hand, and began happily thrusting in and out of my face. I gasped trying to get air, and while I got air I also sounded like a pig snorting.

Suddenly I heard Dale's voice from the doorway behind me "That's where you got to!" I tried to wriggle to see him, but the other guy held my face firmly to his crotch, stopping his pumping. "She's great Dale, a good little slut!" he announced happily.

"I want to try her ass" declared Dale "Throw me the lube." I sensed the guy whose cock was in my throat bend forward and throw something. Then I heard Dale rubbing himself, before placing his hands around my waist and pulling my ass up. I was now standing bent over, with one guy still holding my head on his cock and my ass up in the air for Dale's pleasure. He flicked up the t-shirt and I felt his finger pushing on my asshole. I jumped, and both guys laughed. Then Dale whispered to me "Just relax and this won't hurt as much". I tried to relax, but that's easier said than done.

Dale didn't wait for a response, and how could I make one with my mouth already occupied? Suddenly I felt the pressure of his cock sliding into my ass, slowly, until he'd worked it in as much as it would go.

Then Dale started pumping, and that seemed to be a signal to the other guy to start pumping too. I was suddenly being fucked in both the mouth and ass! They kept that up for a bit, and then Dale said "Let's roast her!" I didn't know what they meant but then felt myself being lifted up by Dale as the other guy laughed and stood too, lifting me up by the shoulders. Then they began turning me over, round and round, until I realized I was turning like meat on a spit, but instead of a spit I was lodged on their cocks.

After a few rotations the guy holding my shoulders spasmed and his cock jerked as jets of his spunk fired off into my throat. I had to swallow to keep from choking. Dale went still too, and pulled me tightly towards him, pushing his cock deeper into my ass as he ejected yet more of his seed. The throat guy finally pulled his cock from my mouth and I breathed in eagerly as Dale carried me over to this room's bed, lay me down on my back, and eased his cock out of my ass.

I lay on the bed feeling sore and abused, not daring to move. Dale looked at me and said "I want my shirt back." He reached down and pulled it off me, leaving me naked. He gave me one last grin, then left.

It was then I saw the tall guy standing in the doorway watching. He walked over to me, looked down at my naked body and said "Now it's my turn again."

"Ah Tom, I haven't fucked that pussy yet" complained the guy now sitting back in his chair, porn still playing on his screen. The woman featured was now reclining back having cum shot over her heavy breasts.

Tom glared at him "She's yours once I'm done."

"Ok fine." said the other reluctantly.

Tom let his track pants fall to the floor again and I could see now his cock was longer than the others. I looked at his eyes, but all I saw there was coldness; to him I was just a thing, to be used and discarded like so much else in their house. I shuddered naked, but spread my legs apart as Tom climbed on top of me, sliding his cock once again into my pussy. I watched his face, but he never looked at me, just pumped into me deeply and regularly. My pussy was responding despite my loathing for the guy, and eventually his pumping intensified. My legs curled up, clenching around him, pulling him deeper into me as his cock unleashed another wave of cum to splash heavily inside my despoiled womb.

He pushed my legs away and stood up, wiping his cock on the calf of my leg. He looked at me like I was nothing and said "Good fuck" and left. I watched him go turning onto my side to try to cover myself.

The other guy wasn't having any of that, and moved over, rolling me back onto my back and examining my pussy. "Gosh, you're so sloppy now" he said, and I felt like I was disgusting. He must have seen something on my face as he brushed my cheek and said in a soothing tone "Now, now, everything's alright. You're with Billy now; I'm going to take good care of you." I cried and pulled him towards me, burying my face in his shirt and sobbing.

Billy let me sob for a while and then pushed me away. "Ok that's enough now" he said a bit more annoyed "lets ease those legs apart for Billy now". I realized he just wanted to fuck me too, and lying on top of me as he was, there was no way to squeeze past and run away. Billy took my hesitation as acceptance and fumbled for his cock.

"Please don't" I begged "I just want to go home".

"Now, now" said Billy "Once more won't hurt now, will it?" He eased his cock inside me. I was so loose I barely felt it in there. Billy positioned himself and started pumping with enthusiasm, but I honestly could barely feel him inside me. Then he spasmed and I felt the warmth of yet more cum shooting off deep inside me.

Billy rolled off me and got up, going to his computer to turn it off. I just lay there, used, sore, defeated and despoiled. And I was so tired. Billy came back to bed and pulled the doona out, then maneuvered us both into his single bed. "You'll sleep here with Billy tonight" he said, and I was too tired to protest.

I awoke the next day with a raging headache, and a busy Billy on top of me pumping away with a delighted smile on his face. He saw I was awake, and grinning tried to plant a kiss on my lips. I let him, too sick to fight, and lay there as his cock pumped in and out of my pussy. At least I can feel it today I thought.

Billy spasmed and squirted his seed around the inside of my pussy. He rolled off me, and bundled me tightly in his arms. "So what's your name gorgeous?" he asked.

"Sarah, my name's Sarah" I said.

"Sarah" he repeated distractedly. I felt movement and turned my head to see him typing my name into his phone contacts, along with a picture of me lying naked in his bed. "What's your number Sarah?" he asked casually.

As hungover as I was I wasn't about to give him my real number. I wanted to get out of here. I made up a number and he dutifully typed it in reading it back to me to be sure.

"Where are my clothes?" I asked.

"Must be in Dale's room, next room to the left" he said. Getting up I grabbed a discarded towel from the floor and wrapped that around me. "Where are you going?" Billy asked.

"I've got to go home... Classes" I managed through my headache as I rushed out of the room.

I crept into Dale's room, but thankfully he was asleep and snoring. All of my clothes were discarded on the floor, so I gathered them up and dressed. I had only found one shoe and one earing, when I heard Dale stop snoring, so I snatched up my purse and left.

Billy was in the living room hanging up the phone when I entered. He smiled and said "I've just called a taxi, should be here in 10 minutes or so". He smiled at me like we were old friends, and for a moment I found myself thinking he was kinda nice, until I remembered the roasting he'd given me last night. Billy chatted to me until the taxi arrived, then I turned to him and asked if he had any cash for the taxi. He smiled and gave me a twenty, which I took and then bolted out of the house.

The twenty hardly covered half the taxi fare, but I was glad to be home. I went straight to the bathroom, ran a shower and just sat there for an hour remembering all that had happened that evening. Then I crawled into my bed and slept for most of the day.

Twelve weeks later, alone in my bathroom, I stared at the line growing stronger on the pregnancy test. I looked at myself in the mirror, panicked and disgusted, and tried to think of what I would tell my child about who their father was. Or even which one he was.

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