tagFetishSarah Finds a Friend

Sarah Finds a Friend


As I sat on the edge of the bed in just the ruffle-butt panties bought specifically for my gown, I huddled underneath the bed sheet trying to stay warm in the cool air conditioning of the bedroom. He pulled out the large garment bag containing my dress from our closet, as well as his smaller bag with his tuxedo in it. He laid my bag down onto the bed next to me, and then placed his on the back of a chair.

I stood up, and shrugged off the sheet, unzipping the extremely large bag, and removing the beautiful ball gown from within. He had bought it for me months ago, when we had taken a trip upstate. We were walking around a beautiful little lake town, and we went into this boutique. It was love at first sight, when I saw the dress. He insisted I try it on, and after a little balking on my part, I finally did. It fit almost perfectly, and the owner of the shop said that if we bought it, that she could have the alterations to have it fit me perfectly done by the next morning, no cost. The price tag seemed astronomical, and we didn't have any real reason to buy it, but he insisted we did, anyways.

When we had gotten home from that trip, he told me that he wanted to host a ball, just to give me a reason to wear such a beautiful dress. I was speechless, when he told me, simply stuttering out an "Oh... Okay."

It had almost completely slipped my mind, since he had been doing everything to set it up. I had helped him a little bit with a basic guest list, but he handled most everything else. Now that it was here, how could I have forgotten, and decided to destroy my hair? My naked chest heaved as I thought about having to go out into the public, looking the way I did.

I glanced over at him. He was already halfway dressed, busy focusing on himself. I looked back at the gown, and began dressing myself. The dress was surprisingly light, for how poofy the bottom of it was. When I was most of the way dressed, I turned to my love, unable to finish zipping the asymmetrical corset top the rest of the way.

"Babe, can you finish me...?" I asked, offering the zipper to him.

He snickered a little, and said, "Didn't I do that a few times already, today?" I simply rolled my eyes, and fought back a grin, as he closed me into the form fitting dress.

After we were both fully dressed, we stood next to each other, adjusting ourselves in the full length mirrors on the closet, him making sure his bowtie was straight, and me, leveling my breasts in the corset. My already ample tits looked huge, pushed up into almost a flat shelf beneath my chin. I noticed him staring at them, as I squeezed them together, playing.

"Oh, you like that?" I jiggled my chest at him playfully.

"You know I do, baby.. but.. actually, I was thinking.. they look bigger than usual, even for being in that dress."

He was right, but I hadn't said anything yet. The dress was also a little tighter than when I had tried it on, before, but again, I hadn't said anything. "Huh. Maybe. I'm supposed to be getting my period soon, maybe i'm just a little swollen." I shrugged, and headed off to the bedroom to apply my makeup, before he could ask any more questions.

He came in, when I was mostly done, and began playing with my hair. He grabbed his pomade from the vanity, and began rubbing it all over his hands. He began to spike my hair, making it look absolutely crazy, but managing to hide the uneven cuts, and making me look, dare I say, beautiful. He then spiked his own hair in his usual fashion, and rinsed off his hands, and left the bathroom, without saying a single word. His fingers in my hair had made me a little bit horny, but we didn't have time to play again.. yet.

I smelled his cologne drift in from the bedroom as I finished powdering my breasts. They looked nice and milky white, my freckles peaking through just slightly. I looked quite the sight, My short bright orange hair in crazy spikes, my skin powder white, and the sleeveless ball gown a brilliant midnight blue with white paisley embroidered into it.

"You look like a victorian goddess." He said, leaning back in the doorway, and I felt my cheeks turn red, as I blushed. "Come on, we need to get going, now."

I nodded, and closed up my makeup, as he headed out of our bedroom, and downstairs. I grabbed the shoes that I had bought to match the dress, and carried them down after him. He was busy bustling about, getting things ready for us to leave. I sat by the front door, and put on my shoes, fastening the straps, then made sure I had everything I would need in my clutch. He seemed slightly distracted, like he was trying to make sure not to forget something, as we walked out the door, and walked over to his sedan.

He opened the door for me, and, as I was about to sit down, he pulled a black box from his pocket, smiling, saying "Hold on.. A pretty girl like you deserves some pretty jewelry."

He opened the box, and inside was a large emerald-cut blue sapphire necklace, and three sets of matching earrings, in progressively smaller cuts. The color of the sapphires almost matched my dress perfectly. I took the box from him, and he removed the necklace, and fastened it around my neck, then leaned forward, and pressed his lips against mine in an unexpectedly passionate kiss. I leaned in to his kiss, not wanting to break away from him.

Finally, when we seperated, he smiled at me, and as I sat down in to the car, pulling the bottom of the dress in behind me, he closed the door. As he walked around, and climbed into the driver's seat, I had began placing the earrings into each of the three holes in the bottom of my lobes in each ear. Once I had all six earrings in, I fastened my seat belt, and away we went.

Once we arrived at the mansion he had rented out for the ball, he pulled up front, and the valet at the door opened my door and helped me out. I smiled at the valet, and waited for my love. As he walked around to me, he offered me his arm, and I slipped my hand into the crook of his arm. We were already fashionably late, and, as we walked in the door, he lead me towards where I could hear classical music coming from. Outside of the door to the ballroom was a table with boxes of varying colors set on top.

"Why don't you pick one, and open it up, dear?" He gestured towards the boxes. My eyes gravitated towards one that matched my dress almost perfectly, and I pointed towards it. He picked it up off of the table, and handed it to me.

I unfolded the top of the box, and inside were two matching masquerade masks. He reached in, and pulled out the masks, slipping his on, and handed the other to me. I slipped it on, as well, careful not to disturb my hair.

"Now, we're ready to dance, my dear." He took me by my hand, opened the door to the ballroom, and together we entered.

* * * * *

After we had danced to the four piece orchestra for a while, I was getting tired, and needed a drink. I excused myself from my love's presence on the dance floor, where he was mingling with other couples, and escaped to the refreshments table. The drinks table was covered in champagne flutes, with the female attendant graciously pouring champagne for guests at their request. As I approached her, and asked for a drink, her eyes didn't leave my head.

She poured the champagne into the glass, and handed it to me, her eyes still affixed to my fiery orange crown. I felt like she wanted to say something, so I stood next to the table, slowly sipping at the glass.

"So.. uh.. This is quite the party, isn't it?" She finally managed, and I turned towards her, smiling.

"Oh, yes, it's absolutely wonderful. Do you know anything about the host?" I asked, trying to get her to open up.

"I've heard all sorts of stories about him, I don't know what to believe. I've heard he's a millionaire, looking for his princess, I've heard that it's an old couple, looking to have one nice evening together. I even heard that it was just some guy doing this, because he bought a dress for his wife! Who knows what the real story is!" I was doing everything I could to keep from smiling.

"It's something, all right. I can't believe i'm here. I feel so.. plain, here with all these other women in these gorgeous dresses."

"What!? You're not plain! Look at you, you're gorgeous! I love how you're so comfortable with yourself to have your hair so short, and.. you look absolutely glowing in that dress!" There it was. She liked my hair!

"Aww, thank you! You really like my hair? It was really just a last minute decision.. it was much much longer, not even..." I paused, thinking about it. "Wow, not even 3 hours ago, it was nice and long."

She looked astonished. "Wow.. you just.. you cut it all off, just for this party? I wish I could do something like that." I felt something stir deep within me.

"Oh, yes. Well, I didn't cut it for the ball, but you could cut your hair, too!"

She blushed, and said "Oh no, I couldn't EVER do that.. i'm no where near brave enough!"

I reached out, and tucked a strand of her long brown hair behind an ear. "Aww, well, maybe you just need some encouragement, to get started?" The thought of helping this pretty little thing was starting to make me horny. Was I really going to convince her to go through with it?

"I don't know... I mean.. I've always wanted to.. but.. Ohhhh.." she shivered a little, when I touched her hair, and I smiled a warm smile at her.

"I tell you what," I scribbled down my cell phone number onto a napkin and handed it to her. "Text or call me later, if you want a little encouragement.. or maybe some help."

She looked at the napkin, then back at me, and just nodded in disbelief. I smiled at her, and walked away, eager to tell my husband about what I may have just found for us.

As I worked my way across the dance floor, looking for my love, I almost became panicked when I couldn't see him anywhere. Suddenly, from behind me, I felt someone press up against me, and grab my breasts. I gasped in astonishment, that someone would try to violate me in such a public place. I spun around, ready to slap my assailant, when I smelled the unique, familiar smell of my husband's cologne. He stood behind me, grinning from ear to ear, happy with himself for just getting to feel me up.

"Ohhhh, you jerk. I ought to slap you for that!" I said, and playfully slapped at his cheek. "Come with me, I have something fun to tell you." I took his hand, and walked him over to an empty table.

As we sat down, I undid my shoes. They weren't as comfortable as I had hoped, and we had been dancing for quite a while it seemed. After I had removed them, I propped my feet up into his lap, and began to tell him about the drinks girl, and what I wanted to get her to do.

After I had finished, he got quiet for a minute, then asked, "Do you really think you can get her to go through with it?"

I had been afraid he wouldn't like the idea, but it turned out that I was wrong. I could feel his cock throbbing in his lap against my feet. I began teasing him gently.

"Oh, I don't know. But it's worth I try," I said as I worked at his hardness through his pants. His eyelids fluttered, and he moaned slightly, grinding his dick against my feet.

"Ohh, baby... You're such a tease... Give me a minute, and I'll see what I can do for us," he said, and slid back away from me, before I made him cum in his pants. He kissed me on my forehead, and then walked off, the dick in his pants quite evident.

He was gone for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and when he came back, he helped me stand up. I grabbed at his groin, looking to see if he was still hard. "Awwww, gone already?"

He smiled at me. "Just.. for now. We should get going, I think you're going to be getting a phone call, soon."

I looked at him, astonished. He must have talked to the caterer's, and gotten the girl off early tonight. He grinned devilishly at me, and winked.

We left, and on the drive home, I received a text.

"Hey, it's Jen from the ball. You still want to do what we talked about?"

I had realized that I hadn't gotten her name at the party, and made a mental note of it, now. I showed the text to my husband, grinning from ear to ear.

"Well, why don't you invite her back to our place, then?" My heart jumped at the idea. I didn't think that things would progress this quickly. I fired off a text.

"Absolutely! Want to meet at my place?"

We had pulled into our driveway when her reply came.

"Sure, where are you at? Do you live alone?"

I replied with our address, and explained that I was married, and asked if it was a problem.

I hadn't received a text in the following 15 minutes, so I assumed that she was put off by my being married, when the doorbell rang. My husband was the first to the door, still in his tuxedo.

"Hello.. may I help you?"

"Uhm.. hi.. yes.. uhh.. I'm looking for Sarah?"

"Ahh, you must be Jen. Come right in, we just got home, ourselves. Sarah told me a little about you. It must be nice, getting off early from work?" I saw the twinkle in his eyes as he said it.

Jen stepped inside, and looked around, noticing me at the top of the stairs. I waved hi to her, and motioned for them to come upstairs. I ran to the bedroom, and slid the chair into the middle of the room. I started to unzip my dress, and step out of it. My back was to the door, with the dress falling to the floor, when they came in. I turned towards them, my chest bared to both Jen and my husband, my arm across my stomach.

"Hi there, guys, I was just getting changed." Jen had stopped and was staring at my heaving breasts, as was my husband. He moved to the closet, and pulled out one of his dress shirts, and walked over, setting it on the back of the chair, then going to set in the bed.

"So, Jen.. How would you like to do this?" I wiggled my ruffled panties down off of me, baring my fiery bush to her, as well, before slipping on the shirt my love had gotten for me. "Do you want encouragement, or do you want your hair cut for you?"

"I.. uhh..." She cleared her throat. "I guess.. well.. I haven't ever cut hair, before.. so.. maybe you should.."

I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. "Well, okay. First, I think you should probably get out of your work clothes, you don't want to get hair stuck in them do you? Then we'll have you sit in the chair, here.. and.. oh, I think we should probably restrain you, so you don't try to stop us part way through. Babe, can you help with that?"

My husband studied us for a minute, then silently left the room, while I began to help Jen undress. I started unbuttoning her dress shirt for her, working from her chest down, hovering close to her. She smelled of cherry blossoms. This was the first time i'd been this turned on by the smell of another woman. I slid the shirt off of her shoulders, took it, and draped it over my arm. I studied her bra covered breasts.. they were ample, but not as big as my own. I wondered what her nipples looked like, if they were as big and pink as mine, or maybe she had tiny dark ones?

Standing that close, I couldn't help but touch her, my hand brushing against her. I felt her skin pucker up into goosebumps as I caressed her shoulders.

"You should probably take off your pants, too.. but your underwear is up to you" I said to her as I slid a hand around behind her, feeling for the clasp on her bra. She nodded at me, and began to unbutton her pinstriped pants. She let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them. I realized now that she must have taken her shoes off, downstairs. Her wide hips and sex were covered by black lacy hiphugger panties.

I had unhooked the back of her bra when my husband walked back in with a long section of white rope. Jen clutched the bra to her chest, looking at him.

"Oh, don't worry hon, he won't do anything to you." I smiled reassuringly. I slid the shoulder straps of her bra down off of her, and she reluctantly let go, sliding her arms down to cover her stomach. Her nipples were small, maybe the size of quarters, very dark, and extremely hard, but I resisted the urge to reach out and play with them. I guided her to the chair, and sat her down, and motioned for my love to restrain her.

He came over, and tied her arms to the chair behind her, not too tight that it hurt, but tight enough that she couldn't get loose. "Is that okay?" he asked her gently, and she replied with a nod. He returned to the bed. I could see the bulge in his pants forming again.

"Now, Jen.. How should I do this? Should I just do what I want, or do you want something specific?"

"Uhh.. well.. no.. I guess you can do what you want...?"

I smiled as I bounced off into the bathroom to get my tools. I came back carrying the battery operated clippers, a pair of scissors that I slipped into the breast pocket of the shirt, and a comb. I stood behind her, and combed through her long straight brunette locks. They went halfway down her back, when I combed them neatly. I grinned as I pulled out the clippers, and turned them on. The vibrations sent a chill through my body, I could feel my pussy getting wet at the thought already.

"Are you ready, Jen?" She nodded again. "Okay, here goes."

I placed the clippers against her forehead, and slowly pulled them back along her center part, cutting a wide strip down the middle of her head, the long brown hairs falling to the floor. My pussy twitched in pleasure, watching them fall. I looked at her in the full length mirror in front of us.. she hadn't even looked yet. I wondered how she'd react when she realized what I had done.

"Jen!" Her attention snapped to the mirror, first, her eyes locking on mine, then on the strip of missing hair down the center of her head. Her jaw dropped, and I saw tears well up into her eyes as she started to cry.

"No.. I don't want to do this any more!" She started to struggle against her bonds, as I moved in to comfort her.

"Shh, shh, don't worry.. have fun. Didn't it feel good when I ran the clippers down your head? I know you liked it.."

She nodded, as I wiped the tears from her cheeks. "We'll try the scissors, now, does that sound good?"

I glanced over at my husband, who had his cock out, and was playing with himself, watching us. I felt so wet as I pulled the scissors out of my pocket, and got ready to chop this girls hair up.

I walked in front of her, and kneeled down, my breasts pressing against her bound legs. I looked into her moist eyes, and put a finger to her lips.

"Shh, it's okay, Jen.. this is what you want."I brushed some of her hair back behind her ear. "Right now, you're afraid, I understand. But imagine how liberated you'll feel when we're done..?" She nodded in agreement, and I smiled at her.

"Would it make you feel better if I cut some of my hair, too?" I asked her as felt around my head for a longer piece. The look in Jen's eyes said it all, she didn't want to be alone in this.

"Okay, here goes." I kept smiling, and closed my eyes as I slid the scissors close to my scalp, around the chunk of hair I had chosen, and snipped it shut. The hairs tugged slightly, cutting it that close to the skin with the scissors, but it felt good, and I couldn't help but moan slightly. I opened my eyes to see her staring at me, and I held out the chunk of hair for her to look at.

"See? It feels so good." I rolled the hairs around in my fingers, then let them drop onto her lap, my fiery orange hair in stark contrast to her darker brown.

I stood up, feeling very warm and flushed, my pussy burning with desire. I decided to myself that if she was mostly naked, then I might as be as well, too. Her eyes studied me as I stood in front of her, slowly unbuttoning the large men's dress shirt I was wearing. As I finished unbuttoning it, I let it slide from my shoulders onto the floor, my naked body there for her to completely observe. I couldn't resist any more, and straddled Jen's lap, sitting down on her legs, my bare pussy sitting on a combination of her hair and mine, and slid my arms around her neck, and and ran a hand up into her hair. I leaned in close to her, smelling her perfume.

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