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Sarah Gets Converted


Sarah thought she had the easiest job on the farm. All she had to do was to keep the owner's house clean, and stay out of the barn. Sarah was 19, and being a college freshman, she was happy to find the easy job. The pay was outstanding, making enough to keep her book costs down to nothing, and still being able to buy some new clothes every so often. Sure, she was about 30 minutes from campus, and the town, but she didn't mind.

Sarah had been on the job for over a month, and she was very good at cleaning. Although that first week had been hard, Sarah thought. Sarah had just arrived, and was given her job. That night, when the owner returned, he had found Sarah asleep, and half the house was still a mess. The owner had taken Sarah across his knee, pulled her panties down, and spanked her pert bottom till it was cherry red. Sarah was crying loudly, but as soon as the owner had finished her spanking, he had given her a chance to go fix the mistakes, and Sarah had scuttled off to do so. Sarah still remembered that spanking, and had vowed to never let that happen again. She had cleaned the house now for a month, and she hadn't had the need for another spanking.

As the time progressed, however, Sarah began to get curious as to what was going on out in the barn. She had seen the amount of hoof prints around it, but hadn't seen any other signs of horses. Finally, she got up enough of an idea to go see what was out there. She set her alarm clock for real early in the morning, before she thought anyone would be up. When the alarm went off, she was up and dressed, and heading out of the house to go to the barn.

Sarah opened the gate leading into the training circle in front of the barn, then closed it behind her, and headed off to the barn.

The owner watched Sarah's progress from the security monitoring room in the house, and buzzed 3 of the ranch hands, to help Sarah's conversion. He then started making some calls to some friends in town, to help arrange some details.

Sarah crept to the barn door, and then slowly opened it. She stepped in, and gasped in shock.

Standing there in the stalls were not ponies, but rubber covered girls, each with a bridle and hoof boots on. Sarah stood there in shock for a moment, and then turned to flee. She took one step, the dropped to the ground. The stun weapon was very effective.

Sarah was carried by 2 of the farm hands into a prep room, where she was stripped nude, and dumped into a hair removing gel. The only area not affected was her head. After she was removed, she was taken to a fitting room, and placed in a suspended form, to await her transformation into a rubber ponygirl.

The owner walked in a few minutes later, and smiled at the bound Sarah. He looked her nude body over, and thought what a lovely rubber pony she would make. He nodded to one of the ranch hands, and a winch started to lover Sarah into a tub of liquid rubber. Sarah could only look on as she was dunked into the rubber.

As she was winched out, ranch hands quickly fixed a set of hoof boots on her feet, and bound her arms behind her back. Then Sarah saw one of the ranch hands moving between her legs. Sarah gasped as a rubber tube was placed up her cunt, and then she felt it expanding, cutting off her sensations inside her pussy. The farm hand tested the new rubber sleeve with his fingers, and Sarah was shocked she couldn't feel the stimulation at all. The owner smiled a wicked smile, and then nodded to a ranch hand to begin the final sequence. The machine began to lower her again, and continued to dunk her till she had about 6 layers of rubber on her body. A plug in the sleeve prevented her pussy tube from being filled with rubber, but her ass was soon covered in rubber.

Sarah was then rolled along on an overhead track to a baking room, where the rubber would be hardened to her skin, making it permanent. Sarah tried to plead for mercy, but the ranch hands and the owner had heard it all a before, and Sarah knew she was going to be a rubber pony for the rest of her life. Sarah was taken out of the baking room after a few minutes, and led by a bit to a stall. There she was left in her thoughts, to try to escape. She tried to find a way out, but without arms and confined by the hoof boots, Sarah knew there was no escape.

Sarah was trained on the farm for the next year, with a tail being added to her harness after a month. Sarah also earned a red plume as she was progressing, a symbol of her status as a good learner. Sarah was then led out of the barn after 3 months, to begin her cart pulling and racing training.

The owner of the ranch had decided that Sarah would be his new town ponygirl, the ponygirl he would use when he went into town to visit important city leaders. As the year progressed for Sarah's training, the town had almost totally been transformed.

In the time Sarah had been converted, the town had passed a law allowing ponygirls to be shown in public. The owner had quickly applied for a license, and the town was happy to give him one. The town had also passed one other law that was simple, if anyone tried to free a ponygirl, they would become a ponygirl or be forced to pay a huge fine. The law further stipulated that if it was a female trying to free a ponygirl, then she was automatically going to become a ponygirl. The law allowed men to pay the fine, or to offer a female relative to be converted to ponygirl status.

All over town, within 3 months, there were ponygirl carts and supplies being sold. The town further passed laws forbidding motor powered cars, except by the police, fire, ambulance, and heavy load transport companies. As the town grew into its ponygirl transportation, the town leaders decided that they would market the town as the first ever ponygirl friendly town.

Sarah left the farm for the first time one year after her conversion, and the owner of the ranch was so proud. His ranch had become the sole ponygirl training area in the city, and all of his stock of rubber ponygirls had been sold, except his special ponygirl Sarah. She was going to be his for the rest of her life.

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