tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 03

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 03


Once at the office Stone directed her to review the material from yesterday and do some research online about a company he was thinking of doing business with. The morning was uneventful, as was lunch. Sarah was getting used to him deciding on what she would have and had learned he wanted her to take a bite out each item in turn.

The afternoon was filled with a meeting between Stone and a client. This was the meeting Sarah had spent the last 24 hours preparing for. She listened carefully to what was being said, following along and understanding most of the conversation. Then she heard something Stone said that was incorrect. "Mr. Stone. I believe you got that last figure wrong. It was $24 million, not $23."

Stone glared at her, his lips growing thin with anger. With a visible effort, he cleared his face and turned to the client saying "My trainee is correct, I should have said $24 million."

The meeting ended up taking the rest of the afternoon, finally ending at 5:30. After ushering the client out, Stone turns to Sarah. "You will never correct me in front of client! "

Grabbing the crop, he says "Take off the skirt and thong. Then bend over and hold the back of that chair."


"There is no excuse for your behavior. Prepare yourself or leave. You must learn. There is no room for mistakes in this business."

Resignedly Sarah dropped her eyes in submission and removed her skirt. She folded in neatly and put it on the chair along with her thong before bending over. Sarah could not believe she was doing this the second time today. Surely every day would not find her presenting her naked ass to him for a beating.

She heard the crop whooshing through the air before it cracked on her tender ass.

"One. Thank you for taking the time to train me sir."

It hurt worse than this morning since each blow crossed a welt from this morning. But the beating finally ended after the tenth blow. With the end of her ordeal, she fell to the floor. Her face was a mess, her eyes red from crying. Tears and mucus ran down her face, dripping onto the carpet.

"Get up! You are making a mess all over the carpet. Quickly, get some paper towels and clean up that mess."

Standing up, Sarah started to put her clothes on again when Stone shouted. "What are you doing?! I told you to clean that up."

Sobbing, Sarah scurried to the closet and grabbed the paper towels. Hurriedly she scrubbed one over her face to keep more from dripping on the carpet. Then she quickly mopped up the mess she'd made on the carpet.

After putting the dirty paper towels in the trash, she turned to Stone and asked "May I get dressed and go the bathroom?"

"You may clean up your face and put the thong on. But leave the skirt off. I need to put some salve on the welts. There are a couple of places that the skin is broken and I don't want you to get an infection."

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, Sarah returned to Stone's office to see him pointing at the chair she'd held during her beating. Realizing he wanted to bend over and hold it again, Sarah meekly walked over and bent down again. This time, instead of giving her a beating, Stone carefully rubbed salve on the welts. His touch was gentle and caring, so at odds with his treatment of her not 5 minutes ago. Sarah was confused by this change in behavior but she was grateful for his kindness. She thought to herself "He really does care about me."

The salve helped but it still hurt when she pulled her skirt over her ass. Stone, noticing the look on her face, said "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll learn quickly and won't often have two beatings in a single day. Besides, you'll get used to the pain. If you're ready, let's get dinner. I'm starved."

Sarah wasn't sure how to take what he just said. It sounded like beatings were going to be a regular part of her training. She didn't think she could bear that. But what choice did she have? Still mulling the situation over, she followed him to his restaurant. Apparently he ate every meal there except for breakfast.

She found a pillow on her seat when they arrived at the restaurant. Once again, she was struck by the dichotomy. He alternated between cruel task master and caring boss.

During dinner he quizzed her on her impressions of the meeting, never once referring to her mistake. He asked probing questions until she felt wrung out. Then he proceeded to give her a 15 minute briefing on his observations, comparing and contrasting what he observed with her observations. All in all, it was a very educational experience.

Sarah dozed off on the ride home. Her first day as a trainee had been an emotional roller coaster, moving from the highs of learning high finance to the lows of being humiliated and beaten. Stone had to wake her up when they arrived at his house.

There were boxes in the foyer that looked like they came from an expensive store. "Ah, those must be the first delivery of your new clothes. Why don't we take them into your bedroom and you can put them away?" With that, he picked up a stack and went into her apartment. She had no choice but to follow with a stack of her own. With Stone standing there, obviously waiting for her to open the boxes, Sarah opened the first box. She can see it contains bras. But as she pulls them out, she is shocked to realize bras are all demi or shelf. "Where are the regular bras?" "Remember, your breasts are an asset and in business you use all assets."

She shuddered at the thought of wearing a shelf bra. Her breasts were not the firm globes that some women had, no hers hung down her chest. She remembered the one time she'd let her boyfriend talk her into having sex doggy style, she'd caught a look at herself in the bedroom mirror. Her large breasts hung down and with her long nipples at the bottom, she'd looked like a cow. Wearing a shelf bra would be like putting them on a platter.

The next small box contains underwear, all thongs except for a few regular panties that he explained are for her periods.

The next two boxes contain blouses and skirts. The blouses are all shear and the skirts much shorter than she was comfortable. One large box contains some jackets that coordinated with the skirts. She was relieved that she'll have something to cover her breasts when she wears those shear blouses.

The last box contained what looked like exercise clothes, although they looked very skimpy.

"Ah, good. I was hoping they would come today. I expect you to start exercising tomorrow. I have an exercise regimen all prepared for you. You will exercise for an hour every morning before breakfast. Meet me in the kitchen at 5 am and I will get you started. You may pick your own exercise outfit from the selection in the box. "

"Oh, I believe there is one final box for you in the foyer. It contains your personal belongings from your old place. You may fetch it as soon as you've put away these things. Good night."

She was surprised when she brought the box with her personal possessions in to her room as the box was rather small. Opening it up, she immediately realized that none of her old clothes were in it. In fact, all that was in the box were some mementos of her college years and some pictures of her sister. She supposed that Stone had had all her clothes disposed of since he wanted her dressed in more expensive things. She had planned on having a few things to wear around her apartment, things that weren't so revealing. But that was not to be.

The next morning she awoke at 4:45 and pulled on her exercise clothes. Just as she thought, they barely covered her privates. They were so tight, it almost didn't make a difference, everything was visible. Her long nipples were very prominent. The top doubled as an exercise bra, so she didn't even have that to help hide them.

Stone was already working out on the weight machine when she entered the exercise room. He saw her but didn't acknowledge her until he finished that set.

"Your workout schedule is posted on the wall by the door. I expect you to follow it exactly. You may take 5 minutes to read it before beginning. You may ask me any questions when you have finished reading over today's regimen."

The exercises for this morning seemed pretty normal. But she gasped when she got to the end. He expected her to do Kegel exercises! Not only did he expect her to do them, expected her to do them in front of him.

"Sir, why do I need to do Kegel exercises?"

"Kegel exercises are good for you. Besides, they will make sex with you more pleasurable."

"Sex! I'm not having sex with you!"

"I didn't say with me. Remember, I expect my trainees to be the best at whatever they do. Or do you plan on never having sex again?"

"I, I. Oh. Yes, sir."

"Now, if there are no more questions, begin."

Over the next hour, Sarah sweated and strained. It was hard work but it felt good at the same time. Finally, she finished the regular exercises. It was time for the Kegel exercises. Luckily, Stone had finished his workout and left. Sitting down on a bench, she put a finger in her vagina and felt around. She then started squeezing and relaxing her muscles. The instructions said she had to do them 3 times a day. She was pretty sure that, now she had the hang of them, she could them from now on without putting her finger in her vagina.

Sarah jumped into the shower as soon as she finished exercising, letting the hot water ease her muscles. As she stood there, she realized she was feeling horny from having her finger in her pussy a few minutes earlier. Much as she wanted to do something about it right then, she realized she only had a few minutes before Stone expected her in the dining room. But she did take a minute to play with her clit while soaping up. Sighing, she stopped and got out of the shower.

Entering her bedroom with her towel wrapped around her, she realized her clothes were laid out on her bed.

"He must have been in here while I was showering. What if he had looked in the bathroom? She hadn't closed the door, so he might have seen her playing with her clit!"

Realizing there was nothing she could do about it now, but determined to never leave the bathroom door open again, she put her thong and bra on. It was a shelf bra and her breasts with their long nipples were laid out like on a serving platter. Feeling very embarrassed, she left her apartment for the dining room.

"Ah, good. You are here on time. Now, let me inspect you. Stand in front of me. Put your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands behind your head."

Sarah wanted to protest, she knew that position would thrust her breasts out. But she knew she had no choice, so meekly assumed the inspection position. She was so embarrassed, her blush extended all the way down to the tops of her breasts.

When she was in position, Stone looked her over before saying "Turn 90 degrees to your left." Once again, he examined her. She felt like a piece of meat being eyed by a butcher.

"Now, another 90 degrees. This time bend over, then reach back and pull your cheeks apart."


"Not another word. If you had just obeyed me the first time, none of this would be necessary."

Realizing that he was right, she assumed the demeaning position, fully aware that he could see her most private places.

She felt his finger touch around her asshole, then a sharp sting.

"I told you to shave. That meant back here. I will let this pass today. But tomorrow you'd better not have any hair below your neck. Do you understand?!"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Now stand up, hands behind your head. Another 90 degrees"

After she had done that he said "Now, another 90 degrees."

Now she was facing him again. Once again, he looked her over. He reached out and gently pinched her left nipple. "These are nice and long. But they could be longer. Some men find long nipples very erotic. But we'll get to that at some other time. Now, put your hands down and eat your breakfast."

As she ate, she puzzled over what he said about her nipples. "Could he really mean he wanted to make them longer?" They already were an embarrassment to her since they stuck out even when she wasn't aroused.

The next few months settled into a routine. Up early every day for exercises. The exercises themselves evolved with more of them focused on strengthening her back muscles. What she didn't know was that Stone was preparing her to be able to carry her soon to be milk filled breasts without straining her back.

She gets used to the morning inspection, even with the demeaning check for stray hairs. She even learns to accept caning as a part of her training. It was a rare week when she wasn't caned at least 4 or 5 times.

She had decided it was all worth it. She was learning so much! The deals Stone worked on were amazing. In addition, she met some very important people. Some were kind to her, but others looked at her as an interesting specimen.

Then things changed.

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