tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 04

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 04


"Ah Sarah, I think it's time we moved on in your training regimen. Here are some new bras for you to wear. I'll want you to wear them two hours a day. Put one on now."

Sarah took the bag from Stone and looked into it curiously. The bras clearly had a lot more material than her normal shelf and demi cup bras. "Finally, I can wear something that doesn't let my nipples show." Taking one of the bras out, she is puzzled by their shape. The cups have no underwire support and look more like bags. Then she noticed a small hole in the tips of each cup. The fabric around the holes was reinforced.

Noticing her puzzled face, Stone enlightened her "The holes are for your nipples. It's time to start lengthening them."

"But, why? Sir"

"I told you before that some men find long nipples erotic."

"But mine are already longer than any woman I know."

"Do you want to be just another woman? In that case, you don't deserve to be my trainee. I expect my trainees to want to be better than everyone else. Now, put the bra on and be sure your nipples poke out of the holes."

Blushing, Sarah turned around and removed the shelf bra she was wearing. She wasn't sure why she turned around. He got to see her breasts every day. She struggled with the strange bra, but eventually got it on. Each cup fit her breasts like a second skin and her nipples just fit through the holes. She glanced at herself in the mirror and realized how obscene the bra was. Her large breasts hung down in their cups with her nipples obviously sticking out.

"Surely you don't mean for me to wear these out in public? Sir"

"No, they are just for wearing at home. You will wear them for two hours every evening. Now, let's finish getting you ready. Have you ever worn nipple clamps?"


"Well, I think you'll find them rather stimulating after a while. "

With that, he reached out and took her left breast in his hand. It was the first time he'd ever handled her breasts. It was not an erotic touch, rather it was just a man handling something he needed to work on. She gasped as she felt the clamp press her nipple right at the base. He quickly put the clamp on her right breast while she was still dazed by what was happening.

"Oh, god. That hurts! Sir. Please take them off."

"My dear, you'll get used to it. Now, let's put the weights on."

He quickly attached magnets weighing 2 ounces each to the clamps and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

"We'll start with 2 ounces for now and build up as your pain tolerance grows."

"You're going to put more on? Isn't this enough? Oh, it hurts so bad."

"The more weight, the quicker they'll grow. I want them to be at least an inch and half long. At least for now."

"An inch and half? But I'll look like a freak."

"No you won't. You'll be an even more desirable woman."

Sarah dropped her head in submission. She knew that, once he had made up his mind, there was nothing she could do to change it. She tried to remain still the rest of the evening because every time she moved, the weights swung around, causing excruciating pain. She was almost in tears by the time he finally let her take off the weights and bra. The removal of the clamps did cause her to cry as the blood flowed back into her tortured nipples.

Later, in bed, she massaged her sore nipples and wondered how she'd gotten into this situation. The constant swing between being an up and coming business woman to being almost a slave whose body is being modified was almost overwhelming. But finally she fell asleep.

During her inspection the next morning Stone felt some stubble around her mound. "Seems you have trouble shaving. Well, I guess we'll have to take care of that problem. Don't shave for the next few days."

Thinking that Stone was going to let her grow her bush back, Sarah said "Oh thank you sir."

"Once it's grown out a little, we'll have it permanently removed, along with any other hair below your neck. So, no shaving your pits too."

Hanging her head in disappointment, Sarah just said "Yes, Sir."

A week later, after her nipple lengthening session, Stone took out a ruler and, before she could react, stooped down to take her left nipple in his mouth. Sucking on it for a couple of seconds, he released it and placed the ruler beside the now aroused nipple.

"Very good, they are getting longer already. I wasn't sure if this technique would work or if I would have to work something else out."

"Tomorrow I'm sending you to the doctor again. He'll have all your hair below your neck permanently removed. "

"Does that mean you won't have to inspect me every morning?"

"No, I will continue to inspect you. In fact, from now on, I expect you to only wear your thong and bra when we're alone."

"What? Why?"

"I want you to get used to displaying your body. You are much too prudish. Besides, your body is meant to be admired."

"Oh, and another thing, from now on you'll only wear shelf bras. I want your new longer nipples on display all the time."

Sarah blushed and then, knowing there was nothing she could do about it, hung her head in shame and said "Yes, sir."

As she left to get dressed, Stone smirked. A few months ago she'd have protested and threatened to quit. Now she just accepted the change. Her training was definitely proceeding well. It was getting time to move to the next level in her training.

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