tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 07

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 07


Sarah stretched as she awoke. She realized that Stone must have put her in her bed. Once again she was struck by his two natures. He alternated between a caring person and a man intent on humiliating her. Feeling her crotch, she was reminded of his new level of control over her body.

But she while realized he had control over this intimate, personal act, she wanted to postpone the inevitable. She refused to ask for him to unlock her vagina for hours until she could no longer stand it. She had to go to the bathroom. She hurriedly went off to find him. Facing him, she struggled to ask him.

"Please, sir, would you unlock my vagina?"

"Sarah, why do you need me to unlock your pussy. And be sure to use the correct term. It is a pussy or a cunt, not a vagina."

Stone loved watching her struggle. She danced from foot to foot, her need to go was so overwhelming. But he knew he had to further cement his control over her so he said "Stand still! You look like a little kid."

She visibly struggled to control her movements and was able to almost completely still her movements. With tears in her eyes she asked "Please sir, would you unlock my pussy? I need to urinate."

"Urinate? Such big words for a little girl. I think the term 'pee' is more appropriate for you. Now ask again, and quit squirming. Oh, and I think it's my pussy, not yours."

Now her tears were streaming down her face as she tried again, this time with her head down.

"Please sir. Would you unlock your pussy? I need to pee."

With a "Well done," Stone unlocked the chain and she ran off to the rest room.

Stone smiled as he watched her run off. He was very pleased at her progress. It wouldn't be long before he could start her producing milk, with her accepting her new status as his hucow.

He remembered when his last two "trainees" finally accepted their new status as his pony girls. He had handled the domestication of each girl differently.

In some ways, Wanda had been the easiest. She had not liked to run and so he had had to "encourage" her with a whip. He had her run on a long lead around him while he whipped her ass when she slowed. Since he had emphasized the importance of exercise to her and running was a part of her regimen, she was able to justify in her mind his use of the whip as the motivation she needed. The look on her face the first time he hooked her up to the cart was priceless. But he had merely stated that he wanted her to run longer distances and this way he could ride behind her to "encourage" her when she flagged.

The next girl, Ellen, had been a fighter. She loved to run, in fact, she'd been a long distance runner in college. He had to come up with different methods. One thing he did was have her breasts enlarged. He had explained that large breasts were a distraction to her business opponent and so, an asset in business. Of course, what he was really doing was making them the same size as Wanda's. It had the added benefit of having her submit control over her body to him. She objected to the cosmetic surgery on her face but he faced her down and she submitted.

Of course, he had done other things to both of them over their year as a "trainee" to get them to accept his ownership. God, he loved this game!

By the time he'd had the rear molars removed from each girl to better accommodate a bit, they were very docile. Essentially, one stage beyond where Sarah was now.

Sarah's return interrupted his musings. He was pleased that she came to stand before him with her legs spread, docilely waiting for him to lock her up again. Pulling on her lips, he remarked "Good. You are all cleaned up."

Sarah gradually came to accept this new state of affairs. During her menses, she could use just a tampon most of the time. But during the heaviest flows, she would cut up a pad and put it under the laced up lips. It was just one more humiliation, but she had come to accept that he owned her body. She was proud that she still was in charge of her mind, not realizing the extent her thinking had evolved since she became his "trainee."

One evening while she was giving Stone a blow job in the living room, he said "Stand up and turn around. Bend forward slightly." She felt him pull her butt plug out. She was wondering what this meant when he said "Now, use your ass to get me off."

This was the first time that she'd ever had to take an active part in his sodomizing her. Previously, she'd just bent over and let him have his way with her ass. This time, she was the one putting his cock in and doing all the work. She spread her legs so she straddled him and squatted until his cock was lined up. Taking a deep breath, she reached back to hold his cock and sat down on it. She felt the now familiar feeling of it penetrating her. Finally her ass met his pubes and she started to rise off his cock.

"Lean over. I'm trying to go over this report and you're in the way."

This just compounded her humiliation. She was nothing but a sex toy. Something to be used, not a person. But she obeyed and bent over till her hands touched the floor. Then she proceeded to move her ass up and down his cock until she felt him cum. Despite herself, she realized that the whole situation had turned her on and she needed to cum. She fought off the feeling but could not help herself and finally begged Stone to let her cum. But he denied her and she was forced to tamp down her desires until she finally calmed down. She stayed where she was until he said "Get a washcloth and clean up my cock. Also clean yourself. Then I'll put your plug back in."

As she walked away, cum sliding from her asshole, she realized he didn't compliment or thank her. He just used her. She didn't know whether to feel like a whore, a slut, or a living sex toy.

Eleven months had passed in her "training" program when Stone told her she had a doctor's appointment the next morning. She just nodded, although wondering what the doctor would do to her this time. The last two times she'd gone to see him, he'd modified her body. The first time removing all her hair below her neck and the second time putting grommets into her pussy lips. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen was beyond her control.

Like every other time she went to the doctor since becoming a "trainee," she was immediately escorted into the examining room as soon as she arrived there the next morning. And once again, the doctor didn't greet her when he came into the room. He just told her to remove her jacket, blouse, and bra. Once she was naked from the waist up, he started examining her breasts.

Sarah wasn't sure what he was looking for. It was clear he wasn't checking for lumps. Instead he seemed to be manipulating the insides of her breasts around the milk ducts.

Grunting, he stopped his examination and turned to get something off the counter beside him. When he turned back, she realized it's a needle. He quickly swabbed her arm and injected her. Finally, he said something to her.

"Among other things, this will prevent you from getting from getting pregnant."

What he didn't tell her was that it was primarily designed to stimulate her milk production.

Upon hearing this, she mused "I guess it won't be long before he starts fucking his pussy."

Realizing what she had just thought, she knew that that she had finally completely accepted that it was no longer her body, it belonged to Stone. But her mind still belonged to her, at least, so she thought.

As she predicted, Stone made use of his pussy a few days later. Instead of sodomizing her after her morning enema, he roughly pushed his cock into his pussy. It was the first cock in that pussy in almost 2 years. Despite herself, Sarah found herself enjoying the sensation as he slid in and out. Soon she realized she was going to cum.

"Please sir, may I cum?"

When he didn't respond and the urge to cum built even more she once again asked permission.

"Pleeease sir, may I, oh god, may I cum? Aaagg! Please, please?" she begged.

Suddenly she felt him cum inside her. It was almost too much for her but her training held and she waited for him to give her permission.


With that simple command, Sarah had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. So strong was the orgasm that she fainted. But held up by his still rigid cock and his hands, she did not fall to the ground. Instead, Stone gently picked her up off is cock and placed her on the heated tile floor.

Stone looked down on his possession and smiled. The game was essentially over now. It had been a good run. She was now his to do with as he pleased.

When she awoke a few minutes later, he told her "Now get showered and come for breakfast."

With that, he turned and walked away. Sarah groggily made her way to the shower. She did not question his right to use her. She did not question that she had cum so hard from his use that she had fainted. No, she accepted it as his right and that she was now a very sexual being.

A few days later Stone started touching her breasts during morning inspection. It was not a sexual touch; it was more an exam to detect changes. What changes, she did not know. She just accepted his touch, as she was accepting everything he did to her. Her body belonged to him and it was his right to use it as he saw fit.

Then, two weeks after her injection, Sarah noticed her breasts becoming larger and more tender to the touch. Stone noticed this immediately during her morning inspection.

"Ah, good. About the right time."

Noticing the quizzical look on her face, he explained "Your body is getting ready to produce milk. I expect that within a couple of days, you'll be ready for the milking machine. Of course, you won't produce much, if any, the first time. But I expect you'll be a good producer. If my research is right, you'll be producing two to three quarts a day from each udder at your peak, that is if I milk you four or more times a day.

Even though she had suspected he had some nefarious reason for lengthening her nipples, the concept of being modified to produce milk had never even occurred to her. She had always accepted that one day she would breast feed her child, but clearly this was much different. Her long nipples would never fit in a baby's mouth and a baby would never need that much milk. So, clearly, he wanted her to produce milk for another reason. Whatever that reason, she would be milked like a cow. Accepting this concept strained her training but her training had gone deep into her psyche and, after a minute, she looked at him and asked "Will I still be involved in your business dealings or will I be relegated just to milk production?"

Her question delighted Stone. Clearly, Sarah had learned to compartmentalize her thinking. She accepted that he owned her body but still had a glimmer of her old self, the woman who had been near the top of her class in graduate school.

Delicious! None of his earlier trainees had been able to compartmentalize their thinking quite so well. While he knew some of her ability came from her strong mind, it was also clear that his training process was improving.

"Oh, I definitely expect you to continue to be involved in my business dealings. You have a first class mind and I expect you'll help me make lots of money. Much more than the money I will make from selling your milk."

"But why? "

"Why, what?"

"Why will you have me produce milk when I am worth so much more as an employee?"

"Why? Because it pleases me. I have always wanted a human cow, now I have one. Besides, I still get the use of your mind."

On one level, Sarah was shocked at the callousness of his statement. On another level, she was relieved that he valued her mind.

Within days, she found herself, not quite on all fours, but close. The upper half of her body was supported a few inches off the ground. This was to accommodate her growing breasts and the nozzles of the milking machine that were attached to her breasts. It was now clear why he had lengthened her nipples. He was using a goat milking machine and, similar to a cow, they have long "nipples" so the nozzles were several inches deep.

It was totally humiliating experience, watching her breasts jiggle as the machine steadily pumped. But it also turned her on. Her nipples had always been a source of orgasmic pleasure to her but recently it seemed that feeling was strengthened ten-fold.

She was not producing milk yet but that was only a matter of time. Stone milked her four times a day. He even installed a milking machine in a little alcove in his office. It was very unreal the first time she was milked there as Stone started a discussion with her about some interesting developments on the European political front that might open up some great business opportunities. But that was not as unreal as the next time when he started sodomizing her during her office milking. That time he was asking her opinion on the possibility of a lucrative multi-million dollar deal.

She had to interrupt her response to ask permission to cum. He gave it and she had a moderately intense cum, then she continued her response. Such was her new reality that she did not even question this turn of events.

As expected, it was only a few days later that she started producing milk. Once it started it seemed to increase with each milking and soon she was producing two quarts of milk a day from each udder. Yes, she had even learned to consider them to be udders, his udders.

He had taken off the little rings that had played a key part in her nipple lengthening when he started milking her. Looking down at her nipples after a milking session she realized that they were becoming fatter around, expanding to fit the milking nozzles. This made her look even more like a cow, albeit, a cow with only on "nipple" on each udder.

Things continued in this vein for a couple of more weeks until one evening Stone said "Tomorrow marks the last day of your training year. It is time for you to make a decision. Will you continue with me, as my property, or will you leave tomorrow night to forge your own life?"

Sarah was stunned by his question. She'd realized that her training year was almost up and that he would continue to milk her like a cow if she stayed with him. But, with her compartmentalized mind, she'd decided that was a viable situation. But, to be his property, that was something else.

"Will my salary increase as it said in the contract?"

"No. You will be my property. I will own you just like I own my car, my ponies, and my house. Don't worry, I will continue to use your mind as the sharp tool that it is. You just won't be paid in cash for it. But I do promise you that you will be taken care of. Your physical needs will be met. You will live comfortably, just not in this house. There will be other girls for you to talk with. "

Sarah tried to process this change in circumstances. She knew enough and had the business skills now to make it on her own. It would be very difficult at first, but she could probably survive. But she also knew she could not live a normal life, not with her long nipples and laced up pussy, until she could afford cosmetic surgery. She was sure it would be years before she had the spare cash for that. And how was she to handle her milk production? Surely, it would take weeks for it to diminish. She was sure she could surmount these difficulties. The alternative was to be his property.

"Will I owe you for my clothes?"

"No, you have paid them off. But you will leave with just them. You have no money."

She hadn't realized she was totally broke. Of course, as used to being a sex toy as she was, she was sure she could make some money as a whore.

"What else will you do with me? Will you modify this body more?"

"Why do you care? It will be my property, to do with as I please."

Since that has been the situation for months, this statement did not particularly faze Sarah.

"May I have tonight to consider my options?"

"Yes, But I will expect an answer in the morning."

"Thank you."

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