tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 08

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 08


Sarah spent a restless night. It should have been an easy decision. Who would want to be a slave, no less than slave? She would be a human cow, subject to his whims. On the other hand, she would continue to be involved in his business, working on deals far larger and more exciting than anything she could ever hope to touch otherwise.

But her ability to produce milk would diminish and stop after, perhaps, fifteen years. What would happen to her then? Would he free her or would he keep her, and in what capacity? Her mind would still be sharp, so she would still be useful in his business dealings. But he might want to use her in other, more nefarious ways.

Then there was the matter of being a human cow. Interestingly, that subject didn't bother her. She supposed it was because she had accepted that her body belonged to him.

Then it occurred to her, if she left, she'd be taking his property with her. Why would he let her do that? Would he really do that? He'd worked for a year to convert her from a free, independent woman into what she was today. Whatever that was. Certainly not a free, independent woman.

Where would she stay if she left? She had no money but was too well dressed to stay in a women's shelter. For that matter, would he give her a ride to town? She supposed he would, he was not a spiteful man, even if he had spent the last year taking her body away from her.

Then there was the matter of prostituting herself. While she had become a sex toy as well as a very sexual being over the last year, it had all been for Stone. Despite occasional comments about needing her holes available for clients, he had been the only one to use her since she met him. Could she have sex with a total stranger? She would not know if she would be safe. Despite all that he had done to her, Stone had always taken care of her. She felt safe with him.

She didn't realize how far her thinking had come to consider a man who regularly whipped her, used her body for his sole pleasure, and modified her body without her consent as someone she felt safe with. The old Sarah would have been scared of a man such as she now knew Stone to be.

Finally, she fell into an exhausted sleep with no decision made.

Stone, on the other hand, had spent a very restful night. Not that he was confident in her decision. It was that he saw this as a game. It would not be an interesting game if he always won. Of course, if he did win, then he'd have a human cow who'd voluntarily accepted her status.

He'd had one "trainee," Samantha, that hadn't agreed to be his property. That was his first "trainee" and his methods had come a long way since then. She'd left the next morning and stumbled along for a few days, selling some of her clothes to get money. He'd had her watched, of course. The game didn't end just because she'd left.

After a few days, he'd steered a female business associate, Margaret, her way. He made sure they "accidently" bumped into each other. After a couple of hours spent talking over drinks, Margaret offered Samantha a job and, naturally, she accepted. What Samantha didn't know was that Margaret also kept slaves and was a lesbian.

Well, it wasn't long before Samantha was on her knees eating Margaret's pussy in her office. Since then she'd become the office slut by day and collared slave by night.

He remembered her look the time Margaret and he'd both attended the same party. Margaret was leading a very nude Samantha around on a leash. Stone just commented to Samantha that he was glad she'd found her place in the world. Samantha was crushed at first but, feeling the caresses of her mistress, had settled complacently at her mistress's feet.

Stone realized then that his techniques did work, but some refinements and more "training" time were needed to be totally successful. That was why he had "trainees" sign up for a year rather than 9 months these days.

Sarah awoke at her normal time, groggy from lack of sleep. She had started getting ready for her work out before she realized today was the day of her big decision. The decision that would shape the rest of her life.

She decided to work out, figuring the exercise would help clear her mind and, perhaps, free her mind of all these conflicting thoughts to allow her to make a decision. Luckily, her bladder or her udders were not too full and so she could work out without asking Stone to unlock his pussy or milk her.

She was relieved to find that Stone had left the exercise room to her. He must have realized she needed the time to think. Then, forty-five minutes into her work out, she realized that she had made up her mind. Feeling as though a weight had lifted off her shoulders, she finished her work out.

Once Sarah had completed her exercises, she went in to the bathroom where she bent over awaiting the removal of her butt plug and subsequent enemas. Stone entered the room, not saying a word, and proceeded with the morning routine. One thing he did do differently was to quickly milk her. That relieved some of the pressure that had been building. He did not sodomize her like he normally would have, instead, just left without saying a word.

While showering, Sarah mulled over her decision while rubbing her clit until she had an explosive climax. Refreshed and with renewed determination, she exited the shower and dried herself off. After putting on the shelf bra that Stone had left out for her, she walked into the dining room to find Stone already eating breakfast.

Once again, he said nothing, just nodded at her as he continued to eat his breakfast. Sarah, realizing she would not be able to eat or do anything else until she had informed him of her decision, walked over and stood in front of him. Standing there with her legs slightly spread and hands clasped behind her back, she started to speak.

Holding up his hand, Stone said "You realize this could be the last decision you ever make, don't you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Either way, I want you to know it has been a pleasure molding you over the last year. Now, I find myself short of cream for my coffee. Bend over."

Sarah was thrown off by his statements. She'd planned on announcing that she would stay on with him as his cow. But he'd taken what little control she had in the situation away from her with that simple request for her to bend over. But her training kicked in and she bent over, making sure the nipple of her left breast hovered over his coffee cup.

Stone reached out and folded his fingers around her nipple, then proceeded to milk her until he had sufficient cream in his cup. Wiping his hand with his napkin, he motioned for her to stand up straight.

Once again, standing with her legs spread to display his pussy and her hands behind her back, she started to speak.

But, once again, Stone held his hand up, this time with the chain that locked her pussy lips together. "Shall I lock you up?"

Sarah realized that Stone would not let her have any control over how she announced her decision. She also realized that how she answered this question would seal her fate, one way or the other. Then, taking a deep breath, she said, "Yes, please lock up your pussy. Sir"

With that, Sarah became a human cow and his property.

Stone was not surprised with her decision. He knew that the year of conditioning would have made any other decision difficult for her. But he wanted her to feel as though she'd made the decision so she could never protest her fate.

He had deliberately kept her off balance since she walked into the room. He wanted her to be absolutely clear that he was in charge and no one else would dictate events. Now he wanted to cement her decision.

"Sarah, I want you to clearly state your decision."

"Sir, I have decided to remain with you."

"Be clearer."

"Sir, I have decided that I will be your cow. "

Stone just looked at her until she realized she needed to say more.

"This body belongs to you to do with it as you will."

Stone nodded approvingly and said, "You realize that you will be livestock? You will be treated as such."

"Yes, sir. I know I will be livestock. I have only one question."

"What is that?"

"What happens to me when I can no longer produce milk? I think I'll be able to produce milk for 15 years, perhaps a little longer. "

"Good question. I am not sure what I will do with you or any of my other livestock when you can no longer serve your primary function. I could use them for other tasks around the farm. Of course, there is also the possibility that you could be sold. "

"Sold? Why would someone want to buy used up livestock?"

"Well, you'll still be good for sex or you could perform domestic work. In your case, I may be able to use you for my business dealings."

"Now, sit down and eat before it gets cold. Then I'll take you to your new quarters. "

Stone waited patiently until Sarah had finished. She was calmer now that she'd committed herself; in fact her mind was rather blank as it subconsciously processed the magnitude of what had happened.

When she was finished eating, Stone motioned her to follow him as he left the room and walked out a side door. Sarah realized that this was the first time she'd ever been outside his house. She'd always just walked to and from the car, not really looking around. Now she was noticing things that she'd never realized were there before such as the line of trees they were walking toward.

So used to being nude, she didn't even consider that she should be concerned that someone would see her. She merely followed Stone.

She saw a barn as soon as they emerged through the tree line. It looked like a normal barn from this side but when they came around the side, she noticed some out buildings, the center of which was obviously a work area.

She noticed two women and a man standing in the work area. It wasn't until they got closer that she realized the women were garbed in some elaborate leather gear with a feather plume on their heads. Then she realized that, other than the leather straps making up the gear, they were nude.

As she got close she saw that the man was holding leather strings that attached to the head gear worn by the women. Finally, she was shocked to realize that the leather strings were actually reins and the head gear were bridles. Then she noticed they had tails! The tails were the same color as their hair. How as this possible? She realized these women must be the ponies Stone said he owned!

"Oh, my god," Sara thought. Human ponies!

The ponies, no women, looked identical. They must be twins! How could he have done this to twins?

When they were close to the man and the two women/ponies Sarah glanced at the man. He looked familiar but she didn't know why. Then another man came out of one of the out buildings and she realized the two men were the same ones that had attacked her outside her old room. Stone must have staged the whole attack! That attack was what convinced her to move in with him and made it easier for him to train her.

Sarah didn't know what to think. She knew she should she be angry at him. She'd been tricked into becoming his cow! Instead, she just felt confused. Finally, her conditioning took over and she calmed down. She was meant to be his cow and these two just helped her find that out.

Now just a few feet from the women/ponies, Sarah noticed a mark on the ass of one of the women/ponies. She wondered what it was until, suddenly, it occurred to her. It was a brand! They were livestock just like her. She then wondered if Stone would brand her too. As soon as she thought of the question, she realized the answer. Of course, he would put his brand on her. He owned her. She was his livestock. She hoped it didn't hurt too much. Then she wondered if the pain of being branded would affect her milk production. She hoped not, she wanted Stone to get full value out of his cow.

As a business woman, she fully appreciated the value of full production. It was strange that she didn't consider the fact that it was her body doing the producing. In her mind, it was not her body, it was his. Then she realized that Stone must have taken branding into consideration and would have planned appropriately. With that realization, she dismissed the concern.

As Stone began chatting with the two men, Sarah took the time to look over the two ponies. By this time, she had adjusted her thinking to consider them as livestock, just like her, not women. She noticed the bits seemed to fit very well. It seemed as if it fit behind the teeth rather than between them. She wondered how that worked.

She noticed their heads were bare on the sides with just what looked like a mane starting from the top of their foreheads and extending down their backs, almost to their tails. She first thought their heads were shaved on the sides, but then realized the bare sides were too smooth. Their hair must have been permanently removed, just as all her hair below her neck had been!

She could tell they were runners because their legs were smoothly but noticeably muscled. Looking over their bodies, she noticed they had moderate sized breasts. Nicely rounded but nothing like her large udders. But it made sense that theirs were smaller since they were built for running and large udders such as she had would be very painful if she ran. She also noticed they had what looked like hoofs instead of feet. Looking closely, she realized they a type of boot but they were too short to let their feet lay flat on the ground. The ponies must be on their toes. She wondered how they ran like that.

Turning her attention to Stone, she watched him hand a key to the two men and heard him say, "You'll have to unlock the pussy before she can pee. This is different from the other two, but her long pussy lips gave me an opportunity that was too good to pass up. Just make sure she asks for permission before you unlock her. Of course, you can unlock her if you want to fuck the pussy. It's a pretty tight pussy and I want it to stay that way. So no large objects! Same with the ass. Feel free to use it as much as you want, just be sure to put the butt plug back in after you're done. And she gets two enemas every morning. I want her milked 5 times a day for now. I want to see how much she can produce, so no drinking it until after you've measured the quantity and recorded it in the ledger."

With that, Stone turned to leave. As he passed her, he patted her on her right breast and said, "Welcome to your new life. I expect good things out of you. Be a good cow."

"I will sir."

"I know. I trained you."

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