tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 09

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 09


One of the men approached her holding a leather collar in his hand and a leash in the other.

"Hold your hair up while I put this collar on you."

Sarah obediently pulled her hair up out of the way while he buckled the collar around her neck and fastened the leash to a large ring on the front. Then, without another word, he led her off toward the barn.

Once inside, he looped the leash around a hook in the wall and stepped around behind her.

"Bend over and place your hands on the wall."

She heard him unbuckle his belt and drop his pants as she bent over.

He pulled the butt plug out and quickly inserted his cock. It was all very impersonal but that was the way Stone used her too, so she was not surprised. This was only the second cock she'd had up there. It was longer than Stone's but not as thick.

She could hear him mutter as he fucked her.

"So tight. Lovely ass. Gonna love having this around to use."

It didn't take him long to cum. When he'd finished, he withdrew his cock as quickly as he'd inserted it and replaced her plug.

She heard him yell, "Joe! You'll love this ass. Stone was right, it is tight."

"I'll be in there as soon as I finish adjusting this new tack on the ponies. Think I'll try the pussy, though. No sense getting sloppy seconds with all these lovely holes to use."

"I'll leave her tied in here for you. I got to run an errand for Stone. Be back in an hour or so for the noon feeding. Her udders look pretty full. You'd better milk her before you start fucking her."

Sarah's udders were very full. She was amazed she hadn't noticed the discomfort before he said that. She guessed it was all the excitement of the morning events. While Stone had milked her, it was not a full milking. She'd found that only the milking machine really emptied her out.

But she knew that Stone enjoyed the act of milking her by hand. At first it had been very embarrassing but she gradually grown to appreciate the feeling of his hands on her nipples, pulling and squeezing, the milk squirting into a bucket. She often had mini orgasms while being hand milked, not big enough orgasms to have to ask permission though, but enough to make it a pleasurable experience.

He'd often use her milking time to discuss some aspect of business with her. She was able to keep up a conversation despite the quivers from the mini orgasms. This just reinforced her feeling that her body was separate from her mind.

Joe came up to her while she was engrossed in her thoughts. Placing his hand on her right udder, he squeezed gently.

"Ho ee, you are full, girl. Let's get you milked pronto like."

He led her into a small room with three milking stations. Tying her leash to a hook at one of the stations, he moved her body around until she was properly situated. Then he quickly sponged her nipples with clean water and inserted them into the milking machine nozzles.

Sarah was so relieved when she heard the throb of the machine and felt it sucking the milk out of her udders. It very quickly eased the discomfort and a warmth began spreading from her groin as the stimulation of her nipples made her horny.

Once again she heard the sound of belt being unbuckled and pants dropping. This time she felt hands unlocking her pussy lips and then a cock was inserted into her pussy. As with her earlier sodomizing, this was the first cock in her pussy other than Stone's in over a year. It wasn't as long as the other stable hands nor as thick as Stone's but it served to stoke her fires.

It wasn't long before she was begging permission to cum. But he didn't give it right away, intent as he was on his own pleasure. Finally he came and then gave her permission to cum too.

The orgasm that swept over her felt so good. It made her glad she'd made the last decision of her life, to become Stone's cow. Before he'd trained her, she'd had orgasms but they were nothing compared to the ones she'd had every day since Stone had begun to use her sexually. She had never realized sex could be so good.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she realized that her milking session was complete. Joe pulled himself out of her and relocked her lips. Then he turned off the milking machine. He measured the quantity of milk she'd produced and typed that information into his smart phone. Sarah guessed there was an app for that too.

He then pulled the nozzles off her nipples and had her stand up beside the milking station while he cleaned the milking machine.

He then led her into what she guessed was her stall. He took the leash off and, with a pat on her ass, walked away. Looking around the room, Sarah took in her surroundings. There was a large bed, a couple of chairs, and a small desk with a computer on it.

She heard a knock on the wall beside the entrance to her stall. Turning, she saw the ponies standing there.

"Hi. So you're the cow we heard was being trained. We've been expecting you for a couple of months now. "

"But I just made up my mind to be his cow this morning. How did you know I was going to decide that way?"

"Look, we've both been Stone's "trainee." After a year of his "training" it's hard to decide any other way. Besides, with the modification he'd made to our bodies, fitting into the normal world would have been difficult."

"What did he do to you? I see your hair has been removed on the sides, but beyond that, you look pretty normal."

"Well, for one thing, he had our legs and feet modified so we can only stand on our toes"

Looking down, she realized the ponies were wearing shoes with 5 inch heels.

"He also had a couple of our molars removed so he could use a regular horse bit in our mouths. That is much better than when we had these big clunky rubber bits. They made breathing difficult on the long stretches. Before that, he had some plastic surgery done on us to make us look alike. It was just to my face, but Ellen also had breast augmentation so hers were the same size as mine. "

"Why did you let him do those things? I mean, I can understand the cosmetic surgery. But removing the teeth and head hair? How did he justify those things enough that you accepted them?" "You know how it is. You get used to obeying him and having him do little things to change your looks. He starts with what you eat and then how you dress. I bet he had the guys try to attack you at your place, right? Of course he did. He's got it down to a science. By the time he makes the big changes to your body, it just seems right to go along with it. Until finally you realize it is not your body any more, it belongs to him and, as his property, he can do whatever he wants."

Sarah thought back over the last year and realized that is exactly what happened to her.

"So, what did he do to you? I can see the nipples. Pretty impressive. Really makes you look like the cow that you are. I like the way they are laid out on the shelf bra, like they're being presented for inspection. Maybe I can try some milk straight from the source sometime?"

"Maybe. But not right away. Stone wants to measure my production for a while. "

"As for my other modification, I've always had long pussy lips. Stone had grommets put in them so he can lock his pussy up. See?"

Sarah spread her legs and shifted her hips so they could see her laced up lips. For a second, it crossed her mind that she should be embarrassed to show them the source of so much early humiliation. But now, the modification was a part of her. Besides, she was showing Stone's property, so it didn't matter to her.

Both ponies knelt in front of her, getting a close look at her lips and the bell hanging from her clit ring.

Ellen reached out had tapped the bell with the nail on her forefinger. "It's a little cow bell! Neat."

Wanda said, "Guess someone has to unlock you every time you need to pee. Glad that didn't happen to us. We sometimes have to pee on the run and if we had to stop to be unlocked, we'd lose the race. Stone wouldn't like that. Neither would we. We won last year's tandem derby and Ellen won the single derby."

"Yeah, I definitely would have lost that one if I couldn't pee on the run. Funny, I can remember when that would have seemed gross but now. Well, now we're ponies. Ponies do things the natural way whenever or where ever they need to."

"Another thing it makes impossible is for someone to get a taste. That's too bad. Be nice to have another pussy to eat."

Sarah stammered "Uh, oh, it's ok. I'm not into girls."

"Neither were we before we became ponies. Now it's a fun way to pass the time. Besides, there are usually just the two guys and they can't give us all the sex we need."

"But how do you get to cum? I mean, you need someone to give you permission."

"That's easy. We ask for permission before we start. The guys love watching us, so they are pretty generous with their permissions."

A bell rang as Sarah process that. She looked at the two ponies who were still kneeling in front of her. They stood up, took Sarah's hand and led her out of her stall down to a room with troughs at various places placed low along the walls. One of the stable hands was there waiting for them.

Wanda and Ellen walked over to, what must be their troughs and got down on all fours. They immediately plunged their heads into their troughs and began to eat. The stable hand pointed Sarah to a trough and said "That one will be yours. To drink, just suck on the nipple on the side of your trough. Your food is different from to the ponies. They need more protein since they need more stamina. We're starting you on more of a grain diet like a bovine for now. We'll probably change that over time as we figure out what diet makes for the best and sweetest tasting milk production."

After lunch, one of the men herded the livestock out into a field. Sarah saw the two ponies wander out into the field. This sight brought back Stone's words from their first meeting. He'd said that some of his other "trainees" were out standing in the field. She remembered being puzzled by those words then but they made a kind of sick sense now.

As she was looking, Wanda spread her legs apart and started pissing in grass. Sarah knows she too will soon be pissing in the field, but she wanted to delay the inevitable, at least for a little while.

But not more than an hour had passed when Sarah could stand it no longer. So she sought out one of the stable hands and asked, "Please sir, would you unlock Stone's pussy. His cow needs to pee."

"Boy, Stone sure did a good job training you. You betcha honey. I'll unlock that pussy. Might even have some of it when it's dried off"

The rest of the day went by quickly, she was milked four more times, the last milking being right before bed time. Dinner was essentially the same as lunch. Tasty enough but she figured it would get boring after a while.

Later that night, Sarah heard noises from the stall next to hers. They were clear sounds of arousal. Then she realized she heard two voices, both female. While she'd never had the desire to be with woman, the sounds were turning her on. God, she was turning into such a slut. She'd been fucked 3 times today and she wanted more!

Eventually, she fell into a deep sleep. She awoke the next morning to the feel of her udders throbbing and her bladder full. Scrambling out of bed, she rushed out of her stall only to run into one of the stable hands.

"Whoa there little heifer. Where are you running off too in such a hurry? "

"Please sir. My udders need milking and my bladder is full. Please unlock Stone's pussy so his cow can pee first!"

"Okey dokey. When you're done with that, meet me in the milking room."

He quickly unlocked the pussy chain and she dashed into the field to promptly relieve herself. Once that was done, she became even more aware of her oh so full udders. Sarah headed back to the barn to get milked, fucked and fed, pretty much in that order. After breakfast, she headed out to the field with the ponies.

Ellen grumbled at her "You're getting all the cock around here."

Sarah knew it as a good natured grumble and figured that the hands would go back to spreading the wealth as soon as they got over the newness of her holes.

Stone walked in to the milking room while Sarah was being milked for the second time that day. Accompanying him was her doctor, making Sarah wonder what was being modified today.

"Well, Stone. Another good job. You really have a knack for taking a high and mighty girl and converting them into livestock. Mind if I fuck her right now?"

"Go right ahead. Which hole do you want to use?"

"Think I'll use the ass. I've been admiring it for a year and am anxious to try it out."

Sarah soon heard the now familiar sound of a belt being unbuckled and pants dropping to the floor. Then the doctor popped her plug out and slipped his cock into her ass.

While he was sodomizing her, Stone walked around to her head and said "I've got a new deal I want your help on. I'll email you the details in a little while. You can read them over while you're recovering this afternoon."

Recovering? Sarah wondered from what. But she just accepted the inevitable and continued to enjoy the feeling of the doctor's cock as it sawed in and out of her. That combined with the steady pull on her nipples from the milking machine soon had her begging to cum.

But Stone denied her that boon saying, "No, I want to keep you on edge right now. I'll let you cum in a little while."

Once Sarah was emptied, both in her udders and her ass, Stone took her leash and led her out to the paddock. He tied her to a fence rail and turned to the doctor saying "She's all yours."

Sarah watched the doctor approach her. He was holding a syringe, squirting a little liquid out the needle. Then, without slowing, he jabbed it into her left buttock.

"Better tie her down. She won't feel the brand now but we don't want her to move around. Might spoil it."

One of the stable hands then untied her and guided her to a low set of bars. He had her bend over before tying her feet and hands firmly to the bars. He also put a strap around her upper thighs and around her lower back. This effectively immobilized her.

The whole time this was happening, Sarah's mind was silently alternately between screaming "NO!" and calm acceptance. The part that was screaming "NO!" were the last vestiges of the confident young woman who started as Stone's trainee a year ago. That woman considered her mind and her body as belonging to her. That woman was horrified at what was happening.

But the part that calmly accepted her pending branding was the new Sarah. She accepted that her body belonged to Stone as his cow and he could do what he wanted with it. Besides, cows are always branded. Otherwise, how would anyone know who owned them?

Gradually, the business woman part of her silenced the part that was screaming "NO!" and mulled over Stone's solution to the possible decline in milk production that the pain of branding would entail. By numbing the affected spot, she would be spared the intense agony of the brand. She also figured he'd have her new brand lathered in soothing cream to reduce the pain over the next few days.

The whole time the various sides of Sarah were processing what was happening, a stable hand was moving a hot brazier over. Then before she knew it, she smelled burning flesh. She was somewhat sickened to know it was her flesh she smelled burning but then she saw the brand being placed back into the brazier and knew it was over.

The stable hand untied her and helped her to stand. Sarah could tell something had been done to her left buttock but that was all since the anesthetic blocked all the pain.

The doctor stooped to examine the new brand and just grunted. Then he applied some salve to it.

Handing the salve to the stable hand, he said "Put this on every 2-3 hours for the next 4 days. It's important that we don't let it get infected. I'll put a pad over it now. You'll need to keep it covered for the next two days. Replace the pad every time you put salve on it. Now, let's get her ready for the next procedure. This time we'll need to immobilize her head."

"I got an idea. Let's put her in the old stock chute, it's designed to immobilize a normal cow's head. I think we can make it work for this one too."

He led Sara over to a narrow path between two fences, walking her down to the end where there were two metal doors that slid together. They had an indentation each that formed a place for the cow's neck. "Git down on all fours and stick your neck out."

Sarah got down on her hands and knees with her head sticking out as far as it could. The hand slid the doors together, effectively trapping her by her neck. Then he reached out and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up and back.

The doctor quickly stooped and plunged a tool up inside both sides of her nose. He quickly squeezed the handles on the tool, bringing them together inside her nose. Sarah screamed at the sound of her septum being punctured but it didn't hurt as much as she thought it might. The doctor pulled the tool out and slid a ring into the hole.

The stable hand released her hair and Sarah tried to see what had been done to her. She could tell there was something hanging from her nose but had no idea what. Then the doors were slid apart and she could bring a hand up to her nose.

It was a ring like you'd see in a cow's nose. Feeling around, she could tell it was not a solid ring, so it could be removed if her owner so desired.

"Better leave that ring in for a week or two to be sure it heals right. Then you'll need to put it back in every couple of weeks for the next few months to keep the hole the right size. Just don't pull on it too much. A human nose isn't like a bovine's and will tear out pretty easily."

Stone approached her and started talking about business as though nothing has happened. The whole time he was speaking, his hand was playing with her clit. This sent shivers up her spine, the feeling overcoming the shock of what had happened to her in last few minutes. It wasn't long before she begged for permission to cum.

"Cum for me. You've been a good cow today. Make it a really big cum. You deserve it."

His words of praise sent her over the edge and she came so much that only his hand cupping his pussy kept her from falling. A stable hand came over and helped her to her stall, laying her on her bed, rump side up where she promptly fell asleep.

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