tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 10

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 10


Sarah awoke a couple of hours later to the feeling of a hand rubbing something on to her ass. Her ass ached where the hand was rubbing. But whatever was being rubbed on her, she assumed it was the salve the doctor had prescribed, was helping.

A few minutes after the rubbing stopped, she started becoming aware of the pressure in her udders. She stood, wincing from the pain caused by the, now only hours old, brand. It hurt to move but the pressure in her udders forced her to walk toward the milking room.

"I see our little heifer is up. I bet your udders are real full. Let's get you hooked up."

Sarah did something then, completely without thought. She mooed. She was shocked when she heard herself moo, but reasoned that, she was a cow and cows moo. Then she spotted her milking station and hurried over.

The stable hand helped ease her down until she was on all fours and then proceeded to wash off her nipples before slipping them into the nozzles.

Sarah mooed again when she felt the milking machine start sucking milk from her overly full udders.

She did little but eat, sleep, conduct some research for Stone, and get milked for the next few days. But gradually the pain and stiffness receded as she settled into life as a cow.

Stone came to see her a week after her branding, just before she was to start her second morning milking.

"How is my little cow doing this morning? I take it your brand is healing well."

"Your cow is doing well. It took me a day or so to get used to the nose ring but now I don't even notice it."

"Good. I won't keep it in there a lot. It's more for when I show you. It's the kind of traditional touch that wins trophies. As you know, I like to win."

"Show me?"

"Yes, fairs aren't just for ponies. There are always cows being shown. I've been winning the pony contests. I figured with you, I'd start winning the cow contests too. You'll be judged on your beauty and milk production."

Sarah had never considered that she'd be milked in public. The thought warred with her concept of being a business woman. What if she had to sit across a negotiating table from someone who had seen her being milked? Then she realized that Stone would have already considered this. She knew her owner would take care of her.

"But won't the ring take away from my beauty?"

"Oh, it's only for the milking event and the parade. I can't wait for the judges to see the length of your nipples. No one has a cow with nipples that long. With a beauty like you, at minimum, I expect to win the beauty contest."

"Thank you. I will do whatever I can to see that you win a trophy."

"I know you will. Now, let's get you settled at your milking station."

When the milking machine had started sucking away, Stone said, "I want your opinion on the potential for this deal."

He then proceeded to discuss the deal with her the whole time she was being milked. He stopped when she was empty.

"I'll email you more information shortly. I want you to prepare a proposal and email it to me the day after tomorrow. Any questions?"

"No sir. I'll get right on it."

"Good cow. Looks like your production has settled at about 3 quarts a day. I may increase your milking to six times a day. One of those sessions will need to be about 2 am. That should prevent your udders from becoming too painful by morning."

"What about hooking them up all night long? I'm sure my production would increase."

"Interesting idea. I'll discuss it with the doctor. Now, I have to go. I have another trainee. She's going to be my second cow."

Sarah shuddered at the thought that another innocent woman was being converted into a cow. While she accepted her status as a cow, she did not wish it on someone else.

Stone saw the emotions flash across her face. He wondered what she'd say if she knew who his "trainee" was.

"One more thing, I've noticed that you haven't been keeping up with your exercises. I expect you to keep my property in tip top shape. I didn't install a gym in the barn for the stable hands; it's to keep my livestock in good shape."

"Yes, sir."

Walking away, he considered her idea of being milked all night. It had real potential.

A few days later, Stone dropped by, once again, before a milking session. He deliberately timed his visits so he could discuss business with his cow while she was being milked. He just loved the incongruity of the situation. He also discussed business with his ponies while they were pulling him around the grounds. It was awkward at first but the ponies gradually learned to speak around their bits. But now they, too, were conditioned to treat their bodies as separate from their minds and their bodies belonged to Stone. Ah, life was good!

"The doctor said your idea might just work. We have to figure out how to keep the nozzles on all night but he thinks he has a way. In the meantime, let's get you milked. I think today, I'll milk you by hand. It's been a while since I've done that. What's the use of having a human cow if you don't occasionally get to milk her by hand?"

While Sarah settled into her milking station, Stone got a pan to place under her udders. He washed his hands and her nipples, and then proceeded to milk her. They discussed one of the deals they were working on the whole time he was milking her.

By this time, Sarah was not even aware of the incongruity of her situation. It was how things were. Her business woman mind was in the body of a human cow. What did happen though was the that sensation of being hand milked created electric jolts to her clit and she had a hard time keeping up the discussion.

Finally, she could not take it any longer. "Please sir, let your cow cum! Please?"

"I guess you won't be any good until after you've cum. So, go ahead. Cum!"

"Aaggh! Oh god. Oooooo! I love it when you milk me by hand. It feels so good. The squeezing and pulling makes me so........... Oh my god!"

Sarah sagged into the milking station, leaning heavily on the bars that kept her udders from dragging on the ground. She was totally spent.

Stone finished milking her and then helped her stand so she could walk to her stable and lay down.

"We'll start your night milking tonight."

"Oh, good. I want you to get full value out of your cow. Besides, I want to always be your biggest producer, no matter how many cows you own. I want you to be proud that you own me."

"I am, little cow. I am."

When she rose a half hour later, Sarah realized she hadn't emailed her sister, Vicki, in a few days. She'd tried to keep up regular emails with her despite all that had happened to her over the last year. She deliberately avoided any mention of her physical training. Instead she just focused on her work and the various people she'd met. She'd been pleased when Vicki got a job right after she graduated with her BA. She was an intern with some large multinational. Vicki didn't give any details about her work, citing a really strict confidentiality agreement she'd had to sign. But it was clear that the work excited her. Sarah was glad that Vicki had a regular job, not one that is designed to turn her into a human cow.

Now that Sarah had settled into her new role, Stone would often take her to work with him in the office. He amused himself by getting her a delicate nose ring to wear there. He loved the looks on his clients' faces when she walked in with it on. One time he seemingly playfully put a string through it while meeting with a client and pulled her along as they walked into a meeting. Sarah had a hard time dealing with this at times. She'd learned to sublimate her milking times at the office but the rest of the time she was supposed to a business woman. The ring, and especially, being led around by it, left her confused and a little hurt. Of course, that's what amused Stone.

The night milking idea worked. Sarah missed awaking to full udders and a fucking but she was pleased that her milk production had gone up as a result. After a couple of weeks of night long sucking, it was now almost up to almost a gallon per udder! The constant sucking at night caused her to have mini-orgasms all night.

She'd wake up feeling sexually sated but was always ready for more by the time of her first of her five times a day milking sessions. Another affect of all the sucking was that her nipples were now larger around than a man's finger. They now fit the milk machine nozzles fairly snuggly.

One day out in the field, Wanda approached Sarah and asked, "How about letting me have a drink?"

"Sure, Stone is no longer measuring my production. Just not too much. It belongs to Stone, remember?"

"I remember."

Wanda squatted in front of Sarah and latched onto Sarah's right nipple. She moved her mouth up and down on the nipple, almost as though she was giving a blowjob. The sensation Sarah was feeling was incredible. It only increased when Wanda's fingers started playing with her clit ring.

After a couple of minutes, Sarah called out to one of the hands, "Please sir, can this cow cum?"

Glancing over at them he said, "Will you look at that. Sure honey, go ahead and cum."

Sarah did just that. This was her first time cumming from the hand of a woman. She wasn't sure how she felt about that, but she knew she had to experience it again.

Life settled into a routine after that with only three changes. One was that she was becoming sexually active with the ponies. That prompted some interspecies jokes from the stable hands but they were good natured jokes. The stable hands loved watching the lesbian action, especially when all three were sexually engaged.

Another change was in the material Stone sent her regarding potential or ongoing deals. Someone had obviously done a lot of prework for her. Sarah guessed it was Stone's new "trainee." Sarah hoped the new "trainee" would not get ensnared.

The final change was the removal of her nose ring. Sarah had grown so used to having a ring in her nose that she felt strange without it. It would be put in for a an hour or two each week just to keep the hole open but otherwise she would not have it in much.

One day she came into the feeding room and saw Ellen practically jumping with joy.

"A fair! We're going to be in a fair this weekend! You'll love it. It's great to see other ponies and cows. Oh, and it's so sexy being looked at by all those people. Makes me soo wet."

Sarah was torn between getting caught up in Ellen's excitement and apprehension at being shown. This would be the first time she'd be out in public in her new cow persona. But Ellen's excitement won her over and she started getting excited. The ponies and cow huddled together after being fed, discussing make up and tips for looking especially sexy when nude or in harness.

The next day the ponies were kitted out with their full regalia. They pranced around the grounds for an hour before the stable hands put an end to that. They removed the ponies' harnesses, tails, and head gear. Then sent the ponies to their stalls. Not that that calmed them down much.

Sarah spent some time pacing in her stall before a stable hand came and led her out on a leash. He didn't kit her out with a harness. Instead, he reinserted her nose ring, took off her collar, and practiced leading her around by her nose.

Then he said, "We're going to color your hide in large spots but we won't do it until right before the fair. It'll make you look like a Holstein. They're great milk cows."

"Perhaps Stone will color my hide permanently. Then I will always look like a Holstein."

"That's up to Stone. But I'll let him know what you said. Bet he gets a kick out of it."

Then the big day came around. The stable hands woke them up early, got them fed, and loaded them into a trailer. It wasn't what you would think of as a livestock trailer. For one thing, it was climate controlled with piped in music. The stalls were small, but well padded with a bench and access to a shared indoor restroom, which was just a section of fake grass hiding a receptacle for their urine.

There was also room for the carts, harnesses, and a milking machine. It was the complete human livestock trailer.

The trip only lasted an hour and half. Not long enough for the livestock to calm down much. Instead, they spent the time gossiping about the fairs they'd been shown in and what might happen this time. The ponies were so excited that Stone would finally have a cow to compete with.

Sarah, one the other hand, was apprehensive. She just hoped she'd measure up and give Stone the trophy he deserved. Who else could have converted a free, intelligent, and educated woman into a human cow? He was a great man and she was his cow.

They were left in the trailer for a while after they arrived at the fair. Sarah figured Stone was taking care of some paperwork. Finally, a stable hand entered and led the ponies out, one by one. Then he came back for the cow.

Sarah blinked when she emerged from the trailer. It was a bright, sunny day. There was a hint of morning coolness but it felt like it would be a pleasantly warm later. That was better for her than for the ponies. Unlike the ponies who would be racing, she would mostly be standing or kneeling all day.

She was taken into a large tent and her leash was tied to a pole on one side of the tent. Attendants she didn't recognize were grooming the ponies and getting them outfitted in their regalia. The ponies were practically shaking with excitement.

Then a woman approached Sarah. She was about Sarah's age but was clearly not livestock. For one thing, she had a crop in one hand. She was also fully dressed.

"So, you're Stone's cow. Impressive. How much milk do you produce a day?"

Sarah proudly answered "Almost a gallon per udder, Ma'am. "

"Really? I've got to find out Stone's secret. I can only get 2-3 quarts per udder at most from my cows."

Just then Stone entered the tent and said "Now, now, Sylvia. No peeking. I'll be showing her in a little while. You can wait just like everyone else."

Sylvia grinned at Stone and said "Are you kidding? You've been bragging about this cow for months now. I had to see her as soon as possible. But I must say, you weren't exaggerating. A gallon per udder! Amazing."

Stone took Sylvia by the elbow and gently led her out of the tent, chatting with her about non-consequential things the whole time.

A short time later, Stone came back and said "Don't let her throw you off. She's been winning the competitions for the last couple of years and knows she's lost the top spot now. I bet she has a new cow before the next fair, trying to get it back. Not that that will do much good. Part of her problem is how she treats her livestock. Not sure why she thinks a beating will get more milk out of a cow."

"Now then, we need to get you ready for the opening parade. I want you to be at your best. This is the start of the beauty judging. You'll be led around by your nose ring during the parade but the judges will be looking for obedience and poise. You are top in both departments, so I know you'll do very well."

Sarah beamed at his praise. It put to rest all her apprehension over possibly letting him down. Her reaction also showed that the old Sarah was completely gone. Where there had been a free thinking mildly feminist woman, there was now a domesticated cow.

Stone held out a butt plug for her to see. "I had this made for the parade. As you can see, it's a creamy white just like your milk. On the end, it has the logo for my business. I never lose an opportunity to advertise to the right audience. I know lots of people will be staring at your lovely ass."

He handed her the plug and left. A couple of minutes later a pair of attendants came over to start preparing Sarah for the parade. They made up not only her face; they also applied large temporary tattoos that gave her body large black spots. They then colored the rest of her skin white. The only things not black or white were her long nipples. They painted them a deep red. The final step was to put her nose ring and butt plug in.

They led her over to a bank of mirrors like you'd see in a tailor shop. For the first time, Sarah saw what she looked like in her full parade regalia. The black and white made an interesting contrast. One udder was half covered in black while the other was all white. Her deep red nipples stood out obscenely in contrast. At least, it would have been obscene if she was human. As a cow, Sarah was so pleased by how much it highlighted her long nipples. It also highlighted her status as a cow, designed to be milked by her owner.

Finally, Sarah shifted so she could see her ass. It was tattooed black, so the white butt plug stood out as if under a spotlight. She could see the company logo very clearly. Once again, she was impressed with Stone as a business man. He left no detail to chance.

Then there was her brand. They had left it uncolored. Her natural flesh tone against the black made it very obvious that she was a branded cow. Sarah shivered in pleasure at seeing herself. She knew Stone would win today. He had created a perfect cow and she was it. She was so proud of him!

Suddenly, it was time. Sarah's nervousness returned as an attendant came up to clip a leash to her nose ring. She was led over behind a cart that was decorated with ribbons and other colorful items. The ponies were harnessed up. They were in their full regalia, shifting around, stomping their hooves, anxious to get started.

Stone walked up just as Sarah's leash was being attached to the back of the cart.

"My, aren't you a pretty heifer. No matter what else happens today, I want you to know how pleased I am to own you."

Sarah blushed and grinned at his statement. Not that you could tell she blushed since her face was also covered in black and white.

Stone jumped into the cart and an attendant handed him a long buggy whip. Another attendant opened the tent in front of the cart and Stone flicked the whip at both ponies' asses. It wasn't a hard flick, more symbolic since he knew his biggest problem would be keeping the ponies from going too quick in their excitement.

With that, Sarah was, for the first time, shown in public as his cow. They joined the parade as it made its way down the main street of the fair and into a large ring. It was obvious that this was a regular fairground, probably used for more normal fairs most of the year. Sarah wondered if the fairground owners know what kind of fair was being held here today.

It immediately became obvious that Stone and his new cow were what everyone wanted to see. People craned their necks to get a better look at her. Some pointed at her nose ring, others at her long red nipples, while others were intrigued by her black and white skin. Of course, as she was past the people, she could hear comments about her butt plug and brand. Being at the center of so much attention and conscious of her status as Stone's first cow, Sarah proudly stood up straight and thrust her large udders out for everyone to admire.

Sarah could see other cows being led around the ring. But none of them, from what she could see, were being led around by the nose. Nor did she see any nipples as long as hers. Of course, it was hard to tell from a distance. But with those thoughts, another wave of pride suffused her.

At the front of the cart, the ponies were prancing with very high steps. It made the cart jerk a little, but there was enough slack in Sarah's leash that she wasn't worried about her ring getting pulled on.

Before she knew it, the parade was over. All the participants lined up around the ring and the audience was invited down to examine them. Needless to say, a crowd quickly surrounded Stone's cart and started pelting him with questions. He started to answer one question but so many were coming his way that he finally stood up in the cart and announced, "Please, everyone, may I have your attention? If you will give me a few minutes, I will bring my new cow over to the stage in the amphitheater. There I will give you some history on my cow and some of her unique features."

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