tagFetishSarah Gets Trained Ch. 12

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 12


The fair at Stone's farm was a great success. Vicki was not entered into this fair as her production was still not in the competitive range. But she was allowed to observe the proceedings. She was somewhat dismayed to watch her sister being led around by her nose ring behind Stone's cart. But she quickly over came that feeling as she observed the envy and lust in the faces of the other owners as they watched Sarah walking so proudly behind her owner. Her heart swelled when she watched her sister once again win the beauty contest.

Stone was sitting on a fence out by the barn watching Joe, one of his stable hands, washing down the ponies after the last of the contestants had packed and left just enjoying the sight. "Joe, you guys did a good job. Everything went off without a hitch."

"Yeah. It did go off pretty good. Only thing that was an issue was I caught one of Sylvia's stable hands snooping around the barn."

"You didn't mention that to me."

"Sorry boss. We was just so busy all the time, I just plumb forgot till now."

"That's ok. What do you think he was looking for?"

"Good question. At first I thought he was looking for whatever we do to make Sarah produce so much. But the more I thought about it, the less likely that seemed. It looked almost like he was casing the place."

"I can't imagine even Sylvia would stoop to stealing my livestock. They are all branded and registered. She couldn't show or sell them. So he must have been looking for our secret to more milk production."

"Probably right."

Neither of them thought any more about it and they almost completely forgot about it.

A couple of weeks later, Vicki approached Stone when he came to check her milk production.

"Sir, I'd like to be permanently marked like my sister. I want to be sure you always place first and second in the cow beauty contest and Sarah's permanent markings always impress the judges."

Stone stopped what he was he was doing and just looked at her. "You do understand that the process takes quite a few long sessions and can be a little painful?"

"Yes sir. I've discussed it with Sarah and she told me all about it. I also know it will affect my milk production but you said you weren't planning on showing me in the fair six weeks from now. So now seemed the best time to start."

"You and your sister have turned into such fine cows. I am so proud to own you."

Vicki preened at his words of praise. She didn't realize that it was a mark of how far she had changed from the proud young woman she'd been a little over a year ago.

"I want to get your milk production up a little first. We'll start in a month. The fair after this next one won't be held for three months after this one ends. That should be plenty of time to get you marked and increase your milk production to competitive levels."

"Oh, thank you sir. I want to be your best cow."

"A little competitive with your sister. Huh? Guess that makes sense. You both have good business minds and you need to be competitive to be successful."

Vicki smiled and looked down.

"Don't be bashful. I selected you two for more than your milk producing abilities. It would have given me no pleasure domesticating submissive women. I wanted women who were strong and competitive. I take your continued competitiveness as a compliment to my domestication techniques."

Vicki wasn't quite sure how to take what he'd just said. But decided in the end to accept it as a compliment. No matter that she'd been a strong independent woman when Stone had started domesticating her. She was now his cow and she was proud of it.

Vicki's production kept increasing over the next month and had reached three quarts a day before Stone decided to start her marking. He decided to start on her torso first so she could continue to help in the office as long as possible. With that in mind, he told Joe to set it up and have her marked over the next two weeks. That way she would have time for her production to recover before the next fair. He so looked forward to having two cows in the next fair. Granted Vicki's udders were not as well developed as Sarah's. Her nipples were almost as big around as Sarah's, just not as long yet. Still, she was more fully converted than all the competition.

Vicki's tattooing sessions went well and today was to be her final session. Joe collected her after her morning milking and loaded her into a small livestock trailer. The other stable hand left about the same time to mend a fence that had mysteriously fallen down. It was out on the other side of the farm, so he'd be gone for a few hours.

Before Joe left, he checked to be sure that Sarah had peed since no one would be around for a few hours to unlock her.

"Sir, could you leave it unlocked and give me permission to cum? Ellen promised me a good licking and I really could use a good cum."

"No, you can wait till I git back. I'm horny too and love fucking her ass while she licks one of you out."


With that, he jumped into the truck and drove off. The livestock wandered out into the field where the ponies started a complex game of tag that involved some of the special steps they used in competition. That lasted about 30 minutes before both of them threw themselves to the ground to rest.

Sarah wandered off to stand under a tree with her laptop so she could work on a proposal for Stone. There was a standing desk under the tree as she liked to be outside when she could. It just seemed right for her as a cow to be out in a field as much as possible.

The ponies napped for a short while before rising, each spreading their legs to let a long stream of urine out into the grass. That done, they started to walk toward the barn but stopped when they heard the sound of a truck driving toward the field.

Thinking it was one of the hands returning, they turned toward the truck. It wasn't one they were familiar with so they just stood there. They heard the driver's side door open but didn't see anyone until they noticed the top of a man's head as he leaned over the pickup truck bed. He was holding something long but its shape didn't register in Ellen's mind until she felt the sting of needle in her left leg. Then she fell to the ground unconscious.

Wanda screamed when Ellen fell and turned to run. But she too felt the sting of a needle and fell to the ground. Sarah was focused on her proposal writing and hadn't really registered what was happening until she saw Wanda fall. By then it was too late as she too was shot and knocked unconscious.

As soon as they were down, another man jumped out of the truck and raced over to open a gate so the other man could drive the pickup close to the sleeping livestock. The two men quickly loaded the livestock into the back of the pickup and covered them with a tarp. Then they drove off.

When Joe returned he let Vicki out of the truck and quickly got her settled into her milking station. Then he went to round up Sarah, sure that she'd be anxious to be milked. But she was nowhere to be found. Then he noticed the ponies were gone too.

Thinking that the other hand had returned and decided to exercise the ponies and Sarah. He looked into the tack room and the ponies' tack was still hanging up. It was as he was coming out of the tack room that he noticed the other pickup truck was gone.

He grabbed his cell phone and called the other hand. "Gary, where you at? You got the livestock with you?"

"What? I don't have them. Shit, I'm still messing with this fence. Looks like someone wrecked it on purpose. Damn fence post is broken off at the base."

Joe quickly hung up and called Stone. "Mr. Stone. We might have a problem. Do you have the livestock?"

"No, are they missing?"

"Yes sir."

"Then someone must have stolen them. There is no way they would have run away. I trained them too well to ever consider that. I'll be over there as soon as I can."

Stone immediately cancelled his afternoon meeting and had his driver take him home. Getting out of the car at the barn, he rushed over to the two stable hands.

"Any clues yet?"

"Not a one. Only strange thing I can think of is that guy I caught snooping around during the fair."

"That's right! I remember you telling me about it. We thought he was looking for my secret for getting more milk from my cows. Didn't you say he worked for Sylvia?"

"Yep. I saw them together unloading her livestock trailer in the morning."

Stone whipped out his cell phone and dialed Sylvia's number. "Sylvia, I want my livestock returned immediately! I know you're competitive, but this is ridiculous!"

"Whatever are you talking about? What's this about your livestock?"

"Look, I know you stole them and I want them back right now!"

"John, I resent your accusation! Why, if you are so sure I stole your livestock, then come over and look in my barn."

"I'll do just that! I will be there in an hour. If I find you've stolen them, then I'll put the word out to all the other slave and livestock owners. You'll be ostracized for life."

"You better not start spreading any lies about me!"

Stone hung up his phone and jumped back in his car, saying over his shoulder "She won't have them at her barn. That would be too obvious. But I need to look anyway. She must have another place she's taken them too. Check with anyone you know and see if they have any idea where it is."

Stone started doing the same thing as his driver sped down the road. But, after a dozen calls, he had no more clues.

In the meantime, Sarah was just waking up. The first thing she was aware of was that this was not her barn. This one was rather small and dirty. The next thing she was aware of was her urgent need to pee.

She started to stand up but was almost overcome with a wave of dizziness. That passed after a couple of minutes and she was finally able to stand. She shuffled out of the stall she had been sleeping in and spotted a stable hand sitting at a table.

She walked over to him and said "Please sir, would you unlock Stone's pussy so I may pee?"

"Oh, that's right, I heard about your cunt being locked up." He reached over and grabbed the end of the chain lacing up Stone's pussy. "Rekun I can cut this off."

"But sir, then how will you lock Stone's pussy up again?"

"First, it's not Stone's pussy anymore. We dun stole you from him. We're going to sell you. Guess whoever buys you will have to decide whether they want to lock up your cunt or not."

"Stole me! Sell me? But I belong to Stone. You must return me at once. I am a valuable cow. Stone domesticated me and it is up to him if I am to be sold. Not you!"

The stable hand didn't say a word. He just grabbed some wire cutters and clipped off the lock on the chain.

Sarah just stood there, unable to say a word. Her mind was in turmoil. She was Stone's property! She gradually became aware that the stable hand was putting a collar around her neck and fastening a leash to it.

"Come a long. I'll take you outside to pee."

This brought her urgent need to pee to mind and she followed meekly. The hand unlocked the door and led her outside to a grassy area.

"Well, go ahead. I got better things to do than stand here waiting for you to piss."

Sarah spread her legs and let a torrent of pee cascade out. She immediately felt better but now she became aware of the pressure in her udders and mooed.

"Sir, this cow needs to be milked."

"Dang! He really has you broke well. You really do think you're a cow."

"I'm not broken, I am domesticated. And I'll have you know that I really am a cow. I was a wild cow who didn't know her true function before Stone found me. But now I am a fully domesticated cow and this cow needs to be milked!"

"Ha! Guess I'll just have to take care of that." He said, grinning. He was beginning to like her. He was a little grossed out when he first saw her, what with her being completely marked in black and white and the big red nipples. But now he could tell she had spunk. Maybe he'd fuck her when they got back in the barn.

Back at Stone's ranch the stable hands and Stone were calling everyone they knew in the business to see if any of them had a clue as to where the stolen livestock had been taken. But their calls were fruitless.

But then Stone got a call from most unexpected source, Samantha, the "trainee" who got away.

"Master Stone. I heard about the theft and remembered something another slave told me during the last fair. She said that Mistress Sylvia had hired some new hands and they were very rough types, not at all the type the Mistress normally hired."

"Thank you for the information Samantha. I must admit I am a little surprised you called me. Does your owner know you called?"

"Yes, sir. She felt it best if you heard the story directly from me. As to why I said anything, well, I've always regretted not submitting to you. Don't get me wrong, I love my owner. But you were the one who brought out my true nature."

"It was my fault you left. I learned since that the training period should be 12, not 9 months. But at least you belong to a good owner."

"My owner told me that I have you to thank for that."

"Master Stone. Could you tell me what you would have converted me into? My tits aren't that big, so a cow seems unlikely and I'm not very athletic, so a pony is out."

Stone chuckled and said "I would have converted you into a puppy. You have this cute growl you make when you're frustrated. That is what gave me the idea."

"Oh. Thank you for telling me. I've wondered ever since I saw you leading your first pony at a fair."

The conversation petered out after that and Stone hung up. He immediately dialed the number of a County Commissioner he was friendly with. "Sonia, this is Stone. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. A business competitor of mine, Sylvia Irwin, has taken some property of mine and I want to know all her real-estate holdings in this state."

"Why don't you just take this to the police?"

"Because I can't prove it. I need to get proof before I go to them."

"All right, I'll do it. But I expect a handsome campaign contribution this fall."

"You can count on me. Thanks."

It took a couple of days, but Stone ended up getting information on all of her real-estate holdings. It turned out there were a number of them and some of them were in out of the way places. Knowing he didn't have the manpower to check them all, Stone brought in a security firm with a reputation for keeping their mouths shut. Stone figured he'd need their muscle to get his livestock back, so having them also do the searching meant he would have people in the right place when they were finally located.

But in the meantime he had a fair to attend. He only had one cow and this one not quite at her peak production level. But he figured she was still better than 99% of the competition. Besides, she was beautiful, so at least he would probably win the beauty contest.

"Vicki, looks like I'll be showing you alone this time. I know you're worried about the other livestock, particularly your sister. I've hired some very good people to get my property back and I expect them to be returned shortly."

"Oh, I hope so Sir. I miss Sarah and the ponies. I'm also concerned about the loss of your valuable property. You worked hard to domesticate us and it's unfair for your other livestock to have been stolen from you."

"I know I'm not at Sarah's level of production but I will do my best at the fair to make you proud that you own this cow."

"I know you will. I am proud of you. Now, let's go in the barn. I feel like milking you by hand."

"Oh, thank you Master! It always makes me feel special when I feel your hands pulling on my udders."

Meanwhile, back at the barn where Stone's stolen livestock were being held, the men were getting antsy.

"That broad told us we'd only have to keep these three here for a couple of days. It's been longer than that now and I sure don't want to be found with them."

"What are they going to do if they catch us? Sure as hell can't turn us over to the cops. I mean, these girls aren't just slaves, they been converted to livestock. No, we'll just be let go."

"You really are dumb, Hank! Don't you see? These people are ruthless enough to take people and make them cows and ponies. I sure as hell don't want to find myself pulling a cart and thinking I'm a fucking horse."

"Shit! I sure as hell didn't think of that."

"Why do you think we're getting so much money? Sure not for babysitting some babes. Its cause if we get caught, we either get kilt or made into fuckin animals."

"I say we give her another day to bring in the buyers then we get the fuck out of here."

"What about our money?"

"Fucking money won't do us no good if we're dead or like those girls."

At that very moment, Stone was leading Vicki onto the fairgrounds for her very first fair. Stone sensed that she was nervous and spoke soothingly but quietly to her. He knew that this was a moment of truth for her, just as it had been for his three other head of livestock. This was the moment people would see her as a cow, not as a person. She was proud of her status as Stone's cow and reveled in knowing she was fully converted into livestock, but some small ember deep within her still wished to be viewed as a person. Now that small ember would be extinguished.

Stone relished this moment for two reasons. One, he was proud of his accomplishment in converting another intelligent, beautiful woman into livestock and loved the respect it brought him from his peers when they saw her for the first time in her new role as his property. The other reason was that he knew that ember existed in her and enjoyed seeing it extinguished.

The parade went well and soon he was surrounded by a crowd of admirers, eager to get a look at yet another of his fully converted livestock. His good mood was dampened when Sylvia came by and said rather loudly "What, only one this time?"

Stone just looked at her coldly before turning back to the man he'd been speaking with. His agents were quickly narrowing down the possible places his stolen livestock might be being kept at. In fact, he expected a call before the fair ended with the news that his stolen property was safely back.

Since he had no ponies in the races, his morning was spent speaking with other owners about what should be done with the guilty party or parties. So far, all had agreed that the guilty ones should be Stone's to sell into slavery.

Stone would keep Sylvia for himself. He considered the idea of breaking Sylvia himself but rejected it. Breaking someone like her would require methods he didn't enjoy. Better to let someone else have that pleasure. He would then happily convert her into livestock. She had big tits, so maybe he could add her to the dairy herd he was building.

Finally it was time for the milking competition. Stone led Vicki to her stall and attached her leash to a hook on the wall.

"Master. I hope I don't let you down. I know my milk production is not as much as Sarah's yet."

"I am not worried about that. You produce more than any of these other cows. But no matter how today comes out, I will always be proud of you. You are an excellent cow."

"Thank you, Master. I am proud to be owned by you."

This time the competition was stiffer. Sylvia had obviously been working on getting her cow's production up. But in the end, Vicki's milk production was better, although by only a cup.

Stone's phone rang shortly after receiving the accolades of his peers.

"Mr. Stone, this is Emmitt Short. I am happy to report that we have retrieved your property and will bring it to you within the hour."

"Excellent! Did you catch the men who took them?"

"Yes, sir. We'll drop them off at the same time."

"Let me speak to one of them."

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