tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Has Another Bad Day Ch. 03

Sarah Has Another Bad Day Ch. 03


Sarah had finally found a place of her own. Well, not quite her own; she was sharing with another teacher from the residential boys school that they both taught at but, after a number of years living on campus, she was delighted to find her own space. And she and Mary seemed to have so much in common, except for a couple of very significant differences.

Mary was a lesbian and, while that didn't bother Sarah in the least, she still found it embarrassing when Mary brought home another woman or when she heard them making love when she lay awake in her own bed. The other major difference between the two young women was that, after her previous experiences, Sarah had become more and more shy and conservative in her attire. Even her underwear, which had always been very sexy, now consisted of big panties and plain bras that even her mother would have approved of. Mary couldn't have been more different. She seemed to love wearing the skimpiest thongs and tiniest bras and would think nothing of walking from their shared bathroom in the morning to get fully dressed in her own room. Occasionally, Sarah had bumped into her going in the opposite direction and, while she had blushed, Mary had simply smiled.

This morning had been even worse. The school term was finally over and Sarah was preparing to return home to the UK for the first time in a few years. She had a lot to do today before she left for her flight but she knew she wanted to hold her head high when she walked back into her home town, back into her mother's house, and the best way for her to do that was to feel sexy underneath, even if her outer clothes still covered her almost from head to toe. She would have to visit the mall and replenish her stock of her favourite type of sheer bras and panties.

Mary too seemed to be in a hurry this morning too and, when Sarah heard her friend opening the bathroom door, she came out of her bedroom and made her way along the hall. She gasped when she saw that the other woman was totally naked and, even though she was staring at her friend from the back, she could still feel her own face burning red at seeing Mary so exposed. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the two round bottom cheeks presented to her so innocently - or so she thought.

Mary, on the other hand, was not so innocent. She looked back when she heard Sarah behind her, saw how uncomfortable her roommate was at catching her naked, and smiled seductively over her shoulder. Sarah was rooted to the spot and, while Mary ducked into her room and grabbed her underwear, she was still standing there when the other woman came back out and started walking towards her. Sarah didn't know where to look as she was now faced with her friend's naked breasts and beautiful bald pussy.

"Sorry, Sarah; just forgot these. Won't be a moment." And with that she went back into the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

Sarah had to force her feet to move as she finally made her way back to her own room and sat down on her bed. Her cheeks were still burning but, even worse, she knew that her nipples were practically bursting through the oversize T-shirt she had been sleeping in and she could feel that familiar tingling between her legs as her panties began to get a little damp.

Soon she heard Mary unlock the bathroom door again but this time she opened her own door just a crack to make sure her friend at least had her underwear on and was making her way back to her own room. Sure enough, she saw Mary's round cheeks bouncing along within the tight confines of her tiny panties before she reached her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Sarah practically ran to the bathroom and made sure she locked the door before she undressed and got into the shower. Unlike Mary, she always got fully dressed before she went for her shower. She knew it was taking things to the extreme and her bath robe would have covered her just as effectively but, after her unwilling, public exposure both here and in the UK, she was determined nothing like that would ever happen again -- even in her own home.

She pulled her T-shirt over her head and stood there brushing her hair in a white bra and jeans. Putting down the hairbrush, she unbuckled her belt and wiggled her hips a little to ease her jeans down, letting them drop to the floor before stepping out of them. Her bra soon followed and she looked at her own breasts in the mirror. They weren't the biggest in the school; they weren't even the biggest in this house as Mary's, which she had just seen all too clearly, were bigger. But she liked her breasts. They were round and firm and she knew her nipples were very sensitive when they were aroused; just as they were right now, she smiled to herself, not wanting to believe that Mary's little show in the hall was the reason for her slight arousal.

As she slid her big cover-all panties down her long slender legs, she reminded herself that she would have to shave more fully than she had been used to doing recently. The tiny thongs she intended to buy today would require a clean shaven pussy to show them off at their best. Not that Sarah intended doing any showing off but she wanted to feel good about herself when she was trying them on.

She turned on the shower and after testing the temperature of the water she climbed in, quickly lathering a cloth before rubbing it all over her body, revelling in the warmth of the water as it ran over her toned body and down her long legs. Looking down, she saw the dark hairs between her legs and knew now was as good a time as any to start shaving again. She reached out of the shower for the scissors she had left on the shelf in preparation for this moment.

Raking her fingers through her pubic hair, grabbing at it with the spaces between her fingers, she closed her fingers together and slowly pulled away from her body. Placing the scissors beneath the hand holding her hairs, she started to trim her bush. Quickly the airs fall away and soon she is able to put down the scissors and move on to working with her razor.

Taking her cloth again, running it under the falling water, she wiped it over her now very short hairs, taking away any excess before reaching for the shaving foam. Squirting a handful of foam onto her hand, she lathered it all over her pussy, her mound, her lips, even all the way down to her asshole. The feeling of the shaving foam being massaged into her skin, gave her a pleasant sensation between her legs but she knew she couldn't allow it to go any further or she would never be able to keep a steady hand when it came to shaving her more intimate areas.

Taking a clean razor, she rinsed it under the shower and slowly dragged it across her mound, the feeling of the sharp blade on her skin is seductive and cleansing in equal measure. Rinsing the blade after each stroke, it took her a good few minutes to clear her pussy completely, loving the feeling of the water running over her smooth skin. Lathering up one final time, she sat down on the floor of the shower and pushed herself forward so that, even in such an awkward position, she could reach the tiny hairs around her asshole and shaved them off too, quickly but carefully.

Standing back up, she put down the razor and reached for the shampoo, she bending her head forward to ensure her long, dark hair was fully covered in the fruity smelling suds. Turning round she tilted her head back and allowed the water to run through her hair. In doing so, her breasts were pushed up and out and she felt the water caress them as it ran down from her face. Unable to resist, she brought her hands down from her hair and began to rub her tits, her fingers straying to both her nipples, circling them, pulling them, teasing them.

She knew she had a lot to do today but she was enjoying the feel of her own body, the touch of her own fingers and one hand began to slide down her toned body, aiming straight for her waiting, now bald, pussy. Just then Mary knocked on the door.

"I'm just popping out, Sarah. I'll try to be back before you leave for the airport."

She was shocked back to reality and managed to mutter an, "OK, see you," before she realised that the moment had been lost. Gently cursing the interruption by her friend, she turned off the shower and pulled back the screen, just as she heard the front door closing. She dried herself off with her soft towel, aware that her body still felt sensitive from her shower and her interrupted arousal, she quickly pulled on her clean underwear. Gathering the clothes from the bathroom floor, she was making her way towards her room when she heard the knock at the front door.

Lost in a moment of disconcertion and uncertainty, she stood still hoping they would go away. Unfortunately, the knocking started again, this time even louder. Not knowing whether she should pull on the same clothes again, go back to her room for her robe or for the clean clothes lying on her bed, or whether she should go and answer whoever was at the door. She didn't have to open it, after all. She could easily talk to whoever was there from behind the closed door. Her decision made, she made her way quickly down the hall. Just before she reached the door, there was another knock, even louder and more insistent, before she heard Mary's voice from the other side.

"Sarah, can you hear me? Let me in. I've forgotten my purse and my keys."

Now she was in a real quandary. Should she open the door and let her friend in, even though she was standing there in only her modest bra and panties; or should she ask Mary to wait while she went back to her room and grabbed her robe. She decided on the latter.

"Just a moment, Mary; I'll go and throw something on."

"There's no need for that. I'm in a hurry; just let me in. I'll only be a moment. It's not like you've got anything I haven't seen before, even if I haven't seen yours yet."

Sarah's cheeks were blushing immediately. She realised that there was no good reason to keep her friend waiting. She realised that Mary was about to see her in her underwear. She realised that Mary was about to see how conservative Sarah's underwear was compared to her own. And she realised that Mary had said, "yet." She could feel her whole body cringing as she unlocked the door and let her roommate back in.

"Thanks. I'll just grab my purse and let you get on with your packing. Oh my god, Sarah! What are you wearing?"

The other teacher blushed as she had never blushed before -- and that was saying something! Her friend was staring at her plain bra and big panties. Sarah tried to cover herself with her hands as if she was naked but Mary had already seen too much.

"You can't possibly go back home wearing those. Whatever would your friends in the UK think if they saw them?"

Sarah had no answer for that. She had no intention of letting anyone see her underwear, never mind any of her friends. Nevertheless, Mary had taken her by the hand and practically dragged her back to her bedroom.

"Now neither of us has much time to spare but I'm taking you shopping before you catch that flight. Throw some clothes on and let's go; this is an emergency."

Sarah didn't know if she was more embarrassed at being in her own bedroom with another woman wearing only her bra and panties or at being watched by her friend as she hurriedly got dressed. She could tell by the look on Mary's face that the other woman wasn't too enamoured by her choice of clothes either but time was of the essence and Mary chose not to make a big deal if it at that point.

They arrived at the mall as if they had been transported there. Sarah had loaded her suitcases into the boot of her car and driven them both but she could not have recounted one single detail of the short journey. As she parked the car and they both got out, she locked it while Mary again took her by the hand and led her to the biggest department store in the mall.

It was obvious her friend knew exactly where she was going and what she was looking for but, on reaching the lingerie department, Sarah automatically moved towards the dowdier styles and was met by a disagreeing frown on Mary's face. Once more reaching for her British friend's hand as if it was becoming second nature, as if they were a pair of lovers, Mary led her to the other side of the floor.

"This is more what I had in mind," she said expansively, as she stepped back and presented to Sarah a selection of very, very slutty lingerie, even more daring than she had ever worn in her younger days. She simply stared at the rows of tiny panties and thongs, all manner of equally tiny bras and, to round off the display, a selection of corsets, stockings and suspenders. There seemed to be a selection of every colour, every style and every material that she could imagine. It had been a long time since she had worn anything like this, too long perhaps, but Mary was getting impatient.

She began lifting items from the racks, occasionally looking over at her timid friend, seemingly sizing her up and measuring her with her lustful eyes. Sarah trembled under Mary's penetrating gaze but felt rooted to the spot as she watched her less inhibited roommate make her selection; a selection that Sarah was convinced looked too small for her.

"The first thing we have to do is get rid of those giant panties you're wearing. I think a few thongs should do the trick. I know the strap sometimes gets trapped between your cheeks but it's always such a nice thrill when you pull it out again."

"Mary, please keep your voice down. Someone will hear you."

"So what? No one knows us here. But I think we could be doing with some professional help. Have you seen an assistant?"

Sarah hung her head low and shook it; no, she had not seen any assistants and she really didn't want to see one. She didn't want to see anyone; she didn't want anyone else to get involved in this whole episode; she didn't want anyone else to become aware of how embarrassed she was and how wet her panties were becoming. Unfortunately, Mary had other ideas.

"Excuse me, miss? Miss? Could you help us here, please?"

"How can I help you ma'am?"

"My friend is looking to buy quite a lot of your most expensive, most revealing lingerie. I wonder if you could help us to judge what looks best on her."

Sarah was trembling at practically every word her friend uttered, her face bright red, but she raised her eyes slightly to be met by those of a young dark haired girl, who looked no older than her own students and wondered whether this girl had to deal with this sort of thing every day. Here were two older women, two teachers, asking her advice on slutty lingerie and the young girl seemed to be taking it in her stride, smiling as if she heard this kind of request regularly.

"I'm sure I can manage that. I see you've chosen a few samples already. Would you like to try them on?" Without waiting for an answer, the young woman, "Gemma" according to the badge pinned to her well-filled white blouse, led the way to the large changing area which contained a number of curtained cubicles. Sarah entered extremely tentatively and breathed a huge sigh of relief when she saw there was no-one else there.

Even so, the realisation suddenly hit her that she was about to strip off down totally and, even worse, Mary and Gemma were going to be standing there, watching her. This young girl, whom she had never seen before today, along with her friend, her roommate, her colleague were about to see her most intimate areas - her breasts, her pussy, even her ass. Her cheeks burned even more fiercely and she thought for a moment of escaping this nightmare, of pushing past the other two and running back to the car. She knew, however, that she needed to buy some of this stuff and that she didn't have much time to hang around.

She suddenly felt very hot. "Oh great," she thought to herself. "Now I'm going to get all hot and bothered. I'm going to start sweating and they'll both be able to smell that too." Because she was aware of another very unmistakeable scent arising from her hot body, the undeniable smell of a woman's arousal, her arousal, and she silently cursed her body for betraying her once again. At least when I start to undress I will maybe feel a bit cooler, she thought, but that small comfort was lost in the realisation yet again that she was about to strip in front of two other women.

"We don't have much time, Sarah, and I'm sure Gemma has other duties to attend to. You'd better start taking your clothes off."

"Just like that," thought Sarah; "just start taking my clothes off in front of the two of you. What could be easier?"

Sarah stood just inside one of the larger cubicles, whereas Mary and Gemma had marched straight in to its centre and turned to face the nervous woman. In this position they could see, but Sarah couldn't, that the curtain that covered the entrance was not quite closed properly and there was a good six inch gap between it and the wall.

Both Gemma and Mary are about to say something but, just at that moment Sarah begins to pull her jumper over her head. The two women shared a slight smile and decide to let the show begin. There was no-one else near by at the moment but that could all change in an instant.

Telling herself that, so far, there was nothing to get excited about as she was still fully clothed under her jumper, she knew deep down that very soon she was going to have to take off everything. She handed the jumper to her friend then hesitated.

"Can't you wait outside until I've changed?"

"We don't have time for that, Sarah. Besides, I've told you, you don't have anything we haven't all seen before."

Sarah blushed, remembering Mary's earlier "yet" and remembering that she hadn't been naked in front of anyone for a long time, least of all two women. Her fingers trembled as she began to open the buttons on her high-necked blouse, slowly undoing them, one by one, her cheeks turning deeper shades of red with each one. As her bra was revealed she was pleased that it totally covered her whole breast and, even though Mary had been so disparaging about it, she was glad it was so thick that her nipples could not be seen through it. She knew, however, that both those nipples were hardening by the minute, becoming more and more sensitive, and she knew that very soon they too would be revealed.

Both women were staring at her. Both women were practically licking their lips in anticipation of Sarah stripping before them. Both women could feel their own arousal building, their own pussies moistening. And both women had to stop themselves from her telling her to hurry up

"Come on, Sarah; we don't have all day. Take off your skirt."

If Sarah had been brave enough to look her friend in the eye she would have seen a strange look there, a look that she had not seen in a long time, a look she had never seen in another woman, a look of lust. Taking a deep breath, she reached behind herself, opened the button at the waist, pulled down the zip and wiggled her hips slightly to allow the long skirt to slide down her gorgeous legs, exposing not just her legs but her big panties too. There had been no time for stockings or nylons before they left and Sarah secretly wished she had insisted on them; it would have been one more thing she would have had to take off before they all concentrated on her underwear. Mary practically ran to her to snatch the skirt from her before she changed her mind then stepped back to once more admire the view.

Sarah stood there, facing them, wondering just for a moment what she should do next. Automatically she brought one arm across herself to hide her breast, while her other hand reached down to cover her panties. She knew they covered everything by themselves but she could feel them getting wet, could feel her pussy lips getting wet, could feel herself getting wet and prayed that her body would not choose this moment to betray her once again.

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