Sarah Pt. 04


New Developments


Over the next couple of days, Patty and I had several more celebrations. She had bought quite a few enticing outfits for David that she now wanted to get my "opinion" on. My opinion almost always resulted in an erection, the two of us getting naked, and finally fucking like wild animals. In particular, her red lace nightie and her pink bunny rabbit outfits were ones I really loved. The bunny rabbit outfit was made better by her attempt to bounce up and down – with her hands flopped together in front of her – resulting in one of her most ridiculous falls to the floor that I had ever seen. Our times together were passionate and hilarious, and one of the true joys of my life.

Cullen returned from his short trip after just a few days, and during lunch on Monday, he came over to the house, knowing I had an extended break between classes. When he knocked on the door, I was laying down on the couch in the living room in some shorts and a t-shirt, studying for a calculus test I had to take later that week. I had taken off my bra earlier, to give the girls some breathing room. When I realized it was him, I bounced up and ran to the front door.

"Hey you," Cullen began saying, before I bear-hugged him and planted a long, firm kiss on his lips. My right lower leg popped up to 90 degree angle playfully as we embraced.

"God, it's so good to see you. I hope your trip was fun?" I asked him, finally letting him go and ushering him into the house.

"It was good, but I'm pretty sure I thought about you the entire time," Cullen said, as his eyes finally locked onto mine.

"In a good way, I hope?" I asked, my previously subdued insecurity came peeking through.

"Oh god, yes. I kept thinking about our night and morning together. I'm pretty sure I had an erection for half of the trip, which was really awkward since we were on a boat together and in swim trunks. I had to keep thinking about baseball to try and calm myself down," Cullen confessed, as I giggled in amusement.

As I turned to walk further into the living room, Cullen hugged me from behind, resting his head on my right shoulder. His arms snuck under the bottom of my shirt and pressed against my cool skin. He was warm, and the hug stopped me in my tracks and sent a small shiver up my spine.

"I need you Sarah," he whispered in my ear.

I didn't need more motivation than that.

I gently grabbed one of his arms, and lifted his hand onto my breast. He knew what to do – he began digging his fingers into my mound, gently massaging it while occasionally tweaking my nipple between his thumb and index finger. I took his other hand and placed it down the front of my shorts and under my panties. He instinctively wrapped his fingers around my hardening cock, drawing an "ooooooohhhhhh" sigh out of me.

Behind me, I could feel Cullen's breathing getting heavier, and I could feel his cock pressed right against my backside. He began rubbing his crotch up and down my ass, which made my heart begin to race. I remembered back to our time in the shower, and couldn't wait for him to be inside of me again.

"Let's go upstairs love," I muttered to him, pulling away slowly to lead him towards the stairs that faced the front door.

I moved towards the stairs, letting Cullen fall behind me. As I walked up, I stopped on the fourth step long enough to pull my t-shirt over my head and toss it to the floor below. I turned my head to look over my right shoulder and twisted my waist just enough for him to see the side of my breast. I turned forward and sprinted up the stairs and immediately into my bedroom. He was not far behind.

Standing in the middle of the room and facing the door, Cullen moved quickly towards me, kissing me for a quick second before taking my left breast in both hands and latching onto it like a child that had been starved for a week. He sucked hard and long, and the sensation shot up my spine and made my cock as hard as a rock.

Cullen suddenly stopped, grabbing my shorts and panties in his fingertips, and pulled them down to the floor quickly. My cock sprang out and hit him in the face, which made me giggle.

While on his knees, he looked up at me – looked at my cock – and slowly closed his eyes. He reached out to gently grab my shaft, pulling the tip and his mouth closely together. He pinched his lips together, laying a gentle kiss on my head, which was already wet with pre-cum. I could tell he was nervous, so I stood completely still as he placed his mouth over the entire head, using his tongue to swirl around it. He was inexperienced, but it still felt amazing.

Cullen licked my shaft up and down a few times, and even licked my sack for good measure. It felt great, but I wanted the feeling of his cock deep inside me even more. I lifted him up and kissed him and whispered, "Get naked stupid."

As he began stripping off his clothes, I walked over to my nightstand and prepared my backside with lubricant I had bought in anticipation of our next time together. By the time I placed the bottle back, Cullen was completely naked in front of me, his erection as hard as my own.

Suddenly, Cullen reached his hands behind both my legs and hoisted me up and towards him. He was surprisingly strong, though my short stature and light weight certainly didn't hurt. He positioned me close enough that I could feel his cock beneath my ass as he began to slowly lower me towards it. With one arm wrapped behind his neck for support, I reached down with the other one to lubricate and guide his cock inside of me.

Slowly, he lowered me onto his throbbing shaft, which slowly penetrated my hole. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as it was a few days before, and his cock slid in without issue. The feeling of him inside me was incredible, and my already hard cock was almost in pain from how stiff it had gotten.

Using his arms and his hips, Cullen began driving me up and down onto his shaft, making sure he drove himself as far inside me as possible. Each movement rubbed my cock against his waist, enhancing the sensation and making me weak from the intense feeling.

"Oh my god Cullen, don't stop. That feels so good," I cried out in sexual pleasure.

"Sarah, I can't tell you how good this feels right now," he replied in strained breath, as his lifting and lowering got faster and faster.

Our lips met together at the top of the movements, while I used the down stroke to moan out "uhhhhhhhhh" because of the intense pleasure. Up and down he rocked his shaft deep into me, and more and more my own cock began twitching.

Both of my hands were behind his neck at this point, my head tilted down with my forehead on his chest, as his thrusting movement grew faster and more intense. I couldn't believe he was able to hold me up for this long and drive himself so hard into me.

My cock was rubbing against his body with each motion, stroking my own rock hard shaft in a pleasing and sexual way.

Harder and faster he pounded me.

"Oh god, oh god!" I screamed.

"Holy shit Sarah, you're amazing," he replied, sounding like a track athlete that had finished a long race.

Suddenly, my cock began filling with sensation. I desperately tried to hold it back, making my ass tighten even harder around his shaft inside of me. I held on as long as I could, until my cock finally began convulsing and shooting out milky white cum onto both of our chests. It erupted upwards in short bursts, and each explosion felt like an eternity of sexual fulfillment.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" I belted out in intense pleasure.

In perfect harmony, Cullen began to cum inside me, his stiff shaft quivering and loading me full of his cum. It was a warm, filling and amazing sensation. As his convulsions subsided, he drove his thick shaft even deeper into me as he continued to hold me close to him with both hands. He walked us over to my bed, where he collapsed me back first, never removing his cock from inside me as we fell to the mattress below.

His face met mine and we kissed passionately for a minute, before he pulled back and rested his forehead against mine. He looked into my eyes and said, "You have no idea how badly I needed that."

"Mmmmmmm. I needed it too," I said to him in a smoky, exhausted voice.

He withdrew himself from me, and laid at my side on the bed. I turned over and laid my head on his shoulder, wrapping my arm around him.

"I missed you," I whispered into his ear.

At that moment, I heard a loud thud just outside the room. I quickly turned to look back at the door, which was still open, and saw Patty's head close to the floor – her glasses hanging crooked on her face, staring straight at me. She had a look of shock and her wide-open eyes made her look like an anime character. In her attempt to stay quiet and sneak away, she had lost her footing and was on the floor just outside the room.

I wondered how long she had been watching, knowing she had probably seen most of everything. Instead of being angry, I gave her a big smile and winked at her. She blushed hard, straightened her glasses and awkwardly slithered away.



The next day went by quickly and by the time 5PM had rolled around I finally made it home, mentally exhausted from the day. As I made my way into the living room, I saw Patty sitting nervously on the couch, staring at me as I walked in. This was the first time we had seen each other since I caught her watching Cullen and me, and I could tell that was exactly what was on her mind.

"Hey Sarah, can we talk?" Patty said quietly, obviously a little concerned about my reaction.

"Sure sweetie. I think I can guess what you want to talk about," I replied, trying to calm her nerves.

"Oh god Sarah, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to watch you and Cullen fuck, I was just in my bedroom when I heard you guys come in and I just wanted to say hi and I never thought that you guys were going to go at it so quickly and I kind of just got trapped watching you because you're really hot and Cullen was attractive too and I..." Patty started rambling, before I ushered quickly over her to place a finger on her lips to keep her from passing out from the lack of oxygen.

"Anyways, I just wanted you to know I'm sorry. I'd never invade your privacy like that intentionally," she said sheepishly, after she calmed down and caught her breath.

"Patty, you know me better than anyone in the world. You don't need to apologize. Honestly, it kind of turned me on knowing that you were watching us. I hope you enjoyed the show," I said, smiling with a grin that went from ear to ear.

"Oh god, after I got up off the floor, I had to go back to my bedroom and finish myself off. I got so turned on watching you two go at it, I couldn't help myself," Patty replied in a desperate tone.

"Nothing will ever come between you and me, I hope you know that," I told her.

"Nothing!" she replied confidently, a large smile taking over the concerned look on her face.

With that, she grabbed my face in her hands and laid a hard, closed mouth kiss on me. It was warm and soothing, like a hot shower after a long day.

"Nothing," Patty said quietly, looking me straight in the eyes. I stared into her big, beautiful eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I thought about all of our times together, how she was the first real person to know my secrets, and about how much I relied on and trusted her.

We hugged tightly and sat together on the couch for a while, talking about anything and everything. We spoke about David and Cullen, about our classes, about some of her new outfits she wanted to get my "opinion" on, and even a little bit about the future. Deep down, I knew Patty and I would always be in each other's lives, and I was all the happier for it.



Over the next few days, Cullen and I continued to see each other every day and our sexual escapades grew to be consistent and thrilling. He was quite the lover, though I could tell he was only comfortable doing certain things, which I was ok with. I never asked if he wanted to be on the receiving end, and he never hinted that he did. He would often stroke my cock, but seemed hesitant to put his mouth on it again. I didn't want to push him and I was having too much fun to ruin the first good thing I had had in a while.

For Patty, though, things took a turn in the opposite direction.

That Friday, I got home from classes and working out around 2PM. When I walked in the front door, Patty was on the couch with a bottle of vodka in her hands, quietly sobbing. Her cheeks were red and wet, and her eyes looked exhausted. She didn't even hear me come in. I walked over and sat on the couch next to her, placing my hand on her shoulder for comfort.

"David broke up with me," she managed to whisper in between swigs of the vodka in her hand, still sobbing softly.

"Oh god Patty, I'm sorry," I said to her.

"He told me 'it's not you, it's me'. Who the fuck still says that shit! He couldn't even be honest with me, that stupid fucker!" she yelled out, clearly overwhelmed by some intense emotions.

I scooted close to her, putting my arms around her shoulders and drawing her close. She leaned her head on my shoulder and just let loose, crying uncontrollably for a few minutes.

We sat on the couch for hours, as I did my best to comfort her. There were long, extended periods of complete silence, as I hugged her from behind, feeling her tears fall onto my arms.

Eventually, I forced her to eat something that night, and took her upstairs, making sure she didn't stumble and hurt herself in the process. As she laid down in bed, she grabbed my hand and said, "Please sleep in here tonight."

I laid next to her, my chest to her back, rubbing my hand softly on her arm. We eventually fell asleep, her pillow wet from the tears that continued to roll.

Over the next few days, Patty was not her normal self. She descended into a bit of a depression, not sleeping well, not eating much and drinking far more than her lithe frame could handle. All the while, I stayed with her, having to tell Cullen that we'd get together later so that I could be there for her. He was understanding, and gave us the time and space we needed.

After a few days, I could tell her mood was beginning to turn, when sitting together on the couch, out of the blue she reached up and cupped my breast in her hand - jiggling it playfully - before saying, "I miss the girls – can they come out and play?" I laughed out loud as did she, and proceeded to lift my shirt up and pop my bra off. Patty ravaged my breasts right there on the couch, and ended by stripping me naked and giving me one of the most amazing blow jobs I'd ever had.

She was back.

The next day, I called Cullen and we made plans to go out, knowing that Patty was on the mend. We watched a terrible action movie starring some over-the-hill former body builder and we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the local dive. Given all the time I had spent with Patty over the last four or five days, both Cullen and I were starved for some time together and we quickly made our way back to my house.

Cullen and I went into the house and didn't see Patty anywhere. We immediately began making out, and his hand quickly shot up under my blouse and began massaging my breast. His hand pulled the cloth of the bra down as much as possible, trying hard to get to the flesh below. I pulled his hand down and said, "Upstairs," in a sultry voice.

As we ran up the stairs, I could hear music playing from underneath Patty's door. She was home. I was already feeling antsy, so as Cullen and I moved into my room, I stopped him with a hand to his chest and whispered, "What would you think about Patty joining us?"

His eyes opened wide as he responded, "Are you serious?"

"I'm confident she'd do it, the question is whether you would like that?" I asked him.

"Only if you're one hundred percent ok with it," He responded, as if he was being tested.

"I'll be right back," I told him, shuffling out of my room and into the hall.

I knocked on Patty's door, and when she opened it, she looked up and saw Cullen in my room across the hall.

"Oh right. I can go out for a long walk," Patty said to me, thinking I was there to ask for privacy.

"No Patty. No need for that. In fact, I was wondering..." I said, pausing for a delicious few seconds to peak her interest.

"Wondering what?" Patty replied.

"I was wondering if you'd like to join us," I said to her, leaning in close and putting a soft kiss on her ruby red lips after the words left my mouth.

"What?!" Patty said in a muted exclamation.

"Patty, I want you to get naked and to fuck with me and Cullen," I told her in smoky, inviting voice.

"Oh wow. You're serious," She said, looking in my eyes as if waiting for me to laugh.

I leaned in and kissed her again, slightly opening my mouth to slide my tongue across her lips, lightly touching her teeth before I pulled away.

"Yes or no," I said.

"God yes," she replied.

I grabbed her hand and lead her into my bedroom across the hall. She looked at Cullen with an uncharacteristic amount of shyness and muttered, "Hi Cullen."

He responded with a hilariously sheepish, "Hey Patty."

Standing there in front of him, I locked lips with Patty in a passionate kiss. She instantly fell in line and in seconds our mouths were open, our tongues wrestling with one another. Her hand instantly went up to my breast, as mine did to hers. Cullen watched with large eyes and a rapidly growing erection.

I stopped kissing Patty, and reached down to pull my shirt off over my head, quickly tossing it to the floor and unclasping my bra. My large breasts bounced free, and both Patty and Cullen stood there, watching intently as I shook them from left to right intentionally. I reached over to Patty and pulled her shirt off, quickly reaching behind her to remove her bra. Her breasts burst forth, her pink nipples already hard in front of me.

"Cullen, take your clothes off," I said to him, as I moved my mouth towards Patty's breast.

I latched onto her left breast, sucking it tightly as she sighed, "Oh Sarah..."

By the time I took my mouth off of her beautiful tits, Cullen was fully naked in front of us. I unbuttoned my jeans, quickly pulling them to the floor with my panties, my cock springing outward as I did. Patty was sort of frozen, looking at both Cullen and I, before I grabbed the boy-shorts she was wearing and ripped them to the floor. I reached up and pulled her pink panties down, revealing her cleanly shaven and slightly wet pussy.

I stood up and confidently said, "Come here Cullen," motioning him, holding my left breast in my hand for him to take.

"Patty," I said, holding my right breast for her.

Both of them drew close to me, Cullen taking the fullness of my DD-cup flesh into his mouth, twisting his tongue over my nipple and sending chills up my spine. Simultaneously, Patty latched onto my right breast and did the same, her hand also reaching down to grab and stroke my rigid cock.

I reached over to Cullen's hardened manhood and began to softly and slowly stroke him as well.

"Uhhhhhh," he muttered with his lips still locked onto my flesh.

I moaned deeply in pleasure with both of them sucking on my breasts, and Patty's hand stroking my hardened shaft passionately. The three of us stayed in that position for a minute, the sexual passion welling up to a fever inside of me.

"Ohhh Cullen. That feels so good. Patty, don't stop."

After a minute, I pushed both of them away, grabbing Patty's hand and leading her to my bed, swaying my hips provocatively, which made my cock swing from left to right.

"Lay down lover," I told her, helping her lay back down on the purple sheets. As she laid down, I placed a kiss on her lips, both of us bringing our tongues out for a quick meeting before I stood up.

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