tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Returns Home Ch. 01

Sarah Returns Home Ch. 01


Sarah was dreaming; she knew she was dreaming. She was in that half-awake state where she knew she was only dreaming but where she could still enjoy her dream and she was certainly enjoying this one. She had been mortified at the day's events when she first sat down on the plane and it had taken a couple of glasses of chilled white wine before she was able to forget the fact that she was naked under her dress. Eventually, though, she did relax and as the wine began to take effect she drifted off into a pleasant slumber. Now her dreams were proving all too real and all too pleasant.

She could practically feel her unknown lover's hands on her breasts, cupping them, brushing her nipples with their fingers, teasing them. As the stranger took each nipple in turn into their mouth, one after the other, she could feel her whole body shivering at the touch of those wet lips. The stranger's hands, meanwhile, had slid round to her back, gliding down her spine, fondling her bottom cheeks and squeezing them. She could almost hear herself moan in her dreamlike state so pleasurable was this all-over caress.

Her lover's hands were now moving back round from her bottom, sliding up and down her thighs, as Sarah almost willed them to touch her where she really wanted to be touched. She was moist, more than moist, she was wet and she wanted more. When the hands finally reached there, she moaned again and gave herself up to this extremely realistic dream.

She opened her legs instinctively, hoping to let her lover know she was ready, hoping they could read her signals. But these fingers needed no signals; they were not the fingers of a teenager, an inexperienced lover. With unhurried expertise, they traced the edges of her lips, stroking them, parting them, before one finger slipped effortlessly inside.

She felt herself catching her breath when another finger began to work on her swollen, sensitive clit, playing with it like no other lover had ever known how, sending its own signals to every inch of her aroused body. Her breath was caught in her throat when the fingers brushed against her clit. As that finger increased its pressure, increased its speed, the other hand inserted another finger deep inside her and she began to shudder against this combined assault. Sarah could feel her climax approaching from deep within herself and she knew that, dream or no dream, she was going to cum.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the captain has switched on the "Fasten seatbelts" sign. Could I kindly ask you to return your seats to an upright position and to prepare for landing. Thank you."

Sarah's eyes shot open. She looked down at her two hands busy between her legs. She looked down at her open dress, exposing her breasts to anyone nearby. She looked up into the eyes of the smiling air hostess.

"I'm sorry, miss; really I am, but I have to ask you to bring your seat forward."

Sarah could not believe she had been masturbating on the plane but the evidence of the sticky juices covering her fingers was impossible to deny. She withdrew her fingers immediately, hoping that no-one heard the obscene slurping noise they made as she did so. Sitting up right she began to fasten the buttons on the front of her dress, watching to make sure the hostess was returning to the front of the plane. It was only then she remembered the business man who had been sitting across the aisle from her at the start of the flight. She dared to look over at him but he seemed to be intent in looking at the view outside. She could only hope that it was that view that he had been watching as she dreamed and not the wanton display she herself had just provided.

She had every right to be worried. Sandy had no interest in the view outside; instead he had recorded every moment of her exhibition, ever since she had fallen asleep and began to touch herself. He couldn't wait to show it to his new wife. He had managed to get an earlier flight home and, although he had to go back to the office first, he would be home later this evening. Well, at least, he would be at his mother-in-law's home. His wife and son were meeting him there tonight as his sister-in-law was also coming home from the States today. She hadn't been home for a number of years; she hadn't even made it home for their wedding last year. Some family scandal involving her meant that his wife had decided not to invite her.

He was looking forward to meeting this "black sheep of the family" but he was looking forward to seeing his wife again even more. He had been away too long and he had missed sleeping with her every night. He had missed a lot more besides sleeping but he wasn't sure his wife, even if she was as desperate as he was, would want to renew their passion under her mother's roof. She could be quite inhibited at times; unlike the slut sitting across the aisle from him, he thought. What kind of whore comes on to a long distance flight wearing no underwear and then proceeds to expose herself and to disgrace herself in the manner he had witnessed? He knew his wife wasn't like that but wondered what she would think of the recording he had made of this other woman's performance. Either way, he knew what he thought of it; he knew how his cock had reacted and he shifted in his seat once more to try to conceal the huge bulge in the front of his trousers.

When the plane finally landed, Sarah couldn't wait to get off but off course there were the usual delays. The businessman sitting opposite her had stepped back to allow her to go first and her face burned red when she realised that he really had seen every moment of her performance earlier -- the erection he was trying unsuccessfully to hide told her that. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then had to pass the air hostess at the front of the plane, saying goodbye and thank you to her and her colleagues. Sarah wasn't sure if her face was as red as the younger woman's but it certainly felt like it and she hurried down the steps, longing to reach the sanctuary of the Terminal.

If she had known what awaited her there, however, she might not have been in such a hurry. Since she had last set foot in the UK, the airport had installed new body scanners and as she entered the Security Department she simply followed the crowds, not really taking in the fact that she was standing in the queue for the invasive scan which could tell immediately if anyone was concealing anything under their outer clothes. The nearer she approached, and as she started to calm down from her humiliating experience on the plane, she started to become more aware of her surroundings, wondering why the queue was taking so long.

Finally she reached the front of the line and handed over her bag to the security guard before stepping into the scanner and adopting the required position. Holding her arms up and opening her legs slightly, Sara felt slightly ridiculous and wondered just how accurate the camera was. She prayed that it wouldn't be able to show that she wasn't wearing any underwear but she thought that was unlikely. She would, however, have felt much more than ridiculous if she had known that it was Tom Wilson who was examining her picture on his screen and he most certainly could see that his former teacher was naked under her dress. "Once a slut, always a slut," he thought to himself.

He hurried down to the Customs area and waited for his former teacher to appear. He had had a few girlfriends since his last day at school but none of them had ever been able to match the time he had spent with Miss Tucker, his teacher tied to her desk as he stripped her, photographed her and used her. Now she was about to fall into his hands again and he could hardly contain his excitement.

As she walked through the door from Security, her luggage pulled behind her, he thought of that day when he had humiliated her and his cock stirred at the memory. She had grown her hair a bit longer but other than that he would have recognised her anywhere; he wondered if she would recognise him. She seemed intent on passing through Customs as quickly as possible, no doubt hurrying to put on some underwear, he thought to himself.

"Would you mind opening your suitcase, ma'am?" he asked politely.

Sarah sighed and lifted her case on to the counter in front of the guard. She didn't really pay him any attention, just resigned herself to one final irritation. Opening the case, she lifted the lid and stood back while the young guard started to search through her clothes. She looked at him for the first time, something about him ringing a bell in her memory; maybe he had been one of her students? But that had been more than a few years ago, she told herself, and she couldn't believe that any of her former pupils would remember her, even given the dramatic way she had left the school.

Tom went about his duties diligently, lifting her tightly packed clothes, examining them then replacing them. He had done this many times before and he was no longer surprised that many people seemed to pack their luggage in exactly the same way. One thing did surprise him about Sarah's packing, however; there was no underwear to be found. He had intended to hold her knickers and bras up for inspection, hoping that she still wore the same skimpy ones she had when he had last seen her naked, hoping to embarrass her in front of the crowds of passengers passing by.

"Are you here on business or pleasure, ma'am?" he asked, still polite, still not reminding her of where they had last met.

"I'm visiting my family. Why? Is there a problem?"

"Well, all the guards were a bit surprised to see you come through the scanner without any underwear on and wondered what sort of woman would do such a thing."

His voice was no longer quiet. He seemed to be announcing the fact that she was naked under her dress to anyone within earshot and Sarah immediately felt her face redden. There were several gasps from the other passengers nearby, the women frowning at her, the men leering.

"And now you don't seem to have any underwear in your luggage. Don't you wear knickers or bras, ma'am? What sort of respectable woman doesn't wear knickers?"

Sarah didn't know where to look. She couldn't believe how badly wrong this holiday had gone so far and she wasn't even at her mother's yet. She didn't know what to say; how could she explain what had happened in the lingerie department of the local store before she had left the States?

"I'm thinking the only women who don't wear knickers are whores, ma'am. Are you a whore? Is that why you've come to this country? Are you going to be working as a whore?"

The crowd seemed to have multiplied around her, on both sides of the desk, as both passengers and guards gathered to share in her humiliation. As she looked at the young guard, pleading with him that she was a respectable teacher, he smiled at her and she suddenly realised who he was. She nearly cried out at the memory but knew she had to get out of there. Slamming her case shut, she grabbed it off the counter and pushed her way through the crowds, the laughter of the guards and the other passengers ringing in her ears.

Part 2

She couldn't believe how unlucky she had been so far and she had never been so glad to see her sister as she was when she finally emerged out on to the main concourse. They hugged, excited to see each other after so long, but Linda expressed her concern that Sarah was looking almost weepy and flustered. She tried to fob her off by telling her she was just tired after the long flight and emotional about being home again but, as she settled into the passenger seat of her sister's car, she knew that there was a moist feeling between her legs. She hoped she didn't stain either her dress or even the seat before she got to her mother's.

The drive to her mother's was, luckily, uneventful. The two sisters swapping stories of everything the other had been doing for the last few years; well, almost everything, thought Sarah. There was no way she was going to tell Linda or anyone else about her further adventures in exhibitionism and humiliation since she had moved abroad. Linda, meanwhile, told her that John, her eighteen year old son from her first marriage was waiting for them at their mother's and that Sandy, her new husband, would be joining them in a few hours. He was also flying in from the States today but was on a later flight.

Arriving at their mother's home, the home they had both grown up in, Sarah was warmly welcomed and, while John was asked to carry her luggage upstairs to her room, the three women settled themselves in the living room and relaxed with a glass of champagne.

John was a bit disgruntled at being dismissed so readily. He had been looking forward to seeing this sexy older woman who was also his aunt. He had heard all the stories at school about the teacher who had lost her job after running down the school corridor almost naked and exposing herself to a film crew who happened to be there that day. He had never believed the more extravagant stories about how the young teacher had actually cum in front of the whole school, putting that tale down to school legend, and he had never acknowledged that the teacher in question was his aunt but, still, he was an eighteen year old boy and he wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

When she had walked into his Gran's house he could see why the stories had lasted so long. She was certainly a real woman; ok, old enough to be his mother but still sexy in that "forbidden" way that always turned him on. As he carried her case to her room he wondered how he could get to know her better, what he could do to make her smile on him during their short time together. He decided he would unpack her luggage to save her from having to do it later and also to give him an excuse to investigate her underwear. He had raided his mother's underwear drawer over the last few years but never found anything to excite him. He wondered if his aunt was more adventurous in that area.

He was to be sadly disappointed, however, when he had finished his unpacking and there was no sign of any bras or knickers, sexy or not. Where on earth was all her underwear, he wondered. The only other bag she was carrying was too small to be holding anything like that and his mind began to wander. Was the woman downstairs, his aunt, the slut that everyone, even her own mother, had said she was. Looking around the room he realised he had never been in his aunt's bedroom before and wondered if there was any secret to be unearthed in the huge walk-in wardrobe. Disappointed in his search so far, he decided to risk taking a look.

Downstairs, however, Sarah was feeling the effects of her long flight and a second glass of champagne in a very short space of time. Her mother suggested kindly that she go upstairs to her room and have a nap before dinner. Maybe she would like to have a shower and change before meeting her new brother-in-law. Sarah was too exhausted to notice the rebuke in her mother's words, unaware that her dress had been riding up her thighs during their chat, showing off more of her smooth legs than she realised.

As she made her way up to her childhood bedroom, she was aware of her mother and sister talking below her as they stood at the foot of the stairs. In her drowsy state, she had forgotten about her lack of knickers and was oblivious to the fact that she was giving the other two women a very clear shot of her round bottom cheeks and her shaved pussy lips. As her lack of underwear became all too apparent she heard her mother storm off in disgust and turned to see her sister smiling weakly up at her.

John, meanwhile, was engrossed in delving through the memories of his aunt's teenage years and when he heard the bedroom door open he panicked. Without thinking, he pulled close the wardrobe doors, stepped back into the dark and tried not to make a sound. Sure enough, in walked his aunt and he watched through the slight gap in the doors as she looked around the room reminiscing, and smiling when she saw the empty suitcase.

She thought for a moment about climbing into bed still clothed but knew that her mother would disapprove. Suddenly she felt like a young girl again, desperate to do the right thing, desperate for her mother's approval. Standing facing the wardrobe, she undid the buttons down the front of her dress, letting it slide down her naked body before hanging it on the slightly open door. Standing there, looking at herself in the mirror, unaware she was letting her nephew see her naked body, she looked at herself in the full length mirror affixed to the other wardrobe door.

Although her breasts were smaller than some, seeing them in her reflection she realised she was not a little girl any more; she was a grown woman and if she wanted to sleep naked in her mother's house then that is what she would do.

Pushing her breasts together, gently caressing them, her finger found her sensitive nipples, circling them, teasing them. Ignorant of the fact she was giving her nephew his first live sex show, she calmly turned all the way around in front of the mirror so she could see herself from every angle. She would have been mortified if she had known that this allowed John to observe her too.

Sarah was no slave to the gym but she did work out on a regular basis and she was proud of her round, firm bottom and a very naughty thought entered her head as she looked at it. She had never dared to masturbate in her mother's house before. Was now the time? She would never have even considered it if she hadn't had those two glasses of champagne so, in a way, it was her mother's own fault for getting her tipsy. She giggled to herself at the thought of being slightly inebriated in her mother's house, something else she had never done before and wondered if this was a day for "firsts". John had no idea what was going through his aunt's mind but neither could he tear his eyes from her sexy, naked body. His teenage cock was about to burst and he was desperate to take it out but he daren't risk being caught now.

He watched as she walked away from the wardrobe and he dared to inch forward towards the doors, unable to tear his eyes from this sexy woman as she lay down on the bed. Even just lying on her bed in her mother's house, as naked as the day she was born, excited Sarah but she took cold feet and got back up, retrieved a silk robe from a drawer, before lying back down on the bed. Although her hands were sorely tempted to wander over her hungry body, her exhaustion overtook her and, within a few minutes, she was sound asleep.

John was tempted to get out immediately but he knew he couldn't risk his aunt opening her eyes. He waited and waited and then waited some more. Only when he heard her breathing slowing down did he dare venture out of the wardrobe. Holding his breath, too scared to make the slightest sound, he took a step into the room. Now was the time; if she was to open her eyes at this point, he would have no excuse for being there. Just when he realised he might be about to escape, she moved on the bed and her robe fell open.

Torn between the need to flee and the even greater desire to see his naked aunt up close, he stood there, rooted to the spot. As if his lust had made up his mind for him, he quietly called out her name and waited for a reaction. There was no response from his sleeping aunt so he called again, louder this time, staring at her, willing her not to move. Still nothing, so he moved towards the bed.

Her breasts were exposed now and John thought they were even sexier than his girlfriend, Jane's. He couldn't help himself; he began to stroke his cock through his trousers, his whole body trembling with excitement. His desire now overtook any sense of caution and he reached down and spread his aunt's silk robe wide open. Now she lay there, her naked breasts joined by her naked pussy and he bent down to get a closer look. Jane had never allowed him to see her pussy and his aunt's was his first experience of a real nude woman.

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